Proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2017)

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Comparisons of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Reform

Keiichiro Yoshinaga
This paper discusses the rise of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education reform in the United States and Asia. As shown in the results of international tests such as PISA and TIMMS, secondary school students in Asia do better than their counterparts in the U.S. Nevertheless,...
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Motivation And Entrepreneurs Training For Tinggi Raja Society Of Asahan Regency

Tengku Syarifah, Umar M. Maya Putra
This paper is a concept of management training in motivation and entrepreneurship in the Tinggi Raja Society of Asahan Regency. Through this program, it is expected that Tinggi Raja Society knows the importance of motivation and entrepreneurship in improving community empowerment. The method that will...
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The Effectiveness Analysis of Village Donation Allocation Program in Percut Sei Tuan District Deli Serdang Regency

Ami Dilham, Aisyah Aisyah
The purpose of this research is to describe effectiveness of the Village Donation Allocation Program that has been implemented by Deli Serdang Government In Percut Sei Tuan District. The type of this research is descriptive by using qualitative approaching. The effectiveness analyze of Village Donation...
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Developing Teaching Material Complex Procedure Text Based on Literacy Learning in Senior High School

Monalisa Frince S., Abdurahman Adisaputera, Mutsyuhito Solin
Teaching material are all forms of material used by teachers in teaching. Teaching material need to be developed. Today, the mastery of information is important. Learning literacy can be used to make students learn to master information through reading, writing and critical thinking. This study aims...
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Models of Portfolio-Based Teaching as a Early Childhood Social Emotional Skills Development Strategy

Anita Yus, Damaiwaty Ray, Kamtini Kamtini
This study aims to develop a portfolio-based teaching model as an early childhood social emotional development strategy. The specific objectives of the study are (1) to identify the achievement of social emotional development of children, (2) to design learning with portfolio-based teaching as a strategy...
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The Development of Teaching Materials to Write Report Text Based on Inquiry

Sabrina Pinta Uli Br. Pasaribu, Tiur Asi Siburian, Abdurrahman Adisaputera
Inquiry becomes the right choice to form a good concept. The advantage of an inquiry-based module that improves students' motivation because students can learn by themselves and lessons are divided more equally. This study aims to determine the feasibility of the development of teaching materials to...
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The Relationship between Work Motivations and the Performance of Kindergarten Principals in Medan City

Nasriah Nasriah, Sri Milfayetty, Harun Sitompul
The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between work motivation with the performance of kindergarten principal in Medan City. This research method is survey research with correlation technique, this research population is Kindergarten principal of Medan City. Data collection through...
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The Effect of Organizational Culture on Working Disciplines of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Head Master in Deli Serdang

Muhammad Rifa’i, Syafaruddin Siahaan, Siman Nurhadi
The quality of leadership of Madrasah principles are greatly determine the quality of learning in Madrasah.The purpose of this study is to answer the problems surrounding the influence of the organizational culture on the discipline of the head of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah in Deli Serdang. This study is a...
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Politeness In Children's Language: Peer Group Influence and Pragmatic Competence

Lucy Khawardi
This study is concerned with a politeness in children's language when they play. The results of this empirical study of Langsa children's language in playing, focusing on their use of politeness phenomena. The data were obtained from students of kindergarten in Langsa. The children used as participants...
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A Critical Discourse Analysis: Leadership Model as Reflected in Local Wisdom of Karonese

Elkana Putra Tarigan
This article contains local wisdoms of Karonese, it covers some proverbs that refers to leadership model. It is based on discourse analysis that scrutinizes some selected local wisdoms of Karonese. It aims to find the description of leadership model in local wisdom of Karonese and how they are implemented...
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Analysis of Chemistry Laboratory Implementation in Senior High School

Julia Mardhiya, Ramlan Silaban, Mahmud Mahmud
Science process skills are closely related to science. One of way to practice science process skills to students is laboratory experiments. Its main activity involves various student activities such as designing experiments, assembling and using equipments, analyzing and predicting data. This study aims...
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The Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model Integrated into Macromedia Flash on Teaching of Solubility and Solubility Product

Sinta Puspita Sary, Ani Sutiani
In the new paradigm, teaching and learning process depends on learning model, media and strategy used by teacher. The aim of this research is to know the significant differences of student achievement and motivation that taught by PBL model integrated into macromedia flash compared to teaching treatment...
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Effectiveness of Character Education Model in Unimed to Improve Students Creativity

Pardomuan Nauli Josip Mario Sinambela, Yasaratodo Wau, Sahat Siagian, Tri Andri Hutapea
This research is a continuation of previous research. The result of previous research was character education model in Unimed. This research studied about the effectiveness of the model. Validity of components of the character education model including accompanying instruments for data gathering were...
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The Influence Of The Lecture's Example Of Christian Education To The Development Of The Student's Character

