Influence of Stretching-Segment Storage Length on Urban Traffic Flow in Signalized Intersection
volume-issue:   4 - 6
pages:   1401 - 1406
  doi:10.2991/ijcis.2011.4.6.34 (how to use a DOI)
Weiwei Guo, Wuhong Wang, Geert Wets, Dianhai Wang, Yan Mao, Xiaobei Jiang, Hongwei Guo
publication date:
December 2011
Stretching-segment, Intelligent Traffic control, Parameter optimization, Saturation flow rate, Probabilistic computing.
Intelligent traffic control is influenced by Stretching-segment design, parameters optimization of traffic control have to consider saturation flow rate in approach. Many intersections with different stretching-segment design forms are selected to study on saturation flow rate at peak rush hour and ordinary time hour, the characteristic of saturation flow rate in green time is analyzed. Based on the real traffic situation, the influence of the length of stretching-segment storage to straight-cross flow rate was explored in this study. The data showed that the duration and stability of saturation flow rate were highly influenced by the length of stretching-segment storage. A probabilistic computing model was proposed, which analyzed the effect of the length of stretching-segment to the flow rate and described the impact of vehicles in the upstream. Finally, the attenuate regulation of the straight-cross flow rate in green phase is developed by the analysis of vehicle's blocking.
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