Proceedings of the International Conference on Health and Medical Sciences (AHMS 2020)

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An Investigation of Health Information Dissemination on Social Media: Content Analysis of CegahStunting Campaign on Instagram

Ida Nursanti, Muhammad Rifqi Ma’arif
Health information dissemination is one of the importance agendas on the public health sector. The effectivity on the way the health information was spread out plays a crucial-aspects on health habits on the society. In the case of stunting, right and concise information dissemination is very important...
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Factors Related to the Unmet Need for Family Planning in Married Women of Childbearing Age in West Nusa Tenggara Province

Aulia Amini, Indriyani Makmun, Ana Pujianti Harahap, Catur Esty Pamungkas
Based on the data from Demographic and Health Survey 2017, family planning unmet needs in married women aged 15-49 as much as 11%. The proportion of unmet need in Indonesia is not in line with the case of unmet need in West Nusa Tenggara province which is equal to 15.6%. The aim of this research is to...
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Clarity of Anatomic Information: Comparison of Variations in Combination of Time Repetition (TR) and Echo Train Length (ETL) MRI Lumbar Sequence T2W Turbo Spin Echo in the Diagnosis of Low Back Pain

Rini Indrati, Lies Mardiyana, Ainul Amarudin, Emi Murniati, Siti Daryati, Sri Mulyati, Dwi Rochmayanti
Time Repetition (TR) and Echo Train Length (ETL) are the parameters in MRI that can be adjusted by a radiographer to affect image quality, anatomic information, and scan time. There are various TR and ETL adjustments used for lumbar MR imaging. This study is to determine the differences in the combination...
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The Benefits of Prenatal Aromatherapy Massage and Prenatal Yoga in Improving Beta Endorphin and Alleviating Back Pain for Pregnant Women

Sylvi Wafda Nur Amellia, Riadini Wahyu Utami
Aggravating back pain during pregnancy can cause stress for pregnant women and hinder the growth of fetus. Yoga and aromatherapy back massage can help alleviate physiological back pain during pregnancy. The research determines the effectiveness of combined methods of aromatherapy back massage and prenatal...
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Descriptive Analysis of Unmet Need Women

Retno Heru Setyorini, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Ari Natalia Probandari, Eni Lestari
The increase in contraception use in countries with high fertility rates can prevent about 40% of all maternal deaths and improve child survival. Knowledge, health education, education level, attitude, husband and family support, previous family planning failure, service quality, and socio-cultural factors...
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Correlation Between Coping Mechanism and Readiness of Midwifery Students for Taking Academic Examination

Nur Laeli Rokhmah, Nuria Muliani, Arena Lestari
Lack of psychological readiness causes students to fear their failure in facing the final exams. This relates to the ability of different coping mechanisms in students. The purpose of this study was to determine the correlation between coping mechanism and readiness of midwifery students for taking academic...
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The Role of School Prevention Efforts in Early Marriage in the Ponjong District

Masruroh, Soetrisno, Mahendra Wijaya, Sapja Anantanyu
In 2021-2030 estimated to reach 15.1 million per year in the world will occur before 18 years old. One in ten Indonesian women married under 10 years old. Special Region of Yogyakarta is the one province that still occurred the incidence of the former marriage. Gunungkidul Regency had the highest rate...
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Disentangling the Effects of Attitudes and Health on Consumer Purchase Intention Towards Herbal Products

Dian Widyaningtyas, Wisnu Untoro, Ahmad Ikhwan Setiawan, Lilik Wahyudi
The use of herbal products has increased. Nowadays herbal are often used as complementary medicines in health therapy. This study aims to examine the roles of attitudes and health in predicting consumer intentions within the context of herbal products. It used the Theory of Planned Behavior to see how...
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The Usage of Video in Encouraging Women With Cervical Cancer Risk to Do Early Detection: A Qualitative Study

Ismarwati, Mulyanto, Soetrisno, Sri Mulyani
Global Burden of Cancer identified that cervical cancer is the fourth most cancer, but is the second most cancer in women aged 15-44 years and is estimated to be> 80% in developing countries. This research is a qualitative research with casus study approach. Sampling was done by using purposive sampling...
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The Effect of Tamarind Leaves (tamarindus indica linn) and Acarbose on Body Weight in Rats Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Model

