Proceedings of the 3rd Asian Education Symposium (AES 2018)

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School Environment Exploration Activity to Enhance Science Process Skill

Sukarno Sukarno, Kemas Imron Rosadi, Achmad Samsudin
The scientific approach is an effort to develop learners' abilities in mastering scientific concepts more easily and systematically. In science-centered learning, learners are trained to perform scientific activities such as observing, collecting data, analyzing data, summarizing and then creating reports...
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Internalizing Values of Character Education

M Tajudin Zuhri, M. Tajudin Zuhri, Uus Ruswandi, Agus Sofwan, Asep Mahpudin, Lili Wahyudi
One solution to resolve the identity crisis for the young generation of Indonesia in the era of globalization is character education. The extraction of original character education from Indonesia has been widely tested and studied. This study aims to determine the value of character education as local...
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Fostering Students and Graduate Candidate Level of 21st Century Skills (A survey study conducted at a University)

Hadiyanto Hadiyanto, Muhaimin Muhaimin, Noferdiman Noferdiman, Syamsurizal Syamsurizal, Yuliusman Yuliusman, Nazurti Nazurti, Syaiful Syaiful
This study is aimed to examine skills of 21st century students including three main skills; soft skill, hard skill and competitiveness. Soft skill was classified into six sub-skills; communication, IT, numeracy, learning how to learn, problem solving, and teamwork. Ten indicators indicated hard skills,...
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The Impact of Creative Model Supervision on 21st Century Skills of Senior High School Students

Yudhi Saparudin
The demographic data stated the huge number of Indonesian students, it is around 49,186,236 students. It makes Indonesia becomes the 7th largest in the world. With this huge number, if the students are educated through a standardized education system, developing 21st century skill students (4C; critical,...
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Environmental Education as a Media for Character Building at School of Alam Raya Muaro Jambi

Aris Dwi Nugroho, Jamaluddin Jamaluddin, Diandara Oryza, Arfan Aziz, Abd Malik
Various social phenomenon that have occurred in recent years in Indonesia are getting worst. Solving problems through violence seems to be common. Crime, juvenile delinquency, corruption, pornography, and drug abuse displayed through various media, and there are still many other social phenomena that...
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Peace Values in Learning Process (A descriptive study based on student experiences)

Mardan Umar, Kama Abdul Hakam, Momod Abdul Somad
Education should be a process of internalizing the value of peace in order to make students feel comfort in their learning process. Therefore, lecturers and students need to interact peacefully in the learning process. This study examines the value of peace in the learning process in the perspective...
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The Profile of 21st Century Learning: Enhancing critical thinking and problem solving skills at Senior High School

Marsha Putri Kun Uminingtyas, Sukarmin Sukarmin, Risa Suryana
The concept of 21st Century Learning is to make graduates having competencies in mastering the skill of thinking, complex communication and solving a problem which is very important according to the current global dynamics need. The 21st Century Learning is a new paradigm of learning being applied in...
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Study on the Use of Edmodo in Learning Science

Uus Toharudin, Devi Rahmiati, Nurul Fazriyah, Lira Fessia Damaianti
The use of internet as a media and source of learning at this time is very massive. Millennial generation is required to have digital literacy, so that they need for habituation in learning. Edmodo application that can be access by android, computer and tablet, can be used as a media in m-learning-based...
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Linking Open Access Movement to the Indonesian Islamic Higher Education

Arfan Arfan, As’ad Isma, Aris Dwi Nugroho
The Open Access Movement promote disseminate scientific research and data that can be accessed by many parties, both amateur and professional. The research was done to elaborate the relation between the movement and Islamic Higher Education in term of principles and implementation. Through literature...
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Green Campus Initiative (Where do we start?)

Novi Yanthi, Hana Yunansah, Yona Wahyuningsih, Burhanudin Milama
Higher education institutions have a distinctive role to foster sustainable development. Universities should prepare their students to become sustainable society members by providing faculty development in sustainability, delivering course programs related with living experiences and theoretical sustainability...
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Teacher’s Innovation Improvement through the Development of Organizational Climate and Emotional Intelligence Using Correlation Statistical Analysis and Sitorem Method

Sri Setyaningsih, Dinni Sukanti, Soewarto Hardhienata
Teacher’s innovation is an important element related to the achievement of educational goals, namely to produce good quality human resources, both in terms of science, knowledge, skills and personality. From the initial survey, it was shown that the teacher's innovation was still not as expected. Therefore,...
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Can the Indonesian Version of Kolb Learning Style Identify Learning Style Preferences of High School Students?

