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Bacterial Foraging Optimized Hybrid Fuzzy Precompensated PD Control of Two Link Rigid-Flexible Manipulator

Srinivasan Alavandar, Tushar Jain, M. J. Nigam
Pages: 51 - 59
Light-weight flexible arms will most likely constitute the next generation robots due to their large payload carrying capacities at high speeds and less power demand. Control problem of robots with flexible members is more complex compared to rigid robots due to vibrations during the motion. This paper...
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A data mining approach for analyzing semiconductor MES and FDC data to enhance overall usage effectiveness (OUE)

Chen-Fu Chien, Alejandra Campero Diaz, Yu-Bin Lan
Pages: 52 - 65
Wafer fabrication is a complex and lengthy process that involves hundreds of process steps with monitoring numerous process parameters at the same time for yield enhancement. Big data is automatically collected during manufacturing processes in modern wafer fabrication facility. Thus, potential useful...
Research Article

Linguistic-Valued Approximate Reasoning With Lattice Ordered Linguistic-Valued Credibility

Li Zou, Yunxia Zhang, Xin Liu
Pages: 53 - 61
Linguistic terms are often used to represent the truth degree or credibility degree to manage the uncertainty or imprecision as one of popular ways of knowledge representation in the perception-based decision making problem. This present work represents the credibility of uncertain knowledge using linguistic...
Research Article

Region-based Image Segmentation by Watershed Partition and DCT Energy Compaction

Chi-Man Pun, Ning-Yu An, C.L. Philip Chen
Pages: 53 - 64
An image segmentation approach by improved watershed partition and DCT energy compaction has been proposed in this paper. The proposed energy compaction, which expresses the local texture of an image area, is derived by exploiting the discrete cosine transform. The algorithm is a hybrid segmentation...
Research Article

Fuzzy Ontology Mining and Semantic Information Granulation for Effective Information Retrieval Decision Making

Raymond Y.K. Lau, Chapmann C.L. Lai, Yuefeng Li
Pages: 54 - 65
The notion of semantic information granulation is explored to estimate the information specificity or generality of documents. Basically, a document is considered more specific than another document if it contains more cohesive domain-specific terminologies than that of the other one. We believe that...
Research Article

Archimedean-Compensatory Fuzzy Logic Systems

Rafael A. Espin-Andrade, Erick González Caballero, Witold Pedrycz, Eduardo R. Fernández González
Pages: 54 - 62
The paper aims to define a new kind of logic, referred to as Archimedean-Compensatory Logic, which is constructed from the unification of two different fuzzy logic systems, namely a continuous Archimedean fuzzy logic and a compensatory fuzzy logic. The paper introduces basic definitions and properties...
Research Article

An Effective Traditional Chinese Medicine Syndrome Model based on Proportional Odds Model and Similarity

Tong-sheng Chen, Shao-zi Li, Chang-le Zhou
Pages: 56 - 69
This paper discusses proportional odds model and similarity on the construction of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) chronic gastritis syndrome model. The syndromes explain the true relationships among a set of symptoms, which can be characterized by marginal probabilities and conditional probabilities....
Research Article

Coreference Resolution Using Neural MCDM and Fuzzy Weighting Technique

Samira Hourali, Morteza Zahedi, Mansour Fateh
Pages: 56 - 65
Coreference resolution has been an active field of research in the past several decades and plays a vital role in many areas such as information extraction, document summarization, machine translation, and question answering systems. This paper presents a new coreference resolution approach by incorporating...
Research Article

A metaheuristic optimization-based indirect elicitation of preference parameters for solving many-objective problems

Laura Cruz-Reyes, Eduardo Fernandez, Nelson Rangel-Valdez
Pages: 56 - 77
A priori incorporation of the decision maker’s preferences is a crucial issue in many-objective evolutionary optimization. Some approaches characterize the best compromise solution of this problem through fuzzy outranking relations; however, they require the elicitation of a large number of parameters...
Research Article

A Novel Mechanism for Efficient the Search Optimization of Genetic Algorithm

Chen-Fang Tsai, Shin-Li Lu
Pages: 57 - 64
This paper proposes a Social Genetic Algorithm (SGA) that includes a transformation function that has ability to improve search efficiency. The SGA is different from the Traditional Genetic Algorithm (TGA) approaches, as it allows refinement of the TGA parameters for the selections of operators in each...
Research Article

