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Improved Version of Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm Based on Analytic Model

Alaa Fiad, Zoulikha Mekkakia Maaza, Zoulikha Mekkakia Maaza, Zoulikha Mekkakia Maaza, Hayat Bendoukha, Hayat Bendoukha, Hayat Bendoukha
Scheduling is one of the most important issues in the operating system, such as the tasks must be affected to the appropriate virtual machines, considering different factors at the same time to ensure better use of resources. A lot of research has been carried out to propose more efficient task scheduling...
Research Article

Vehicle Platooning Systems: Review, Classification and Validation Strategies

Faten Fakhfakh, Mohamed Tounsi, Mohamed Mosbah
This paper presents a systematic literature review of platooning systems with a special focus on the strategies which have been adopted to validate platooning algorithms. We collect the existing studies in the platooning field. The proposed algorithms are compared based on some criteria including platooning...
Research Article

Generation and Mapping of Multi-Reducts Based on Nearest Neighbor Relation

Naohiro Ishii, Ippei Torii, Toyoshiro Nakashima, Hidekazu Tanaka
Pages: 1 - 10
Dimension reduction of data is an important theme in the data processing to represent and manipulate higher dimensional data. Rough set is fundamental and useful to process higher dimensional data. Reduct in the rough set is a minimal subset of features, which has almost the same discernible power as...

Introducing IJNDC

Bertil Folliot, Juhnyoung Lee
Pages: 1 - 1
Research Article

Fine-Grained Emotion Analysis Based on Mixed Model for Product Review

Xiao Sun, Chongyuan Sun, Changqin Quan, Fuji Ren, Fang Tian, Kunxia Wang
Pages: 1 - 11
Nowadays, with the rapid development of B2C e-commerce and the popularity of online shopping, the Web storages huge number of product reviews comment by customers. A large number of reviews made it difficult for manufacturers or potential customers to track the comments and suggestions that customers...
Research Article

Context-Aware Multimedia Content Adaptation for Mobile Web

Dongsong Zhang, Anil Jangam, Lina Zhou, Isil Yakut
Pages: 1 - 10
Multimedia content in web pages poses a variety of problems to mobile web users, such as incompatibility with mobile devices or failing to meet accessibility needs of users with vision disabilities. To address those problems, this study proposes and evaluates a context-aware approach to multimedia content...
Research Article

A Theoretical Exploration of the Impact of Packet Loss on Network Intrusion Detection

Sidney C. Smith, Robert J. Hammell II, Travis W. Parker, Lisa M. Marvel
Pages: 1 - 10
In this paper we review the problem of packet loss as it pertains to Network Intrusion Detection, seeking to answer two fundamental research questions which are stepping stones towards building a model that can be used to predict the rate of alert loss based upon the rate of packet loss. The first question...
Research Article

Satellite Image Based Characterization for Monitoring Urbanization and Land Cover Change

Farhan Rahman Wasee, Rahman Mohammad Asif Amin, Zareen Tasnim Raisa, Sadia Chowdhury, Tanisha Nourin Alam, Rashedur Mohammad Rahman
Pages: 1 - 10
Land surface processes have become a great concern in the context of global change and increased natural hazards all over the world. In this paper, dynamic characteristics of land cover changes have been investigated over a period of about three and half decades (1972–2016). This study focuses on the...
Research Article

Assessing Risk of Security Non-compliance of Banking Security Requirements Based on Attack Patterns

Krissada Rongrat, Twittie Senivongse
Pages: 1 - 10
Information systems such as those in the Banking sector need to comply with security regulations to assure that necessary security controls are in place. This paper presents an initial risk assessment method to assist a banking information system project in validating security requirements of the system....
Research Article

Performance Evaluation of Data Migration Policies for a Distributed Storage System with Dynamic Tiering

Atsushi Nunome, Hiroaki Hirata
Pages: 1 - 8
We have proposed a distributed storage system which autonomously migrates data blocks into a suitable storage node by considering their access frequency and read/write ratio. In this paper, we show that revised data migration policies can rapidly distribute input/output (I/O) hot spot over the storage...
Review Article

