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BADRAN, N.A. Group Analysis of Nonlinear Heat-Conduction Problem for a Semi-Infinite Body
BAI, Chengming Rota-Baxter operators on pre-Lie algebras
BAIKOV, V.A. Formal Linearization and Exact Solutions of Some Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
BALABAEV, N K Dynamics of Soliton-Like Excitations in a Chain of a Polymer Crystal: Influence of Neighbouring Chains Mobility
BALAKHNEV, M Ju Superposition formulas for integrable vector evolutionary equations on a Sphere
Balakhnev, M. Ju On a classification of integrable vectorial evolutionary equations
BALDWIN, Douglas Symbolic Software for the Painlevé Test of Nonlinear Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations
BALLESTEROS, Angel Two-Photon Algebra and Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
BALLESTEROS, Angel Nonlinear Models in Quantum Optics through Quantum Algebras
Ballesteros, Angel Superintegrable Anharmonic Oscillators on N-dimensional Curved Spaces
Balsas, M. C. The Motion of a Gyrostat in a Central Gravitational Field: Phase Portraits of an Integrable Case
BANDELOW, Uwe On the propagation of vector ultra-short pulses
BARANNYK, A.F. On Subalgebras of the Conformal Algebra AC(2,2)
BARANNYK, A.F. Symmetry Reduction of Poincaré-Invariant Nonlinear Wave Equations
BARANNYK, A.F. Conditional Symmetry and Exact Solutions of the Multidimensional Nonlinear d'Alembert Equation
BARANNYK, L.F. Symmetry Reduction for Equation 2u + (u2 1 + u2 2 + u2 3)1/2 u0 = 0
BARANNYK, Leonid The Symmetry Reduction of Nonlinear Equations of the Type u + F(u, u1)u0 = 0 to Ordinary Differential Equations
BARANNYK, Leonid On the Classification of Subalgebras of the Galilei Algebras
BARANNYK, Leonid F. On Classification of Subalgebras of the Poincaré Algebra
BARANNYK, Lyudmila Symmetry Reduction for a System of Nonlinear Evolution Equations
BARANNYK, Lyudmyla L. Invariant Solutions of a Nonlinear System of Differential Equations for Electromagnetic Field
BARASHENKOV, I V Taming Spatiotemporal Chaos by Impurities in the Parametrically Driven Damped Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
BASARAB-HORWATH, Peter A Symmetry Connection Between Hyperbolic and Parabolic Equations
BAZUNOVA , Nadezda Non-coordinate case of graded differential algebra with ternary differential
BEALS, R Peakon-Antipeakon Interaction
BECKERS, J. On Radial Schrödinger Equations in Curved Spaces and Their Spectra Through Nonlinear Constraints
BEHNIA, S Hierarchy of Chaotic Maps with an Invariant Measure and their Compositions
BELKHOUCHE, Fethi An L2 Norm Trajectory-Based Local Linearization for Low Order Systems
BELKHOUCHE, Fethi A Family of Linearizations of Autonomous Ordinary Differential Equations with Scalar Nonlinearity
BELLETTINI, Giovanni Tunnelling in Nonlocal Evolution Equations
BELLOUQUID, A The Incompressible Navier­Stokes for the Nonlinear Discrete Velocity Models
Belmonte-Beitia, Juan Existence of Dark Soliton Solutions of the Cubic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation with Periodic Inhomogeneous Nonlinearity
BELOV, N.A. Discrete Symmetry and Its Use to Find Multi-Soliton Solutions of the Equations of Anisotropic Heisenberg Ferromagnets
BEN FRAJ, N Deforming the Lie Superalgebra of Contact Vector Fields on S1|1 Inside the Lie Superalgebra of Superpseudodifferential Operators on S1|1
Ben-Naim, E. Nonlinear-Integral-Equation Construction of Orthogonal Polynomials
