Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Advanced Electronic Science and Technology (AEST 2016)

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Research on inversion technique of equivalent excitations of flexible panel structures

Xuetao Weng, Rui Huo, Weike Wang, Zhidong Wang
Detection of sonar platform excitations has been a formidable obstacle towards the estimation and evaluation of mechanical self-noise in the sonar cavity. In view of the complexity of transmission of excitations from mechanical vibration equipments to sonar platform, an inversion technique, i.e., indirectly...
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An analysis of power grid enterprises' information security system under cloud environment

Hongjie Shen, Min Li, Zhuoqun Li
This paper, in combination with power grid enterprises' information construction guidelines in China's 13th Five-Year Plan, and based on the realization of cloud computing in the enterprises, conducts an in-depth analysis of the scope and security risks for enterprises to implement cloud computing, to...
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Study on the isolated test technologies

Jiang Yang
This paper discusses the means of electrical isolation especially the characteristics of photoelectric isolation, magnetoelectric isolation and floating ground in common use. The two typical applications are presented based on applied requirement. One is analog testing module which consists of V/F conversion...
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A pilot-based grouping method in satellite-terrestrial cooperative wireless networks

Jhengsian Li, Chunghua Chiang, Jyhhorng Wen
In this paper we examine the performance of a satellite-terrestrial cooperative wireless network. We proposed a new grouping method, called pilot-based grouping method, to implement the space-time code in the satellite-terrestrial networks. The proposed method increases the total system channel capacity,...
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The algebraic immunity of a class of correlation immune H Boolean functions

Jinglian Huang, Zhuo Wang
Using the derivative of the Boolean function and the e-derivative defined by ourselves as research tools, we study the algebraic immunity of a class of H Boolean functions, getting solutions to solve annihilators of the lowest algebraic degree of H Boolean functions by formulas, the existence and solution...
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Study on virtual prototype for complex system

Gang Dong, Zhen Nie
In order to shorten the design period, and to reduce the cost of unmanned aerial vehicle system design, the design method of complex systems by using virtual prototype technology is studied. Firstly, the design environments of complex system which construct of Rhapsody, Matlab/Simulink, Oracle and VC...
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Transformer winding modal parameter identification based on poly-reference least-square complex frequency domain method

Yaning Li, Hong Yu, Xiaoyan Zhu
The modal parameter of transformer winding, as direct reflections of mechanical performance, is an important theoretical foundation in the field of transformer manufacturing and detection of winding condition based on vibration. To identify the modal parameters accurately, a modal experiment on a 10...
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Intelligent charging pile design and operation management platform based on the Internet +

Tao Jiang, Fen Qin, Weiyong Yu, Jian Hu, Tiyin Li, Wei Hu
In this paper, the writer design a lifting charging pile and operation management platform based on Internet plus, aiming at solving the problem of structure and the function imperfections of the existing ordinary charging pile and background management system. Charging pile body adopts lifting structure...
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Research on the problem and countermeasures of charging stations applied in large-scale

Tao Jiang, Liang Shen, Fen Qin, Tiyin Li, Weiyong Yu
During the "13th five-year plan period", the central government pay higher attention and energetic support to new energy vehicles. But the main factor restricts the development of new energy vehicles is charging station construction lagging behind. There is an urgent need for large-scale application...
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The design and application of comprehensive experimental platform for custom power equipment

Yeniu Qian, Jian Sun, Yan Zhang, Dongqiang Jia
The Comprehensive Experimental Platform for Custom Power Equipment is designed based on voltage source power quality disturbance device, current source power quality disturbance device and phase shifter. Actual operating performance of Solid State Transfer Switch, Dynamic Voltage Restorer and Flywheel...
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Development of >10kv 4H-SiC SBD junction extension termination

Runhua Huang, Yonghong Tao, Ling Wang, Gang Chen, Song Bai, Rui Li, Yun Li, Zhifei Zhao
10kV 4H-SiC JBS diodes with various junction extension terminations have been experimentally realized. The protection efficiencies of single JTE and modulation JTE terminations were investigated by means of numerical simulations. The JTE dose window to achieve the high protection efficiency has been...
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Dynamic simulation analysis of CT26 operating mechanism of high-voltage circuit breaker based on ADAMS

Kun Wang, Guoqing Chen, Shuting Wan, Pei Tian
The reliability of high-voltage circuit breaker operating mechanism is important to ensure stable operation of the circuit breaker. The dynamic simulation model of CT26 spring operating mechanism is established using software ADAMS, and the dynamic simulation analysis of the feed motion of the operation...
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Infrared short-circuit detection for electrolytic copper refining

R.M. Jia, X.L. Ma, W.Q. He
This paper proposes an automatic detection method for short-circuit fault that based on the thermal radiation principle of infrared image. During copper electrolytic refining, short circuits between cathode and anode plates will lower the production efficiency. It is necessary to detect short circuits...
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Improved YARN resource scheduling algorithm based on network load sensing

