Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Seminar on Transformative Education and Educational Leadership (AISTEEL 2019)

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Development of Mathematical Learning Tools to Improve Representation Ability Based on Think Pair Share Models Assisted Virtual Manipulative

Faradilla Bafaqih, Dian Armanto, Elvis Napitupulu
This study aims to: (1) Determine whether Think Pair Share (TPS) learning tools developed in grade VII of SMP Negeri 11 Medan are valid, practical, and effective. (2) Knowing whether students' mathematical representation ability through the use of learning tools can be improved. This type of research...
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Development of the Process Evaluation Model in Ips Integrated Learning Based on 2013-Curriculum

N Suraiya, MOR Maulidian, Nurmasyitah
The research aims to develop a process evaluation model in Integrated IPS learning at Junior High School based on the 2013-Curriculum. This research development uses a method developed by Borg and Gall (1983). Subjects involved were teachers, principals, and students, who came from junior high schools...
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Needs Analysis on Training Management Model Development

Fibie Liona Pangaribuan, Darwin, Wanapri Pangaribuan
Needs analysis is the formal process to determine the gap between the ideal form and the current condition. This research aimed to analyze the needs of developing student training management models in Diploma III mechanical engineering department. This research uses descriptive qualitative approach method....
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Analysis of Teaching Materials in Learning Evaluation for Performance Assessment Based on National Standard University

Febiana Wulandari, Ajat Sudrajat, Mahmud
The implementation of the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) in higher education curriculum will strengthen the accountability of the implementation of education while ensuring the quality of graduates. The quality of graduates can be seen from the results of learning outcomes that have...
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The Supervision Model of Principal in Improving Teachers Performance (Case Study at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Al-Muslimin in Tebing Tinggi)

Efni Efrida, Benyamin Situmorang, Eka Daryanto
The purpose of this study is to determine the principal supervision strategy in improving teachers performance at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Al-Muslimin in Tebing Tinggi. This study used qualitative research methods. The data obtained based on observations, interviews, and documentation. The research has drawn...
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The Influence of Organizational Culture, Leadership, Cognitive Ability, and Work Motivation on Employees Performance

Rosmidar Sinaga, Paningkat Siburian, Sukarman Purba
This study was aimed at finding: The influence of organizational culture on work motivation; the influence of leadership on work motivation; the effect of cognitive ability on work motivation;) the influence of organizational culture on employee performance; the influence of leadership on employee performance;...
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Speech Function of Teachers and Students’ Utterances in Classroom Interaction at The Elementary School

Rafika Nur Rahman, Rahmad Husein, Meisuri
Speech function is an exchange communication between speaker and listener where the speaker adopts a speech functional role and signs the addressee a complementry role. This research discusses a case study of speech functions are used by teachers and students in the classroom interaction and how the...
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The Development of Morphology Acquisition Among the Children of 1.5 – 3.5 Years Old

Rikha Tania, Sumarsih, Berlin Sibarani
The aim of this study is deals with the development of morphology acquisition among the children of 1.5 until 3.5 years old a. The objectives of the research were to find out morphemes are acquired by the children 1.5 until 3.5 years old. This research conducted by the qualitative research and the research...
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Implementation of Project-Based Learning (PjBL) in Collaboration Skills and Communication Skills of Students

Yenni Dwi Aprilita Sagala, Mariati P. Simajuntak, Nurdin Bukit, Motlan
This study aims to (1) determine an increase in collaboration and communication skills through project-based learning, (2) determine the relationship of collaboration skills and communication skills through project-based learning. The population of this research is six classes XI MIA and a sample of...
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Discovery Learning Based E-Module on Protein Material Development

Eika Abigail Munthe, Saronom Silaban, Zainuddin Muchtar
Modules are teaching materials that are designed to be independently studied by learning participants. This study aims to determine the eligibility of biomolecular e-module that have been developed with discovery learning models on protein material. This study uses the ADDIE development model (Analyze,...
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Development of Interactive Multimedia in Learning to Read Genre Text with Local Wisdom for Students Junior High School Silangkitang

Nurhapni Handayani Optapia Siregar, Abdurahman Adisaputera, Amrin Saragih
Interactive multimedia is a collection of several media such as text, images, audio, video, and animation that are interactive that are used to convey information. Multimedia is the use of several media to present information. This combination can contain text, graphics, animations, images, videos and...
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Development of Poetry Writing Learning Module Assisted by Religious Songs for Junior High School UNIVA Medan