A View Of Cloud Computing

Juhnyoung Lee
Pages: 2 - 8
Today’s IT infrastructure is under tremendous pressure and is finding it difficult to keep up. In distributed computing environments, up to 85 percent of computing capacity sits idle. 66 percent of every dollar on IT is spent on maintaining current IT infrastructures versus adding new capabilities. In...
Research Article

OSERENA: a Coloring Algorithm Optimized for Dense Wireless Networks

Ichrak Amdouni, Pascale Minet, Cedric Adjih
Pages: 9 - 24
The goal of this paper is to present OSERENA, a distributed coloring algorithm optimized for dense wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Network density has an extremely reduced impact on the size of the messages exchanged to color the WSN. Furthermore, the number of colors used to color the network is not...
Research Article

Enhancement of Copper Wire Lengthening Automatic System using Contactless Heater

Hsiung-Cheng Lin, Jhih-Yao Hu, Chung-Hao Cheng
Pages: 9 - 15
Copper wire can be elongated to a very thin size like 0.01 mm from an original 0.6 mm via wire drawing dies. Although automatic machines are available for wire elongating process, the wire threading through dies still requires a human operation before entering an automation process. This procedure may...
Research Article

Code generation for accurate array redistribution on automatic distributed-memory parallelization

Bo Zhao, Rui Ding, Lin Han, Jinlong Xu
Pages: 11 - 25
Code generation belongs to the backend of parallelizing compiler, and is for generating efficient computation and communication code for the target parallel computing system. Traditional research resolve array redistribution mainly by generating communication code that each processor sends all data defined...
Research Article

Extraction of Text Regions from Complex Background in Document Images by Multilevel Clustering

Hoai Nam Vu, Tuan Anh Tran, Na In Seop, Soo Hyung Kim
Pages: 11 - 21
Textual data plays an important role in a number of applications such as image database indexing, document understanding, and image-based web searching. The target of automatic real-life text extracting in document images without character recognition module is to identify image regions that contain...
Research Article

The Influence of Alias and References Escape on Java Program Analysis

Shengbo Chen, Dashen Sun, Huaikou Miao
Pages: 11 - 20
The alias and references escape are often used in Java programs. They bring much convenience to the developers, but, at the same time, they also give adverse affects on the data flow and control flow of program during program analysis. Therefore, when analyzing Java programs, we must take the alias and...
Research Article

Discrete Differential Evolution Algorithm with the Fuzzy Machine Selection for Solving the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem

Ajchara Phu-ang
Pages: 11 - 19
The objective of the research is to solve the flexible job shop scheduling problem (FJSP). In this paper, the new algorithm is proposed mainly based on discrete concepts of the differential evolution (DE) algorithm with the new idea called the fuzzy machine selection approach. In the first step, the...
Research Article

Visualization of Online Datasets

Christopher Johnston Downie, Taoxin Peng
Pages: 11 - 23
As computing technology advances, computers are being used to orchestrate and advance wide spectrums of commercial and personal life, information visualization becomes even more significant as we immerse ourselves into the era of big data, leading to an economy heavily reliant on data mining and precise,...
Research Article

Wireless Extension Mechanism and Logic Design for FPGA-based Ethernet Powerlink Node

Kailong Zhang, Panfei Zuo, Liang Hu, Xiao Wu, Kejian Miao
Pages: 12 - 21
Real-time networks, such as industrial network, field bus and so on, have been becoming one vital component to develop large-scale and cooperative embedded systems. As one important branch, the wireless mode of realtime networks also raises more and more attentions in recent years since its conveniences...
Research Article

Toward Affordable and Practical Home Context Recognition: –Framework and Implementation with Image-based Cognitive API–

Sinan Chen, Sachio Saiki, Masahide Nakamura
Pages: 16 - 24
To provide affordable context recognition for general households, this paper presents a novel technique that integrate image-based cognitive Application Program Interface (API) and light-weight machine learning. Our key idea is to regard every image as a document by exploiting “tags” derived by the API....
Research Article

