Proceedings of the 3rd Asian Education Symposium (AES 2018)

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Religion-wise Culture Shock in Language Studying: Status quo and countermeasure

Wang Qun, Syihabuddin Syihabuddin, Yeti Mulyati, Vismaia S. Damaianti
This study reports religion-wise culture shock encountered by international students during overseas language learning, and specifically focuses on the Chinese Indonesian-language student cohort. The data were collected through two comparative sessions of in-depth interviews and were analyzed by using...
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Communicative English Language Learning Program with CIPP: An evaluative study

Muhamad Taridi, Muhammad Erick Sanjaya
This study aimed to analyze the effectiveness of a Communicative English Language Learning Program at ma’had UIN Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi which held by adopting the CIPP evaluation model developed by Stufflebeam. The name comes from the initial letters of the four types of evaluation functions which...
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Teaching Material Based on Metacognitive Strategies to Improve Student's Critical Thinking Ability

Indah Damayanti, Caswita Caswita, Sri Hastuti Noer
This research was a development research that aimed to produce teaching material based on metacognitive strategies which valid, practical, and effective to improve students' critical thinking skills. The subjects of this research were Year 8 students at one of Junior High School in Bandar Lampung Academic...
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Integration of Disaster Risk Reduction in the Curriculum of Philippine Educational Institution

Minda I. Cabilao-Valencia, Mohammad Ali, Enok Maryani, Nana Supriatna
Filipinos regularly experience the brunt of hazards and are trapped in a never-ending cycle of disaster, displacement and rebuilding. The schools are certainly relevant in the discourse and practice of disaster risk reduction (DRR). This study examined the various efforts in integrating DRR in the curriculum...
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An Exploratory Study to the Characteristics of Textisms in Text Messaging

Zakir Hussain, Iwa Lukmana
Text messaging (SMS) has become a part of daily life of many people. It occurs easy, fast and effective. This study attempts to reveal the characteristics of texting based on textisms used in texting messages. In order to achieve the aim of the research, the method adopted is the descriptive research...
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Joke and Its Relation to Students Grammar Mastery in EFL Learning

Awliya Rahmi, Muhammad Adek
This linguistic-based educational research was conducted to identify the relation between semantic understanding and student’s syntax comprehension in learning English as foreign language. This observational research was managed by giving English humor (joke, pun, wit, etc.) to thirty students of English...
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Enhancing 21st Century Skill through Teaching Model Collaboration in Indonesian EFL Classroom

Nazriani Lubis, Asnarni Lubis
21st Century Learning requires EFL students to enhance interpersonal communication skill, cognitive skill and creativity. Yet, the considerable problem faced by Indonesian EFL students was not being able to communicate with others by using English dexterously as they did not have much opportunities to...
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The English Teacher Strategies to Enhance Students’ Speaking Performance

Amalia Nurhasanah, Endah Marissa, Faiqah Mahmudah
This study uncovers the teaching strategies of an English Teacher at MAN Insan Cendekia Jambi who is empirically proven of being able to enhance his students’ speaking performance. MAN Insan Cendekia Jambi is an Islamic Senior High School which is well-known for its quality from which some students experienced...
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Teacher’s Perception of Curriculum 2013 and Its Implication to the Teaching of English

Nurfarhati Nurfarhati, Nawawi Nawawi, Untung Waluyo
The study aimed to describe teacher perception of the 2013 curriculum and its implementation of scientific approach used by English teachers in implementing the 2013 curriculum. The study employed a qualitative method and the data were mainly drawn from semi-structured interviews and observation with...
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English Subject Materials for Cross Interest Program and General English in Senior High School

Tria Rahmiyati Sumayani, Arifuddin Arifuddin, Syahdan Syahdan
Cross interest program is one of the 2013 curriculum programs that is aimed to give the opportunity for students to develop their attitudes competence, knowledge competence, and skill competence in accordance with their interest, aptitude, or ability. The aim of this study is to find the relevancy of...
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Identifying of Rigorous Mathematical Thinking on Olympic Students in Solving Non-routine Problems on Geometry Topics

Desy Ratna Yunita, Anggita Maharani, Herri Sulaiman
Mathematics is often contested in certain events such as provincial, national and international Olympic. When solving mathematical problems, a subject needs mathematical abilities, carefulness and accuracy (rigor). RMT (Rigorous Mathematical Thinking) defines accuracy in mathematics, so RMT is needed...
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Genre Based Inquiry Systemic Functional Linguistic (SFL GBI) to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills of Exposition Text

Suyato Kusumargono, Ishak Abdulah, Ash’ari Djohar, Wahyu Sundayana
This study aims to develop learning models that are in accordance with the characteristics of reading comprehension learning and can improve reading comprehension skills. The model is Genre-based Inquiry Systemic Functional Linguistic (SFL GBI). The study used a descriptive correlational method, and...
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Analysis of Lecturer’s Perception about Integration of the Character Values of Social Care in the Learning of Islamic Religious Education

Lilik Nur Kholidah, Syafrudin A. Rahman
This Research aims to know lecturers’ perception towards social caring values integration on Islamic education teaching. This research employed close-ended questionnaire to obtain information regarding the perception of lecturers. It employed a descriptive analysis to analyze the obtained data. According...
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Development of the Potential Senses, Reason, and Heart According to the Qur'an and its Application in Learning