Devi Novia, Sugiarto, Yulia Lanti Retno Dewi
Diabetes mellitus is a disease that causes an increase in blood glucose so that glucose in the calories is difficult to enter the cell and glycogenolysis process occurs then continues to the process of gluconeogenesis so that the body lacks energy and unloads food reserves in the muscles and adipose...
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Nutrition Knowledge and Healthy Food Choices After Participating in Online Nutrition Education in Overweight Adolescents

Khairunnisa Nadya Risti, Eti Poncorini Pamungkasari, Suminah
The prevalence of overweight in adolescents can occur due to unhealthy food choice behavior. Nutrition knowledge in adolescents is an important factor for shaping behavior in healthy food choices. Increased nutrition knowledge can be achieved by conducting nutrition education. This study aimed to analyze...
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Relationship Between Stress Level, Physical Activity, and Consumption Pattern of Magnesium With Emotional Eating in Overweight Adolescents

Kinanthi Dewi Mutiek, Mohammad Fanani, Adi Magna Patriadi Nuhriawangsa
Emotional eating is one’s behavior in excessive consumption of food, which is caused by negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and depression and which can cause weight gain. Emotional eating can be affected by various factors including stress level, physical activity, and nutrients such as magnesium....
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Praise of Heart on Hahslm in Covid-19 and Economic

R Mochamad A
There are various aspects of human life in the medical field about the heart such as the circulatory system of heart and heart rate machine with religiosity factor. This research aims to analyze the relationships among medical in the human body, circular system of heart, and religiosity of heart. Data...
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Improving Image Quality Using Filtering Weighted Median Filter Techniques on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Breast Images

Aulia Annisa, Leny Latifah, Luthfi Rusyadi
Acquisition of MRI images takes a long time so that it can cause movements that create motion images in the image. In addition to the acquisition of MRI itself can produce noise, movement of the image can reduce the quality of the image. The image quality can be improved by using denoising post processing...
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The Potential Minerals of Bay Leaf (Syzygium Polyanthum): To Support Woman in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Dian Aprilia Damayanti, Leny Latifah, Sutopo Patria Jati, Runjati
Pregnant and Breastfeeding women are vulnerable group for experiencing nutritional deficiencies. Indonesia has many diverse plants which have potential to overcome various micronutrients and macronutrients deficiencies among pregnant and breastfeeding women. One of the plant that has potential to overcome...
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The Effect of Nutrition Support of Commercial Formula and FortemDia_Tri on Total Cholesterol Level and Blood Pressure in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Tri Hidayat, Sugiarto, Budiyanti Wiboworini
Most people with diabetes mellitus (DM) type 2 have increased lipid prevalence. An increase in cholesterol levels can reach 28% to 34%. High cholesterol levels accompanied by an increase in blood pressure in people with type-2 DM can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Proper nutritional support...
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The Influence of Murotal Therapy on the Decrease of Blood Pressure on Puerperal and Preeclampsia Women: Literature Review

Fani Febriyanti, Susilo Rini, Mariah Ulfah, Pramesti Dewi
Mortality and morbidity on pregnant, giving birth, and postpartum women is the biggest problem in developing country. The high of maternal mortality rate is related to many factors, one of them is severe preeclampsia. One of the healing methods is by listening to Al-Qur’an recitation (murotal). The purpose...
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Overview: Application of Carbopol 940 in Gel

Fenny Indah Safitri, Desy Nawangsari, Dina Febrina
Carbopol is an acrylic polymer. Carbopol is non-toxic and non-irritating so that it is suitable for gel preparations. Carbopol 940 is often used as a gelling agent in gel preparations. Concentration of carbopol 940 as a gelling agent needs to be concerned to obtain a good gel preparation. This study...
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The Effect of Acupressure on Anxiety and Depression Patients With ESRD Who are Undergoing Hemodialysis

Made Suandika, Woung-Ru Tang, Ji-Tseng Fang, Yun-Fang Tsai, Li-Chueh Weng, Pei-Kwei Tsai, Mariah Ulfah, Linda Yanti
Anxiety and depression are very common symptoms in End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and acupressure a noninvasive procedure to promote health and good impact to quality of life (QoL) in hemodialysis (HD) patients. This study aimed to investigate the effect of acupressure on the anxiety and depression patients...
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The Overview of Pain in Cancer Patients

Wantonoro, Edy Suprayitno, Endang Koni Suryaningsih
Pain is a major problem in cancer patients. The experience of pain is a multi-factorial phenomenon including sensory, cognitive, physiologic, affective, motivational, and behavioral dimensions. Hence, comprehensive assessment of pain is important in order to (provide) pain relieve intervention strategies....
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The Effect of Slow-Deep Breathing and Isometric Hand Grip Exercise on Blood Pressure of Patients With Hypertension