Irwan Koto, Siswi Wahyu Ningsih, Desy Hanisa Putri
The use of teaching approach associated with student learning style preferences was highly recommended. Based on this perspective, this study was carried out with two aims: to provide the Indonesian version of Kolb learning style inventory version 3.1 (K-LSI 3.1) and to identify high school students...
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Exemplary Teacher in Habituation of a Good Character

Yana Mulyana, Tisna Sunjaya, Elis Rahayu Widaniati, Uus Ruswandi, Andris Fajar, Yomi Widyan
The teacher’s equality in commendable moral behavior is very dominant. Exemplary teachers in MA As-Sawiyah are very diverse. Teachers become one of the factors in the accreditation of commendable morals towards students. The aim of the study was to find out the urgency of the teacher’s lack of discipline...
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The Practicality of the Mathematics Learning Model Constructivism-based Think Create Apply

Yusmarni Yusmarni, Ahmad Fauzan, Azwar Amanda, Edwin Musdi
This study is aimed to develop a model of Constructivism-based Think Create Apply (TCA) that meets the practical aspects. This development product is a model of Constructivism-based TCA, Teacher's Work Guide book and Student Learning Guide book for optimized mathematics learning that emerges the principles...
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Adiwiyata School: Between promoting environmental awareness and winning awards

Jamaluddin Jamaluddin, Wilda Fahliza, Awliya Rahmi
Nowadays the world's attention to environmental education for sustainability is becoming increasingly severe dealing with environmental damage becomes more widespread. Therefore, the Indonesian government has launched an Adiwiyata program which aims to establish environmental awareness among school members....
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Understanding the History of Islamic Culture through the Ibrah-based Learning Model

Widiati Isana, Ajid Thohir, Nurwadjah Ahmad EQ, Agus Salim Mansyur
The learning process of the History of Islamic Culture (HIC) mostly only reveals historical facts using the conventional learning method. As a result, students do not get the ibrah that can shape their characters so that it can be applied in everyday life. The purpose of this study is to develop an ibrah...
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Students’ Creative Thinking Skills and Anxiety of Mathematics in an Islamic Junior High School Using Brain-based Learning

Taufiqulloh Dahlan, Darhim Darhim, Nia Gardenia
The aim of this study is to analyze the influence of brain-based learning on the enhancement of mathematical creative thinking ability and mathematical anxiety reduction. In addition, the relation between students’ mathematical creative thinking ability and mathematical anxiety was studied too. The method...
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Is Algebraic Thinking Suitable for Indonesia Elementary School Curriculum?

Reni Wahyuni, Tatang Herman
Recently most research leads to how students understand processes mathematical idea. Algebra is the most topics that discussion in international aspect. Their debate for the topic algebra is about how the students are thinking algebraically and how to solve the student's difficulties while learning algebra....
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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Practical Inquiry-based Biology Course

Devie Novallyan, Wiji Utami, Try Susanti, Nehru Nehru
This research aims to assess the implementation of collaborative inquiry-based in practical of General Biology and its impact on students’ understanding. The method used in this study is a descriptive method with a quantitative approach. The population of this study was 110 undergraduate students at...
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Driving Teacher Creativity through Self Efficacy and Organizational Climate

Henny Suharyati, Griet Helena Laihad, Nandang Hidayat, Susan Susan
Teacher creativity is very important to improve the quality of graduates. Two important things that can accelerate the level of teacher creativity are self-efficacy and organizational climate. The purpose of this study is to explore how self-efficacy and organizational climate can encourage teacher to...
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Tudang Sipulung: Integrating South Sulawesi local wisdom into learning practice in teacher learning community

Rudi Rudi, Syamsu Yusuf LN
Teacher professional development is an effort attempted at maintaining teachers to always possess the required competency. One form of these teacher professional development programs is done through a community. One of community social assets is local cultural wisdom. Tudang Sipulung is one of South...
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Comic Book as a Source of Learning of Fungi Material for Senior High School

Reny Safita, Deliza Deliza, Neni Juliani
This study aimed to develop comic book as a source of learning on fungi material for senior high school which is fulfilled the validity criteria and effective as a learning resource. The research was conducted using research and development model with 4D design consisted of four steps included define,...
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Implementation of Moodle as Teaching Tool in Learning Concept Science

Cartono Cartono, Nurul Fazriyah, Sopyan Hendrayana
The 21st century skill is set of skill that student need to develop to be successful in digital era. These skills are being capable for any change and innovative for every condition. The E-learning approach has accepted as one of the innovative strategy to improve the quality of education. Here, this...
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Teachers’ Experiences in Implementing the Next Generation Science Standard Science Engineering Practice

Fitriana Prihati, Sukarmin Sukarmin, Risa Suryana
The Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) is designed to shift how teaching framework from teaching facts to construct explanations from the phenomena. In particular, the science and engineering practices (SEPs) interrelate and represent the “knowledge and reasoning skill” necessary for students to...
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Collaborative Inquiry Learning to Improve Students' Mathematical Reflective Thinking Ability

