Proceedings of the 3rd Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2018)

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Improving Students Ability in Mathematical Problem Solving Through Problem Based Learning Model in Tenth Grades State Senior High School 7 of Medan

Reza Handika Winata Lubis, Edi Syahputra, Pargaulan Siagian
This research aimed to determine that improving the mathematical problem solving ability of students through the PBL model is better than traditional learning. This research is a quasi experimental research. Sampling method is using random sampling method that is from tenth grade at State Senior High...
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Morphosyntactic Analysis of Inconsistent Formation of English Words, Phrases, and Sentences

Ambalegin, Melly Siska Suryani
Thisqualitative descriptive research wasa morphosyntactic analysis that discussed about morphological and syntactical formation of English words, phrases and sentences. The purpose of this study was to describe the use of rules of words, phrases, and sentences formation in English. It concerned to the...
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The Influence of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) Approach Based on Mandailing Culture on Student Self-Regulated Learning in Class V of Islamic Elementary School Sihadabuan Padang Sidempuan

Khotna Sofiyah, Edy Surya, Zulkifli Matondang
This study aimed to determine whether the influence of the Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach based on Mandailing culture is better than ordinary learning on student self-regulated learning. This research is a quasi-experimental study. The population in this study were all students of V grade...
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Principal Leadership in the Coastal Coast

Dahrul Aman Harahap, Pitriyani
This study aims to describe the leadership of the headmaster of Panai Hilir Senior High School in a remote area in the coastal area of ​​Panai Hilir, Labuhanbatu Regency. The method used is descriptive qualitative approach with case study design. Data collection techniques by interview, non-participant...
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Policy Analysis and Decision Making in The Community In Accordance with Government Regulation No. 39 of 1992 CHAPTER III Article 4 And Decree of The Minister of National Education Number 044/U/2002

Antonius Gultom, Eka Daryanto
Policies are not solely dominated by government interests. This research produces and transforms information about values, facts, and actions on policy and decision-making in the community in accordance with Government Regulation no. 39 of 1992 CHAPTER III Article 4 and Decree of the Minister of National...
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The Development of Islamic Educational Institution in Medan: Typology, Orientation, and Commercialization

Solihah Titin Sumanti, Zunidar, Hendra Kurniawan, Suryo Adi Sahfutra
The development of Islamic education institutions in Medan can not be separated from the urban communitys interest to send their children in schools labeled Islam. The enthusiasm of the public in prevering Islamic institutions is presented by such rapid growth and development, showd by 458 Islamic schools...
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Development of Science Process Skill for Chemistry Teacher Candidate Through Analytical Chemistry Learning with Guided Inquiry-Based and eXe Media

Anna Juniar, Albinus Silalahi, Retno Dwi Suyanti
This research was done to determine the effectivity of science process skill for chemistry teacher candidate which is gained by Analytical Chemistry practicum and determine the aspect of science process skill which able to be developed by using guided inquiry learning model in Analytical Chemistry with...
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The Concept of HOTS and Relevant Learning Model

Edi Syahputra, Andrea Arifsyah Nasution
It is a truism that the effective way to attain the educational objectives is by developing the students’ thinking skills. School, for example, provides a large space whereby the teachers can undergo the teaching and learning process through its subjects, like mathematics. Learning mathematics not only...
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Relationship of Principal Leadership Style, Teacher's Work Motivation, School Supervisor's Supervision of Teacher's Learning Quality at Senior High School 1 Binjai Langkat

Sri Ramadani
The purpose of this research is to see the relationship of Principal Leadership Style, Teacher Work Motivation, Supervision of School Supervisor to Teacher Learning Quality of SMA Negeri 2 Kabupaten Langkat, North Sumatera. In this study taken 48 people as a sample with proportional random sampling technique....
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The Effect of Work Motivation, Teacher Competency and Work Environment on Education

Efni Efridah
This study aims to analyze the influence of head work motivation, teacher competence, and work environment on the quality of education in the Technical Vocational High School in Tebing Tinggi City. The analysis used is multiple regression analysis, which the population in this study were all teachers...
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The Development of Audio Visual Media on Volleyball Forearm Pass Technique for Senior High School Students

Ade Satria Hasibuan, Tarsyad Nugraha, Amir Supriadi
This study aims to produce an audio visual media on volleyball forearm pass technique for senior high school students. The method used is Research and Development (R&D) which is using Dick and Carey development design. It was adapted to this research become four stages, namely (1) needs analysis stage...
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The Influence of Virtual Chemistry Laboratory Media on Students’ Understanding of Submicroscopic Level and Student Activity Grade XI