Xuyang Ding, Xiaohui Liu, Rui Zhang, Shan Tang, Linqin Sun, Ying Xie
Confronted with multitask scheduling, YARN may conduct a precise calculation and allocation towards every single task's computing and memory resources,however it failed to consider the impact on task fulfillment and cluster resources utilization. In this paper, we propose a new algorithm to allocate...
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Accurate calculation research on scattering characteristics of gap

Jingcheng Zhao, Shuo Yang, Xu Gao, Jianzhong Chai
For more accurately studying electromagnetic scattering characteristics of slit, the paper proposed a new method of vector cancellation. Firstly, the feasibility of the method is verified by the experimental method, then, this method is used to study the law of the gap electromagnetic scattering with...
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The opportunities and challenges of urban power network by intensive urban rail transit

Bo Jiang, Qi Jiang, Yan Li, Wenbo Zhu
Driven by the demand side, transportation industry is undergoing new changes. Intelligent comprehensive transportation system, becoming the focus of city development and ushering in the outbreak period,is an important part of urban rail transit, with large capacity, environmental protection, safety,...
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Practical application of intelligent micro prefabricated substation in the concentration areas of the city

Qi Jiang, Bo Jiang, Minzhe Ren, Yu Zhang
With the development of smart grid, the integration of electrical devices has become the main trend. The construction of smart substation will meet the need of the development of smart grid. The application of the intelligent devices enables the interaction of information in real time, and it achieves...
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Experimental study on dynamic efficiency quad-rotor UAV

Tengfei Shi, Pengfei Ma, Xin Zheng, Ximao Chang, Xinhui Duan
In recent years, because of its powerful that quad-rotor UAV maneuverability and stability exhibited in civilian and military aspects of great potential, but because of its endurance and power efficiency, it has become a major factor inhibiting the development of UAV applications. In this paper, the...
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Study on wind resistant performance of quad-rotor UAV

Xin Zheng
Quad-rotor UAV wind resistance problem persists in its flight, the wind disturbance in UAV attitude control stability of the effect. In this paper, quad-rotor UAV wind modeling and simulation performance issues, the first of building four-rotor UAV model; and then were in no wind, the posture angle control...
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Research on GIS gas leak detection based on acoustic emission

Pengfei Ma, Tengfei Shi, Xinhui Duan, Ximao Chang
Because of the characteristics of the GIS equipment gas leakage, the paper used the acoustic emission technology to carry on the corresponding experiment to the GIS equipment. These tests included the detection of qualified GIS equipment, the detection of the leakage of simulated GIS equipment and the...
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Research on vibration detection of GIS basin insulator

Ronghai Liu
This paper firstly introduces the importance of the GIS equipment basin insulator, and the serious impact of the basin type insulator damage. Later, the theoretical basis and method of vibration detection are introduced, and on the condition of intact and damaged of the basin insulator, the experiment...
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A method to reduce DC-link voltage fluctuation of PMSM drive system with reduced DC-link capacitor

Ke Li, Yi Wang, Hong Wang, Danyang Bao
The reduction of the dc-link capacitance in the motor drive makes it possible to improve the system power density and lower the system cost. However, this can lead to relatively high dc-link voltage fluctuation, especially the sixth harmonic component. To serve the purpose of enhancing the dc-link voltage...
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A novel hall thruster utilizing space debris as the propellant

Peng E, Wenbin Ling
The paper proposed a new conception of using space debris as the working medium of the hall thruster. At first, we described differences of the physical properties between the space debris powder and gaseous propellants and estimated the charge quantity of the charged space debris powder. Then, we dealt...
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Design and optimization of JFET region for high voltage 4H-SiC IGBT

Tongtong Yang, Runhua Huang, Song Bai
The JFET region is an essential for IGBT devices. This paper mainly uses the Silvaco Atlas simulation tool to investigate the dependence of the characteristics of IGBT on JFET region. The simulations focus on the study of the width and concentration of JFET region at different interface charge densities....
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Optimization design of planar transformer in DC-DC converter

Linlin Tan, Xu Yang, Dian Yuwen
Planar transformer show great advantages compared with traditional transformer in DC-DC converter for its small size and low power dissipation. However, its performance might not be as effective as expected in high frequency and high current applications for the existence of high frequency effects. In...
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Simulation study on the frequency response curve of the winding in different kinds of failure

Ronghai Liu, Kun Wang, Yingchun Yang
The equivalent circuit model is established to reflect the physical characteristics of the inner winding of the transformer, and then the parameters of the equivalent circuit model are calculated by using the finite element simulation software Maxwell ANSYS. Based on the establishment of the transformer...
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Combination forecasting method based on the fractal dimension weight

Jiran Zhu, Yuancan Xu, Hua Leng, Haiguo Tang, Hanyang Gong, Zhidan Zhang, Pei Ao
In order to improve the prediction accuracy, a combined forecasting method based on fractal dimension weight is proposed in this paper. Firstly, since the amount of the original data will affect the accuracy of forecasting, the three spline interpolation method is used to increase the amount of data....
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Catenary method of helicopter live-line work in transmission line