Eni Kartika, Sri Hastuti Noer
Mathematical reflective thinking ability is one of the mathematical abilities needed for students because it provides an opportunity for students to think again and determine the best strategy in achieving goals. Therefore, efforts are needed to improve the ability of mathematical reflective thinking...
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Understanding Students and Their Learning Strategies on the Reformulation Changes of Ma’tsur's Praying from the Holy Quran

Ahmad Husein Ritonga
The position of prayer in Islamic teachings is very important. A prayer could change the destiny, and change a bad situation to be good when one does not despair of God's grace he will earnestly and sincerely to Allah Almighty. However, the redaction of prayer from the usual form of the Messenger of...
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Task-Based Language Teaching in Enhancing Language Learning Motivation

Shynta Amalia, Muhammad Iqbal Ramdhani
Applying certain method in teaching English is important to fulfill the students' need in acquiring language, but having the students attending the learning process is the requirement in presenting effective teaching experience to the students. Effective teaching can be applied as long as the students...
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The Role of Education and Supervision toward the Candidates of Group Counselor Competencies

Agus Taufiq, Ipah Saripah, Herdi Herdi
Group Counselor Competencies were considered important to guarantee the professional performance of a group counselor. However, the development of these competencies was influenced by education and supervision quality of a counselor. This research aimed to investigate the distinction between group counselor...
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The Students’ Anxiety in Facing the Mathematical National Exams

Suharto Suharto, Wahyu Widada
The objective of this study was to determine the relationship between mathematics anxiety and anxiety in facing a math exam. The population of the study was all students in one of vocational senior high school in Kota Bengkulu, with a sample of 85 students. The sample was selected by the random technique....
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Increasing Teacher's Commitment to Organizations through the Development of Organizational Culture and Situational Leadership

Eka Suhardi, Aniyatu Juhriyah, Soewarto Hardhienata
The purpose of this research is to seek efforts to increase the teacher’s commitment to the organization through the development of organizational culture and situational leadership. The study was conducted using correlation statistical methods to determine whether other variables, namely organizational...
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The Model of Cultivating National Character Values in an Islamic Boarding School (Pesantren)

Qiqi Yuliati Zaqiah, Aan Hasanah, Yeti Heryati, Heri Gunawan
The model of cultivating national character values in Pesantren is very urgent and strategic. Pesantren is an Islamic educational institution that has a strategic role in shaping the character of students. Pesantren teachers more and deeper religious education rather than in public schools where they...
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Islamic Intellectual Capital Management as the New Educational Management Concept in Madrasah Aliyah (Case studies in MAN 1 Kota Bandung and MAS Husnul Khotimah Kuningan)

Noor Azida Batubara
This research aims to elaborate Islamic Intellectual Capital Management (ICM) as management model formulated by balancing between the conventional working principles of ICM spiritual values as a basic philosophical foundation in Islamic High or Madrasah Aliyah (MA). This research used descriptive analytics...
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Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies) in the Philippine Makabayan Learning Area: Problems and prospects in articulating social studies as a discipline

Nikolee Marie A. Serafico-Reyes, Helius Sjamsuddin, Rochiati Wiriaatmadja, Said Hamid Hasan
In 2002, the Department of Education of the Philippines organized a new basic education curriculum that is aimed Filipinos to be empowered lifelong learners who are functionally literate. This 2002 Basic Education Curriculum featured four key reforms: (1) restructured learning areas (Filipino, English,...
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Investigating English Teachers’ Self-Efficacy in Developing Classroom Management Style

Sandy Listiani, Sudirman Willian, Lalu Muhaimi
Teachers self-efficacy is seen as the teachers’ beliefs of being able to achieve certain outcomes for students in his/her teaching practices. This study aims: (1) to discover sources of the teachers’ self-efficacy, (2) to discover the type of classroom management style mostly practiced by the teachers,...
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Local Wisdom Based on the Social Science Literacy in Elementary Education

Rokayah Rokayah, C. Rochman
Local wisdom is one of the important competencies that must be possessed by students who support 21st-century skills. The formation of the local wisdom of students can be built by literacy skills on social science. The study of local wisdom and the literacy of social sciences in basic education are still...
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Basic Teaching Skills of Language Teachers on Microteaching Lessons

Arono Arono
The purpose of this study was to identify basic teaching skills of language teachers on microteaching lesson and aspects of the basic teaching skills conducted by language teachers on microteaching lesson. The basic skills of teaching students are asking, explaining, opening and closing, using variations,...
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Development of Low-Cost Spectrophotometry Laboratory Practice Based on the Digital Image for Analytical Chemistry Subject

M. Lutfi Firdaus, Deni Parlindungan, Agus Sundaryono, Muhammad Farid, Lena Rahmidar, Maidartati Maidartati, Hermansyah Amir
A module for laboratory practice in quantitative analytical chemistry subject has been developed. The method uses digital image colorimetry as a basis for low-cost spectrophotometry analysis. Reduction-oxidation reaction of silver nanoparticle and mercury (II) ion was used as a case study for the colorimetric...
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Forming Pedagogic and Nationalistic Ideas from Copra-Making through Metaphorization

