Proceedings of the 1st Aceh Global Conference (AGC 2018)

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Analysis of Economic Development Disparity across Regencies in Aceh, Indonesia

Hijri Juliansyah, Yulius Dharma, Andria Zulfa, Asnawi Asnawi, Depin Aprilla, Usman Umaruddin, Khairil Anwar, Fuadi Fuadi, Tarmizi Abbas
This study empirically explores the influences of poverty and per capita income on inequality of economic development across 23 regencies in Aceh Indonesia over the period 2012-2016. To measure the inequality of economic development, the classical typology method of Williamson Index and Theil Index are...
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The Role of Cooperatives in Reducing Poverty in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Afdhalul Jihad, Talbani Farlian, Nur Aidar, Zulkifli Zulkifli, Ferayanti Ferayanti, Louis Muhammad
Currently, the city of Banda Aceh is experiencing poverty. Hence this research would like to try to overcome this poverty with the role of cooperatives, a role which can be profitable. The existence of cooperatives can reduce poverty or support poverty reduction in Banda Aceh. This research uses primary...
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Is Product Innovation always Beneficial for Small and Medium Enterprises?

Widhy Tri Astuti, Achmad Sudiro, Djumilah Hadiwidjojo, Sudjatno
Currently, innovation is an important issue among SMEs, especially the creative industry. This research is based on the phenomenon that occurs in the creative (fashion) SMEs, such as batik, weaving, silver handicrafts and leather crafts industry that mostly traditionally produced in the Special Region...
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Does Migration Matter for Agricultural Productivity?

Naswatun Zikra, Fakhruddin Fakhruddin
This study aims to analyze the impact of out-migration on agricultural productivity in Pidie district using qualitative descriptive analysis model. The primary data from this study was obtained through direct interviews using questionnaires. The results showed that out-migration has no impact towards...
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Impact of Electronic Word of Mouth on Tourist Attitude and Intention to Visit Islamic Destinations

Rizki Amalia, Afrida Yahya, Nurhalis Nurhalis, Sofyan Idris, Sayed Mahdi, Teuku Rolli Ilhamsyah Putra, Sartiyah Sartiyah
Banda Aceh is Muslim majority population and new tourism halal destination appointed by Indonesian government in 2017. As a new halal destination, it is important to find out why tourists want to visit Banda Aceh in order to understand tourists intention by advancing tourist positive attitudes via electronic...
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The Effect of Work Family Conflict on the Job Satisfaction Moderated by Chronic Regulatory Focus

Ade Irma Suryani, Amri Amri, Murkhana Murkhana, Megawati Megawati, Fairuzzabadi Fairuzzabadi, Sofira Syarfina
This study aims to determine the Effect of Work-Family Conflict on job satisfaction moderated by Chronic Regulatory Focus. An empirical study was conducted on the employees of one of the Islamic Banks in Banda Aceh using a questionnaire as a research instrument, in which the sample in this study was...
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Mediated Effect of Consumer Satisfaction on the Influences of Experiential Marketing and Product Quality on Customer Loyalty of Maybelline Cosmetic Products in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Permana Honneyta Loebis, Sorayanti Utami, Muhammad Basyir, Lenny Rakhmawati, Irham Fahmi, Cut Aprilia, Rozana Fauziati
This study aims to measure the influence of experiential marketing and product quality to customer loyalty with customer satisfaction as a mediating variable on customers of cosmetic products Maybelline in Banda Aceh. The sample used in this study is the customers that used products Maybelline amounting...
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The Effect of Job Insecurity on the Welfare and Performance of Contract Employees at the Administration Center Office, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh

Yurnalis Yurnalis, Nashrillah Anis, Hamdi Harmen, Nurchalil Nurchalil, Nurlina Nurlina, Sri Murni
Job insecurity prefers to affect the welfare and performance of contract employees. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of job insecurity of contract employees on welfare and the performance at the Administrative Center Office, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, Indonesia. This is...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Company's Debt Policy with Pecking Order Theory in Wholesale and Retail Companies in Indonesia

Nurhalis Nurhalis, Faisal Faisal, Juanda Juanda, Syarifah Rahmawati, Fathurrahman Anwar, Nadya Prihartini
Debt policy is one of the decisions related to company funding made by the manager. This study aims to determine the effect of profitability, asset structure, and growth rate by using control variables of firm size and sales growth on debt policy. Using multiple linear regression analysis method, the...
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The Role of Good Government Governance Principles in Enhancing the Performance of Public Organization in Aceh, Indonesia

Sulaiman Sulaiman, Ahmad Nizam, Farid Farid, Teuku Meldi Kesuma, Iskandarsyah Madjid, Ridha Siregar
The main objective of this study is to investigate the role of good corporate governance principles on employee performance, then on the performance of its organization from the public service sector in Aceh Province. Population oh this study is Aceh’s Public Servants. There have been as many as 270...
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A Comparative Analysis on Takaful Acts between Malaysia and Indonesia

Wan Norhayate Wan Daod, Noor Mizan Arifin, Fakhrul Anwar Zainol, Fauzilah Salleh, Erwin Noekman
Rules and regulations are the essential guidelines to ensure the implementations of any subject matter are in order. The aims of this paper intend to make a comparison of takaful rules and regulations in Malaysia and Indonesia. The researchers divided the work into five phases: Phase 1, Developing Framework,...
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A Comparative Relationship of Quality of Life Factor to Achievement in MDGs’– SDGs’ Indicators of Poverty and Hunger Index with variations in PHI Data Input

Ery Jayanti, B.S. Nazamuddin, Said Muhammad, T. Zulham
The sustainability development is a development that relevant to the present time, with a plan in accordance to national mid-term development plan which are MDGs and SDGs. It is a development by approaching the improvement of the quality of life and prosperity. The aim of this research is to observe...