Feberman Sarumaha, Heryanto Heryanto
Responsibility of a lecturer does not only do teaching and complete all the tasks well, on the contrary, character building of a student gets less attention. Whereas the lecturer's example is an important part to develop student's character. Although the student needs molding to be not only a smart and...
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Development of Guided Inquiry – Based Module on The Topic of Solubility and Solubility Product (Ksp) in Senior High School

Anna Juniar, Lestari Manalu, Debby Masteriana
This research was done in SMA Negeri 2 Kabanjahe, which aimed to develop, standardize, and test the chemistry module on the topic of solubility and solubility product (Ksp). The research was began by choosing sylabus of curriculum 2013, and then analyzing chemistry book on the topic of solubility and...
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The Effect of Organizational Culture on Lecturer Performance at State Islamic Religious College (PTKIN) in Aceh Province

Yusaini Yusaini, Parlindungan Pangaribuan, Harun Sitompul
The lecturers problem has been criticized by many people including academics, practitioners, and government. They questioned a number of lecturers performance with various problem in the university. The formulation of the problem in this research is there anyeffect of organizational culture on the performance...
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Design and Development of Model National Character Building Through Manners Education Based on Regional Culture of North Sumatera

Efendi Napitupulu, Hamonangan Tambunan, Keysar Panjaitan
This study's aim is to look into design of model national character building through manners education based on regional culture. National character building role is to enhance positive behavior for learners to interact with their environment. Manners education should be able to establish the identity...
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The Development of Higher Education Quality Based on The Accreditation of Study Program

Abdurahman Adisaputera, Isda Pramuniati
The public trust and recognition on accreditation is so high that the recognition of the quality of higher education is determined by its accreditation status and rank. In order to realize the transparent public accountability, higher educations must actively build an internal quality assurance system...
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The Utilization of Internet Sites 7 Jour Sur La Planèt as a Learning Media of Listening in French

Hesti Fibriasari, Zuhri Ramadhan
Utilization of internet sites is needed to improve the ability to listen. The goal is the learner can listen directly to native speakers through the program presented at one of the discussed sites of France. The 7 Jour sur la planèt program features videos, sounds, texts and exercises that learner use...
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The Effect of Lecturer Competence on Work Productivity of Private Higher Education Lecturer in Aceh

Indra Utama, Syaiful Sagala, Harun Sitompul
The purpose of this study is to know the magnitude of the influence of lecturer competence on the productivity of lecturers of Private Colleges in Aceh. The population of this study were lecturers at eight private universities in Aceh, namely University of Gajah Putih Takengon, Al Muslim Bireuen University,...
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The Use of Rewards in Improving Self-Efficacy

Andy Sapta, Edi Syahputra, Abdul Hamid K
student self-efficacy. The population of this study is the second semester students STMIK Royal Kisaran which amounted to 512 people. The sample was obtained by using cluster random This research problem is caused by the low interest of students in following discrete mathematics lectures. The purpose...
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The Development Model of Evaluation and Audit Internal Quality in University of Sumatera Utara

Dedi Amrizal
Internal quality evaluation and audit did not contribute effectively to the implementation of quality assurance at University of Sumatera Utara (USU). The purposes of the research were: to investigate the implementation of the internal quality assurance system, to evaluate the quality commitment as well...
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The Effect of Problem Based Learning Model and Creative Thinking Ability on Student's Problem Solving Ability

Sahyar Sahyar, Rizki Noveri
This research aimed to analyze: the effect of problem based learning model on student's problem solving ability; the effect of creative thinking ability on student's problem solving ability and interaction between learning model and creative thinking ability in increasing student's problem solving ability....
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The Implementation of Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition Strategy to Improve the Students' Ability in Reading Comprehension

Dina Rahma Br Ginting
Cooperative integrated reading and composition (CIRC) is a comprehensive approach to instruction in reading and composition/language arts. Thus, this research is aimed to find out the implementation of CIRC strategy in improving the students' ability in reading comprehension. In constructing this research,...
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Problems-Based Module Development on Alkene and Alkyne Materials in the Senior High School

Ratu Evina Dibyantini, Widya Astuti
This study was aimed to find out: 1) problem-based developed module met the criteria of National Education Standard Board (BSNP), 2) the implementation of problem-based learning model supported by developed module could improve student learning outcomes, 3) the students' learning outcomes which used...
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The Correlation Between Principal and Motivation to The Teachers' Satisfaction