Noor Rochmah Ida Ayu Trisno Putri, Tri Sumarni
Hypertension is a health problem in the community and requires specific care attention. The disease has an impact on reducing the quality of life and can be life threatening if not treated early. One of the non-pharmacological interventions of hypertension is Slow-Deep Breathing exercise and isometric...
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Factors Influencing Elderly People With Cognitive Impairment

Rosli Hanjani, Noor Rochmah Ida AyuTrisno Putri, Dwi Novitasari
Elderly people with Cognitive impairment have various possible impacts on their psychological, social life, and physical activities. The purpose of this study was to determine factors influencing the elderly people with cognitive impairment. This descriptive study used a cross-sectional approach conducted...
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Pregnant Women’s Blood Pressure Reactivity Differences With and Without Family History of Hypertension After Undergoingthe Cold Pressor Test (CPT)

Linda Yanti, Mariah Ulfah, Made Suandika
Pregnancy may physiologically trigger pregnant women’s cardio-vascular system to progressively adapt with significant structural and functional changes, such as increasing blood volume, cardiac output, heart rate and stroke volume as well as decreasing blood pressure and systemic vascular resistance,...
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Digital Image Processing in CT Scan Facial Bone With Low mAs to Improve Image Quality and Radiation Dose Reduction

Widya Mufida, Leny Latifah, Jeffri Ardiyanto
This study aims to get the lowest mAs on CT Scan Facial Bone so that the radiation dose can be reduced. The reduction of radiation dose can reduce image quality, so digital image processing applications are used which aim to improve image quality so as to produce image information that is still acceptable.
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Fast Food Consumption and Snacking in Female Adolescents and Their Correlation With Hemoglobin Levels

Dinar Putri Rahmawati, Dono Indarto, Diffah Hanim
Female adolescents are at high risk of anemia due to nutrient deficiencies and unhealthy lifestyle. Fast food consumption and snacking with high calories, carbohydrates and fat are very common in adolescent daily life that can cause inflammation by which macrophage infiltration into adipose tissues leading...
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Daily Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables Has Different Correlations With Haemoglobin Levels in Young Women at Karanganyar Regency

Liyana Ilmiyati, Dono Indarto, Brian Wasita
Indonesia still encounters a nutritional problem since the morbidity rate of anemia in young women has increased in the last few years. Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia in susceptible age groups especially in young women. Based on the results of Basic Health Research in Indonesia, low...
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Cardioprotective and Renoprotective Effects of the Use of SGLT2 Inhibitors in Diabetes Mellitus Patients

Linda Sukiatno, Ikhwan Yuda Kusuma, Galih Samodra
Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease due to the body’s inability to use insulin effectively resulting in an increase in blood sugar. Optimal blood glucose control has an important role to prevent complications in DM sufferers. Complications such as cardiovascular and kidney disease can cause morbidity...
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The Effects of Herbs-Infused Water on Body Weight and Waist Circumference in Patients With Metabolic Syndrome

Astri Purwanti, Sugiarto, Dono Indarto
Adults with metabolic syndrome have higher risks to suffer non communicable diseases like diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. In daily life, some Indonesian communities have routinely drunk spices and herbs-infused water instead of drinking pure water. However, the efficacy of this mixed water...
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Vegetables Consumption Before Carbohydrates Improves Daily Fiber Intake and Blood Sugar Levels in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Dian Eka Widyasari, Sugiarto, Dono Indarto
Diabetes mellitus is one of non-communicable diseases that its prevalence increases significantly worldwide including in Indonesia. Nutrition therapy through food management is useful for improvement of the β-pancreas function in producing the insulin hormone. Changing food sequence of eating vegetables...
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Nurse’s Perception of Student Clinical Competence in the Emergency Nursing Section of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta Indonesia

Nur Chayati, Arianti, Azizah Khoiriyati
Professional education has its own challenges in providing clinical learning experiences for students. One of the challenges is integrating theory and practice. The role of the preceptor is very important to bridge this integration so that students can achieve competencies as expected. The purpose of...
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Theoretical Framework to Assess Peripheral Intravenous Catheter Insertion and Care Practices in Paediatric Patients: A Literature Review