Jian Qin, Fei Peng, Liang Qiao, Ming Jiang, Kai Liu
The load of wire in helicopter live-line work is analysed, and the calculation method for cable lifting of helicopter is proposed based on catenary theory of suspension cable. The nonlinear equation set is established to calculate the lifting force of the helicopter. The tangent stiffness matrix of the...
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Design of a lunar sample container load bearing frame with transfer function

Haolin Li, Yixin Liu, Chunyong Wang, Ming Ji, Liang Sun
The sample container is one of the key components in the lunar exploration and has to undertake, package and transfer the sample. A new kind of load bearing frame structure is designed to carry the container integrated with interface of the sample transfer. There are three kinds of basic structure in...
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A structural analysis method for plastics (SAMP) based on injection molding and microstructures

Bingyun Jiang, Li Li, Huilin Huang
An advanced Structural Analysis Method for fiber filled Plastics (SAMP) based on injection molding and their microstructures was proposed. This proposed SAMP combines injection molding and microstructures together to analyze the mechanical behavior considering the fiber orientation and anisotropic materials....
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Force analysis for pure rolling movable teeth transmission

Yali Yi, Yameng Ji
Based on the principle of sliding and rolling substitution, combined movable tooth design, approaches were presented to eliminate the slip phenomenon, ensure the pure rolling contact of meshing pairs and realize pure rolling movable teeth transmission. According to the coordinate condition of elastic...
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The new discharge hopper and EDEM simulation analysis for particles flat accumulation after free falling

Jianming Yuan, Hailing Yao, Zhihui Hu, Jie Zhou
Put forward a new type discharge hopper, for material free falling uneven stacking problems because of now commonly used the cone square opening shape discharge hopper, by setting the dosing plate and the guide plate, change the material particles flow velocity and flow direction on discharge outlet....
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Simulation study on hydrogen venting and diffusion from the safety valve of liquid hydrogen tank turning on to its turning off

Cunyan Cui, Yuan Li, Donglei Fan, Yachong Wang, Ningyuan Liu
Simulation study on hydrogen venting from liquid hydrogen tank of a certain rocket and diffusion form the safety valve of liquid hydrogen tank turning on to its turning off is carried out. Geometry model of safety valve of liquid hydrogen tank is established. And hydrogen venting process is studied when...
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The effect of temperature on torque motor air gap reluctance and permanent magnet polarization magnetomotive force

Jiayan Qin, Changchun Li, Hao Yan, Lei Li, Chan Xue
The temperaturefactor is introduced in modeling progress, based on double nozzle baffle electro-hydraulic servo valve torque motor. A new temperature model of air gap reluctance and polarization magnetomotive force was proposed. And an accurate magnetic flux computing method was deduced, in order to...
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Design and analysis of the movable solar power system

Lian Zhang, Zijian Chen
This paper describes the design of the movable solar power system from the appearance structure, photovoltaic(PV) power generationfromthe two aspects. The data of the system can be monitored and output for testing and analysis. The system can generate691kWh of electricity per year.The system is equipped...
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Problems of recommendation

Juntao Liu, Caihua Wu
In this paper, we propose a classification framework of recommendation problems. In this framework, the problems of recommendation are classified according to the input and output of the problems. Different kinds of recommendation problems are introduced under this framework. And the corresponding recommendation...
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Research of oxygen concentration information detecting method with LIA

Dianhong Yu, Zhen Guo, Lin Li
A method of detecting weak signals by two lock-in amplifiers is introduced to detect oxygen concentration as a weak signal, in the process of detecting oxygen concentration based on TDLAS. In this paper, the working principle of lock-in amplifier is described, and the principle and characteristics of...
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Design of optoelectronic pod system for Z-3 unmanned helicopter

Yingping Guo, Jinsheng Yang, Xuqing Wang
Aerial survey of geological disasters have higher demand to the stability of the payload, especially with a payload of optoelectronic pod can absorb the unmanned helicopter attitude and vibration and compensates the attitude angle change. Keeping the payload optical axis perpendicular is to the horizontal...
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Physical layer security enhanced system with novel LDPC decoder and artificial noise

Yongfang Zhang
Physical layer security is one of the most important issues in the design of communication system, especially in the scenario of wireless communication where the information transmission is exposed to the risk of eavesdropping. Previous works focus on the physical layer security by information scrambling...
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Research on demand response control technology of building flexible load

Xuming Song, Jianyi Zhao, Wenjing Li, Peidong Duan, Jun Zheng
With the development of national energy-saving emission reduction and power demand side management and other related work, the building energy saving business has got a favorable policy foundation. In recent years, building internal flexible load resources are increasing, building users affected the...
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Modelling and control of Madeira Wine aging process using directive inverse control

Carlos Faris, Dario Baptista, José Carlos Marquez, Fernando Morgado Dias
Madeira Wine aging processes are slow and costly due to the value invested, the storage space and the temperature control. The aging process can be speed up if the wine is kept under certain conditions with a higher temperature. To get a high quality wine, an important step is the temperature control...