Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Mechatronics, Electronic, Industrial and Control Engineering

Towards an Image Blurring Detection Approach based on Color Filter Array

Mi Peng, Luokai Hu, Chao Liang, Pingping Yin
Corresponding author
blur tamper detection; reconstructed; Wiener filter; the degree of correlation
Digital image tamper detection technology is a hot topic in recent decades which has widely applications in image processing. Study of key approach of digital image temper detection has important science and application value. A CFA interpolation based image blur tamper detection algorithm is proposed in this paper. First we reconstruct the tamper image by CFA interpolation artifacts. Then we filter the reconstructed image by Wiener filter and calculate the related degree between the tampering image and the image to be detected. Finally we classify the degree of correlation feature and locate the tampered area. Experimental result shows that the algorithm can effectively detect and locate tampering area of the image been operated by blur tampering and it has a good robustness. The algorithm can accurately locate the image of tampering falsification area and the detection accuracy is significantly better than existing algorithms and can be well positioned image tampering area.
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