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Recognition and Intensity Estimation of Facial Expression Using Ensemble Classifiers

Hiroki Nomiya, Shota Sakaue, Teruhisa Hochin
Pages: 203 - 211
Facial expression recognition (FER) has been widely studied since it can be used for various applications. However, most of FER techniques focus on discriminating typical facial expressions such as six basic facial expressions. Spontaneous facial expressions are not limited to such typical ones because...

Extracting Children?s Behavioral Characteristics for Acquiring Language from Texts of Picture Book Reviews

Hiroshi Uehara, Mizuho Baba, Takehito Utsuro
Pages: 212 - 220
Pointing behavior in childhood is typical developmental sign having strong correlation to his or her language development. This paper focuses on the pointing behavior accompanied by utterance during picture book reading. With this respect, we make use of picture books’ review data amounting to approximately...

Frequency-specific Alterations of Functional Hub in Generalized Tonic-clonic Seizure

Zhe Zhang, Huiyan Cheng, Xuhui Chen, Chaolin Ma
Pages: 221 - 230
Resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fMRI) has shown aberrant brain functional networks at a conventional low-frequency range (0.01-0.08 Hz) in individuals with generalized tonic-clonic seizure (GTCS). However, it is unclear how functional networks hubs change across different frequency...

Refinement on Data, Information and Knowledge Lifecycles towards Service Economics Planning to Services Implementation

Yucong Duan, Gongzhu Hu, Xiaobing Sun, Zhaoxin Lin, Qiang Duan
Pages: 231 - 242
Service Economics has been successfully proposed and implemented for promoting the macro service market especially in Global value chains which however don’t provide guidance to and integrate directly with the IT side implementation to achieve coherent information coordination and robust adaptability...

Minority Costume Image Retrieval by Fusion of Color Histogram and Edge Orientation Histogram

Xu-mei Shen, Ju-xiang Zhou, Tian-wei Xu
Pages: 243 - 251
It has very important practical significance to analyze and research minority costume from the perspective of computer vision for minority culture protection and inheritance. As first exploration in minority costume image retrieval, this paper proposed a novel image feature representation method to describe...

Pedestrian Detection by Fusing 3D Points and Color Images

Ben-Zhong Lin, Chien-Chou Lin
Pages: 252 - 257
In this paper, a fusing approach of a 3D sensor and a camera are used to improve the reliability of pedestrian detection. The proposed pedestrian detecting system adopts DBSCAN to cluster 3D points and projects the candidate clusters onto images as region of interest (ROI). Those ROIs are detected by...

Fine-Grained Emotion Analysis Based on Mixed Model for Product Review

Xiao Sun, Chongyuan Sun, Changqin Quan, Fuji Ren, Fang Tian, Kunxia Wang
Pages: 1 - 11
Nowadays, with the rapid development of B2C e-commerce and the popularity of online shopping, the Web storages huge number of product reviews comment by customers. A large number of reviews made it difficult for manufacturers or potential customers to track the comments and suggestions that customers...

Wireless Extension Mechanism and Logic Design for FPGA-based Ethernet Powerlink Node

Kailong Zhang, Panfei Zuo, Liang Hu, Xiao Wu, Kejian Miao
Pages: 12 - 21
Real-time networks, such as industrial network, field bus and so on, have been becoming one vital component to develop large-scale and cooperative embedded systems. As one important branch, the wireless mode of realtime networks also raises more and more attentions in recent years since its conveniences...

Multi-Threaded Message Dispatcher - a Design Pattern with Innate Support for Mission Critical Applications

Marcel-Titus Marginean, Chao Lu
Pages: 22 - 36
The usage of well-tried software design patterns and application frameworks is often encountered in Mission and Safety Critical Applications development due to the high stakes involved in the case of failures. To increase reliability, some frameworks attempt to separate the implementation of business...

A New Chaos-based Image Cipher Using a Hash Function

Chong Fu, Ou Bian, Hui-yan Jiang, Li-hui Ge, Hong-feng Ma
Pages: 37 - 44
This paper presents a new chaos-based image cipher using a plaintext-related permutation. The cat map and Lorenz system are employed to shuffle the positions of image pixels and generate the diffusion keystream, respectively. The control parameters of the cat map, i.e. the permutation key, are determined...

A Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm for LR-LD on High SNR

Thae Thae Yu Khine, Daisuke Mitsunaga, Koji Araki, Hua-An Zhao
Pages: 45 - 51
This paper presents a new chaos-based image cipher using a plaintext-related permutation. The cat map and Lorenz system are employed to shuffle the positions of image pixels and generate the diffusion keystream, respectively. The control parameters of the cat map, i.e. the permutation key, are determined...

An FPGA Accelerator for Molecular Dynamics Simulation Using OpenCL

Hasitha Muthumala Waidyasooriya, Masanori Hariyama, Kota Kasahara
Pages: 52 - 61
This paper presents a new chaos-based image cipher using a plaintext-related permutation. The cat map and Lorenz system are employed to shuffle the positions of image pixels and generate the diffusion keystream, respectively. The control parameters of the cat map, i.e. the permutation key, are determined...

Functional Evaluation of the Cloud Type Virtual Policy Based Network Management Scheme for the Common Use between Plural Organizations

Kazuya Odagiri, Shogo Shimizu, Naohiro Ishii
Pages: 62 - 70
In the current Internet system, there are many problems using anonymity of the network communication such as personal information leaks and crimes using the Internet system. This is why TCP/IP protocol used in Internet system does not have the user identification information on the communication data,...

Evaluating the Performance of Recoverable End-of-life Products in the Reverse Supply Chain

Santoso Wibowo, Srimannarayana Grandhi
Pages: 71 - 79
Evaluating the performance of recoverable end-of-life products with respect to a set of specific criteria is challenging. This is due to multi-dimensional nature of the decision making process, multiple evaluation criteria, and subjective and imprecise assessments. To effectively deal with this issue,...

An Intelligent Cross-Layer QoS-Aware Protocol with Traffic-Differentiation-Based for Energy Efficient Communication in WSNs

Jawad Ahmad Haqbeen, Takayuki Ito, Mohammad Arifuzzaman, Takanobu Otsuka
Pages: 80 - 92
Despite an increase in energy efficiency of WSNs research in couple of last years, still the key challenge in the design of WSNs remains to maximize the quality of service (QoS) and energy efficiency of network system. The layered strength and functionality collaboration is commonly considered as one...

UWB signal detection based on wavelet packet and FHN model

Bowen Chen, Lei Jiang, Qun Zhang
Pages: 93 - 100
In UWB-IR signal detection, the threshold of signal to noise ratio(SNR) limit the performance of FHN model detection method, from this point, wavelet packet is introduced into FHN model, a novel UWB-IR signal detection method based on wavelet packet and FHN model is proposed, in addition, the disadvantages...

An Innovative Positioning System with Unsynchronized Interferometric Modulated Signals in Wireless Sensor Networks

Ruiling Gao, Alva Couch, Chorng Hwa Chang
Pages: 101 - 112
In this paper, we investigate the sensor localization problem and present Stochastic Radio Interferometric Positioning System with Unsynchronized Modulated Signals (SRIPS_UMS). Previous radio interferometric positioning methods have limitations include (1) strict hardware requirements for Received Signal...

Measuring the Distance of Moving Objects from Big Trajectory Data

Khaing Phyo Wai, Nwe Nwe
Pages: 113 - 122
Location-based services have become important in social networking, mobile applications, advertising, traffic monitoring, and many other domains. The growth of location sensing devices has led to the vast generation of dynamic spatial-temporal data in the form of moving object trajectories which can...

CSEP: Circular Shifting Encryption Protocols for Location Privacy Protection

Chen Di, Zhao Binglin, Li Hao, Zhou Shilei
Pages: 123 - 132
Location Based Service (LBS) is gaining popularity. As one fundamental LBS service, range search returns all Point of Interests (POIs) within a user-specified range. However, people leave their location privacy at risks when using range search. How to provide a high-quality range search service while...