Roel Verdadero Avila, Nana Supriatna, Abdul Azis Wahab, Enok Maryani
Important insights (such as pedagogic and nationalistic ideas), through the use of metaphorization, can convert what is unknown (like nationalism) to known (such as copra-making). This paper aims to (1) form metaphors out of copra-making processes; (2) interpret such metaphors in the context of pedagogy...
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Improving the Learning Organization Effectiveness through Developing Knowledge Management and Self-Efficacy (Empirical study at elementary public school in Bogor, Indonesia)

Dian Wulandari, Widodo Sunaryo
Continuous learning among teachers has an important role to enhance the effectiveness of teacher’s daily learning activities in the organization, in order to improve teacher’s knowledge and competencies, and ultimately for achieving educational strategic goals. Based on a preliminary survey, it had been...
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Enhancing Students’ Core Competencies by Applying Blended Cooperative E-learning (BCeL) in Teaching and Learning Process

Hadiyanto Hadiyanto
This study aims to enhance students’ core competencies by applying the Blended Cooperative ELearning (BCeL) in Research on ELT course. Students’ core competencies include soft skills, hard skills, and academic character. BCeL is teaching and learning method where face-to-face classroom is combined with...
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Job Satisfaction in Organizational Culture, Transformational Leadership and Work Motivation

Ida Rianty, Kasful Anwar Us
This paper describes four factors that will improve lecturer job satisfaction, including organizational culture, transformational leadership and work motivation. The population of the study was a private lecturer at the Islamic University in Jambi Province, and using proportional random sampling obtained...
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Administration and Services Management in Islamic Schools

Syamsul Huda, Hamdanayani Hamdanayani
The competence and performance of school administration personnel is very important in achieving school success, especially the performance of individual administration, because of the high individual performance that can affect group performance which will ultimately affect the overall performance of...
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The Learning of Creative Product Entrepreneurship Course to Solve Unemployment Problems in Indonesian Vocational Schools

Endah Andayani, Lilik Sri Hariani, Onik Farida Nikmatullah
This study was aimed to discuss the role of Creative Product and Entrepreneurship (CPE) subject as a result of revision of curriculum that includes normative, adaptive, productive, and local content components to improve graduates’ competences. This study was carried out under case study qualitative...
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Entrepreneurial Interest in Indonesian Vocational Schools

Lilik Sri Hariani, Endah Andayani, Onik Farida Nikmatullah
The interest in entrepreneurship is the desire, interest, and willingness to work hard in trying to the maximum to meet their needs without feeling afraid of the risks that will occur. This study examines the effect of learning creative products and entrepreneurship (CPE) and motivation towards the interest...
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Development of Knowledge Management Models: Case of Islamic work ethics in State Islamic University

Chaerul Rochman, Lilis Sulastri
Global management cannot be separated from efforts to implement and develop knowledge management in all fields. In the higher-education field, knowledge management actually influences positively on improving the quality of academic productivity. However, in reality, the quantity and quality of academic...
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Validity and Lecturer’s Different Perceptions in Organizational Citizenship Behavior Instrument Using Rasch Model

Yuyun Elizabeth Patras, Eka Suhardi, Rais Hidayat, Eri Sarimanah
The external and internal environment of educational organizations continues to change so that lecturers, as key holders of success in universities, are required to have organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). OCB is a behavior where the lecturer performs his/her duties and functions beyond what has...
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Improving Organizational Commitment through Developing Transformational Leadership and Job Satisfaction (Empirical study on private high-school teachers at Sukabumi)

Martinus Tukiran, Herfina Herfina, Nurcahya Nurcahya
The organizational commitment is the important factor in the teaching process and for attaining educational goals. Based on a preliminary survey, it was found that teachers’ organizational commitments in this research setting were unfavorable. Furthermore, it was found that there were many factors could...
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The Factors Affecting Employee Performance of Ministry of Religion in Muko-Muko District

Busatasar Busatasar, Bustasar Bustasar, Sumarsih Sumarsih, Khathibul Umam Zaid Nugroho
The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of compensation, education and training, and the work environment on employee performance. This research is survey research. The population is all employees of the Muko-muko Ministry of Religion, with a sample size of 97 chosen randomly. The instruments...
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Improving Chemistry Prospective Teacher’s Conceptual Understanding of Resonance Using Multiple Representation

Hayuni Retno Widarti, Siti Marfuah, Parlan Parlan
Resonance is an object in Organic Chemistry I course which involves multiple representations. The research aims to investigate the effects of multiple representations learning on the conceptual understanding of resonance in chemistry prospective teachers. The research method used in this study was a...
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The Politics of Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education in Selected Philippine Schools

