Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Automation, Mechanical Control and Computational Engineering (AMCCE 2017)

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Research on Different Illumination Image Classification Method

WenLi Zhang, HongLu Li, ZhuoZheng Wang
Aiming at the problem of video image captured by the monitoring system under the conditions of haze, rain, snow and uneven illumination, a classification method of different illumination is proposed in this paper. Through analyzing the characteristics of different illumination images, the features of...
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Numerical solution of two-dimensional Fredholm integral equations via modification of barycentric rational interpolation

Yubin Pan, Jin Huang
We have presented a modified barycentric rational interpolation method for solving two-dimensional integral equations. The present method can accurately approximate the exact solution. We also compare with the Lagrange interpolation method and Nystöm method. The proposed method can achieve higher numerical...
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iANOP-Enble: a sequence-based ensemble classifier for identifying antioxidant proteins by PseAAC and Random Forests

Xuan Xiao, Weifeng Ju, Mengjuan Hui
Inoxidizability of proteins is one of the most basic function attribute, and shares a sustainable effect for biological process in protein repair and regulate redox-sensitive signaling pathways. In the genome era, however, it is urgent to design an effective computation method to rapidly detect the antioxidant...
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MIMU/GNSS Tightly-Coupled Covariance Shaping Adaptive Filtering Method for UAV

Bin Liu, Rongjun Mu, Xin Zhang, NaiGang Cui
A covariance shaping adaptive Kalman filtering method is newly presented to improve the positioning accuracy of MIMU/GNSS tightly-coupled integrated navigation system for UAV. A dual channel parallel filter scheme with the adaptive filter is proposed to improve the real-time performance and make the...
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A lightweight coin detection and classification algorithm for low quality images

Zhi Liu, Yanru Sun
Coin detection and classification system is important in banks. When coin images are captured by low end line-scan camera with poor illumination, their quality will be relatively low. A lightweight algorithm is proposed for this kind of images. Firstly, a modified Canny operator is designed to filter...
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Study on Sentimental Analysis for Intermedia-UGC

Yong Xu, Dongqin Li, Fengshan Si, SHuqin Huang
Intermedia user generated content is an important media which can be used to express personal sentimental emotion in the Internet. The paper defined the meaning of user's generated content; analyzed the essential characteristics in the view of subject, content, life cycle and media form. Finally, two...
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Wear and Friction Property of Laser Sintered Graphene Nickel Composite Coating

Zengrong Hu, Zhuqiang Shao, Feng Chen, Jiale Xu, Changjun Chen
Graphene sheets and nickel powder were dispersed into Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) solution by magnetic stirring, and then pre-coating the mixed solution on the polished AISI4140 substrate. And after laser sintering, graphene nickel composite coating was successfully fabricated. Microstructures and composition...
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Dynamic Modeling Method of Transmission Gear System for Pure Electric Vehicle

Yulong Lei, Xiaoxin Gang, Yao Fu, Jianlong Hu, Bo Yan
This paper combines the advantages of the finite element method and lumped parameters to build the dynamic model of gear system. The gear is regarded as concentrated mass while the axis is considered as an elastic beam element and the quality of the bearing unit is ignored. Each element is assembled...
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Diffraction efficiency enhancement of transient holographic gratings in nematic liquid crystals doped with Disperse Red 1

Hongjing Li, ChangsHun Wang
The diffraction properties of transient holographic gratings recorded by two 532 nm laser beams were investigated in nematic liquid crystals doped with Disperse Red 1. A nearly 30-fold enhancement of the first-order diffraction efficiency as a function of heating time was obtained when the sample temperature...
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A Study of Solutions Based on Boundary Integral Method for Thick Plate Bending Problems in Several Different Boundary Conditions

Yingjie Chen, Chao Wang, Jianxun Yang, Yingwei Song, Teng Teng
Based on Reissner theory, this paper investigates the vibration problems of rectangular thick paltes by applying boundary integral method. This paper presents the concept of the quasi basic system, applies the boundary integral method in it and the actual system, and derives the governing equation and...
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Emotional Evaluation Based on SVM

Yu Nie, Yang Wu, ZhongYao Yang, Guangzhi Sun, Yongjian Yang, Xuanyi Hong
With the continuous development of the modern intelligent household, people found that brain wave can be used for controlling household appliances. EEG signal, as a typical brain wave signal carrying the brain state information, has walked into the researcher's view. Brain wave carries detailed information...
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A new node selection method of Deep Belief Network based on similarity