Amiruddin Amiruddin, H. Syaiful Sagala
The teacher' satisfaction is shown by the attitude in working or in teaching. If the teacher feels satisfaction with the situation that can influence them, so they will work or teach well. The purposes of this research was to find out the correlation between principal supervision and teachers' satisfaction;...
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Fun Mobile-Based Teaching Media for Primary School

Muhammad Irwan Padli Nasution, Abdul Hasan Saragih
Develop mobile devices in Indonesia have penetrated the society of adults to children. Various mobile applications continue would be developed so that the use of mobile devices continues to grow rapidly. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets other than as a communication tool can also be developed...
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Analysis Of Eight Grade Students Performance In Solving Mathematical Representation Problems

Ani Minarni
This research is conducted to contribute in improving students' achievement in Mathematical Representation Ability (MRA) and their performance in solving MRA problems. Those involved as samples are 316 students from Public Junior High School (PJHS) 1, PJHS 2, and PJHS 4 District Deli Serdang, and PJHS...
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The Developing of CIPP Evaluation Model on the Evaluation of Early Childhood Educator Training in Early Children Education Development Center for Early Children and Community Education North Sumatera

Kristianus Mote
Training evaluation was critical to the competence and quality of training, evaluation was not only carried out at the end of the training but also carried out during the training process from the beginning of the training plan, the middle of training implementation, the end of the training implementation...
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The Developing Authentic Assessment Instruments Based On Character On Skill Domain In Primary School

Deny Setiawan, Harun Sitompul
This development research aims to produce the character-based an authentic assessment instrument on the skill domain of students in primary school. Subjects of this study are: (1) primary school teachers; (2) primary school students; (3) Eight experts for validation of assessment instruments are expert:...
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The Effect Of Learning Models and Cognitive Style on Mathematics Learning Outcomes Of Grade 5 Students

Riama Lusia Sirait, Abdul Muin Sibuea, Abdul Murad
This study aims to find out the effect of problem posing learning model and cognitive style on mathematics learning outcomes. This study used a quasi-experimental research designs. The population consisted of 68 grade 5 students in Deliserdang. The sample consisted of 46 students that were divided into...
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The Effect of Inside-Outside Circle Strategy to Students' Vocabulary Mastery

Rahmania Rahmania
The research is an Experimental Research at the First Year Students of Junior High School (SMP Negeri 1 Syamtalira Aron). The problem faced by students were they lack of vocabuary. They also did not know the spelling of word. The objective of the study were to know whether Inside Outside Circle Strategy...
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Individual Characteristic and Work Place Condition Toward Job Statisfaction of Health Worker in Aceh Indonesia

Teuku Salfiyadi, Syaiful Sagala
One of factors that determines the product quality is a person who work with full of dedication and has high profesionalism. The objective study is to find out the relation of individual characteristic and work place condition and worker statisfaction. The sample in the research are 32 workers. The method...
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The Effect of Individual Characteristics and Organizational Characteristics toward Lecturers' Performance in Health Polytechnic of Health Ministry of Aceh

Abdulrahman Abdulrahman, Sayful Sagala
This study expected to provide inputs for decision makers in setting policies for improvement of lecturer performance. The purpose of this study was to know the effect of individual characteristics and organizational characteristics on the lecturers'performance. The study design was a descriptive analytic...
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The Implementation of Quality Assurance System as an Effort to Improve Quality of Education High School Teacher Education Labuhanbatu

Sakinah Ubudiyah Siregar
Higher Education is a formal educational institution has a goal to produce Human Resources (HR) quality that has the knowledge, skills and technology needed by the world of work. Therefore, universities have a mission to achieve the goals of national education. The purpose of this research was to described...
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On Developing Instruction Materials in Inculcating Secondary Students' Mathematical Reasoning Skills

Elvis E. Napitupulu
Learning Mathematics with understanding is essential. Grasping it absolutely needs reasoning for every conclusion drawn, one draw it deductively. Many report either formerly or recently revealed the lack of upper secondary students' mathematical reasoning skills (MRS). Concerning this case, the paper...
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Inculcating the Value of Character Education through Malay Tales at Early Childhood in Kindergarten Institution

Ratih Baiduri, Leylia Khairani
Fairy tale is one of the local wisdom of society that can be used as media of character education values of character in children since early age. Important character education is instilled from an early age because in this, golden period is the most effective time in providing knowledge and understanding...
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Modeling of a Scheduling Method for Organizing Training Assignments

Ahmad Diponegoro, Fajar Rukman
The objectives of this research are (i) to develop a model for managing staff assignments in an institution that organizes various events oftraining; and (ii) to propose a method for determining an optimal policy for the staff assignments.Two preliminary results are obtained. First,an analytical approach...
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Teachers Clinical Supervision Model at Elementary School 11 Langsa City of Aceh Province

