Theory of Causal Differential Equations
ISBN: 978-90-78677-32-1

by V Lakshmikantham (Florida Institute of Technology, USA), S Leela (SUNY at Geneseo, USA), Z Drici (Illinois Wesleyan University, USA), & F A McRae (The Catholic University of America, USA)

Series: Atlantis Studies in Mathematics for Engineering and Science, Volume 5.

The theory of causal differential equations (CDE) includes several types of dynamic systems such as ordinary differential equations, functional differential equations, integro-differential equations (with or without memory), differential equations with anticipation and retardation. This is the first book which describes the theory of CDE as an independent discipline, incorporating the recent general theory of CDE and introducing several new ideas. This book is a timely introduction to the subject in a more generalised frame work.
The present monograph collects recent works in this broad area and provides possible extensions to other dynamic systems involving causal operators such as CDE in abstract spaces, CDE with memory, CDE with fractional derivatives and causal set differential equations-giving initial apparatus, for further study in this important branch of nonlinear analysis.

  • Basic Theory
  • Theoretical Approximation Methods
  • Stability Theory
  • Miscellaneous Topics in Causal Systems

Readership: Applied mathematicians, engineering scientists and industrial applied scientists.  

The style of the book is lucid and it is well written. It succeeds admirably in presenting powerful and unifying general theory of CDE's in an aesthetically pleasing and readable form. The book will be of great interest to researchers on mathematical systems theory and its application to the real-world problems.” Dragoslav D Siljak, Santa Clara University, USA.

Publishing Date: January 2010
Hardbound, 220 pages
Price: €65.00.

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