Yunia Rizki, Murniaty Simorangkir, Eddyanto
The purpose of this study was to analyze the influence of virtual chemistry laboratory on students understanding of submicroscopic level and student activity in solubility and solubility product topic. This research was descriptive analysis. This research was conducted in State Senior High School 1 Binjai....
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The Development of Spiritual Values Integrated Innovative Chemistry Practical Guidance with Inquiry Model for Senior High School Students

Rabiah Afifah Daulay, Ayi Darmana, Marham Sitorus
This research aims to know: (1) There are integrating spiritual values on chemistry practical guidance based on 2013 Curriculum; (2) The feasibility of an innovative chemistry practical guidance that have been developed for 11th grade senior high school student at odd semester. The method used is Research...
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Development of Pemswalinal Teamwork Model for Education Staff in State Aliyah Madrasah 2 Model Padangsidimpuan

Erwin Kelana Nasution, Busmin Gurning, Rosmala Dewi
The Objective of the research is to: Find the model of pemswalinal teamwork in educational staff at public Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 2 Model Padangsidimpuan; piloting a guide for the pemswalinal teamwork model; produce an implementation guideline of the effective the teamwork pemswalinal model in education...
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Development of Interactive Media on Learning Explanatory Text for Students of Eleventh Grade Junior High School Lieutenant General Haryono M.T.

David Parulian Limbong, M. Oky Fardian Gafari., Wisman Hadi
Media still has the same purpose but user input adds interaction and brings interesting features to the ease system in using the media. Interactive media is a method of communication where the output of the media comes from user input. Utilization Interactive media will introduce about dialogical communication....
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Improving Students’ Achievement In Writing Narrative Text Through Application of Think Talk Write Strategy

Siti Fitri Hasibuan, I Wayan Dirgeyasa, Sri Minda Murni
This study was aimed to find out the improvement of students achievement in writing narrative text by using think talk write Strategy at AL-HUSNA boarding school. The subject of this study was students of eight grade Madrasah tingkat tsanawiyah Swasta Al-Husna Marindal. It was consisted of 32 Students....
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Learning Devices Based on Realistic Approach to Increase the Ability of Mathematical Literation of Junior High School Students

Zulia Fitriani, Hasratuddin
Mathematical literacy is students' ability to analyze, reason, and convey ideas effectively, formulate, solve, and interpret mathematical problems in various forms and situations. The purpose of this study was to analyze the improvement of students' mathematical literacy skills after getting learning...
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Application of Game Model Without Tool For Improving Locomotor Basic Movements In Elementary School Students

Muhammad Asrul, Tarsyad Nugraha, Indra Kasih
The suitability of the application of the learning model in the context of the teaching lesson is sometimes not in accordance with the characteristics of elementary school students, especially in the low class who have behaviors that are dominated by playing activities. For them, playing is his world....
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The Influence of Integrated Science Practical Guidance Based on Guided Inquiry on Achievement of Junior High School Grade VII

Melisa, Mahmud, Ramlan Silaban
this research aims to develop integrated science practical guidance by integrating a guided inquiry learning model. This type of research is a combination of development and experimental research, which was modified from the Borg and Gall development model with stages of analysis, development, validation,...
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Angry Bird Game Application for Improving Manipulative Motion Learning Outcomes for Students of Class II Public Elementary School 060863 Medan T.A. 2018/2019

Mhd Syafii
This research will be conducted in MAN 1 Medan. The stages of this study include data collection on social behavior, application of teaching style, and data collection of dribbling learning outcomes in soccer games. Implementation of teaching style treatment (convergent and divergent). The time of application...
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The Difference in the Effect of Teaching Style and Kinesthetic Perception on Learning Outcomes in Passing in Soccer Games

Daud Rivai Harahap, Imran Akhmad, Novita
This research will be carried out in MAN 2 Medan Model. The stages of this study include collecting data about kinesthetic perception, applying teaching style, and collecting data about the results of learning passing in soccer games. The treatment style of teaching chosen was the guided discovery style...
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Students’ Perceptions Toward Anxiety Feelings When Speaking English

Windha Zulhernanda, Busmin Gurning, Sri Minda Murni
This study investigated about students perceptions toward anxiety feelings when speak in english. The participant of this study were 3 students that studied in different class in private vocational high school in Sei Mencirim, Deli Serdang subdistrict. There were 2 female students and 1 male student....
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Teachers’ Language Style with Reference to Sex Differences in Teaching English

Megawati Sinaga, Sumarsih, Rahmad Husein
The Objectives of this paper were to describe the types of language styles used by male and female teachers in teaching English in the classroom and the reasons of the using those language styles by the teachers. The subjects were the teachers of SMP Negeri Pancurbatu, they were four English teachers,...
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Development of Learning Tools Based on Malay Culture and Contextual Approach to Improve Visual Representation Thinking Achievement of MTs Negeri Tanjung Pura Students