Husaini Husaini
Clinical Supervision was a service system to assist in improving the quality of teachers' trust, that there was significant progress in carrying out his professional duties as a teacher. The unwillingness of teachers to be clinically supervised by school supervisors became a fundamental problem at the...
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Analysis of Critical Thinking with Problem Based Learning in Physics Class

Ratelit Tarigan
Based on the theory of constructivism learning the application of Problem-Based Learning model is directed to the activities and actions of a person, each knowledge controls an interaction with experience. Without interaction with objects, one cannot construct knowledge. In this case learning as an operative...
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The Evaluation of Early Childhood Education Curriculum Implementation with the Quality of Education in Kuntum Bumi kindergarten of Rantau Perapat Labuhan Batu Regency

Junita Junita
This study aimed to determine the state of the implementation of Early Childhood Education (ECE) curriculum with the quality of education in Kuntum Bumi Kindergarten of Rantauprapat Labuhanbatu regency. ECE conditions that developed in the community today were increasingly mushrooming, competing, and...
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Innovative Human Resource Management Model in Vocational High School

Ali Hamdani, H. Syaiful Sagala
Innovative human resource management models in schools are used to manage the human resources of educators and education personnel in order to have quality. The main advantage of this model lies in the phase that directs educators on improving competencies that can produce competent graduate. The purpose...
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Utilization of Limited Resources in Free School (Case Study at School of Masjid Terminal, Depok)

Titim Eliawati
The ability of school to fulfill its operational needs is supported by resources availability in the school. One of the school's efforts to get resources including financial and physic is gathering school fee from its pupils. The existence of free school i.e. School of Masjid Terminal is enlightening...
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The Implementation of Using Library Card and ICT Based Library Service System in Increasing Reading Interest of Primary School Students at Tanjung Gading of Batu Bara Regency

Suci Amalia, Asih Menanti
The library as a learning resource and all at once as information sources for students related to reading activity started from the primary school level. A media is really needed to easen the students on reading study since the initial until more graduated at the school library. The library service media...
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The Effectiveness of Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) Based Learning Model Through Using E-Learning and Interactive Multimedia on ICT Learning

R. Mursid Mursid
This study aims to determine the differences in the effectiveness of the use of HOTS-based learning model using e-learning and HOTS-based learning model by using interactive multimedia in ICT learning. This research method using quasi experiment with research population is all student of study program...
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Develop Character-Based Learning Model With Multicultural Scientific Approach to Increase Learning Quality in History Education

Samsidar Tanjung
This study aims to produce a character-based learning model with a multicultural scientific approach with historical education materials and know the feasibility and effectiveness of the learning model to be able to improve the learning outcomes of history education. This type of research is a research...
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Development of Character-Based Instructional Model through Constructivism Approach in Lesson Study

Abdul Hasan Saragih
The changes of educational paradigm that occur continuously should be responded by educators and education practitioners. This study aimed to develop a character-based instructional model through constructivism approach with the application of lesson study to improve student ability in instructional...
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Development Coaching Model of Through School Improve Professionals Teacher In Vocational High School

Rivolan Priyanti Pujihandayani
Teacher development is one of the main tasks of school supervisors. In practice, teacher training has not been implemented optimally. One of the causes is the untapped use of media in supporting the implementation of teacher development. The purpose of research and development is to develop teacher development...
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Implementation Of Transformative Learning Theory In Improving The Metacognitive Knowledge Of Physics Student Of Institute Of Teachers' Education

Mara Bangun Harahap
In this paper discussed how to improve the metacognitive knowledge of physics student of Institute of Teachers' Education (Lembaga Pendidikan Tenaga Kependidikan: LPTK) using transformative learning theory. Physics student of LPTK have difficulty increase metacognitive knowledge of physics, due to the...
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning Model Type Numbered Heads Together (NHT) Assisted Media Video and Motivation on Natural Science Achievement of Elementary School Students

Iqbal Iqbal, Sahyar Sahyar, Ajat Sudrajat
Numbered Heads Together (NHT) model used a series of delivery of materials by using groups as a container in unifying students perceptions/ minds to questions asked or asked teachers, which will then be accountable by students in accordance with the teachers request number each group. This research aimed...
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Improving The Ability of State Vocational High School Teachers in Creating Digital StoryTelling Media (DST) Using Sway Microsoft Tool Through Academic Supervision of Demonstration Technique