Facial Peculiarity Retrieval via Deep Neural Networks Fusion

Peiqin Li, Jianbin Xie, Zhen Li, Tong Liu, Wei Yan
Pages: 58 - 65
Face retrieval is becoming increasingly useful and important for security maintenance operations. In actual applications, face retrieval is usually influenced by some changeable site conditions, such as various postures, expressions, camera angles, illuminations, and so on. In this paper, facial peculiar...
Research Article

Workload balancing in identical parallel machine scheduling using a mathematical programming method

Yassine Ouazene, Farouk Yalaoui, Hicham Chehade, Alice Yalaoui
Pages: 58 - 67
This paper addresses the workload balancing problem in identical parallel machines context. The problem consists of assigning different jobs to identical parallel machines in order to minimize the workload imbalance among the different machines. This problem is formulated as a linear mixed integer program...
Research Article

Optimization of quality measures in association rule mining: an empirical study

J. M. Luna, M. Ondra, H. M. Fardoun, S. Ventura
Pages: 59 - 78
In the association rule mining field many different quality measures have been proposed over time with the aim of quantifying the interestingness of each discovered rule. In evolutionary computation, many of these metrics have been used as functions to be optimized, but the selection of a set of suitable...
Research Article

From Fuzzy Clustering to a Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification Model

Enrico Zio, Piero Baraldi, Irina Crenguta Popescu
Pages: 60 - 76
The applicability in practice of a diagnostic tool is strongly related to the physical transparency of the un- derlying models, for the interpretation of the relationships between the involved variables and for direct model inspection and validation. In this work, a methodology is developed for transforming...
Research Article

Accuracy Evaluation of C4.5 and Naive Bayes Classifiers Using Attribute Ranking Method

S. Sivakumari, R. Praveena Priyadarsini, P. Amudha
Pages: 60 - 68
This paper intends to classify the Ljubljana Breast Cancer dataset using C4.5 Decision Tree and Nai?ve Bayes classifiers. In this work, classification is carriedout using two methods. In the first method, dataset is analysed using all the attributes in the dataset. In the second method, attributes are...
Research Article

jFuzzyLogic: a Java Library to Design Fuzzy Logic Controllers According to the Standard for Fuzzy Control Programming

Pablo Cingolani, Jesús Alcalá-Fdez
Pages: 61 - 75
Fuzzy Logic Controllers are a specific model of Fuzzy Rule Based Systems suitable for engineering applications for which classic control strategies do not achieve good results or for when it is too difficult to obtain a mathematical model. Recently, the International Electrotechnical Commission has published...
Research Article

Comparative Study of Image Thresholding Using Type-2 Fuzzy Sets and Cloud Model

Tao Wu, Kun Qin
Pages: 61 - 73
Uncertainty is an inherent part of image segmentation in real world applications. The use of new methods for handling incomplete information is of fundamental importance. Type-1 fuzzy sets used in conventional image segmentation cannot fully handle the uncertainties. Type-2 fuzzy sets and cloud model...
Research Article

Selection of Encoding Cardinality for a Class of Fitness Functions to Obtain Order-1 Building Blocks

Hongqiang Mo, Zhong Li, Lianfang Tian, Xiang Tian
Pages: 62 - 74
Encoding plays a key role in determining the optimization efficiency of a genetic algorithm. In the optimization of a continuous function, binary encodings are normally used due to their low coding-alphabet cardinalities. Nevertheless, from the viewpoint of building-block supply, it is remarked that...
Research Article

Locally Weighted Learning: How and When Does it Work in Bayesian Networks?

Jia Wu, Bi Wu, Shirui Pan, Haishuai Wang, Zhihua Cai
Pages: 63 - 74
Bayesian network (BN), a simple graphical notation for conditional independence assertions, is promised to represent the probabilistic relationships between diseases and symptoms. Learning the structure of a Bayesian network classifier (BNC) encodes conditional independence assumption between attributes,...
Research Article

Bootstrap Kuiper Testing of the Identity of 1D Continuous Distributions using Fuzzy Samples

Natalia Nikolova, Shuhong Chai, Snejana D. Ivanova, Krasimir Kolev, Kiril Tenekedjiev
Pages: 63 - 75
This paper aims to statistically test the null hypothesis for identity of the probability distribution of one-dimensional (1D) continuous parameters in two different populations, presented by fuzzy samples of i.i.d. observations. A degree of membership to the corresponding population is assigned to any...
Research Article