Joko Mariono, Edy Surya, Izwita Dewi
This research is about the development of learning tools developed using the development model of Thiagarajan Shamel and Shamel. The research aims to find out: (1) Validity of Malay Culture Based Learning and Contextual Approach to Increase Visual Representation Thinking Capabilities of MTs Negeri Tanjung...
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Equivalent Translation Process Used By Multilingual Students In Islamic Boarding School

Aisya Hartati, Rahmad Husein, Zainuddin
Translation is the process to translate the language into another language. The goal of translation is to get main message in target text from the source text. The aim of this study was to analyze the types of equivalences in translation process used by multilingual students in Islamic Boarding School....
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The Efforts to Improve IPS Teachers Abilities in Implementing Cooperative Learning Model Jigsaw Type Through Clinical Supervision

Dame Sihaloho, Benyamin Situmorang, Yasaratodo Wau
The purpose of this study is to determine the improvement of the Social science (IPS) teachers abilityin implementing cooperative learning model jigsaw type through clinical supervision in Junior High School (SMP) Negeri Kecamatan Pancurbatu,Deli Serdang Regency.The subject of this research are five...
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Fillers Used by Kindergarten Students

Eka Riana, Sri Minda Murni, Sumarsih
This research was carried out to investigate the fillers used by kindergarten students. The objective of the research is to find out the types of fillers used by kindergarten students. The subjects of this research are 20 kindergarten students, they are the students of RA Melati Secanggang. The utterances...
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The Use of Transformative Learning Strategy in Teaching Writing Recount Text

Sri Dewi Yanti, Anni Holila Pulungan, I Wayan Dirgeyasa
The objective of the research is to describe the process of teaching writing recount text by using Think-Talk-Write strategy and to find out the responses of students toward using Think-Talk-Write strategy. The research was a descriptive qualitative research. The subject of the research is Grade X of...
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Learning Outcome of Students on Chemondro Media (Chemistry on Android) with Flipped Classroom Model on Electrolyte Solution

Dimas Ridho, Jaslin Ikhsan
This study aimed to determine the effect of chemondro media in flipped classroom model on student learning outcomes of grade X IPA students of SMAN on electrolyte solution. This research is a quasi-experimental research. The population of this research was all of students of grade X SMAN in Gunung Kidul...
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The Effectiveness of Make a Match Technique in Teaching Vocabulary

Ria Dhatun Nikmah, Rahmad Husein., Busmin Gurning
Make a match is a technique for teaching vocabulary. This study aimed at finding out the effectiveness of make a match technique in teaching vocabulary at eleventh grade of SMA MUHAMMADIYAH 2 Medan. This study is experimental design. The sample was consisted of 30 students. The data collection was done...
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The Increasing of Mathematical Creative Thinking Ability and Self-Efficacy of Junior High School Students Through Open-Ended Approach

Harianisyah Parinduri, Waminton Rajagukguk, Ani Minarni
The purposes of this study are : 1) To describe the presence or absence of an increase in mathematical creative thinking skills of students taught through an open-ended approach. 2) To describe the presence or absence of an increase in mathematical self-efficacy of students taught through an open-ended...
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Teachers Feedback in Teaching Writing of Narrative Texts to the Eight Grade Students

Yuni Ansari Rambe, Anni Holila Pulungan, Syahron lubis.
Writing skills is considered the most difficult skill. The students usually face many difficulties in exploring the ideas or even finding the appropriate words to what they want to write. In this research, the researcher focuses on giving teachers written feedback in teaching writing narrative texts...
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The Effect of Teaching Approaches and Self-Efficacy on the Students’ Achievement in Reading Comprehension

Dina Rahma, I Wayan Dirgeyasa, Rahmad Husein
This research focused on the students ability in reading comprehension because reading comprehension is a fundamental for English foreign learner in observing new information and knowledge. Thus, this study was going to find out the effect of teaching approaches and self efficacy on the students’ achievement...
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Teaching Model of Islamic Education

Nur Chanifah
As a Compulsory subject taught in higher institution, the quality of teaching of Islamic education (PAI) has been greatly improved. Its existence serves as source of values in nurturing the students character and materializing the sense of religiousness in their entire life. The various problems of teaching...
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The Development of Indonesian Teacher Books Based on Analysis of Contents Contained With Curriculum 2013 to 2016 in Seventh Grade Junior High School Negeri 5 Stabat

Tuty Marmiaty, Wisman Hadi, Malan Lubis.
A preliminary review of the ten Teacher Handbooks or Master Books both published by the government and private publishers in some curriculums, using the assessment instrument of BSNP, the researchers found uncertainty in the content and presentation systematics. The empirical data of content analysis...
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The Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model in Improving the Generic Science Skill of Organic Chemistry on Teacher Candidates

