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The Readiness of Graduates Secondary Vocational School to Enter Labor Market
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  Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research
  doi:10.2991/ictvet-14.2015.15 (how to use a DOI)
Elih Mulyana, Sumarto Sumarto, Bachtiar Hasan, Wowo Sunaryo
corresponding author:
Elih Mulyana
publication date:
March 2015
Readiness, contractor, labor market
Secondary Vocational School (SVS) is designed to produce graduates who are ready to work. The observation conducted to some contractors in Bandung West Java, and obtained information about SVS graduates. The information is, they are not ready to work, but they can be trained in order to ready to work. The similar statement also SVS graduates are not ready yet to work in industries or companies. Research on the company has a result that SVS graduates did not satisfaction. The purpose this research to determine the readiness of SVS graduates who will enter labor market. This research used to be explanatory survey method. Data was collected by using instrument, the statement of each instruments item given the option with scale 1 to 5. The Content of instrument is developed by : intellectual ability, firmness , the spirit (enthusiasm), product-oriented maturity attitudes and behavior, initiative, interpersonal skills, productivity, openness , empowerment ability and technical and then the instrument is distrusted to an electrical contractor in Bandung, West Java. Data analysis using simple statistic, which score in every item instrument is calculated to score maximum, and then calculate the percentage. The results of an assessment of the employees from SVS graduates by electrical contractor shows that SVS graduates in Bandung have high readiness to enter the labor market especially electrical field.
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