Computational intelligence in decision making
volume-issue:   7 - sup1
pages:   1 - 5
  doi:10.2991/10.1080/18756891.2014.853925 (how to use a DOI)
Macarena Espinilla, Javier Montero, J. Tinguaro Rodríguez
publication date:
January 2014
Computational Intelligence, Decision Making
In this preface we stress the relevance of the traditional collaboration between Engineering and any field of Mathematics in order to build intelligent decision-aid tools, as it is illustrated by the twelve papers contained in this Special Issue. These papers, selected by means of a standard peer review process after an open call, offer an interesting variety of models, approaches and techniques, to be applied within different specific problems. Each paper is introduced in this preface and is developed in the subsequent article. Moreover, in this preface we also claim for a more intense collaboration between decision engineers and other fields that study human brain behavior, like Neurology, Psychology, Sociology and Linguistics. Because if we really want to procure intelligent tools for decision aid, we should start by taking the human brain as our first reference, as it is the most efficient machinery we have found in order to deal with complex, uncertain, incomplete and even apparently inconsistent information. We hope that readers will enjoy this Special Issue devoted to Computational Intelligence in Decision Making.
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