Kernel and Range Approach to Analytic Network Learning

Kar-Ann Toh
Pages: 20 - 28
A novel learning approach for a composite function that can be written in the form of a matrix system of linear equations is introduced in this paper. This learning approach, which is gradient-free, is grounded upon the observation that solving the system of linear equations by manipulating the kernel...
Research Article

An Efficient Structure for LKH Key Tree on Secure Multicast Communications

Naoshi Sakamoto
Pages: 21 - 30
In order to communicate in cipher over IP multicast, each of joining and leaving participants causes renewing keys. Moreover, the number of renewed keys depends on the key management system. LKH, one of the key management systems, uses a tree structure to manage keys to share with participants. Every...
Research Article

Multi-Threaded Message Dispatcher - a Design Pattern with Innate Support for Mission Critical Applications

Marcel-Titus Marginean, Chao Lu
Pages: 22 - 36
The usage of well-tried software design patterns and application frameworks is often encountered in Mission and Safety Critical Applications development due to the high stakes involved in the case of failures. To increase reliability, some frameworks attempt to separate the implementation of business...
Research Article

On the Empirical Evaluation of Multicasting with Minimum Delay Variation

Nicklaus Rhodes, Shankar Banik
Pages: 22 - 31
In certain types of Internet applications, multicasting with Quality of Service (QoS) optimizations are required on both the end-to-end delay from the source to the destinations, as well as the difference in the end-to-end delay between the destinations. Examples of these applications include video-conferencing,...
Research Article

UWB, miniaturized and directive metamaterial loaded antenna for satellite applications

Parul Dawar, N.S. Raghava, Asok De
Pages: 24 - 34
Antenna parameter optimization using S-shaped metamaterial embedded in antenna substrate at high frequency (THz) is elucidated in this paper. Upon incorporation of proposed metamaterials’ array inside the antenna substrate, bandwidth of antenna increases by 770 GHz and directivity by about 11%. Results...
Research Article

Improvement of Software Reliability Estimation Accuracy with Consideration of Failure Removal Effort

Myungmuk Kang, Okjoo Choi, Juhwan Shin, Jongmoon Baik
Pages: 25 - 36
In order to develop highly reliable software in a cost-effective manner, it is necessary to manage software reliability at the early test phases. Most of developers at those phases perform a test and debug activities together. In this paper, we propose a new reliability estimation model to manage the...
Research Article

Multi-Dimensional Indexing System Considering Distributions of Sub-indexes and Data

Kazuto Nakanishi, Teruhisa Hochin, Hiroki Nomiya, Hiroaki Hirata
Pages: 25 - 33
This paper experimentally evaluates the parallel multi-dimensional indexing system indexing data by using several multi-dimensional indexes and retrieving required data from them in parallel. A constant number of data are indexed into a sub-index. The sub-index is inserted into an index in a computational...
Research Article

Total System Cost Analysis and Comparison of DX-Tree and Star Ring Architectures in conjunction with Master-Slave Multi-Super-Hypercube topology

Hamid Abachi, Roger Lee
Pages: 26 - 34
In todays advanced technology environment, we come across a number of research areas that require extensive data processing. These areas include but not limited to, modeling and simulation of accuracy, safety and reliability of nuclear weapons, global warming, weather forecasting, DNA computing, nanotechnology,...
Research Article

Modified Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Multiple-vehicle Traveling Salesman Problems

Yindee Oonsrikaw, Arit Thammano
Pages: 29 - 36
In this work, we extended the original Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) to cover not only the case of multiple vehicles but also to constrain the minimum and maximum numbers of cities each vehicle can visit. Our algorithm is a modified Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm which has the ability to...
Research Article

Parallel dynamic programming based on stage reconstruction and its application in reservoir operation

Huitao Zheng, Yadong Mei, Kai Duan, Yuru Lin
Pages: 31 - 41
We improved the serial recursion calculation process of dynamic programming and introduced parallel dynamic programming based on stage reconstruction. Through the proposed algorithm a multistage decision problem can be repeatedly reconstructed and gradually transferred to a single stage issue. This algorithm...
Research Article

