Proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2017)

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Influence of Learning Profession Education, Competence and Independence of Student Learning Organization (Case Study at Faculty of Teacher Training and Education-FKIP Nommensen Pematangsiantar)

Nurliani Siregar, Darwin LumbanTobing
The purpose of this study resulted in competence and learning organizations to gain independence of students, researchers limit their research was limited to Christianity education students , which overflow the teaching profession course toward independence students a more optimal. Then it is necessary...
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Implementation Of Character Education In Elementary School Students

Jenny Lilawati
Many of the issues evolving in education regarding student behavior tends to be negative. To overcome these negative behaviors that need to be developed character early on. This study aims to determine the implementation of character education in elementary school, the role of principals and teachers...
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Model of Penetration of Character Values Based on Batak Toba Culture

Pardomuan Simanullang
This article aims to find out the modeling model of cultural values based on Batak Toba Batak culture developed at SD Negeri173403 Doloksanggul. This qualitative research approach supported by quantitative data to sharpen the analysis. Data collection was obtained through interviews, observation, document...
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Effect of Learning and Strategy FormalReasoning of Learning Outcomes Science Junior High School in Medan City

Marolop Hutagaol, Abdul Muin Sibuea, Julaga Situmorang
The experiment was conducted at junior high school Medan City, field in 2011-2012. The sampling method is random sampling: 22, 21, 20 persons for discovery, inquiry and conventional, uses formal reasoning tests and results of junior high school students. Experimental studies using treatment with level...
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Students' Perception of the Implementation of Democratic Classroom in Mathematics Learning

Rahmah Johar, Dian Patmawati, Said Munzir
In most mathematics lesson in Indonesian schools, students often have lack of opportunities to express their opinion in solving problems. Furthermore, the lesson is less interactive which lead to students not being fond of mathematics. One of the solutions for this problem is by implementing the democratic...