Markdown Optimization via Approximate Dynamic Programming

Özlem Coşgun, Ufuk Kula, Cengiz Kahraman
Pages: 64 - 78
We consider the markdown optimization problem faced by the leading apparel retail chain. Because of substitution among products the markdown policy of one product affects the sales of other products. Therefore, markdown policies for product groups having a significant crossprice elasticity among each...
Research Article

Possibility Method for Triangular Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multi-attribute Group Decision Making with Incomplete Weight Information

Shu-Ping Wan, Jiu-Ying Dong
Pages: 65 - 79
Triangular intuitionistic fuzzy numbers (TIFNs) are a special kind of intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IFSs) on a real number set. TIFNs are useful to deal with ill-known quantities in decision data and decision making problems themselves. The purpose of this paper is on developing a new ranking method of...
Research Article

Development of Emotional State Model using Electromagnetic Signal Information for Rehabilitation Robot

Aimi Shazwani Ghazali, Shahrul Naim Sidek, Sado Fatai
Pages: 65 - 79
The paper presents a development of emotion recognition system which can detect human emotion in real-time leveraging information captured from human body’s electromagnetic (EM) signals. A new model of controller framework was designed to embed the emotion recognition module which was evaluated on a...
Research Article

PSOPB: A Two-population Particle Swarm Optimizer Mimicking Facultative Bio-parasitic Behavior

Quande Qin, Li Li, Rongjun Li, Ben Niu
Pages: 65 - 75
Inspired by the phenomenon of bio-parasitic behavior in natural ecosystem, this paper presents a novel particle swarm optimizer named PSOPB, in which particles are composed of the host and the parasite population. In the presented algorithm, the two populations mimic facultative bio-parasitic behaviour...
Research Article

RunPool: A Dynamic Pooling Layer for Convolution Neural Network

Huang Jin Jie, Putra Wanda
Pages: 66 - 76
Deep learning (DL) has achieved a significant performance in computer vision problems, mainly in automatic feature extraction and representation. However, it is not easy to determine the best pooling method in a different case study. For instance, experts can implement the best types of pooling in image...
Research Article

Three-way Investment Decisions with Decision-theoretic Rough Sets

D. Liu, Y.Y. Yao, T.R. Li
Pages: 66 - 74
The decision-theoretic rough set model is adopted to derive a profit-based three-way approach to investment decision-making. A three-way decision is made based on a pair of thresholds on conditional probabilities. A positive rule makes a decision of investment, a negative rule makes a decision of noninvestment,...
Research Article

A fuzzy based churn prediction and retention model for prepaid customers in telecom industry

Muhammad Azeem, Muhammad Usman
Pages: 66 - 78
Accurate and timely identification of the potential churner, also known as churn prediction, is crucial to devise effective retention strategies. A number of churn prediction models have been proposed in the past, however, the existing models suffer from a number of limitations due to which these models...
Research Article

A virtual metrology approach for maintenance compensation to improve yield in semiconductor manufacturing

Kuo-Yi Lin, Chia-Yu Hsu, Hui-Chun Yu
Pages: 66 - 73
Process condition was changed by preventative maintenance that may lead to the inconsistency of process output. In practice, process engineers have difficulties to discover the inconsistency that the defect wafer may have been produced before the next measurement. This study proposes a virtual metrology...
Research Article

Replacement policies for a complex system with unobservable components using dynamic Bayesian networks

Demet O., Taner Bilgiç
Pages: 68 - 83
We study maintenance of a complex dynamic system consisting of ageing and unobservable components under a predetermined threshold reliability level. Our aim is to construct an optimum replacement policy for the components of the system by minimizing total number of replacements or total replacement cost....
Research Article

A View on Fuzzy Systems for Big Data: Progress and Opportunities

Alberto Fernández, Cristobal José Carmona, María José del Jesus, Francisco Herrera
Pages: 69 - 80
Currently, we are witnessing a growing trend in the study and application of problems in the framework of Big Data. This is mainly due to the great advantages which come from the knowledge extraction from a high volume of information. For this reason, we observe a migration of the standard Data Mining...
Research Article

Fuzzy Relational Fixed Point Clustering

Roelof K. Brouwer
Pages: 69 - 82
The proposed relational fuzzy clustering method, called FRFP ( fuzzy relational fixed point), is based on determining a fixed point of a function of the desired membership matrix. The ethod is compared to other relational clustering methods. Simulations show the method to be very effective and less computationally...
Research Article