Ferika Indarwati, Judy Munday, Samantha Keogh
Theoretical frameworks are used to guide research processes as well as to accommodate the multiple constructs of the phenomena being evaluated. A literature review was undertaken to identify a theoretical framework to inform a study of paediatric peripheral intravenous catheter (PIVC) utilization in...
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Psychosocial Distress in Breast Cancer Patients

Wenny Savitri, Amin Haryati
Background: Cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in Indonesia. Breast cancer and its therapy cause several impacts on patients, including physical, psychological, and social. Little information has been gathered regarding non-physical impacts on patients with breast cancer in the form...
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The Use of Contraceptives in Commercial Sex Workers in Yogyakarta

Yekti Satriyandari, Yushe Quasimah, Yuliana Umrotun
The economic crisis can increase the number of commercial sex workers (CSWs). The low infection prevention behavior and the low use of contraceptives while doing their work causes sex workers are potentially infected and transmitted by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV-AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency...
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Using Whatsapp Group to Increase Mother’s Knowledge on TBC in Sambisari Village, Condong Catur, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Falasifah Ani Yuniarti
The Covid-19 pandemic period that occurred lately, directly changed the plan for the community service process. Health education which is done by face to face meeting, must be changed to an online meeting. Definitely, for people who have not been familiar yet with the applications used, it becomes a...
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Factors Influencing Nurse Compliance in Applying the Six Principles of Drug Administration at RSUD Wates

Deby Zulkarnain Rahadian Syah, Ade Kurniawan
Giving the wrong medication to the patient can cause problems such as the trauma of taking the drug, the patient’s disability, and even death. The provision of nursing services by standard operating procedures (SOP) greatly helps nurses to achieve quality nursing care. Nurses are required to be able...
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Adolescents’ Involvement in Cyberbullying: The Importance of Peer Social Interaction

Laili Nur Hidayati, Angesti Sinta Kumalasari
Adolescents are spending increasing amounts of time using internet that has positive and negative effects on young people. One of the great risk of being involved in using internet is cyberbullying, that is an intentional act carried out repeatedly through electronic devices to hurt someone. Cyberbullying...
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Counseling and Peers Effectively Overcome Anxiety of Adolescent Girl in Putri La Tahzanorphanage Yogyakarta

Sholaikhah Sulistyoningtyas, Enny Fitriahadi
Adolescence is puberty characterized by rapid physical changes, menarche, psychological changes and the emergence of secondary sex characteristics. This can cause feelings of confusion, various questions, fear and anxiety. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of counseling and peers in overcoming...
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Implementation of Kelambu Siti Cadrein Early Detection of High-Risk Pregnant Women

Purnawati Kartika Sari, Enny Fitriahadi
High-risk pregnant women are conditions in which pregnant women experience complications, including hypertension, bleeding, severe pre-eclampsia, hyperemesis gravidarum, severe anemia which results in health problems in these pregnant women. The purpose of this study was to determine the implementation...
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Determinants of Loss to Follow Up (LTFU) With HIV Pregnant Women on Antiretroviral Therapy in Programs Prevention for Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) in Jayapura Regional Public Hostipal: A Qualitative Study

Yurmianti Rante Allo, Susana Ramandey, Sri Wahyuni
Adherence to antiretroviral therapy (ARV) is the key to suppressing the development of HIV disease, reducing the risk of drug resistance, improving overall health, improving quality and survival and reducing the risk of HIV transmission. A mother must comply with ARV therapy to prevent transmission from...
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Patients Perceptions of Islamic Caring Model on Nurses in Yogyakarta Sharia Hospitals

Shanti Wardaningsih, Atika Oktariza
Islamic caring is a form of caring based on Islamic values following the guidance of the Qur’an and Hadith. There are still many unfulfilled caring behaviors. One of them is in the context of Islam in Indonesia, in which most people adhere to Islam, giving rise to many perceptions of patients who receive...
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The Quality of Life in Hypertention Patients’ Before and After E-Discharge Planning Intervention

Fitri Arofiati, Fitri Ramadhani
Hypertension can cause a decrease in physical health, psychological, social relationships, complications, and inadequate treatment that will impact in decreased quality of life. Therefore, the nurse’s role is to help improve patient health through the provision of discharge planning. The discharge planning...
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Infant’s Birth History and Low Birth Weight Increases Risk of Stunting Cases

Intan Mutiara Putri, Melati Dwi Astuti
A nutrition-related problem that profoundly affects the quality of human resources is the high cases of children with stunting. One of the risk factors of children with stunting is low birth weight history. The research aims to analyze the relations between lowbirth weight history with stunting cases....
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The Corelation Between Work-Stress Level and Obesity Among Teacher