Ratu Evina Dibyantini, Ramlan Silaban, Etno Dwi Suyanti
The Implementation of Problem Based Learning Models in Improving the Generic Science Skills of Organic Chemistry On Teacher Candidates. This study was aimed at investigating the improvement of teacher candidate students generic skill through problem based learning model on organic chemistry reactions...
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English Teachers’ Language Attitudes with Different Academic Background

Gisca Irdayana Lubis, Rahmat Husein Napitupulu, I Wayan Dirgeyasa
This study is related to the attitude of English language teachers in teaching activities in the classroom viewed based on differences in educational background. The purpose of this research is to find out the attitude of language shown by the English teacher to English in class, how English teachers...
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The Development of Thematic Learning Video Media on Theme Clean Air for Health in Primary School

Luki Sablimai, Ibnu Hajar, Hidayat
The Development of Thematic Learning Video Media on Theme Clean Air for Health In Primary School. The purpose of this study were: Developing thematic learning media theme of clean air air for health in primary school that deserved to be applied as learning media as learning resource, and knowing the...
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Eighth Grade Students Mathematical Problem Solving Ability: Public School Case

Ani Minarni, E. Elvis Napitupulu
Mathematical problem solving ability (MPSA) plays an important role both in studying mathematics and in human daily life. It, therefore, makes sense if MPS becomes central and important to be grasped by the students from elementary to senior high school. Researchers had paid much attention on cultivating...
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The Effect of Learning Styles, Motivation and Science Learning Facilities on the Students’ Outcomes in Learning Science at 5 Grade of Elementry School

Nuri Ramadhan, Sahyar, Sondang Manurung
This study is aimed to analyze the influence of learning style, motivation, and science learning facilities on the achievement of students in learning science. This research was conducted at grade five Elementry School with a population of 269 students. The samples of this study were 160 students using...
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The Use of Creative Problem Solving Instructional Model in Improving Students’ Ability to Write Complex Procedure Text

Sanggup Barus, Sahat Siagian, Abdul Hasan Saragih
This study aims to know whether the use of creative problem solving instructional model can improve the students’ ability to write complex procedure text. The approach used in this research was quantitative descriptive approach. The method used was quasi experimental method. The instrument used to capture...
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Effect of Leadership of School Supervisors and Existence in Improving Quality of Education (Case Study Performance Of Basic School Supervisor Rokan Hilir)

Zulfikar, Eka Daryanto
School Supervisors as functional technical executives in the field of academic and managerial supervision in a number of education units established by authorized officials in accordance with applicable provisions. Effective schools are schools that are able to follow rapid social change until the end...
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The Development of Tissue Culture Textbook On Callus Induction Of Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) Based On Research

Nurul Hidayah Nasution, Fauziyah Harahap, Tumiur Gultom
The purpose of this research is to develop textbook based on research of callus induction of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) for tissue culture course. This research used a 4D development model adapted from Thiagarajan and was conducted until design stage only. The data were obtained starting from...
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The Development of Governance, Leadership, Management System, and the College Quality Guarantee of Accreditation Oriented Study Program

Abdurrahman Adisaputera, Syamsul Arif
After studying the accreditation profile of the study program at Universitas Negeri Medan in the first year of this research, in the form of study program performance before and after the accreditation, the accreditation value conformity which was provided by PT BAN with the factual condition of the...
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Task-Driven: an Effort to Build Secondary Students Mathematical Reasoning Skills

E. Elvis Napitupulu, Ani Minarni
It is already known widely that Indonesian students lack mathematical reasoning skills (MRS) at all level. Many efforts had been taken to overcome the problem. This study aimed to build upper secondary students MRS by means of disseminating an instructional materials, which had been proved valid, practice,...
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The Development of Learning Media by Using Cooperative Learning Model

Abdon Purwanto Purba, Muhammad Badiran, Farihah
This study aims to :(1) know the feasibility of developed learning media, (2) determine the effectiveness of learning media in improving student music learning outcomes.
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The Influence of Head Master Leadership, Work Climate and Work Motivation Toward the Teachers Performance at SMA Negeri Binjai

Hendra, Tiur Siburian, Yasaratodo Wau
The goal of the research is to describe and to know: (1) the influence of Head master leadership to work motvation; (2) the influence of Work climate to discipline of work; (3) the influence of Head master leadership to the teacher performance; (4) the influence of Work climate to teacher performance;...
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Development of The Assessment Instrument Based on HOTS on Explanatory Text Material and Film/Drama Reviews in Grade XI SMA Sultan Iskandar Muda Medan Academic Year 2017/2018

Rondang WK Sihotang, Mutsyuhito Solin, Amrin Saragih
The objectives of this study were (1) to develop the assessment instruments based on HOTS on explanatory text material and film / drama reviews in grade XI SMA, (2) the assessment instrument quality based on HOTS on explanatory text material and film / drama review in grade XI SMA. The type of this research...
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Model of Education Quality Management of Traditional Islamic Boarding Schools in Aceh