Leifang Yan, MingYan Jiang
Research on the node selection problem in Deep Belief Network(DBN). A new node selection model based on similarity is proposed to select nodes in the pre-training process of DBN, which is an unsupervised process. Firstly, extracting the nodes feature from pre-training weight matrix, and then comparing...
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Risk Prediction and Dynamic Risk Simulation of Each Stage of E-government System Outsourcing

Youshi He, Yu Lu
The purpose of this paper is to analyze basic theory of E-government system outsourcing and risk management theory, identify 33 risk factors of four stage of E-governmnt system outsourcing under asymmetric information, determine weights of all kinds of risks and the risk factors through empirical research...
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A Hybrid HDP-ME-LDA Model for Sentiment Analysis

Bo Yuan, Gang Wu
Sentiment Analysis is an important research area in data mining. Recently, various topic models for aspect detection and sentiment analysis have been proposed, many of which are based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation(LDA) unsupervised machine learning approach. LDA requires the number of topics in advance...
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FPGA Based Research on Safety Information Transmission Mechanism of Rail Transit

Hao Wu, Jian Wang, Pengfei Cai
In recent years, with the rapid development of China High-speed Rail and magnetic levitation transportation, the domestic rail transit industry has entered a high-speed, high efficiency, high safety and high reliability stage. Signal safety is the core of safe and reliable operation of rail transit....
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Comparison of Human Opinion Scores in Subjective Video Quality Test

Yiwen Xu, Qi Li, Xia Li, Ying Fang
The new MPEG-H/H.265 High Ef ciency Video Coding(HEVC) standard greatly promotes the video compression ef ciency and also creates new opportunities and challenges in perceptual video coding. To measure the perceptual quality, Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is obtained by averaging human scores in subjective...
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Security Analysis of the Authentication Schemes Based on Wireless Sensor Networks

Binbin Yu, Liang Hu
As one of the basic technologies for building Internet of Things, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are a hot research topic at present. In this paper, two basic structures of WSNs are described briefly, and the current security situation and security risks of WSNs are introduced. Then, this paper summarizes...
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A Novel Granularity-based Classification in Cloud Environment

Wenjuan Shao, Qingguo SHen, XianLi Jin, Liaoruo Huang
Cloud computing service is a new computing paradigm which consists of distributed and large scale computing resources. Effective classification managements for the resources is necessary. In this paper, we describe some concept and principle about classification, and present a classification algorithm...
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Multipath Interference Suppression Technology Based on CSS-VTRM-OFDM

Huating Tao
Multipath interference is the main factor of wireless communication, especially in the dense multipath channel. How to improve the performance of the tunnel wireless communication is a hot issue. From the modulated carrier, spreading, multipath propagation, to de-spreading process gives theoretical analysis...
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Forecasting for Air Material Consumption Based on Winters Exponential Smoothing Model

Yanming Yang, Wenxiu Wang, Chaoran Guo
It is indispensable to scientifically predict the consumption of air material spare parts and to make scientific decisions on aviation equipment maintenance resources and make full use of existing resources to improve maintenance capability. In the process of aviation equipment maintenance and support,...
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The Simulation of Tire Dynamic Performance Based on "Magic Formula"

PeiCheng Shi, Qi Zhao, RongYun Zhang, Li Ye
Based on "Magic Formula", the tire dynamics simulation model was established in the Matlab/Simulink, contraposed many conditions like braking, steering and steering-braking combination. The main load of tire and the wheel aligning torque were simulated, then got the relationship curve between the longitudinal...
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A Method of WLAN Indoor Location Based on MMDM-Boost

Xiaoyi Li, Ke Wen
Towards the problem of the time-varying AP signal strength degrades the indoor positioning accuracy in Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), a WLAN indoor positioning method based on multiple mixed distribution model (MMDM) and Adaboost algorithm is adopted. Firstly, in order to describe the probability...
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Harm and Preventive Measures of Transformer Outlet Short Circuit