Bender, Carl M. Nonlinear-Integral-Equation Construction of Orthogonal Polynomials
BENNEWITZ, Christer On the Spectral Problem Associated with the Camassa-Holm Equation
BEREZANSKY, Yurij Nonisospectral Flows on Semi-infinite Jacobi Matrices
BERKOVICH, L.M. The Method of an Exact Linearization of n-order Ordinary Differential Equations
Bernatska, Julia On Separation of Variables for Integrable Equations of Soliton Type
BERNSTEIN, Joseph Chevalley's theorem for the complex crystallographic groups
BERNSTEIN, Joseph Complex crystallographic Coxeter groups and affine root systems
BESPALOV, Yurij On the Braided FRT-Construction
BETTAIBI, Néji Asymptotic Approximations in Quantum Calculus
BETTAIBI, Néji Wavelet Transforms in Quantum Calculus
BEZUBIK, Agata A new derivation of the plane wave expansion into spherical harmonics and related Fourier transforms
BHATT, B.S. Switching Model with Two Habitats and a Predator Involving Group Defence
BIALECKI, Mariusz Integrable 1D Toda cellular automata
BIESIADA, Marek Kovalevski Exponents and Integrability Properties in Class A Homogeneous Cosmological Models
BIKTASHEV, V N Response Functions of Spiral Wave Solutions of the Complex Ginzburg­Landau Equation
BIKTASHEVA, I V Response Functions of Spiral Wave Solutions of the Complex Ginzburg­Landau Equation
BINDU, S.G. Nonlinear Wave Propagation Through Cold Plasma
BIRNIR, Björn Existence and Homogenization of the Rayleigh-Bénard Problem
BIZON, Piotr Threshold Behavior for Nonlinear Wave Equations
BLACKMORE, D.L. The Integrability of Lie-invariant Geometric Objects Generated by Ideals in the Grassmann Algebra
BLACKMORE, D.L. The Finite-Dimensional Moser Type Reduction of Modified Boussinesq and Super-Korteweg-de Vries Hamiltonian Systems via the Gradient-Holonomic Algorithm and Dual Moment Maps. Part I
BLACKMORE, Denis Versal Deformations of a Dirac Type Differential Operator
BLACKMORE, Denis New Mathematical Models for Particle Flow Dynamics
BLASZAK, Maciej Dirac Reduction Revisited
BLASZAK, Maciej From Bi-Hamiltonian Geometry to Separation of Variables: Stationary Harry-Dym and the KdV Dressing Chain
BLASZAK, Maciej Degenerate Poisson Pencils on Curves: New Separability Theory
Bluman, George Nonlocal Extensions of Similarity Methods
BOGDANOV, L V On Dispersionless BKP Hierarchy and its Reductions
BOHNER, Martin Second Order Dynamic Inclusions
Bokhari, A. H. On the Exact Solutions of the Nonlinear Wave and (omega)4-Model Equations
BORGHARDT, A.A. Fundamental Solution of the Volkov Problem (Characteristic Representation)
BORGHARDT, A.A. States of a Charged Particle with a Tensor-Like Mass in External Constant Magnetic Field
BORGHARDT, A.A. Radiative Friction in the Lorentz-Dirac Equation and its Decomposition in the Interaction Constant
BORGHARDT, A.A. Fundamental Solutions of the Axial Symmetric Goursat Problem
BORGHARDT, A.A. Quasiclassical Solutions of the Schrödinger Equations as a Consequense of the Nonlinear Problem
BOUARROUDJ, S On sl(2)-equivariant quantizations
BOUARROUDJ, Sofiane Cohomology of Groups of Diffeomorphisms Related to the Modules of Differential Operators on a Smooth Manifold
BOUARROUDJ, Sofiane On sl(2)-relative cohomology of the Lie algebra of vector fields and differential operators
BOUQUET, S É Symmetries and Integrating Factors
Bourlioux, Anne Symmetry Preserving Discretization of SL(2,R) Invariant Equations