Hainur Anisa, Khairil Ansari, Mutsyuhito Solin
Development of teaching materials is done as an effort to improve learning outcomes and determine the material based on the context of the situation that exists in schools. Paradigms and perceptions that have occurred so far at the Madrasah Tsanawiyah PGA Univa Medan Project namely in developing a teaching...
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Development of Environmental Love Theme Materials Learning in Description Text Learning for Seven Junior High School

Elisa Anggraini, Wisman Hadi, Mutsyuhito Solin
Reading material development is an activity that designs innovative learning resources. Reading material is also usually equipped with various kinds of illustrations. Reading material developed with the right strategy will foster a creative effort to find the contents of the students' own reading. The...
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Analysis of Affective Assessment Material in the Textbook Evaluation of Chemistry Learning Outcomes Based on SNPT and Curriculum KKNI

Helmi Fauziah Nasution, Ajat Sudrajat, Iis Siti Jahro
This study was aimed at describing: affective assessment material in the textbook evaluation of chemistry learning outcomes in the UNIMED chemical education study program according to the national standards of higher education and curriculum KKNI. This study was contentanalysis using the qualitative...
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Impelementation of Teaching Factory on Training Management Model Development of Diploma III Students in Mechanical Engineering Departement, State University Medan

Siti Aisyah Siregar, Eka Daryanto, Restu
This research aim to determine the design of teaching factory, analyze the design manual and analyzing teaching factory quality control and follow-up in the development of the management model student training Diploma Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering, University of Medan. This research uses...
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Loss and Gain in Translation on Bilingual Online News Text

Adrian Rasyki, Sri Minda Murni, Amrin Saragih
This research was aimed to investigate the loss and gain in translation process based on the equivalence in bilingual online news text. The objective of the research is to find out the kinds of loss and gain that found in the news text. Descriptive qualitative method was used in this research. Ten online...
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The Effect of Participative Leadership , Team Work, Stress Management on Teacher’s Affective Commitment at Senior High School

Elprida Sulastri Lumbantoruan, Sukarman Purba, Eka Daryanto
The objective of this study to analyze the effect of: Partisipatif Leadership on Stress Management, Teamwork on Stress Management, Partisipatif Leadership on Teachers Affective Commitment,Teamwork on Teachers Affective Commitment and Stress Management on Teachers Affective Commitment. This research was...
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The Influence of Principal Managerial Competencies and Interpersonal Communication on Teachers Performance in Samanhudi Tanjung Pura Private Senior High School

Chandra, Mananda Situmorang, Mahyudin Situmeang
A principal must have five basic competencies: personality competence, managerial competence, entrepreneurial competence, supervisory competence and social competence. In managerial competence, a principal is expected to be able to plan, organize, mobilize and evaluate the school properly and responsibly...
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Participant Structure in Learning English: Linguistic Anthropology Approach

Tasnim Lubis
Studying about students’ participant structure in learning English has important role in evaluating their character toward implementing a method or technique further. To figure out their participant structure, the researcher used linguistic anthropology approach. It is able to provide information about...
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An Analysis of Students’ Knowledge on the Structure and Function of Plant Tissues in Senior High Schools of Medan

Riesyatul Khairiyah Nasution, Fauziyah Harahap, Syahmi Edi
The aim of this study was to determine the students' knowledge on the structure and function of plant tissues inSenior High Schools of Medan in 2017/2018. The analysis of students’ knowledge can be seen from two aspects, namely: 1) an analysis of students’ knowledge on the structure and function of plant...
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The Increasing of Student’s Mathematics Critical Thinking Ability Through Problem Based Learning

Yunita Sari, Edy Surya, Asmin
Critical thinking is a part of higher order thinking ability that require students to develop the process of analyzing or evaluating information on a problem based on logical thinking to determine decissions. But the fact in learning mathemathics, this ability is still not developed well, so that the...
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Development of Guide Book the Behavior Polinator’s of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)

Suci Rahmawati, Syarifuddin, Mufti Sudibyo
The aim of the study were to determine the quality and feasibility of guide book on behavior insecta polinator tomato (Solanum lycopersicum). This book development was based the Thiagarajan. Developed guidebook are validated based on the three criteria namely material/content, instructional media design...
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Interpersonal Metaphor of Mood in the Courtroom Interaction

Pera Handayani Harahap, Anni Holila Pulungan, Amrin Saragih
This study was investigated interpersonal metaphor of mood used in the Courtroom Interaction based on Systemic Functional Linguistics Approach. The objective of this study was to investigate the kinds of interpersonal metaphor of mood in the courtroom interaction. The research was conducted by using...