Siti Zakia, H. Syaiful Sagala, Paningkat Siburian
Media and digital technology are shaping contemporary approaches to teaching and learning. Teachers must be able to develop and utilize learning media in order to achieve learning outcomes. One of the efforts to help teachers improve the ability to create media is through academic supervision by demonstration...
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The Effect of Regional Generated Revenues and General Allocation Fund to Capital Expenditure and the Impact on Economic Growth in North Sumatera Province

Octreshia Ellendythia Marpaung, Indra Maipita, M. Fitri Rahmadana
The economic growth in one region is influenced by local government policy and other factors that can affect the rate of economic growth such as local revenue, capital expenditure and balancing funds. Fixed assets such as infrastructure that can support economic activity is needed to stimulate economic...
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The Development of Guidance and Counseling Management Model Based on Sumang Gayo

Hendri Putra, Rosmala Dewi, Ibnu Hajar
This research integrates Sumang Gayo values into guidance and management model. Sumang gayo are the valuaes that govern the behavior the Gayo highland community. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to develop a guidance and counseling management model on based of sumang gayo. The method used in...
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Analysis of the Difficulties of the Mathematical Creative Thinking Process in the Application of Problem Based Learning Model

Esron P. Purba, Bornok Sinaga, Mukhtar Mukhtar, Edy Surya
This research is a qualitative descriptive research. Data analysis has been used is Miles and Huberman Methods. The result of the research shows that: the level of ability of mathematical creative thinking is at the level of 'medium' creative thinking ability; at the preparatory stage, students have...
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The Effect of Modeling Learning Strategy and Cooperative Behavior on Civic Education Learning Achievement

Evi Susilawati
The purpose of this study to see the effect of learning achievements Civic Education, cooperative behavior and the use of modeling learning strategies in students of class VII SMP Negeri I Labuhan Deli, Deli Serdang District of North Sumatra Province. The population in this study was 380 students and...
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Presupposition Trigger in the Articles of Toastmasters Magazine

Rizki Hardiyanti, Busmin Gurning, Anni Holila Pulungan
Presupposition has been studied by many linguists. Presupposition is the speaker's/ writer's assumption before saying something. The paper aims to analyze the way of presupposition triggers of an author's writing through triggers that asserts implicit or explicit meaning in sentences, clauses, phrases...
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The Affecting Factors Towards The Continuity of Academic Administration Management System at State University of Medan (UNIMED)

Yan Azhari, Syaiful Sagala
This study aims to analyze: the dominant factors that affect the academic administration management system, the weight of the dominant factors towards the continuity of academic administration management system as well as the unique factors which significantly influence the continuity of academic administration...
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Innovative Magazine Development on Petroleum Materials for Senior High School

Sri Adelila Sari, Tety Darwiyah
Petroleum is a material contained in the study of chemistry. The materials of petroleum are memorizing and boring as all in the form of theories that require deep understanding. Efforts made to facilitate students in the learning process of chemistry is to create teaching materials that provide a more...
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The Development of Teaching Materials Writing Biography Text Based on Mind Map

Ernanda Ariyatna, Abdurrahman Adisaputera, Isda Pramuniati
Teaching materials is a device that occupies the most important position in learning that is used to facilitate the course of learning activities. Teaching materials allow students to learn a competence coherently and systematically so that the accumulative able to master all the competencies as a whole...
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The Effect of Learning Model and Mathematical Ability into Student's Learning Outcomes in Evaluation Course of Chemistry Education State University of Medan

Gulmah Sugiharti, Abdul Hamid K, Mukhtar Mukhtar
This quasi experimental study aims to investigate effect of Problem-based learning model and mathematical ability into student's learning outcome in Evaluation Course of Chemistry Education. About 2 classes of chemical education students in 2015 were involved in this study as total sample. They were...
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The Implementation of Project Based Learning in Improving the Result of Learning Correspondence at Vocational High Schools in Medan

Sri Mutmainnah, Rika Rika, Mursid Mursid, Abdul Hamid K
Properly, learning can prepare human resources that have competition power. However, the fact in the field is the graduates of Office Administration, who must have capability in writing Indonesian and English correspondence, do not conduct correspondence well. The low skill of vocational high school...
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The Influence of Learning Strategy (Contextual and Expository) and Musical Intelligence in Melodi on Learning Result of Harmoni I

Uyuni Widiastuti, Harun Sitompul, Abdul Muin Sibuea
Learning strategy is used by an educator in delivering the material to achieve the learning objectives. Musical intelligence includes a person's ability to be sensitive to non-verbal voices. The purpose of this research is to know the difference of learning result of Harmony I course between group of...
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The Efforts in Improving Students' Mathematics Learning Outcomes Through Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Grade XII of SMK Tritech Informatika Medan