Nina Dwi Lestari, Altori Samantha Evanov
The teacher is one of the aggregates of workers who have a high risk of work-stress due to many demands of work, duties, and responsibilities. Stress can support the occurrence of obesity caused by changes in behavior and metabolism. This study aimed to determine the relationship between stress and obesity...
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Sme’s Strategy in Creating Sustainable Business During Covid-19 Towards the New Normal Era Based on Marketing Mix Perspective

Agung Sulistyo
Micro, Small and Medium Businesses play an important role in developing the country’s economy, Indonesia being no exception. The growth of micro small and medium enterprises is a potential economic booster that deserves the attention of various parties. The existence of the Covid-19 pandemic necessitates...
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The Effect of Cabbage Leaf Treatment in Alleviating Breast Engorgement in Postpartum Mother

Nidatul Khofiyah, Siwi Dwi Febriyanti
Breast engorgement takes place because breast milk is not implanted adequately. In consequence, the rest of the milk is collected in the ductal system triggering engorgement. If the breast engorgement is not resolved, mastitis and breast abscess will occur. This study aims to determine the effect of...
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Husband’s Support for Pregnant Women Facing Childbirth at Kalasan Public Health Center, Sleman, Indonesia

Sartika Dwi Yolanda Putri, Nurul Kurniati
Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in Indonesia was 305 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2017. Prolonged labor is one of the causes of high MMR in Indonesia. Several factors contribute to long labor, including power, passage, passanger and psychological. Psychological mothers who are not ready to face childbirth...
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The Characteristics of Undernutrition in Toddlers

Sudiyah, Luluk Rosida
Toddlerhood is an important period in the process of human growth and development. The period of growth and development at this age takes place quickly and will never be repeated, that’s why it is often called the golden age or golden period. Lack of nutrients absorbed by the body results in disease,...
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The Anxiety of Children’s Future in Parents Who Have Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tri Winarsih, Zahro Varisna Rohmadan
This study aims to determine whether parents have anxiety about the children’s future diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Children with autism spectrum disorder have more complex characteristics than the children with special need, so that parenting has its own challenges. This research was conducted...
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The Effectiveness of Education Video and Booklet Media for Pregnant Mothers Knowledge on Preparation of Breastfeeding Practice

Dian Puspitasari, Tri Sunarsih
Breastfeeding for new baby borns affects health growth. The preparation of exclussive breastfeeding may begin from pregnancy process therefore good education is required so that mothers will be able to give exclusive breastfeeding well. Education to promote health may be done by video or booklet media....
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Social Economic Status and Stunting in Toddler

Rosmita Nuzuliana, Ellyda Rizki Wijhati
Stunting is a chronic malnutrition problem which can be evaluated by taking body measurements of height. Stunting is not only about short stature problem, but it is about bigger problems, namely cognitive and motor development problems in children. The objective of this study was to determine the relationship...
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Comprehemsion Level of Discharger Planning With Self-Care in Patient With Diabetes Mellitus

Rosiana Nur Imallah, Agustina Rahmawati
Self-care in patients with Diabetes Mellitus is one of the attempts to minimize complications. Self-care needs to be taught to patients through discharge planning activities given since the patients enter the hospital until they are ready to do self-care at home. This study employed a correlational design...
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Identification Risk Factor of Diabetes Mellitus Can Be Changed in Older People at Kalirandu, Bangunjiwo Kasihan, Bantul, Yogyakarta

Dinasti Pudang Binoriang, Radiatan Mardiah
Diabetes mellitus is a disease that has a high mortality and morbidity, caused by unhealthy life style, like rarely exercise, smoking, obesity, unhealthy diet, or stress. The elderly people are at risk to develop diabetes mellitus caused by the decreased of their physical condition, including the function...
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Premature Rupture of Membrane (PROM) Increasing Asphyxia Neonatorum Risk

Efrida Yusriyanti Syamsi, Nuli Nuryanti Zulala
According to WHO, 4 million infants die annually from asphyxia at birth, which represents about 38% of all children’s death under 5 years. The incidence of premature rupture of the membranes (PROM) occurs in 6-20% of pregnancies. The most common complication in PROM is respiratory distress syndrome,...
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The Effectiveness of Mother Class to Improve Utilization of Maternal and Child Health Handbook