Zahraini, Benyamin Situmorang
Traditional Islamic boarding school is the main educational institution in culture in the province of Aceh. The objective of this research was to identify the models of education quality management of traditional Islamic boarding schools in Aceh. This qualitative research method was conducted by doing...
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The Effect of Organizational Culture, Pedagogic Competence and Work Motivation on Teacher Performance at SMP Negeri Padang Bolak in North Padang Lawas District

Khoirul Umri Siregar, Eka Daryanto, Ibnu Hajar
This study aims to determine: (1) the effect of organizational culture on teacher work motivation; (2) the effect of pedagogic competence on teacher work motivation; (3) the effect of organizational culture on teacher performance; (4) the effect of pedagogic competence on teacher performance; and (5)...
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The Potentiality of Principal Leadership Implementation In North Sumatera

Wildansyah Lubis, Syaiful Sagala, Abdul Hasan Saragih, Gaffar Hafiz Sagala
Previous researchers have had a long debate about the urgency of the application of transformational and instructional leadership models for educational organizations. Nevertheless, there is a stream of research that seeks to bridge the conflict by recommending the adoption of principal leadership in...
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Making Students Carefully Catering Environment Through Adiwiyata Program

Hengkang Bara Saputro, Hendro Widodo
This article is based on the low level of environmental cares among students and environmental education in schools is not implemented maximally. Schools as educational institutions become a strategic and effective place to realize students who care about the environment. In the Adiwiyata Program, the...
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Students Attitudes toward English Conversation Class in the Ways They are

Mara Sutan Siregar, Amrin Saragih, Rahmad Husein
English conversation is one of the crucial lessons for senior high school students in order to face the globalization. Many students considered English conversation as a controversial lesson through their positive and negative attitudes toward it. This study aimed to reveal the realization of students’...
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The Relationship between Organizational Structure and Organizational Culture with Teacher Performance in Pesantren

Djamaluddin Perawironegoro
The purpose of this research is to explain the relationship between organizational structure, and organizational culture with teacher performance in Pesantren institution as an indigenous educational institution in Indonesia. Both become prediction to increase teacher performance. This research used...
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Implementation of Islamic School Culture Policy in Development of Teacher Professional Performance

Siraj, Sri Milfayetty, Ibnu Hajar
This study is based on the policy of implementing Islamic education in accordance with Aceh Qanun Number 11 of 2014 concerning the implementation of education. The purpose of this study is to find an implementation model of Islamic school culture policy in developing teacher professional performance....
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The Effect of Inquiry Model on Students Higher Order Thinking Skills in Ecosystem

Zuriati Siska Saputri, Hasruddin, R Mursid
This study aimed to find out the effect of Inquiry learning model on higher order thinking skills of students at ecosystem topic in grade 5 Elementary School (SD) Medan. The research applies experimental method with 2 classes are chosen by using random sampling technique. The class 5A is taught by using...
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning on Students Science Process Skill

Yuyun Mahrani, Retno Dwi Suyanti, R Mursid
This study aim to determine the effect of Cooperative Learning model on students science process skills at water cycle topic in grade 5 elementary school 060818 Medan. The research applied experimental method with 2 classes are chosen by using random sampling technique. The class 5A, which consists of...
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Developing Video Based Learning Media with Scientific Approach of Grade 4th Elementary School

Susanna Br Ginting, Daulat Saragi, Wildansyah Lubis
The problem of this research is the student’s learning outcomes which is still low because of some factors, they are: lack variation of learning media, lack of student’s active role in learning process, and the lack of teacher in using the school facility in technology like using projector. The aim of...
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Developing Interactive Multimedia Based Learning Media in Improving Students Learning Outcomes for Grade 4th in Elementary School

Rio Parsaoran Napitupulu, Ratih Baiduri, Anita Yus
The problem of this research is the lack of students’ learning outcomes on Grade 4th in Elementary School, which is to know whether the students’ learning outcomes can increase by developing Interactive Multimedia-Based Learning Media. The learning outcome is a process of behavioral change that occurs...
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The Development of Innovative Learning Material with Integration of Project and Multimedia for the Teaching of Gravimetry

Debby Suci Martalina, Manihar Situmorang, Ajat Sudrajat
Implementation of Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia, KKNI)as the basis of competence standardin UniversitasNegeri Medanhas brought the change in the teaching and learning activities. Innovation of chemistry learning material is needed to provide the...
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Reconstruction of Values in Children Songs (Dolanan) at North Sumatera Toward Building Children Work Ethics and Character