Ma. Arsenia C. Gomez, Zainul Asmawi, Maftuh Bunyamin, Helius Sjamsuddin
The study aims to expound on the politics involved in the conduct of Arabic Language and Islamic Values Education (ALIVE) in selected Philippine elementary schools. The ALIVE is the Philippine government attempt to mainstream madrasah education into the public education system. Through case study research,...
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Implementation of Multicultural-Based Religious Education Teaching

Hamlan Andi Baso Malla, Sagaf S. Pettalongi
The aims of this research is to analyze the implementation of Islamic education teaching based on multicultural in high school. The research method used in this research is a descriptive qualitative research. The participants in this study were 32 students of year 10 at one of public high schools in...
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Development of Green-Based Teaching in the Study of History for High School Students

Elfa Michellia Karima, Firza Firza
The development of historical learning based on the environment can help make history learning more meaningful, students not only learn about historical events but also its impact on their surrounding environment. Greening history teaching means including the rest of nature and the environment in the...
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Critical Thinking Skill of Students on Food Chain Topic and Its Relation to Their Interest

Arief Muttaqiin, Lufri Lufri, Fanny Rahmatina Rahim
This research aims to investigate the interest of students in science and their capability to think critically on food chain learning on pre-service teacher classroom in an integrative science course. Data were collected using a questionnaire and the essay questions. Rank Spearman correlation test was...
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Mobile Learning with Oriented Nature of Science (NOS): Does undergraduate school need it?

Yusran Khery, Bq. Asma Nufida, Suryati Suryati, Sri Rahayu, Endang Budiasih
This study has been carried out to describe several factors that are considered necessary for the development of mobile learning with NOS (Nature of Science) oriented in chemistry education program of IKIP Mataram. These factors are students understanding of NOS, NOS-oriented on chemistry course, NOS...
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Enhancing Students Higher Order Thinking Skill through Instagram based Flipped Classroom Learning Model

Ujang Supiandi, Sari Sari, Cucu Zenab Subarkah
This study aims to describe the use of Instagram-based flipped classroom models in enhancing higher order thinking skills in buffer solution materials. Data were collected and analyzed using the pre-experiment technique while observation sheets were the instruments used. The research was made up of 38...
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Development of Context-Based Teaching Book on Environmental Pollution Materials to Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Indarini Dwi Pursitasari, Eka Suhardi, Ira Fitriana
This study aims to develop a teaching book based on context to improve students' critical thinking skills on environmental pollution materials. The research method used in this study was Research and Development (R & D) with ADDIE design (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation)....
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Exploring Generic Skill of Student in Science through Disconnection Approach in Organic Synthesis

Lusia Narsia Amsad, Liliasari Liliasari, Asep Kadarohman, Ratnaningsih Eko Sardjono
The study aims to determine to students’ generic skill in science by learning disconnection approach in organic synthesis. Participants of this study were 16 students from the department of chemistry education from one of state universities in Indonesia. The research method was a quasi-experimental...
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An Exploration into the Pedagogy of Sustainable Lifesty

Wensley M. Reyes, Sunaryo Kartadinata, Nana Supriatna, H. Disman
This paper is a narrative review on sustainable lifestyle. It surveys the literature and identifies key areas or themes relating to sustainable lifestyle. The research classifies various themes like agency-structure, cognitive-behavioral-empirical, and policymaking and future projections. Pedagogical...
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Perceptions, Attitudes and Lifestyles of Chemistry Teacher Candidates towards Education for Sustainable Development

Burhanudin Milama, Mohammad Ali, Rusman Rusman
Higher education institutions have a responsibility to produce scholars who have good perceptions, attitudes and lifestyles in line with the concept of education for sustainable development (ESD). This study aimed to investigate the relationship between perceptions and attitudes with the lifestyle of...
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Think Pair Share Cooperative Learning Model Using Edmodo Application

Dewi Handayani, Agus Sundaryono, Salastri Rohiat
The purpose of this research was to investigate the application of the Think Pair Share (TPS) cooperative learning model by using Edmodo application media to improve the quality of the teaching learning process organic chemistry 1 course. This research was a classroom action research and conducted in...
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Inheritance of Values of Local Wisdom Cuci Negeri through Social Studies Learning: A story from Ambon

Bety D. S. Hetharion, Nana Supriatna, Erlina Wiyanarti, Rochiaty Wiriatmadja
This study discusses the importance of the values of local wisdom cuci negeri to build the ecological intelligence of students in social studies learning as a solution to overcome environmental problems in Ambon city. This study aims to find out how to inherit the values of local wisdom cuci negeri in...
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The Analysis on Instrument Items and Condition of Lecturer’s Ethical Behavior Using Rasch Model