BOUZEFFOUR, Fethi Interpolation of entire functions, product formula for basic sine function
Bouzeffour, Fethi A Whittaker-Shannon-Kotelnikov sampling theorem related to the Askey-Wilson functions
BOYADZHIEV, Khristo N A note on Bernoulli polynomials and solitons
BOYKO, Vyacheslav Continuity Equation in Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics and the Galilei Relativity Principle
BOYKO, Vyacheslav Symmetry Classification of the One­Dimensional Second Order Equation of a Hydrodynamic Type
BOYKO, Vyacheslav Nonlinear Representations for Poincaré and Galilei algebras and nonlinear equations for electromagnetic fields
BOZHKOV, Yuri Dimitrov Conservations laws for critical Kohn-Laplace equations on the Heisenberg group
BRACKEN, P On Vortex Solutions and Links between the Weierstrass System and the Complex Sine-Gordon Equations
BRACKEN, P Solutions of the Generalized Weierstrass Representation in Four-Dimensional Euclidean Space
BRACKEN, P On Complete Integrability of the Generalized Weierstrass System
BRACKEN, P. On Certain Classes of Solutions of the Weierstrass-Enneper System Inducing Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces
BRADEN, H W Functional Equations and the Generalised Elliptic Genus
BRADEN, Harry W Bilinear recurrences and addition formulae for hyperelliptic sigma functions
Braga, Denis de Carvalho Hopf Bifurcations in a Watt Governor with a Spring
BRAHIM, Kamel Asymptotic Approximations in Quantum Calculus
Brahim, Kamel Tauberian Theorems In Quantum Calculus
BRAU, Fabian Lower Bounds for the Spinless Salpeter Equation
BREZINSKI, Claude Comparisons Between Vector and Matrix Padé Approximants
BRUSCHI, M New Cellular Automata associated with the Schroedinger Discrete Spectral Problem
BRUSCHI, M New Solvable Nonlinear Matrix Evolution Equations
BRUSCHI, M. Solvable and/or Integrable and/or Linearizable N-Body Problems in Ordinary (Three-Dimensional) Space. I
Bruzon, M. S. Nonclassical Potential System Approach for a Nonlinear Diffusion Equation
BRUZON, M.S. Classical and Nonclassical Symmetries of a Generalized Boussinesq Equation
Bruzon, M.S. Symmetry Analysis and Solutions for a Generalization of a Family of BBM Equations
BUBENCHIKOVA, Natalia Conditional Invariance and Exact Solutions of a Nonlinear System
BUCHSTABER, Victor Hyperelliptic Addition Law
BULAVATSKY, V.M. Mathematical Simulation of Heat Transfer in Relaxing Media
BULLOUGH, R.K. Graded Symmetry Algebras of Time-Dependent Evolution Equations and Application to the Modified KP Equations
BULLOUGH, R.K. Symmetries of the Classical Integrable Systems and 2-Dimensional Quantum Gravity: a `Map'
BULLOUGH, Robin Goat cheese for breakfast in Istanbul or Why are certain nonlinear PDEs both widely applicable and integrable? Reminiscences of Francesco Calogero
BURBAN, I.M. (p, q)-Analog of Two-Dimensional Conformal Field Theory. The Ward Identities and Correlation Functions
BURBAN, Ivan Two-Parameter Deformation of the Oscillator Algebra and (p, q)­Analog of Two-Dimensional Conformal Field Theory
BURDIK, C. On the matrix 3 × 3 exact solvable models of the type G2
BURDIK, Cestmir SO(2) and Hamilton-Dirac mechanics
BURQ, Nicolas The Cauchy Problem for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation on a Compact Manifold
BURSKII, Vladimir P On Nonlinear Differential Equations That Describe Localized Processes
BYSTRÖM, Johan Correctors for Some Nonlinear Monotone Operators