Daulat Saragi
Singing while playing is one of media to build children character orally. Children songs (dolanan) contain values of respect themselves, others, their surrounding, and the creater. The lyrics contain simple words, easy to understand, and sing to accompany their playing. The simplicity in lyrics also...
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Development of Biography Text Learning Materials Based on Contextual Approach to Students Class X of Senior High School

Ririn Susmita, Wisman Hadi, Abdurahman Adisaputera
This study aims to produce a biography text teaching materials based on contextual approach on students class X of Senior High School. The research method used was research development method of Research and Development (R & D) refers to Borg and Gall model. The stages of development were preliminary...
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Developing Interactive Teaching Materials of Fantasy Story Text with Character Education Based for Seventh Grade Students at MTs Miftahussalam Medan

Elsya Fitri Utami, Mutsyuhito Solin, Daulat Saragi
The background of this study is the importance of instilling character education in learning and the use of interactive teaching materials which are still seldom used. This study aims to: (1) Describe the result of developing interactive teaching materials of fantasy story text with character education-based...
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The Effect of Work Discipline, Spiritual Intelligence and Teamwork on Teacher Working Commitment in State Elementary School Subdistrict Selesai of Langkat Regency

Christin Juli Emma P.A, Biner Ambarita, Benyamin Situmorang
This study aims to determine the influence of work discipline on teacher teamwork, the influence of spiritual intelligence on the teamwork, the influence of work discipline on teacher work commitment and the influence of work discipline on teacher work commitment in State Elementary School SubdistrictSelesai...
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Build Commitment, Leadership , the Motivation of the Performance of Coach PPLP North Sumatera

Jonny Siahaan, Imran Akhmad, Indra Kasih
The purpose of this study intends to find scientifically accurate answers about the presence or absence of the relationship between commitment, leadership and motivation to the performance of the trainer, both directly and indirectly. This research was conducted in PPLP North Sumatra in 2018 with n =...
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Analysis Of Difficulties In Completing Mathematical Communication Problem Solving In Terms Of Learning Styles Using Inquiry Learning

Pinta Yuniara, Bornok Sinaga, Izwita Dewi
The purpose of this research is analysis of difficulties in completing mathematical communication problem solving in terms of learning styles using inquiry learning. The research was a qualitative descriptive study. Data analysis method used the Miles and Huberman Methods. The results showed that: students...
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Development of Learning Media Tutorial on Audio- Visual

Aan Deki Praja Pane, Imran Akhmad, Sanusi Hasibuan
Physical Education is a part of education as a whole can play an important role in the achievement of educational goals, learning media is something that can channel messages to students so that the learning process is created. The purpose of this research is to produce Audio-Visual Tutorial learning...
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Angry Bird Game Application for Improving Manipulative Motion Learning Outcomes for Students of Class II Public Elementary School 060863 Medan T.A. 2018/2019

Atikah Rahman
Research and development of this angry bird game to improve manipulative basic motion learning outcomes for elementary school students in grade II, specifically there are several objectives, including: 1) To obtain in-depth information about the process of implementing manipulative basic motion learning...
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Improving the Ability of English Teachers in Implementing STAD Type Cooperative Learning Model Through Clinical Supervision at SMP Negeri Kecamatan Sunggal

Suzatmiko Wijaya, Sukarman Purba, Sahat Siagian
The aim of this study is to increase English terachers ability in apllying STAD typecooperative learning model through clinical supervision at SMP Negeri Kecamatan Sunggal. This research method is school Action Research. Subjects of research are the english teachers of SMP Negeri Kecamatan Sunggal. This...
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The Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills Evaluation Instrument in Poetry Writing Material for Vocational High School

Bakhtiar Rivai Matondang, Syahnan Daulay, Khairil Ansari
This study aims to develop an assessment tool based onHigher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) for learning to write poetry. This type of research is research and development that refers to the development model of Borg and Gall. With subject matter experts, evaluation experts, Indonesian language teachers...
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Development of Higher Order Thinking Skills-Based Assessment Instrument for Learning Review Text in Senior High School

Zira Fatmaira, Syahnan Daulay, Abdurahman Adisaputera
-This study aims to develop a higher order thinking skills (HOTS) assessment instrument for learning text review in students class XI of state senior high school 5 Binjai. This type of research is research and development that refers to the development model of Borg And Gall. The development model of...
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Integration of Character Values in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Registration and Data Services at the Academic and Student Affairs Bureau of State University of Medan

Sara Hikmayanti Sinaga
This study aims to: 1) identify the SOP components of registration and data service at the Academic and Student Affairs Bureau of the State University of Medan (SUM); 2) identify relevant character values to for the SOP of the registration and data service at the Academic and Student Affairs Bureau of...
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The Development of Pantun Teaching Materials Containing Malay Teaching Values