Ellyda Rizki Wijhati
Maternal and Child Health Handbook (MCHHB) is a source of information for mothers and families in monitoring mothers and children’s health; besides that, the MCHHB is also a home-based record that can describe the process of child growth and development. However, the utilization of MCHHB in Indonesia...
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Health Promotion as Early Holistic-Integrative Childhood Development Efforts

Tri Sunarsih, Ekawati, Dian Puspitasari
Child growth is not focused on physical health but also on the development of comprehensive in early childhood psychic. A holistic and integrative approach is basically able to build cross-cutting coordination to solve the problem. This study was aimed to determine the influence of health promotion as...
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The Feeding Pattern Related to Stunting in Toddlers Age 24–59 Months

Mala Marantika, Sarwinanti
One of the main causes of stunting in children in Indonesia is due to the wrong feeding patterns of parents. Feeding patterns that occur in children, such as fault in determining the type of food, the amount of food and the feeding schedule that is not given based on the child’s age can result in unfulfilled...
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Health in Digital Era 4.0: Analyzing Reader Engagement Rate on Instagram Account of Government Health Agencies

Adri Priadana, Andika Bayu Saputra, Puji Winar Cahyo, Muhammad Habibi
In recent years, social media has become an essential part of governance in the Digital Era 4.0. The government health agencies, which are an element of implementing government affairs in the health sector, have also utilized social media in disseminating information related to health. Instagram is one...
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Evaluation of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in Universitas Indonesia

Aditya Nugroho, Ayu Herzanita, Yusuf Latief, Leni Sagita
The University is an institution of higher education and research that must be able to guarantee the safety of all interested parties in the university area to prevent accidents and occupational diseases, both in academic activities such as laboratory safety and other activities such as construction...
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Measurement of Pack Red Cells (PRC) Blood Components During Processing and Storage

Francisca Romana Sri Supadmi, Dyah Artini, Nurpuji Mumpuni
The quality test of the PRC components is needed to ensure a consistent processing and storage processes for an optimal healing effect. Hemolysis during blood storage is the most severe manifestation of erythrocyte storage and is an important parameter for assessing the quality of PRC [1], [2]. This...
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Topic Modelling of Germas Related Content on Instagram Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA)

Muhammad Habibi, Adri Priadana, Andika Bayu Saputra, Puji Winar Cahyo
Content generated by Instagram users related to the Healthy Living Community Movement (GERMAS) has provided new media information that is important for the community and, in particular, the health department. At present, Indonesia is facing a serious challenge in the form of a double burden of disease....
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Visual-Sensory-Based Quiet Room for Reducing Maladaptive Behavior and Emotion in Autistic Individuals: A Review

Annisa Marwati, Ova Candra Dewi, Tjhin Wiguna
This paper proposes the idea of optimizing visual sensory comfort in a quiet room for autistic users. Previous studies had proved that most individuals with autism spectrum disorder have unique sensory sensitivity and may perceive sensory stimulation differently. Maladaptive behavior and emotion are...
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Analysis of Popular Hashtags on Instagram Account The Ministry of Health

Puji Winar Cahyo, Muhammad Habibi, Adri Priadana, Andika Bayu Saputra
Using the Instagram platform to distribute information on this decade is considered quite useful. The Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia has an Instagram account with the username kemenkes_ri used as a medium for distributing health information. That information delivers through Instagram posts always...
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Evaluation of Implementation Within Occupational Health and Safety Management System Based on Indonesia Government Regulation Number 50 of 2012 and ISO 45001:2018 (Case Study: Company X)

R.N Asih, Y. Latief
The development of high rise building in the territory of Indonesia is increasingly growing. The more building construction projects that are running, the higher the number of work accidents that will occur. Therefore, all construction companies must implement a Workforce Safety and Health System which...
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The Relationship Between Body Image, Anemic Status, and Nutritional Status in Adolescence

R.Y.S Subardjo, A.D.A Dewi
Background: Improper diet behavior and negative body image can affect adolescents’ poor nutritional status. Poor nutritional status of adolescents affects nutritional status during pregnancy and is closely related to nutritional problems in children who will be. The anemia rate for adolescent girls in...
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Analysis of the Risk Factors of Premature Labor: Scoping Review

Devi Nurhayati, Sulistyaningsih
Preterm labor globally is the leading cause of death in children under 5 years of age. Indonesia is the fifth country with the number of preterm births in the world. The exact cause of preterm labor is unknown, various causes and factors are suspected as the cause of preterm labor. Objective to analyze...