Tengku Taufik Azhar, Edy Surya
In this research describes the implementation of Problem Based Learning (PBL) to improve student learning outcomes of grade XII Vocational School (SMK) Tritech Informatika Medan. This research aimed to know the improvement and the achievement of mathematics learning outcomes of students through problem...
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Principal Leadership Contribution to Development Characteristics of Competence Professional Teacher

Siraj Siraj, Sri Milfayetty
This study aimed to contribute to the empowerment of the leadership of the principal characteristics of the professional competence of teachers, as well as obstacles in the empowerment of the characteristics of the professional competence of teachers Junior High School (SMP) in Gandapura. The research...
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The Effect of Learning Strategy and Creative Thinking on Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Learning Outcomes

Resien Resien
The objectives of this research was to determine the effect of learning strategies (blended learning and expository learning) and creative thinking on information communication and technology (ICT) outcomes. This research conducted at SMA Methodist Tanjung Morawa, North Sumatera during September to November...
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The Differences of Student Learning Result by Using Cooperative Learning Model of Team Games Tournament Type and Conventional Learning Model

Robet Kennedi Sianipar, Syafari Syafari
A strong mathematics mastery of an early age is required to equip students with logical, systematic and creative analytical skills. Reasoning ability in understanding is required in learning mathematics. This study aims to determine student mathematics learning result by using cooperative learning model...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness of Mathematics Learning Using Role Playing Model on Junior High School

Nurliyah Nasution, Bornok Sinaga, Mukhtar Mukhtar
Role playing is one of the learning models that can make the students active in teaching and learning process. The aim of this research was to determine : is that effective to learn mathematics using Role Playing Model On Social Arithmetics matter which can be seen from four indicators namely: learning...
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The Difference of Students' Ability on Mathematics Communication Through Numbered Heads Together Combined with Inductive Deductive Approach and Expository Method

Elisabeth Margareth Gultom, Edi Syahputra
Numbered Heads Together is a coperative strategy that can improve student's mathematical communication ability. Mathematical communication is one of the mathematics' standard process that must be mastered by students. The purpose of this study is to determine whether students' mathematical communication...
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The Development of Innovative Learning Module on the Teaching of Acid-Base Titration Based on Curriculum 2013

Debby Suci Martalina, Yasir Arafat Hutapea
This research was aimed to develop innovative learning module on the teaching of acid–base titration based on curriculum 2013. It is essential to develop the standard and good module based on curriculum to address the requirement on student's competence in curriculum 2013. The description analysis of...
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Development of Learning Devices Oriented Problem Based Learning to Increase Student's Combinatorial Thinking in Mathematical Problem Solving Ability

Ammamiarihta Ammamiarihta, Edi Syahputra, Edy Surya
This research study is research and development learning devices. This study aimed to describe how the validity, practically, and effectiveness of learning devices oriented of problem based learning which is developed and knowing about increase students' combinatorial thinking in mathematical problem...
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The Influence of Human Resources and Job Opportunity on Economic Growth in North Sumatera Province

Kurnia Novianty Putri, Fitrawaty Fitrawaty, Sri Fajar Ayu
The formulation of the problem in this research is whether there is influence of human resources and job opportunities to economic growth in North Sumatera. This study uses secondary data where the human resource was measured through components is; Welfare, education, productive age, and environmental...
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The Use of Student Worksheet to Improve Writing Ability of Descriptive Text

Sanggup Barus, Sahat Siagian, Abdul Hasan Saragih
In an effort to improve the quality of human resources, it is necessary that learning to write in educational institutions can realize the optimal writing ability. However, the reality shows that the ability to write descriptive text of the students of Indonesian Language and Literature Study Program...
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Development of Mathematics Based Learning Realistic Mathematics For Improving Metacognition Skills and Students Creative Thinking

Yunita Sipahutar, Bornok Sinaga, Mulyono Mulyono
The purpose of this research is to develop learning device on mathematics learning using realistic mathematics learning in Class XII SMK, with this tool is expected to change the paradigm of learning "centered on teacher" to "student-centered". This research is a research development (Reasearch and Development)...
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The Effectiveness of Mathematics Learning using Learning Start With A Questions Model in Improving Mathematics Learning Ability

Dian Hidayat Tanjung, Izwita Dewi
Problem formulation in this research is 1). Whether the learning model " learning start with a questions" can improve the effectiveness of mathematics learning in the seventh grade of Junior High School Muhammadiyah 57. 2). Whether by using the learning model " learning start with a questions can improve...
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Analysis Factor Influence Poverty on Bengkulu