Target Oriented Tweets Monitoring System during Natural Disasters

Si Si Mar Win, Than Nwe Aung
Pages: 133 - 142
Twitter, Social Networking Site, becomes most popular microblogging service and people have started publishing data on the use of it in natural disasters. Twitter has also created the opportunities for first responders to know the critical information and work effective reactions for impacted communities....

A Pair-wise Bare Bones Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Nonlinear Functions

Jia Guo, Yuji Sato
Pages: 143 - 151
Bare bones particle swarm optimization is a parameter-free swarm intelligence algorithm which is famous for easy applying. It has aroused wide concern of academic circle on its principles and applications in recent years. However, losing the diversity quickly still causes the premature convergence in...

Research on Service Recommendation Reliability in mobile computing

Weng Wen, Huaikou Miao
Pages: 152 - 163
Web services bring more conveniences for users and developers. However, it makes user face the problem of service information explosion. The personalized service recommendation solves the problem. This paper proposes a mechanism to evaluate Web service composition’s reliability which bases on user context...

Design of Joint Cooperative Routing, MAC and Physical Layer with QoS-aware Traffic-based Scheduling for Wireless Sensor Networks

Jawad Ahmad Haqbeen, Takayuki Ito, Mohammad Arifuzzaman, Takanobu Otsuka
Pages: 164 - 175
Compare the WSN with other conventional network system, the changing or charging the existing battery of sensor node within WSN is a tough job. Therefore, since last decade the effort has been made to design and introduce a large number of communication protocol for WSN with given concern on the performance...

Improve Example-Based Machine Translation Quality for Low-Resource Language Using Ontology

Khan Md Anwarus Salam, Setsuo Yamada, Nishino Tetsuro
Pages: 176 - 191
In this research we propose to use ontology to improve the performance of an EBMT system for low-resource language pair. The EBMT architecture use chunk-string templates (CSTs) and unknown word translation mechanism. CSTs consist of a chunk in source-language, a string in target-language, and word alignment...

Burst Transmission and Frame Aggregation for VANET Communications

Wei Kuang Lai, Mei-Tso Lin, Ting-Huan Kuo
Pages: 192 - 202
In vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs), due to highly mobile and frequently changing topology, available resources and transmission opportunities are restricted. To address this, we propose a burst transmission and frame aggregation (FAB) scheme to enhance transmission opportunity (TXOP) efficiency of...

Load Experiment of the vDACS Scheme in case of the 300 Clients

Kazuya Odagiri, Shogo Shimizu, Naohiro Ishii
Pages: 203 - 210
In the current Internet system, there are many problems using anonymity of the network communication such as personal information leaks and crimes using the Internet system. This is why TCP/IP protocol used in Internet system does not have the user identification information on the communication data,...

An Evaluation of Coding Violation Focusing on Change History and Authorship of Source File

Aji Ery Burhandenny, Hirohisa Aman, Minoru Kawahara
Pages: 211 - 220
This paper focuses on an evaluation of coding violation warned by a static code analysis tool while considering the change history of violation and the authorship of source file. Through an empirical study with data collected from seven open source software projects, the following findings are reported:...

Enabling GSD Task Allocation via Cloud-based Software Processes

Sami Alajrami, Barbara Gallina, Alexander Romanovsky
Pages: 221 - 232
Allocating tasks to distributed sites in Global Software Development (GSD) projects is often done unsystematically and based on the personal experience of project managers. Wrong allocation decisions increase the project’s risks as tasks have dependencies that are inherited by the distributed sites....

Improvement and Evaluation of Estimation of Time Series Data of Daily Life

Teruhisa Hochin, Hiroki Nomiya
Pages: 233 - 242
This paper improves the estimation of the amounts of sewage flow, which is one of daily life data, in order to manage them efficiently. The amounts of flow of a typical day are tried to be adjusted to those of a non-regular day. A typical (non-regular, respectively) day is a non-rainy day having good...