Agus Putra Ardinata Sitepu, Syahnan Daulay, Amrin Saragih
Teaching materials as learning media play an important role in helping teachers in the learning process, so that learning objectives are achieved in accordance with competencies. This development research aims to find out the relevance of teaching materials, feasibility, and effectiveness of teaching...
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The Development of Learning Media Based on Mind Map in Exposition Text

Visi Wintan Reka Widya Tampubolon, Abdurahman Adisaputera, Daulat Saragi
This study aims to produce mind map based learning media on exposition text for Vocational High School Tritech Informatika. The research method used is the research method and the development of Research and Development which refers to the Borg and Gall model. The results of individual trials are stated...
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Experimental Study of Learning Model and Motivation on the Results of Badminton Learning in Students

Dedy Pradipta
The purpose of this study was to apply experimental studies on example non example learning models and picture and picture learning models and motivation for the results of learning badminton in high school students. This study was conducted on students of class XI, with a sample of 48 students. This...
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The Effect of Problem-Solving Model to Improve Communicating Skills and Mastery Concept in Chemistry

Ratu Betta Rudibyani
This research was aimed to describe the effects of problem-solving models to improve Communicating Skills and mastery of students’ Chemistry concepts. This research using a quasi-experimental method with Non-Equivalence Pretest-Posttest Control Group Design. The sample was obtained by cluster random...
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Development of English Teaching Materials Based on Language Meta-Function in UNIMED Postgraduate

Busmin Gurning, Sri Minda Murni
This study aims to find useful teaching materials to be in accordance with the principles of language function and ESP to develop English language skills for academic and work world purposes. This research was conducted in the UNIMED Postgraduate study program in 2017 until 2018. To achieve the objectives...
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Experimental Study of Learning and Interest Models on Football Learning Outcomes in SMP Students

Ivan Riskat Hutagaol
The purpose of this study was to apply experimental studies on Team Games tournament learning models and Student Teams Achievement Division learning models and interest in the results of learning football in junior high school students. This study was conducted on eighth grade junior high school students....
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Developing of Flat Building Media in Using Macromedia Flash Postgraduate Program of Medan State University

Erningsih, Dian Armanto, Anita Yus
This research were motivated by 1) the importance of the media in delivering learning material to make it more interesting; (2) there was no learning media on flat building material by developing Macromedia Flash Professional applications in the form of CD (Compact Disk); (3) Student learning outcomes...
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The Effects of Guided Inquiry and Modified Free Inquiry Learning Models on Students' Higher Order Thinking Skills for the Topic of Human Respiratory System at SMA Negeri 1 Labuhan Deli

Nur Atikah, Ely Djulia, Melva Silitonga
The aims of this quasi experiment research were to determine the differences of students' higher order thinking skills about the topic of human respiratory system using the guided inquiry (GI) and modified free inquiry (MFI) learning models at SMA 1 Labuhan Deli. The population of this study were all...
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Development of Thematic Learning Models Based on Puppet Media for Fourth Grade of Primary School

Syafita Sri Hayati, Ibnu Hajar, Hidayat
The aim of this study was to develop thematic learning models based on puppet media on the sub-theme of Hebatnya Cita-Citaku. This type of research is development research (R & D). The research model used is a prototype model consisting of preliminary research, prototyping stage, and assessment stage....
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Teachers Work Motivation in Improving the Quality of Learning

Basri, Rosmala Dewi, Saut Purba
Teachers motivation in working is very necessary in achieving maximum school goals and giving high loyalty to their duties and responsibilities. This study aims to find the form of work motivation of teachers in improving the quality of learning in Senior High School 1 Sigli in Pidie District. The method...
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The Effect of Learning Strategy and Thinking Style on the Students Achievement in Biology

Reinhard Estrada Siahaan, R. Mursid, Sahat Siagian
This study aims firstly to find out the difference of biology learning achievement of students applied problem based learning strategy and expository learning strategy, secondly to discover the differences of learning achievement between the students with sequential thinking style and students with random...
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The Effect Of Learning Strategy And Musical Intelligence On The Students Achievement In Solfegio

Rinaldo Abednego Simanjuntak, Efendi Napitupulu, R. Mursid
This study aims firstly to find out the difference of Solfegio learning achievement of students applied Quantum Learning strategy and Expository learning strategy, secondly to discover the differences of learning achievement betweenthe students with high musical intelligence and students with how have...
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The Effect of Accelerated Learning Strategies and Achievement Motivation on the results of learning English At SMP Negeri 30 Medan

Mei Lina Lestari, Abdul Hasan Saragih, Muhammad Badiran
This study aims to find out: 1) the learning outcomes of English students who learned using Accelerated Learning strategies and English learning outcomes of students who were taught by Expository learning strategies; 2) the results of learning English between students with high achievement motivation...
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The Implementation of Literacy of 2013 Curriculum in Al ulum Integrated Islamic Senior High School