Bandwidth Prediction based on Nu-Support Vector Regression and Parallel Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization

Liang Hu, Xilong Che, Xiaochun Cheng
Pages: 70 - 83
This paper addresses the problem of generating multi-step-ahead bandwidth prediction. Variation of bandwidth is modeled as a Nu-Support Vector Regression (Nu-SVR) procedure. A parallel procedure is proposed to hybridize constant and binary Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) together for optimizing feature...
Research Article

Application of Interactive Genetic Algorithm based on hesitancy degree in product configuration for customer requirement

Runliang Dou, Chao Zong
Pages: 74 - 84
With significant impact on the personalized product configuration, Interactive Genetic Algorithm is introduced to respond to customer requirement. For the user could conveniently design their favorite product and interact with the system by a graphical interface, the car console conceptual design system...
Research Article

Evolutionary Game Theory in Multi-Objective Optimization Problem

Maozhu Jin, Xia Lei, Jian Du
Pages: 74 - 87
Multi-objective optimization focuses on simultaneous optimization of multiple targets. Evolutionary game theory transforms the optimization problem into game strategic problem and using adaptable dynamic game evolution process intelligently obtains the optimized strategy. The problem of multiple frequency...
Research Article

The Evidential Reasoning Approach to Medical Diagnosis using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Dempster-Shafer Theory

Yanni Wang, Yaping Dai, Yu-wang Chen, Fancheng Meng
Pages: 75 - 94
For medical diagnosis, fuzzy Dempster-Shafer theory is extended to model domain knowledge under probabilistic and fuzzy uncertainty. However, there are some information loss using discrete fuzzy sets and traditional matching degree method. This study aims to provide a new evidential structure to reduce...
Research Article

An Improved Method for Protein Similarity Searching by Alignment of Fuzzy Energy Signatures

Dariusz Mrozek, Bozena Malysiak-Mrozek
Pages: 75 - 88
*Scientific research supported by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland in years 2008-2010. Grant No. N N516 265835: Protein Structure Similarity Searching in Distributed Multi Agent System †To whom the entire correspondence should be directed: Institute of Informatics, Silesian University...
Research Article

α-Resolution Method for Lattice-valued Horn Generalized Clauses in Lattice-valued Propositional Logic Systems

Weitao Xu, Wenqiang Zhang, Dexian Zhang, Yang Xu, Xiaodong Pan
Pages: 75 - 84
In this paper, an α-resolution method for a set of lattice-valued Horn generalized clauses is established in lattice-valued propositional logic system ℒ P(X) based on lattice implication algebra. Firstly, the notions of lattice-valued Horn generalized clause, normal lattice-valued...
Research Article

Intelligent Recognition of Lung Nodule Combining Rule-based and C-SVM Classifiers

Bin Li, Jing Zhang, Lianfang Tian, Li Tan, Shijie Xiang, Shanxing Ou
Pages: 76 - 92
Computer-aided detection(CAD) system for lung nodules plays the important role in the diagnosis of lung cancer. In this paper, an improved intelligent recognition method of lung nodule in HRCT combing rule-based and cost-sensitive support vector machine(C-SVM) classifiers is proposed for detecting both...
Research Article

Intelligent Interaction for Human-Friendly Service Robot in Smart House Environment

Z. Zenn Bien, Hyong-Euk Lee, Jun-Hyeong Do, Yong-Hwi Kim, Kwang-Hyun Park, Seung-Eun Yang
Pages: 77 - 93
The smart house under consideration is a service-integrated complex system to assist older persons and/or people with disabilities. The primary goal of the system is to achieve independent living by various robotic devices and systems. Such a system is treated as a human-in-the loop system in which human-...
Research Article

Multi-Class Skin Lesions Classification System Using Probability Map Based Region Growing and DCNN

T. Sreekesh Namboodiri, A. Jayachandran
Pages: 77 - 84
Background: Melanoma is a type of threatening pigmented skin lesion, and as of now is among the most hazardous existing diseases. Suitable automated diagnosis of skin lesions and Melanoma classification can extraordinarily enhance early identification of melanomas. Methods: However, classification...
Research Article

Classification of the risk in the new financing framework of the Deposit Guarantee Systems in Europe: K-Means Cluster Analysis and Soft Computing