Estimating and Visualizing the Time-varying Effects of a Binary Covariate on Longitudinal Big Text Data

Shizue Izumi, Tetsuji Tonda, Noriyuki Kawano, Kenichi Satoh
Pages: 243 - 253
We propose a method to estimate and visualize effects of a binary covariate on the longitudinally observed text data. Our method consists of series of analytical methods: extracting keywords through a morphological analysis, estimating the time-varying regression coefficient of a binary covariate for...

Assessing Risk of Security Non-compliance of Banking Security Requirements Based on Attack Patterns

Krissada Rongrat, Twittie Senivongse
Pages: 1 - 10
Information systems such as those in the Banking sector need to comply with security regulations to assure that necessary security controls are in place. This paper presents an initial risk assessment method to assist a banking information system project in validating security requirements of the system....

Visualization of Online Datasets

Christopher Johnston Downie, Taoxin Peng
Pages: 11 - 23
As computing technology advances, computers are being used to orchestrate and advance wide spectrums of commercial and personal life, information visualization becomes even more significant as we immerse ourselves into the era of big data, leading to an economy heavily reliant on data mining and precise,...

UWB, miniaturized and directive metamaterial loaded antenna for satellite applications

Parul Dawar, N.S. Raghava, Asok De
Pages: 24 - 34
Antenna parameter optimization using S-shaped metamaterial embedded in antenna substrate at high frequency (THz) is elucidated in this paper. Upon incorporation of proposed metamaterials’ array inside the antenna substrate, bandwidth of antenna increases by 770 GHz and directivity by about 11%. Results...

Providing a load balancing method based on dragonfly optimization algorithm for resource allocation in cloud computing

Zahra Amini, Mehrdad Maeen, Mohammad Reza Jahangir
Pages: 35 - 42
Nowadays cloud computing is being highly considered by many of researchers, organizations, governments and so on. According to processing happening inside of cloud computing, some of the most important problems and challenges in cloud computing are load balancing, managing resource allocations, scheduling...

Dynamically Adjusting the Mining Capacity in Cryptocurrency with Binary Blockchain

Yoohwan Kim, Ju-Yeon Jo
Pages: 43 - 52
Many cryptocurrencies rely on Blockchain for its operation. Blockchain serves as a public ledger where all the completed transactions can be looked up. To place transactions in the Blockchain, a mining operation must be performed. However, due to a limited mining capacity, the transaction confirmation...

Developer Experience Considering Work Difficulty in Software Development*

Taketo Tsunoda, Hironori Washizaki, Yosiaki Fukazawa, Sakae Inoue, Yoshiiku Hanai, Masanobu Kanazawa
Pages: 53 - 62
Previous studies have researched how developer experience affects code quality, but difficulty was ignored although experienced developers are more likely to work on more complex parts of a project. We examine work difficulty by focusing on revised files. Using product metrics, we evaluate file complexity...

Improvement of CSF, WM and GM Tissue Segmentation by Hybrid Fuzzy – Possibilistic Clustering Model based on Genetic Optimization Case Study on Brain Tissues of Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease

Lilia Lazli, Mounir Boukadoum
Pages: 63 - 77
Brain tissue segmentation is one of the most important parts of clinical diagnostic tools. Fuzzy C-mean (FCM) is one of the most popular clustering based segmentation methods. However FCM does not robust against noise and artifacts such as partial volume effect (PVE) and inhomogeneity. In this paper,...

Implementation of Emotional Features on Satire Detection

Pyae Phyo Thu, Than Nwe Aung
Pages: 78 - 87
Recognition of satirical language in social multimedia outlets turns out to be a trending research area in computational linguistics. Many researchers have analyzed satirical language from the various point of views: lexically, syntactically, and semantically. However, due to the ironic dimension of...

Real-time Multi-Agents Architecture for E-commerce Servers

Sylvanus A. Ehikioya, Cong Zhang
Pages: 88 - 98
Electronic commerce applications have strict timing constraints on the interactions between e-commerce servers and customers. Customers prefer real-time services, which mean immediate response from the server shortly after submission of a request. This trend of demand gives e-commerce servers high pressure,...