Intan Sufiah Batubara, Rahmad Husein, Anni Holila Pulungan
In 2013 curriculum, literacy is not only about reading and writing in academic term, but also apply and develop what students read and write into their social life. Moreover, literacy also assists students’ character development and gain their humanity aspect. The aims of this study to find out the implementation...
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Implementation Of School Accreditation Policy at State Elementary School In Medan Area Districts

Windari, Darwin, Sukarman Purba
The aim of this study; a) finding out the description of the communication / dissemination of the State Primary School accreditation policy in Medan Area District; b) knowing the form of Human Resources (HR) in the implementation of State Primary School accreditation policies in Medan Area District;...
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Relevance of Accreditation Rating With Achievement of School Performance at State Elementary School in Subulussalam Aceh Province

Ade Amriani, Sukarman Purba, Darwin
This study aims to find out (1) the relevance of accreditation ratings with elementary school performance achievements (2) the level of quality of primary schools based on accreditation ratings. This study uses descriptive analysis research method with a quantitative approach. The population in this...
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Competency Improvement of Principals in Developing Academic Supervision Program through Managerial Supervision Application Focus Group Discussion Method of Madrasah Tsanawiyah Principals in Medan City

Husna Imamah
This study aims to determine thecompetency improvement principals in developing academic supervision programs through the implementation of managerial supervision methods ofFocus Group Discussion. This study used actionresearch with two cycles. In the pre-cycle stage, the competency of the principal in...
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Improving Capability of Principal Preparing School Development Plan (SDP) Through Managerial Supervision with Monitoring and Evaluation Methods in Sub Rayon MTsN 3 Kota Medan

Rahmatul Ummah, Zainuddin, Darwin
The purpose of this school action research was to determine the capacity building of principal in the preparation of the School Development Plan (SDP) through managerial supervision of the monitoring and evaluation methods in Sub Rayon MTsN 3 Kota Medan. The subjects of this research are five principals...
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The Effect of Cooperative Learning Models and Self Efficacy on Student Mathematics Learning Outcomes

Sabdo Puji Rahayu, Mukhtar, Keysar Panjaitan
This research aim to know: how students’ Mathematics learning outcomes whose taught using STAD learning model with TPS learning model, how students’ Mathematics learning outcomes who have high self efficacy and low self efficacy, is there interaction between learning model and self efficacy to the students’...
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Contribution Analysis Following Student Organization Activities on Improving Learning Commitment of Unimed Students

Jongga Manullang, Dilinar Adlin, Hariadi
This study examines the problem (1) How is Unimed Student Learning commitment, and (2) Contribution analysis follows the activities of student organizations towards Unimed Student Learning Commitments.This research was carried out in Unimed for all students of 2017/2018 academic year who had been registered...
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Development of Dribbling Exercise Variation in Learning Football Science in Sports Training Education Students 2018

Irwansyah Siregar, Ifay Andi Damanik, Hevantri Sihombing
This study aims to develop a football dribbling exercise learning model in 2018. Contribute knowledge and thoughts that can be used as a guideline for guiding lectures. Improving football dribbling techniques in playing football with different learning methods so that learning is not boring for students....
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Development of Students' Intellectual Activity and Creativity Program

Pardomuan Nauli Josip Mario Sinambela, Irwansyah Siregar, Rahman Situmeang
This study aimed to produce of product find of development of students’ intellectual activity and creativity program. This study is applied to accomplish the above objective, used method of research and development. The stages of developing the program are surveys, planning, validation, and socializing....
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The Development of Assessment Instrument for the Character Education at the State University of Medan

Sahat Siagian, Hariadi, Pardomuan Nauli Josip Mario Sinambela
The aim of this study was to develop a set of instruments to assess the character education in the learning process at the State University of Medan. The study adopted the research and development method by following the principles of instrument development synthesized from instrument development experts....
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Analysis of Mathematical Model to Prevent Increase the Number of Smokers

Tri Andri Hutapea, Lasker P. Sinaga, Fidelis Zai
This study aimed to analyze the prevention of the increase the number of smokers in a population through a mathematical model. This study construct based on some research before, which are paper has different investigation about smoking mathematics modelling and curtailing. This research discuss about...
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Development of Six KKNI Based Tasks Through Blended Learning Implementation on Oral Language Skills in English Education Unimed

Yeni Erlita, Nora Ronita Dewi, Anggraini Thesisia Saragih
This research is aimed at developing sixtasks of KKNI Based Curriculum through implementing Blended Learning to Oral Language Skills study in English Education Study Program at Unimed. The objectives of this research are to identify the implementation of six tasks of KKNI based curriculum is appropriately...