Elida Madona Siburian, M. Fitri Rahmadana
This research aimed to analyze the partially and together effect of population, education and unemployment on poverty in Bengkulu Province. This research is a kind of association explanation research and using multiple regression analysis. The dependent variable in this research is poverty, while the...
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The Use of Javanese Language in Conversation by Sex

Nia Auliyah
This study was conducted to determine the use of Java language in the community. Individuals function as part of a harmonious family or group. Men and women have differences in speech. Culture is also bound in the distinction, in a Javanese society known for its low voice level and the use of a phrase...
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The Effect of POWER and 3-2-1 Teaching Strategies and Learning Style on Students' Writing Achievement

Susiasih Susiasih, Rahmad Husein, I Wayan Dirgeyasa
Writing is a productive skill, where the students should produce a product in written form. Teaching writing cannot stand alone to improve the students writing achievement. It should be integrated with students' style in learning. This research tries to find out whether the students' writing achievement...
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The Influence of Economic Growth, Number of Students in Vocational Secondary School and Unemployment Rate to Poverty Rate in North Sumatera Province

Patryano G. Anggara, M. Fitri Rahmadana, Indra Maipita
Economic growth, unemployment rate and the number of students in vocational schools have an important role in influencing poverty alleviation in North Sumatra Province. This study aims to determine the effect of economic growth, unemployment rate and the number of students of vocational secondary school...
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A Study on Students Academic Reasons in the Thesis Background

Sri Minda Murni, Mutsyuhito Solin
Students' poor academic reasons in the background of their thesis have been a big concern among the supervisors. A good thesis background presents previous research findings as the conceptual foundation of the study and the preliminary data to show the gap, both are composed in a well-structured composition...
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The Development of Innovative Learning Material with Problem Based Approach to Improve Students Competence in the Teaching of Physical Chemistry

Ani Sutiani, Albinus Silalahi, Manihar Situmorang
Innovation learning material with problem based approach is beliefed to be applicable to improve students' competence as required by the Implementation of Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia, KKNI) curriculum on the teaching of Physical Chemistry. This...
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Analysis of Motivation and Learning Outcomes Through Learning Model Using Guided Inquiry and Exe Learning On Redox Reactions in Senior High School Grade X

Lia Nova Sari, Simson Tarigan, Albinus Silalahi
teachers must effort to actualize the significance of learning. Learning's motivation has a role in students' achievement and performance. This study aims to see the significant differences as well as the correlation between students' learning outcomes that learned with the model of guided inquiry and...
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The Effect Of Scientific Inquiry Model with Adobe Flash Programm and Scientific Attitudes Students' Science Process Skills At Senior High School

Sepdian Anggreani S, Sahyar Sahyar, Mariati P. Simanjuntak
This research aims to analyze the effect of scientific inquiry model with adobe flash cs6 media and scientific attitudes to the students science process skills, to analyze whether the science process skills of students with a higger scientific attitude is better than students with a lower scientific...
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Conceptualizationof EcologyBasic Concept by the Application of Outdoor Learning – School Ground

Eka Ratna sari, Ely Djulia
This study was intended to identify student conceptualization about basic concept of ecology by outdoor learning with school ground as media This was conducted by mix method that included to quantitative experiment and qualitative by analyzing student answers. The sample encompassed 63tenth grade students...
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Model-Eliciting Activities Approach as a Tool to Improve Creative Thinking Skills and Self-Confidence

Nihdayati Pane, Edi Syahputra, Mulyono Mulyono
The Model-Eliciting Activities (MEAs) approach is a reality-based approach, works in small groups and presents a model to help students build problem solving and get students to apply an understanding of the mathematical concepts which they have learned. The main adventages of MEAs to develop student's...
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The Effect of Scientific Approach toward The Descriptive Writing Ability of the Class 5th Grade Student of Gracia Sustain Elementary School Medan

Juliana Juliana
Scientific approach is intended to provide insight to students in recognizing, understanding the various materials using a scientific approach, that information can come from anywhere, at any time, do not rely on the information in the direction of the teacher. This study aimed to investigate the difference...
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The Effect of Student Team Achievement Division Cooperative Learning on The Concept Understanding Ability of Mathematic

Ebeneser Wacner Simamora
The learning model of cooperative learning type Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) is one of the most simple cooperative learning models. The main advantages of this model lies in activity and interaction among students to motivate and help each other in mastering the subject matter, understanding...
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The Influence of Napier Stem Use Tools on Student Counting Ability in Fourth Grade on Muhammadiyah Private Elementary School (The Napier Rods Against of Student Counting Ability)

