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Relationship Among Toddler Treatment, Biophysical Environment, and Toddler Morbidity in Klampar Village, Proppo District, Pamekasan Regency
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  Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research
  doi:10.2991/icge-16.2017.27 (how to use a DOI)
Sri Ira Suharwati, Siti Azizah
corresponding author:
Sri Ira Suharwati
publication date:
May 2017
Toddler treatment, biophysical environment, morbidity
This research aims to explain the level of toddler morbidity in Klampar village and its relationship to other factors. This research is descriptive with quantitative approach taken with survey methods. The sampling technique of respondents uses a Proportional Random Sampling technique. The data analysis technique uses Single Tabulations and Chi Square. The results of the research are: (1) the morbidity rate in Klampar village seen from a long illness and the number of sick times for the last three months that are adequate with most factors have the relationship with toddler care, (2) there is a relationship between treatment of toddlers with the toddler morbidity, (3) there is no relation between the biophysical environment with toddler morbidity in study. It is advisable for the people to further improve in taking care for toddlers, as well as maintaining good health and paying attention to the health of individuals and the environment.
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