Web-Based Information Technologies and
Distributed Systems
ISBN: 978-90-78677-28-4

edited by Alban Gabillon (University of Polynésie Française, Polynésie Française), Quan Z Sheng (University of Adelaide, Australia), & Wathiq Mansoor (American University in Dubai, UAE)

Series: Atlantis Ambient and Pervasive Intelligence - Volume 3.

This book is devoted to the emerging and novel concepts, architectures and methodologies for creating an interconnected world where information can be exchanged easily, tasks can be processed collaboratively, and communities of users with similar interests can be formed transcending borders, while addressing the increasingly pervasive security threats. This book is a collection of the best papers from WITDS Track of IEEE SITIS 2008. All the chapters are newly extended versions of the original papers. The book contains four parts; the first part is devoted to Ad Hoc and Routing Protocols where novel algorithms are proposed for ad hoc networks; the second part focuses on security and policies and the various innovative solutions; the third part covers efficient algorithms for web services; the fourth part features the various intelligent systems for agent systems, smart home environment, and service-driven applications.

  • A Community-Based Approach for Service-based Application Composition in an Ecosystem (E Abi-Lahoud et al.)
  • Complexity Analysis of Data Routing Algorithms in Extended Lucas Cube Networks (Ernastuti & R A Salim)
  • An Incremental Algorithm for Clustering Search Results (Y Liu et al.)
  • Query Planning in DHT Based RDF Stores (D Battré)
  • A Formal Methodology to Specify Hierarchical Agent-Based Systems (C Molinero et al.)
  • Reducing Redundant Web Crawling Using URL Signatures (L-K Soon & S H Lee)
  • Interoperability Among Heterogeneous Systems in Smart Home Environment (T Perumal et al.)
  • A Formal Framework to Specify and Deploy Reaction Policies (F Cuppens et al.)
  • A New Distributed IDS Based on CVSS Framework (J Aussibal & L Gallon)
  • Modeling and Testing Secure Web Applications (W Mallouli et al.)
  • Secure Interoperability with O2O Contracts (C Coma et al.)

Readership: Academics and professionals working in web-based information technologies.  

Publishing Date: June 2010
Hardbound, 352 pages
Price: €80.00.

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