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There are 64 author-names starting with F :
FACÃO, Margarida Analysis of Timing Jitter for Ultrashort Soliton Communication Systems Using Perturbation Methods
FAIRLIE, D B A Universal Solution
FAIRLIE, D.B. General Solution of the Universal Equation in n-Dimensional Space
FAIRLIE, David B Implicit Solutions to Some Lorentz Invariant Nonlinear Equations Revisited
FAKHRI, H Superalgebras for the 3D Harmonic Oscillator and Morse Quantum Potentials
FALQUI, Gregorio Bihamiltonian Geometry and Separation of Variables for Toda Lattices
Falqui, Gregorio The Sato Grassmannian and the CH Hierarchy
Fedele, Renato Solitary Waves in a Madelung Fluid Description of Derivative NLS Equations
FEDORCHUK, Ivan Symmetry Reduction and Exact Solutions of the Eikonal Equation
FEDORCHUK, Vasyl Symmetry Reduction and Exact Solutions of the Euler­Lagrange­Born­Infeld, Multidimensional Monge­Ampere and Eikonal Equations
FEDOROV, Yu Complex Angle Variables for Constrained Integrable Hamiltonian Systems
FEDOROV, Yuri Bäcklund Transformations on Coadjoint Orbits of the Loop Algebra ~gl(r)
FEDOROV, Yuri N Integrable flows and Bäcklund transformations on extended Stiefel varieties with application to the Euler top on the Lie group SO(3)
FEHÉR, L Stability Analysis of Some Integrable Euler Equations for SO(n)
FEHÉR, L. A Note on the Appearance of Self-Dual Yang-Mills Fields in Integrable Hierarchies
FEIGIN, Boris Quantized W-algebra of sl(2, 1) and Quantum Parafermions of Uq(^sl(2))
FEIGIN, Misha Bispectrality for deformed Calogero­Moser­Sutherland systems
FEIX, M R First Integrals and Parametric Solutions for Equations Integrable Through Lie Symmetries
FELDMAN, K E Functional Equations and the Generalised Elliptic Genus
FERAPONTOV, E.V. Links Between Different Analytic Descriptions of Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces
FERNANDEZ-NUNEZ, J Irreducible Characters and Clebsch-Gordan Series for the Exceptional Algebra E6: An Approach through the Quantum Calogero-Sutherland Model
FERREIRA, Mário Analysis of Timing Jitter for Ultrashort Soliton Communication Systems Using Perturbation Methods
FILIPUK, Galina On the Transformations of the Sixth Painlevé Equation
FINKEL, F A Haldane­Shastry Spin Chain of BCN Type in a Constant Magnetic Field
FINKEL, F. On the Equivalence of Matrix Differential Operators to Schrödinger Form
Finkel, F. Partially Solvable Spin Chains and QES Spin Models
FITOUHI, Ahmed Asymptotic Approximations in Quantum Calculus
FITOUHI, Ahmed Wavelet Transforms in Quantum Calculus
Fitouhi, Ahmed Tauberian Theorems In Quantum Calculus
FLESSAS, G P Generalisations of the Laplace­Runge­Lenz Vector
FLESSAS, G.P. Symmetry, Singularities and Integrability in Complex Dynamics I: The Reduction Problem
FLESSAS, GP Noetherian first integrals
FOKAS, A S The Time Periodic Solution of the Burgers Equation on the Half-Line and an Application to Steady Streaming
FOKAS, Athanassios S Ehrenpreis Type Representations and Their Riemann­Hilbert Nonlinearisation
Fotiadis, Anestis Harmonic Maps Between Noncompact Manifolds
FOUPOUAGNIGNI, Mama Analysis of Non-Linear Recurrence Relations for the Recurrence Coefficients of Generalized Charlier Polynomials
FRAJ, N BEN Deformations of Modules of Differential Forms
FRAJ, N. BEN On the Cohomology of the Lie Superalgebra of Contact Vector Fields on S1|2
FRANCOISE, J P Algebraic Linearization of Hyperbolic Ruijsenaars­Schneider Systems
FRANCOISE, J-P New solvable many-body problems in the plane
FRANCOISE, J-P Isochronous Systems and Perturbation Theory
FRANCOISE, J-P Periodic Motions Galore: How to Modify Nonlinear Evolution Equations so that They Feature a Lot of Periodic Solutions
FRANC¸OISE, J-P Periodic Solutions of a Many-Rotator Problem in the Plane. II. Analysis of Various Motions
Fredericks, Ebrahim A Formal Approach for Handling Lie Point Symmetries of Scalar First-Order Ito Stochastic Ordinary Differential Equations
FREGIER, Yael Decomposition of symmetric tensor fields in the presence of a flat contact pro jective structure
FREIRE, Igor Leite Conservations laws for critical Kohn-Laplace equations on the Heisenberg group
FRING, Andreas G2-Calogero-Moser Lax operators from reduction
FUCHS, Jurgen The graphical calculus for ribbon categories: Algebras, modules, Nakayama automorphisms
FULLING, S.A. Graph Expansions and Graphical Enumeration Applied to Semiclassical Propagator Expansions
FUSHCHYCH, W.I. Symmetry of Equations with Convection Terms
FUSHCHYCH, W.I. On New Representations of Galilei Groups
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm What is the Velocity of the Electromagnetic Field?
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm Symmetry of the Schrödinger Equation with Variable Potential
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm On New Galilei- and Poincare-Invariant Nonlinear Equations for Electromagnetic Field
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm Continuity Equation in Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics and the Galilei Relativity Principle
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm On Unique Symmetry of Two Nonlinear Generalizations of the Schrödinger Equation
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm Ansatz '95
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm On non-Lie ansatzes and new exact solutions of the classical Yang-Mills equations
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm Symmetry Reduction and Exact Solutions of the Yang-Mills Equations
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm On Linear and Non-Linear Representations of the Generalized Poincaré Groups in the Class of Lie Vector Fields
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm Symmetry reduction and exact solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations. II
FUSHCHYCH, Wilhelm Nonlinear Representations for Poincaré and Galilei algebras and nonlinear equations for electromagnetic fields
FUSHCHYCH, WILHELM Antireduction and exact solutions of nonlinear heat equations
FUSHCHYCH, WILHELM Symmetry reduction and exact solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations. I