Computing with Words in Decision support Systems: An overview on Models and Applications
volume-issue:   3 - 4
pages:   382 - 395
  doi:10.2991/ijcis.2010.3.4.1 (how to use a DOI)
Luis Martinez, Da Ruan, Francisco Herrera
publication date:
October 2010
Decision support systems, linguistic decision making, computing with words
Decision making is inherent to mankind, as human beings daily face situations in which they should choose among different alternatives by means of reasoning and mental processes. Many of these decision problems are under uncertain environments with vague and imprecise information. This type of information is usually modelled by linguistic information because of the common use of language by the experts involved in the given decision situations, originating linguistic decision making. The use of linguistic information in decision making demands processes of Computing with Words to solve the related decision problems. Different methodologies and approaches have been proposed to accomplish such processes in an accurate and interpretable way. The good performance of linguistic computing dealing with uncertainty has caused a spread use of it in different types of decision based applications. This paper overviews the more significant and extended linguistic computing models due to its key role in linguistic decision making and a wide range of the most recent applications of linguistic decision support models.
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