Sawaluddin Sawaluddin, Koy Sahbuddin Harahap, Muhammad Syaifuddin, Mas’ud Zein, Sainab Sainab, Syahrul Akmal Latif
This research is motivated by humans who are equipped with the nature of God which can be filled with various skills and skills, according to their position as noble creatures and the best creation (ahsani taqwim). This study aims to find out how the development of potential, Sense, reason, and heart...
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Can Young Learners Utilize Cartoon Picture and Song To Learn?: A teaching model

Lasim Muzammil, Andy Andy
This paper aims to deploy model of teaching English for kindergarten teachers and students using cartoon picture and song. The rationale is that they are handy, more lively and authentic in the classroom. In addition, they also promote sentence repetition which can facilitate lexical, grammatical and...
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English Teacher’s Methodological Competence in Implementing Communicative Language Teaching in Teaching Speaking

Sopian Saupi Irawan
Teachers’ ability to implement Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) affects the students’ communicative competence. CLT was designed to improve the students’ communicative competence characterized by authenticity, real-world simulation, and meaningful task. English teacher. However, a little attention...
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The Illocutionary Speech Acts of Insha’Allah: Pragmatic analysis of teachers talks in daily school activities

Abdulkhaleq Ali Ahmed Al-Rawafi, Wawan Gunawan
However Insha’Allah is a compulsory marker in Muslims’ talks to make future plans and promises, Muslims, in recent days, have different perspectives on when, where, how, and to whom they use Insha’Allah. The present study was aimed to explore the illocutionary acts of the conditional pragmatic marker...
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Google Form-Based Learning Assessment

Budie Agung, Syaefulloh Syaefulloh, Iwan Moh. Ridwan, A. Muslim Hadi Mamun, Deden Sumpena, Qiqi Yulianti Zakiah
Learning assessments so far have been carried out by teachers mostly by manual method, which has the disadvantages of many papers being used, lots of time wasted examining the results of the answer sheets and making students bored when doing evaluations. The purpose of this study was to find out how...
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Concept of Mau’izhoh Hasanah and its Implications in Islamic Education

Neneng Nafisah, Rohmatulloh Rohmatulloh, Munifah Munifah, Asyrofi Asyrofi, Andewi Suhartini
Misperception frequently occurs in delivering lessons or advice in education. This is due to the inappropriate use of lesson delivery methods. The concept of mau’izhah hasanah is an appropriate method to use. This method is mentioned in the Qur'an, that the way of conveying messages can touch the hearts...
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Development of Arabic Learning Material Based on Eclectic Method

Wahyudi Wahyudi, Yogia Prihartini
This research is meant to produce a valid Arabic learning material with four steps of development; doing research to find information related to the product that will be developed, developing the product based on the information gained, implementing the product in real-life situations, revising and improving...
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History Teachers’ Representation of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika: A critical discourse analysis

Hermanu Joebagio, Djono Djono, Nur Fatah Abidin
This research elucidates the history teachers’ representation of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika that contains a paradoxical meaning between unity and diversity. Critical discourse analysis with the socio-cognitive approach was used to analyze the teacher’s interpretation and objectification. The subjects of the...
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The Development of Rubric to Assess Metacognition Knowledge

Eda Lolo Allo, Anna Permanasari, Sri Redjeki, Wiji Wiji
Prospective teacher's metacognition knowledge such as declarative knowledge, procedural knowledge, and conditional knowledge is becoming crucial in the development of an efficient learning design. This lead to the urgency in measuring the level of metacognitive knowledge of prospective teachers. Currently,...
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Delineating the [D/J]iwa: Dissection of selected Filipino and Indonesian folktales

Roi Christian James Escolano Avila
With the focus of folkloric texts as a reflection of its represented cultural identity, this paper patented Filipino and Indonesian folktales through archetypal analysis in arriving towards a structured cultural identity between the two. In portraying the psyche of the indicated countries, the researcher...
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The Identification of Integrated Learning Misconceptions

Imas Srinana Wardani, Ida Sulistyawati
Elementary school teacher education (ESTE) students as prospective elementary school teachers must be able to understand, design, compile and apply integrated learning models. The integrated learning model can be understood by examining concepts, skills, and abilities developed in certain fields of study...
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The Foreign Language Learning in the Holistic Education Perspective

Marwazi Marwazi
Instruction is the essential procedure done which teaching happens. This study is aimed to uncover foreign languages learning that is English at the An-Nur Tangkit Islamic Boarding School using a pragmatic approach, which examines the process of foreign language learning using a perspective of holistic...
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Effectiveness of Project Learning Model Based on Local Wisdom in Improving Creativity to Develop Environment Learning Media

Rita Retnowati, Yossa Istiadi, Rita Istiana
The purpose of this research is to determine the effectiveness model development of Project Based Learning (PjBL) based on local wisdom in improving the creativity of the students of Educational Biology Department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Pakuan University. This research applies Research...
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Efforts and Difficulties in Teaching Vocabulary

N. V. F. Liando, J. D. Adam, T. K. Londa
This study aims at investigating teachers efforts as well as difficulties in helping students learn English vocabulary in context. Interview was used to collect data. Three English teachers at one junior high school in Tondano were involved in this study. Teacher’s efforts were identified as follows:...