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Prostitute’s Adolescent Clients’ Understanding of Local Wisdom on Social Relations
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  Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research
  doi:10.2991/icse-15.2016.69 (how to use a DOI)
Rahesli Humsona, Mahendra Wijaya, Jefta Leibo, Sri Yuliani
corresponding author:
Rahesli Humsona
publication date:
April 2016
prostitute’s client adolescents, local wisdom, membership group
Prostitution has become a global phenomenon. One contributing factor is the increasing number of clients. It is because prostitution will not exist without a request from the clients. From previous studies it is known that there are prostitute’s adolescent clients’. The objective of research was to identify the prostitute’s adolescent client age interval, social-economic background, playgroup as peer group, and understanding on local wisdom values in social relation. This research was important to do, because sexual relation developed during adolescence will be more risky to reproductive health. To understand the behavior of prostitute’s adolescent clients, Robert K Merton’s membership group theory was used. Meanwhile, the research method employed was descriptive qualitative one, to understand the phenomenon in-depth. The sample was taken using purposive sampling (9 prostitutions adolescence client), data collection was carried out using observation and in-depth interview. The result of research found that the users formerly adults, now are also adolescents. They come from lower to upper economic classes. Using membership group theory, it could be concluded that the prostitute’s client adolescents is in social group permissive to norm. In addition, the fun obtained from sexual relation makes adolescents ignore noble character, decency tenets, and even try to forget God
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