Rais Hidayat, Yuyun Elizabeth Patras, Sumardi Sumardi, Adie E. Yusuf
Information on valid and reliable lecturer ethical behavior is needed. The university inhabited by employees with high ethical behavior have proven to be more advanced. The purpose of this research is to analyze the instrument items of lecturers' ethical behavior and its conditions. The research was...
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Secret Teacher: How prison educators play a role to develop individual agency among inmate students

Ila Rosmilawati, Suherman Suherman
The idea of prison education program can imbue the learning with the skills, values and attitudes necessary for young inmates back onto society. This research study examines the role of educators in prison-based school. Educators of inmate students have unique dedication to their profession and role...
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The Internalization of Islamic Values in Social Sciences Learning

Helmi Aziz, Asep Nursobah, Mahmud Mahmud, Agus Salim Mansyur
Learning of social science in schools is an effort to encourage students to have attitudes, knowledge and skills competencies about human interaction with the environment and society, as well as committed to humanitarian and social values. In this case Islamic values learned by students can be the core...
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Learning Strategies for Growing Autonomous Among Autism Children at Inclusive Primary School of Unggul Sakti, Jambi, Indonesia

Edy Kusnadi, Samsu Samsu, Rusmini Rusmini, Juliana Mesalina, Ratna Ariana
This paper based on research examines strategies to foster autism kids in schools with inclusive needs named Unggul Sakti, Jambi, Indonesia. Children with autism generally have difficulty be autonomous. The tutor is required to be able to understand autism children. The purpose of this study is to explore...
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Counselling Program of Pre-marital Education at the Office of Religious Affairs

Sulhani Sulhani, Siti Marlina, Dian Mustika, Paujan Azim
Marriage ties must start from the preparation of communication, financial preparation, mental preparation and knowledge of the requirements regarding marriage. Therefore, marrying the marriage is not only based on love, but the reason for rational consideration. This study aims to determine the optimalization...
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Self-Regulated Learning and Academic Achievement Among Elementary School Students

Feby Inggriyani, Acep Roni Hamdani
Education does not only give students knowledge and change in behavior but enable them to become lifelong learners who are able to develop. Learning will be effective if students have active and initiative role in learning by possessing self-regulated learning ability. This study was aimed to obtain...
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The Effect of Parental Status and Domestic Possessions on Reading Literacy of Indonesian Student

Laurens Kaluge, Lilik Kustiani, Ninik Indawati
The purpose of this paper was to study the effects of parental status and selected home possessions on student reading ability in Indonesian junior secondary schools. Data of the Program for International Student Assessment held in 2015 were used. There were data from 6513 Indonesian students. The causal...
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Development of Scientific Based Integrated Learning Model

Imas Srinana Wardani, Bahauddin Azmy, Ida Sulistyawati
The application of an integrated learning model is an effort to organize independent learning material for students of primary school education. The model framework used in blended learning uses ICARE learning, namely Introduction, Connection, Application, Reflection, and Extension. The purpose of this...
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Development of Religion and Empowerment of Bandung Punk Hijrah Community

Lalan Sahlani, Iha Hamidah, Yasir Amrullah
Young generation is the future of a nation; it is going to take the next leadership of the country. Indonesian Punk Community which consists of young generation should become the right subject for treatment and improvement done by a larger community aiming in saving directly and indirectly the next generation...
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The Effect of Guided Imagery Techniques to Decrease Students’ Anxiety in Group Counseling Activities

I Wayan Dharmayana, Issrahli Shaddri
Relaxation techniques such as guided imagery has been used to treat a variety of student anxiety-related problems. The purpose of this study was to describe effect influence of guided imagery techniques to decrease the level of student’s anxiety in group counseling activities. This research was quasi-experiment...
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The Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Self-Efficacy on the National Examination of Students of SMAN Bengkulu

Syaipul Amri, Wahyu Widada
The objective of this study was determined the relationship between emotional intelligence and self-efficacy of students in dealing with the National Examination. The population of the study was all students in one of senior high school in Bengkulu. Number of samples in this study is 100 students for...
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Developing Habits of Mind through Web Based Learning Approach

Ida Yayu Nurul Hizqiyah, Moh. Nurhadi, Ari Widodo, Riandi Riandi
The purposes of this study to determine whether the web-oriented constructivism instruction approach can improve student’s habits of mind. The method used in the study is pre-experiment method with one-group pretest-posttest design who applied to students in 10st grade of senior high school and total...
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The Trial of the Cooperative Learning Models of Two Stay-Two Stray and Talking Stick on Students’ Mathematical Communication

Heny Hendrayati, Rohawani Egryas, Mochamad Achyarsyah
One of the causes of low learning achievement in mathematics is that it has not used various learning models in improving their mathematical communication skills maximally. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of the use of Two Stay-Two Stray and Talking Stick in mathematical communication...
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PQ4R Strategy (Preview, Question, Read, Reflection, Recite, Review) for Mathematical Communication Ability

Nia Gardenia, Tatang Herman, Taufiqulloh Dahlan
Students University of Indraprasta PGRI Jakarta by using PQ4R (Preview, Question, Read, Reflection, Recite, Review) Learning. This research is a quasi-experimental search using purposive sampling technique. The population in this study were all 6th semester students, and the study sample was two classes....
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Would Students Learn Better with Media?