Sorting Terms of “aaS” of Everything as a Service

Yucong Duan, Xiaobing Sun, Antonella Longo, Zhaoxin Lin, Shixiang Wan
Pages: 32 - 44
Numerous service models have been proposed in the form of ”as a Service” or ”aaS” in the past. This is especially eminent in the era of the Cloud under the term of anything as a service or everything as a service(XaaS). A unified view of XaaS can aid efficient classification of services for service registration,...
Research Article

Proposal and Prototype of DNS Server Firewall with Flexible Response Control Mechanism

Hideo Masuda, Shun Segawa, Masayuki Mori
Pages: 34 - 40
Domain Name System (DNS) is an important system for the Internet communication. DNS is a system for distributed management and operation of domain names, and it is possible to associate with the resources such as IP address, instruct the destination host of the e-mail, and so on. On the one hand, it...
Research Article

Empirical Study for Semantic Annotation of Web Services

Djelloul Bouchiha, Mimoun Malki, Djihad Djaa, Abdullah Alghamdi, Khalid Alnafjan
Pages: 35 - 44
Web services have become the main paradigm for the development of distributed software systems using a common set of technologies, including SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. This allows accessing to software components residing on different platforms and written in different programming languages. However, several...
Research Article

Providing a load balancing method based on dragonfly optimization algorithm for resource allocation in cloud computing

Zahra Amini, Mehrdad Maeen, Mohammad Reza Jahangir
Pages: 35 - 42
Nowadays cloud computing is being highly considered by many of researchers, organizations, governments and so on. According to processing happening inside of cloud computing, some of the most important problems and challenges in cloud computing are load balancing, managing resource allocations, scheduling...
Research Article

Explicit Rate Control for MANET

Nazia Zaman, Morshed Chowdhury
Pages: 37 - 45
Streaming applications over Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) require a smooth transmission rate. The Internet is unable to provide this service during traffic congestion in the network. Designing congestion control for these applications is challenging, because the standard TCP congestion control mechanism...
Research Article

A New Chaos-based Image Cipher Using a Hash Function

Chong Fu, Ou Bian, Hui-yan Jiang, Li-hui Ge, Hong-feng Ma
Pages: 37 - 44
This paper presents a new chaos-based image cipher using a plaintext-related permutation. The cat map and Lorenz system are employed to shuffle the positions of image pixels and generate the diffusion keystream, respectively. The control parameters of the cat map, i.e. the permutation key, are determined...
Research Article

Floor Heating Customer Prediction Model Based on Random Forest

Zhihuan Yao, Xian Xu, Huiqun Yu
Pages: 37 - 42
Nowadays floor heating service is increasingly attracting both residents in cold areas and gas companies for market profits. With the aggravation of market-oriented competition, the gas companies are actively seeking service transformation. It is of great significance to gas companies to be able to forecast...
Research Article

Machine Learning in Failure Regions Detection and Parameters Analysis

Saeed Abdel Wahab, Reem El Adawi, Ahmed Khater
Pages: 41 - 48
Testing automation is one of the challenges facing the software development industry, especially for large complex products. This paper proposes a mechanism called Multi Stage Failure Detector (MSFD) for automating black box testing using different machine learning algorithms. The input to MSFD is the...
Research Article

A Distributed Storage System with Dynamic Tiering for iSCSI Environment

Atsushi Nunome, Hiroaki Hirata, Kiyoshi Shibayama
Pages: 42 - 50
We propose a distributed storage system which relocates data blocks autonomously among the storage nodes. In order to optimize I/O performance with slight administrative workload, our system is aimed at the realization of the following two functions; (i) Run-time construction of the storage tiers from...
Research Article

Blacklist Creation for Detecting Fake Accounts on Twitter

Myo Myo Swe, Nyein Nyein Myo
Pages: 43 - 50
Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, etc. are extremely mainstream today. Also, the greater part of the malicious users utilize these sites to persuade legitimate users for different purposes, for example, to promote their products item, to enter their spam links, to stigmatize other...
Research Article