Internet of Things in the 5G Mobile Communication System: The Optimal Number of Channels in Channel Hopping*

Gayoung Kim, Minjoong Rim
Pages: 108 - 117
One of the typical goals of the 5G mobile communication system1 is to establish an Internet of Things (IoT)2 environment in which all objects are connected to the network to generate and share information through not only mobile terminals but also mobile communication infrastructure. 5G must support...

An Entropy-Based Metric of Developer Contribution in Open Source Development and Its Application to Fault-Prone Program Analysis*

Kazuki Yamauchi, Hirohisa Aman, Sousuke Amasaki, Tomoyuki Yokogawa, Minoru Kawahara
Pages: 118 - 132
To support successful quality managements of open source software (OSS) projects, this paper proposes to measure the balance of developers’ contributions to a source file as an entropy. Through an analysis of data collected from 10 popular OSS projects, the following trends are reported: a source file...

Customer Prediction using Parking Logs with Recurrent Neural Networks

Liaq Mudassar, Yung-Cheol Byun
Pages: 133 - 142
Neural Networks have been performing state of the art for almost a decade now; when it comes to classification and prediction domains. Within last few years, neural networks have been improved tremendously and their performance is even better than humans in some domains, e.g. AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol and...

A Formal Model of Peer-to-Peer Digital Product Marketplace

Sylvanus A. Ehikioya
Pages: 143 - 154
Peer-to-peer (P2P) electronic commerce has become increasingly popular over the last few years. This popularity of P2P is due mainly to the many advantages it offers, such as the ease of sharing of computer resources and reducing cost. This paper uses both semi-formal and formal specification methods...

One to One Identification of Cryptosystem Using Fisher’s Discriminant Analysis

Xinyi Hu, Yaqun Zhao
Pages: 155 - 173
Distiguishing analysis is an important part of cryptanalysis. It is an important content of discriminating analysis that how to identify ciphertext is encrypted by which cryptosystems when it knows only ciphertext. In this paper, Fisher’s discriminant analysis (FDA), which is based on statistical method...

A Triggered Delay-based Approach against Cache Privacy Attack in NDN

Naveen Kumar, Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Shashank Srivastava
Pages: 174 - 184
Content caching is one of the most significant features of Named Data Networking (NDN) that improves the performance. However, this feature makes the cache vulnerable to attacks that determine the recent cache access pattern. In cache privacy attack, an attacker can probe request and determine if the...

Estimating Procedure for Function Point and Development Cost in South Korea

Byeongdo Kang, Jongseok Lee
Pages: 185 - 194
This paper introduces the practical guidelines for function point analysis in the Republic of Korea. Korean government recommends that Function Point Analysis should be adopted as a standard method for measuring the functional size of software. Function Point was proposed by an international organization....

Optimized Common Parameter Set Extraction Framework by Multiple Benchmarking Applications on a Big Data Platform

Jongyeop Kim, Abhilash Kancharla, Jongho Seol, Indy Park, Nohpill Park
Pages: 195 - 203
This research proposes the methodology to extract common configuration parameter set by applying multiple benchmarking applications include TeraSort, TestDFSIO, and MrBench on the Hadoop distributed file system. The parameter search space conceptually conducted named Ω(x) to hold status of all parameter...

Social Media Comment Management using SMOTE and Random Forest Algorithms

Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj, Taratep Sira-Aksorn, Pornchanok Suksankawanich
Pages: 204 - 209
Comment posting is one of the main features found in social media. Comment responses enrich the social network function especially for how-to content. In this work, we focus on cooking video clips which are popular among users. Various questions found in comments need to be clustered in order to facilitate...

The Dependability of Crypto Linked Off-chain File Systems in Backend Blockchain Analytics Engine

Jongho Seol, Abhilash Kancharla, Nicole Park, Nohpill Park, Indy Park
Pages: 210 - 215
This paper presents ways to assure the efficacy of managing crypto links and crypto speed with respect to the dependability of blockchain. The dependability in this work is defined with reference to crypto links in a proportional manner and crypto speed in an inversely proportional manner, respectively....