Pilar Gómez, Antonio Partal, Macarena Espinilla
Pages: 78 - 89
The guidelines published by the European Banking Authority in 2015 about the contributions to the Deposit Guarantee Systems, establish two approaches to classify the member entities’ risk: the bucket method and the sliding scale method, allowing freedom to every Member State to decide which methodology...
Research Article

An Advanced Automatic Fuzzy Rule-Based Algorithm for 3D Vessel Segmentation

Mohamed A. Abdou, Ashraf El-Sayed, Eman Ali
Pages: 79 - 85
Fuzzy Logic has played an important role in medical image (MI) segmentation in the last decade. Automatic blood vessel segmentation from 3D medical images is an emerging area where segmentation algorithms could be combined with evolutionary computation methods for better diagnosis and higher decision...
Research Article

A Novel Evolutionary Algorithm Inspired by Beans Dispersal

Xiaoming Zhang, Bingyu Sun, Tao Mei, Rujing Wang
Pages: 79 - 86
Inspired by the transmission of beans in nature, a novel evolutionary algorithm-Bean Optimization Algorithm (BOA) is proposed in this paper. BOA is mainly based on the normal distribution which is an important continuous probability distribution of quantitative phenomena. Through simulating the self-adaptive...
Research Article

Using regression trees to predict citrus load balancing accuracy and costs

G. R. R. Bóbeda, E. F. Combarro, S. Mazza, L. I. Giménez, I. Díaz
Pages: 79 - 89
In order to define management and marketing strategies, farmers need adequate knowledge about future yield with the greatest possible accuracy and anticipation. In citrus orchards, greater variability and non-normality of yield distributions complicate the early estimation of fruit production. This study...
Research Article

An improved fruit fly optimization algorithm based on selecting evolutionary direction intelligently *

Wu Lei, Xiao Wensheng, Zhang Liang, Liu Qi, Wang Jingli
Pages: 80 - 90
As a novel global optimization algorithm, the fruit fly optimization algorithm FOA has been successfully applied in a variety of mathematic and engineering fields. For the purpose of accelerating the convergence speed and overcoming the shortcomings of FOA, an improved fruit fly optimization called SEDI-FOA...
Research Article

Weighting of Features in Content-Based Filtering with Entropy and Dependence Measures

Jorge Castro, Rosa M. Rodriguez, Manuel J. Barranco
Pages: 80 - 89
Content-based recommender systems (CBRS) are tools that help users to choose items when they face a huge amount of options, recommending items that better fit the user's profile. In such a process, it is very interesting to know which features of the items are more important for each user, thus the CBRS...
Review Article

An Overview on Fuzzy Modelling of Complex Linguistic Preferences in Decision Making

Rosa M. Rodríguez, Álvaro Labella, Luis Martínez
Pages: 81 - 94
Decision makers involved in complex decision making problems usually provide information about their preferences by eliciting their knowledge with different assessments. Usually, the complexity of these decision problems implies uncertainty that in many occasions has been successfully modelled by means...
Research Article

Aumann Type Set-valued Lebesgue Integral and Representation Theorem

Jungang Li, Shoumei Li
Pages: 83 - 90
n this paper, we shall firstly illustrate why we should discuss the Aumann type set-valued Lebesgue integral of a set-valued stochastic process with respect to time t under the condition that the set-valued stochastic process takes nonempty compact subset of d -dimensional Euclidean space. After recalling...
Research Article

Combining boolean consistent fuzzy logic and ahp illustrated on the web service selection problem

Ivana Dragović, Nina Turajlić, Dragan Radojević, Bratislav Petrović
Pages: 84 - 93
The Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) idealistically assumes the independence of the criteria which are often interrelated, conflicting or can be traded-off. It is, therefore, proposed that AHP could be extended by applying fuzzy logic to adequately incorporate the different relationships that may exist...
Research Article

Some Induced Aggregating Operators with Fuzzy Number Intuitionistic Fuzzy Information and their Applications to Group Decision Making

Guiwi Wei, Xiaofei Zhao, Rui Lin
Pages: 84 - 95
With respect to multiple attribute group decision making (MAGDM) problems in which both the attribute weights and the expert weights take the form of real numbers, attribute values take the form of fuzzy number intuitionistic fuzzy numbers, a new group decision making analysis method is developed. Firstly,...