Nurvita Nurvita, Bornok Sinaga, Mukhtar Mukhtar
The napier rod props were discovered by a nobleman from Scotlandian John Napier in 1550-1617. This calculation tool is designed to simplify the heavy duty in multiplication of multiplication by using a napier rod with multiplication transformation into a matter of addition. As for the formulation of...
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The Influence of Discovery Learning Model on Conceptual Understanding and Self-Efficacy of Students at Vocational High School

Hendrik Hendrik, Ani Minarni
Problems in this research is students' difficulty within solving conceptual understanding problems. It is caused by teachers are still using many conventional methods and Discovery Learning model used by teachers is not in accordance with the expected procedure. This research is quasi-experimental in...
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The Implementation of Management North Sumatera Wushu 2017

Tengku Imam Buana
This research aims to know the training program, the quality of the coaches, the circumstances of the organization, the facilities and infrastructure, and the funds used in North Sumatera wushu development. This research used descriptive qualitative method with sample of North Sumatera Wushu provincial...
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The Intellectual Capital Model towards Optimizing the Performance of Informal Sector Entrepreneurs in the City of Medan

La Ane, La Hanu, Sahat Siagian, Abdul Hamid K.
This study aims to formulate a suitable model in developing the capacity of entrepreneurs in informal sector at Medan City. More specifically, the research conducted through several steps including 1) to identify the condition of human capital, social capital and organizational capital within informal...
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Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model on Geography Subjects in Motivating Student Learning

Sri Wahyuni
Problem based learning model is a way constructing and teaching course using problem as a stimulus and focus on student activity. The purpose of this research is to know the implementation of problem based learning model on geography subjects in motivating studens. The research used is qualitative is...
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Recreational Sports Coaching of North Sumatera

Melfa Br Nababan, Rahma Dewi, Imran Akhmad
Recreational sports is a physical activity done in leisure time to bring joy, recovery of physical and mental strength and preserve and enhance the cultural richness of the region so that through recreational sports can improve physical fitness, prioritize the values of pleasure or satisfaction, positive,...
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The Effect of Using Lattice Method on Multiplication Achievement among Elementary Students

Anita Rebekawati
Some students face difficulties in calculating multi-digit multiplication operation, moreover students only familiar with the certain method to solve multiplication operation. This study aimed to identify the effectiveness of Lattice Method on students' multiplication test score achievement. The research...
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Students' Error in Lexical Meaning in Communication through Conversation in the Classroom

Andyka Yulia Adha, Ayu Widyaningtyas
In teaching practice in school, there is unintelligible pronunciation of some students. Intelligible pronunciation is essential during a listening process, clear and correct pronunciation makes a conversation more comfortable for both the speaker and the listener and even helps to avoid misunderstanding....
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Development of Mathematics Teaching Materials through Model Eliciting Activities (MEA) to Improve Mathematical Representation Skills of SMA Negeri 1 Lubukpakam

Siti Halima Siregar, Izwita Dewi, Yulita Molliq
This study aims to : 1) Get learning materials mathematics with model eliciting activities who meet the criteria are effective; 2) Describe the improvement of mathematics representation ability of students using the learning materials developed. The research is development research by using four – D...
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Interactive Learning Media Development in Capital Market Subject Using Macromedia Flash Integrated Home Online Trading System (HOTS)

Chandra Situmeang, Sahat Siagian, Efendi Napitupulu
This research is conducted because there are problems of student difficulty learning outcome in capital market subject in accounting department of economics faculty, Universitas Negeri Medan. Learning outcome is related to knowledge and technical skills in executing stock trading transactions. To overcome...
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The Effectiveness on Mind Mapping Learning Model to Improve The Learning Achievements of Biology (Quasi Experimental Study at State Senior High School 1 of Binjai City North Sumatera Indonesia)

Sri Nina Yunita Ginting
This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of learning model to improve the learning achievements of biology. The subjects of this study were students in grade XI of State Senior High School 1 of Binjai. This study used the quasi experimental method of pretest-posttest and used the t-test analysis....
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Theme and Rheme in Mandailing Songs Texts by Odang and Masdani

Shoufi Nisma Dewi
Language accommodates as a sender of message to reader as the target information. It is how to transfer message like ideas, thoughts, needs, purpose and others. There are three functions of language which are called as metafunction of language. There are three types of Theme, namely ideational/topical...
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Lecturer's Language Styles in Teaching English as Foreign Language Class of Postgraduate School, State University of Medan

Aini Melbebahwati Saragih, Anggraini Anggraini Thesisia Saragih
The aim of this research was to analyze types of language styles used by an English lecturer of Postgraduate School, State University Medan. It was conducted by using qualitative descriptive design. The data of this research were the utterances of a lecturer of Teaching English as Foreign Language subject...