Dynamically Adjusting the Mining Capacity in Cryptocurrency with Binary Blockchain

Yoohwan Kim, Ju-Yeon Jo
Pages: 43 - 52
Many cryptocurrencies rely on Blockchain for its operation. Blockchain serves as a public ledger where all the completed transactions can be looked up. To place transactions in the Blockchain, a mining operation must be performed. However, due to a limited mining capacity, the transaction confirmation...
Research Article

An IDS Visualization System for Anomalous Warning Events

Satoshi Kimura, Hiroyuki Inaba
Pages: 45 - 53
Intrusion Detection System(IDS) has received attention to deal with the illegal access to the network. However, IDS has a critical problem which outputs a tremendous number of logs. Analyzing these logs apply a large amount of load to a network manager. In this paper, we propose a novel visualization...
Research Article

A Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm for LR-LD on High SNR

Thae Thae Yu Khine, Daisuke Mitsunaga, Koji Araki, Hua-An Zhao
Pages: 45 - 51
This paper presents a new chaos-based image cipher using a plaintext-related permutation. The cat map and Lorenz system are employed to shuffle the positions of image pixels and generate the diffusion keystream, respectively. The control parameters of the cat map, i.e. the permutation key, are determined...
Research Article

Automate Scientific Workflow Execution between Local Cluster and Cloud

Hao Qian, Daniel Andresen
Pages: 45 - 54
Scientific computational experiments often span multiple computational and analytical steps, and during execution, researchers need to store, access, transfer, and query information. Scientific workflow is a powerful tool to stream-line and organize scientific application. Numbers of tools have been...
Research Article

A Fault-Tolerant Schema for Clock Synchronization and data aggregation in WSN

Na Wang, Haihui He, DongQian Liu
Pages: 46 - 52
Event monitoring and determination is a popular application in WSN. Considering the special circumstance that some nodes of the wireless sensor network are faulty, a fault tolerant schema for data aggregation based on event clustering was proposed. Also, an improved HRTS algorithm named T-HRTS which...
Research Article

Comparative Study of Basic Time Domain Time-Delay Estimators for Locating Leaks in Pipelines

Vladimir A. Faerman, Valeriy S. Avramchuk
Pages: 49 - 57
The article is devoted to a survey of the known basic Time-Delay Estimation (TDE) methods in the application for detecting fluid leaks in pipeline transport and distribution systems. In the paper, both active and passive estimation methods are considered with respect to the presented generalized classification....
Research Article

An Introduction of Multiple P-adic Data Type and Its Parallel Implementation

Chao Lu, Xinkai Li
Pages: 51 - 59
Our research group has been working on the P-adic theory and its implementation. Based on the Chinese Remainder theorem and the Hensel code a new data type, called Multiple P-adic Data Type, has been established to realize rational calculation. With this data type all rational number operations are converted...
Research Article

An Improved Semantic Role Labeling for Myanmar Text

Zin Mar Kyu, Naw Lay Wah
Pages: 51 - 58
The semantic role labeling plays a key role to extract semantic information from language text for the purpose of information retrieval, text summarization, plagiarism test, etc. This paper presents two main parts: MynNet and semantic role labeling. MynNet, which is a FrameNet for Myanmar language is...
Research Article

An FPGA Accelerator for Molecular Dynamics Simulation Using OpenCL

Hasitha Muthumala Waidyasooriya, Masanori Hariyama, Kota Kasahara
Pages: 52 - 61
This paper presents a new chaos-based image cipher using a plaintext-related permutation. The cat map and Lorenz system are employed to shuffle the positions of image pixels and generate the diffusion keystream, respectively. The control parameters of the cat map, i.e. the permutation key, are determined...
Research Article

The Smart Energy Management of Multithreaded Java Applications on Multi-Core Processors

Kuo-Yi Chen, Fuh-Gwo Chen
Pages: 53 - 60
Multi-core processors are becoming widely deployed. However, more cores consume more power. A power saving technique for multi-core systems based on the observation of critical sections is proposed. Since only one thread works in a critical section, other threads on other cores that access the same resource...