M. C. Mambu, T. K. Londa, N. V. F. Liando
This article presents the application of multimedia product of physics learning of kinematics material of straight motion to help improve students’ Physics learning outcomes. Using multimedia can help students to understand the material in the form of facts, concepts, principles, or certain procedures...
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Learners’ Difficulties and Types of Errors in Topic of Limit

Anggit Reviana Dewi Agustyani, Atus Amadi Putra, Minora Longgom Nasution
The problem of learning difficulties in calculus courses has become a hot topic in universities. Calculus is a compulsory course, which is not only studied by learners majoring in mathematics but also physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, etc. However, learner’s achievement in this course are still...
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Character Value Internalization of Responsibility of the Kampung Pulo Adat (Field research at Kampung Pulo, Kampung Ciakar, Cangkuang Village, Leles Sub-District, Garut District)

Neneng Nafisah, Endi Suhendi, Yustina Yustina, Munifah Munifah, Ernawati Ernawati
This paper aims to examine the character value internalization of responsibility of the traditional/adat community, explain the cultural values and norms adopted by the adat community as well as ways/processes of internalizing the character of responsibility to preserve the ancestral traditions they...
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Establishing Student`s Social Piety through Religious Activities

Fitroh Hayati, Asep Nursobah, Diden Rosenda
Social piety refers to the behavior of people who are concerned with Islamic values in society. The values include being polite to others, helpful, concerned with other people’s problems, paying attention to and respecting the rights of others; being able to think based on other people’s perspectives,...
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The Difficulty of Civic Education Teacher to Understanding the Characteristics of Students as part of Pedagogical Competence

Wijianto Wijianto, Winarno Winarno
This study was aimed to map the difficulties of teachers in understanding the characteristics of students, and find strategies in understanding the characteristics of students. The study used a qualitative descriptive method, how to collect data by interview. Study documents, and focus group discussions....
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Error of Proposal Writing by Students

Firza Firza, Aisiah Aisiah
The development of knowledge and technology must be followed by the development of good and right language. Especially in the use of written language. In Higher Education the use of written language must be mastered by every student. A person's academic ability will be seen from the language used. This...
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Teachers’ Perception Regarding Integrated Science Learning and Science Literacy

Bibin Rubini, Didit Ardianto, Indarini Dwi Pursitasari
This article aims to describe the perception of science teachers regarding integrated science learning and science literacy. This survey involved 60 science teachers from the two districts at West Java. Educational qualifications of the teachers involved in this program were undergraduate physics, chemistry,...
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Statistics Learning Improvement: The power of lesson study

Iyan Irdiyansyah, Agung Diah Wulandari, Leora Gharadila A.
Statistics is a subject taught in higher education, usually as part of research subject that involves the data analysis routine. One biggest obstacles faced by the students in their research subject is in processing and in interpreting the obtained data. The aim of this study was to apply “lesson study”...
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Assessing the Multicultural Competencies of In-Service Teachers

Ma. Lorella C. Arabit-Zapatos, J. Sapriya, Abdul Azis Wahab, Sunaryo Kartadinata
In the Philippines, one of the major problem is providing quality education for the indigenous learners. Research shows that around the world, the marginalized indigenous communities are characterized by poor education due to many compelling reasons. Major attribute to this is the lack of schools and...
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Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Social Studies: A scoping review

Zyralie Lotivio-Bedural, Mohammad Ali, Sapriya Sapriya, Disman Disman
Since Lee Shulman’s discussion about PCK in the late 1980s, this area of teaching and learning has been well examined in various subject matter. However, while literature on PCK is replete subjects like mathematics teaching, it is not as investigated in the teaching of social studies. Thus, using a scoping...
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What is Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Literacy?

Didit Ardianto, Harry Firman, Anna Permanasari, Taufik Ramlan Ramalis
STEM specifically refers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM education provided an opportunity to develop STEM literacy for the next generation. Currently, there is not an agreement of the particulars in education, or in standards that define and how to measure STEM Literacy. STEM...
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The Study of Quality Service of Education in Public Vocational Schools in Using ServQual Model

Surya Karwati, Sukardi Sukardi, Syafruddin Syafruddin
The research aims to determine the level of quality service of education in Public Vocational Schools in West Lombok. The research employed the ServQual (service quality) method, involving 200 students of Public Vocational Schools in West Lombok who were selected through cluster proportional random sampling....
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The Effect of Conceptual Change Text on Pre-Service Teachers’ Understanding of Heat Conduction

R. S. Anam, A. Widodo, W. Sopandi
The purpose of this research is to investigate the effect of conceptual change text (CCT) on pre-service teachers’ (PTS) understanding in heat conduction concept. One group pretest-posttest design was used in this research. The participants of this research were 33 PTS and used the diagnostic test to...
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Teachers’ Outlooks on Social Citizenship Behaviour Learning Model: A grounded theory

Tuti Istianti, Solihin Ichas Hamid, Fauzi Abdillah, M. Helmi Ismail
This grounded study on teacher experiences while implementing the new designed learning strategies, A Social Citizenship Behavior Learning Models, revealed a 6-stage of contemplative processes. The eight diverse teachers in this study described their experiences from a precipitous intervention to well-planned...
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Effect of Quantum Learning Model on Higher Order Thinking Skills in Grade 4th Elementary School

Yoga Adi Pratama, M. Solehuddin
In the context of the 21st century, it is important to teach Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to students. The existing HOTS learning seems more serious, so it is necessary to have a HOTS learning that is fun, through the Quantum Learning model. The aim of this study was to determine the differences...
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Character Education Values in the Tradition of Salapan Village Community as a Form of Local Wisdom

Lili Wahyudi, M. Tajudin Zuhri, Asep Mahfudin, Khalid Ramdani, Nurwajah Ahmad
This paper investigated the character education values in the tradition of the Salapan village community. The purpose of this research was to examine the existing character values and the internalization of these values through the cultural traditions. This research used descriptive-qualitative method...
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Analysis of Learning Difficulties and Self-Efficacy of Junior High School Students in Solving of Story-Form Mathematics Problems

Indah Putri Ratnasari, Sri Hasturi Noer
This study aims to investigate the learning difficulties and students’ self-efficacy of junior high school students in South Lampung Regency in solving essay mathematics problems. This research employed quantitative and qualitative approaches. Data were obtained using descriptive question tests, interviews...
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Internalizing Values to Elementary Students through Civic Education

Puspa Djuwita
This study aimed to describe the internalization of values in elementary school students through learning Citizenship Education. This study employed qualitative descriptive research method. The data were collected through observation, interviews, and documentation. The participants were teachers and...
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Improving Students Knowledge of Clean and Healthy Living Behavior through Health Education

Grace Debbie Kandou, Priscilla Caroline Kandou
According to World Health Organization, health education is any combination of learning experiences designed to help individuals and communities improve their health, by increasing their knowledge or influencing their attitudes. School communities are one of primary communities in every city include...
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The Scheme Characteristics for Students at the Level of Trans in Understanding Mathematics During Etno-Mathematics Learning

Wahyu Widada, Dewi Herawaty, Khathibul Umam Zaid Nugroho, Abdurrobbil Falaq Dwi Anggoro
To improve mathematics understanding, learning must begin with something close to ethno-mathematics. The objective of this study is to describe the characteristics of trans level in understanding mathematics during ethnomathematics learning. The subjects of this study were 10 high school students majoring...
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Building the Synergy of Educational Complex towards a Progressive School

Iim Ibrohim, Dodi Misbah Jalaludin, Busahdiar Busahdiar, Muhibbin Syah
An educational Complex located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia comprises of schools from various levels, starting from kindergarten to high school. The interaction and synergy of these schools is becoming crucial to build positive development, networking and energetic academic culture, and hence creating...
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The Projection of HOTs level in Learning Outcomes of English Education and English Literature Study Programs

Nina Wanda Cassandra, Eva Leiliyanti
The shifting policy in the Presidential Decree No 8/2012 and Ministerial Decree no. 73/2013 regarding the implementation of Indonesian Framework for National Qualification (KKNI) has significant impact on the learning process of two study programs at one of state universities in Jakarta. Whilst English...
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The Folklore Comics Media for Learning Indonesian as a Foreign Language

Nugraheni Eko Wardani
Learning Indonesian as foreign language aims to make foreign students proficient in the language, and to understand Indonesian literature and culture. Representing Indonesian literature as a part of local wisdom and Indonesian culture is folklore. This study first aims to analyse the media, which instructors...
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Character Education Model Based on Local Wisdom (An ethnographic study in Kampung Dukuh, Ciroyom, Garut Regency, West Java)

Fitroh Hayati, Agus Salim Mansyur, Elsa Sivia Nur Aulia
Character of a nation is particularly shaped by the core ethical values derived from the nation’s religious, philosophical, and cultural values. These various values can be the foundation of a nation to create strong and advanced civilization. Indonesia is a country that has many ethnic groups and indigenous...
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SMEMFLE I 4.0 DE: A synergetic multi-layered educational model for learning excellence in industry 4.0 and disruption era

Didi Suherdi
This paper is intended to explicate an education model developed as a response to the challenges posed by the advancement of science and technology in Industry 4.0 era. As has been well-documented, industry revolutions have always brought about new challenges to education. The invention of paper has...