Hua Zhang, Qinghao Wang, Guobin Liu, TiansHu Hai, Hainan Su, Yang Hu, Qidong Zhao, Chuanzong Zhao, BoYu Shi
It puts forwards related test and requirements while analyze harm of outlet short-circuit to power transformer in the state of increasing volume of power system short-circuit. Furthermore it describes process of harm accident when power transformer close range outlet, check test's situation, analyze...
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Development of a Voltage Resistance Device for Low Voltage Cables

CHuanbo Liu, Chuanzong Zhao, FuLiang Zhang, Liu Wang, YuanLin Song, ZhiTong Liu, Yi Wang, Qinghao Wang, Jiatian Bai
Because the cable is laid underground, the space is not occupied, and an underground cable channel can accommodate a plurality of lines, and is favorable for the city street beautiful, so the cable is used more and more widely. With the increasing number of low-voltage cables, cable accident rate is...
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Application of Organic Silicone Antifreeze in the Temperature Measurement System of Transformer

Qinghao Wang, ChenYang Liu, EnLu Wang, Wenguang Zhang, XiaosHu Zhang, Qiang Zhao, Feng Shi, JiaTong Sun, Changxin Ge
Transformer in the operation process, iron core, winding and steel structure to produce loss. These losses will produce heat, leading to the transformer temperature rise, the aging of insulation materials to accelerate, the transformer's service life is shortened. In order to ensure that the temperature...
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Measures to Avoid the Pollution Flashover

Yi Wang, Qiang Zhao, XinYu Li, CHuang Wang, Pin Lv, Qingguo Meng, Feng Shi, Qiang Liu, BoYu Shi
The pollution flashover is short for the filthy external insulation flashover of power transmission and transformation equipment. The three elements of pollution flashover are filth, damp and voltage. This paper analyzed that Fushun is the serious pollution area. Because of user substation does not clean...
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Measures to Reduce the Line Loss of Power Supply Enterprise

Yanhai Huang, Yanjun Pang, Bo Liu, Jing Jin, Hong Zhang, Yuanda Zhu, HuiYan Cao, CHuang Wang, Yingying Yang
With the development of economy, demand of energy has grown continuously for residents live and work in. The electric industry will obtain a bigger development space. The maintenance and management of the power system will also get the attention. Line loss and its management as an important way to maintain...
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Analysis and Preventive Measures on Bird Pest of Transmission Line

Bo Liu, Changxin Ge, Qiang Liu, Yi Wang, Xinnan Xie, Yanjun Pang, ChenYang Liu, Liu Wang, Yanhai Huang
Guano flashover belongs to a form of pollution flashover, whose process is complex. Bird droppings shows liquid and has a certain viscosity and high conductivity, especially the conductive rate of some wading bird droppings reaches 6000~8000 s/cm. This article expounds the guano flashover generally can...
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Development of Fixed Device for Rotating Ultrasonic Sensor

Bo Zhu, Hua Zhang, Xinnan Xie, Chenghao Lan, SHuyi Tao, Miao Wang, TiansHu Hai, Yanjun Pang, Qinghao Wang
In order to solve the problem of GIS equipment structure and limited space, the paper develops the fixed device for rotary ultrasonic sensor based on the actual situation, expounds the principle of ultrasonic testing, and introduced the partial discharge defects, corona defects, free metal particle defects...
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Development of Heating Device for Drawer Type Circuit Breaker

Lei Zhang, Bo Fang, Pin Dong, Tianci Li, Jia Liu, Rui Tong, Xiao Liu, Jingyi Zhang, Yanjun Pang
High voltage circuit breaker is the most important control and protection equipment in power system. Northern winter weather is cold, and the breaker mechanism box relies on the heating device to raise the temperature, thus ensure the normal operation of the circuit breaker. Now the heating plate of...
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Development of Charged Insulating Clothing Detection Device

FuLiang Zhang, Miao Wang, Lei Zhang, Yanhai Huang, Ruiguo Chen, Jie Sun, Shuo Shang, Xue Bai, Yu Meng
In order to improve the reliability of power supply, power grid companies carry out the project of 10kV power distribution of live working actively, which gradually realizes the overhaul of distribution power without outage. The workers doing the operation to stop outage need to wear charged insulating...
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Analysis and Repair of the Fault of Electric Power Special Optical Cable

LisHuai He, ZhiTong Liu, Bin Lu, Shuo Shang, Xingcai Shi, Wei Ma, YuHui Zhang, Yadong Si, CHuanbo Liu
Electric power special optical cable is an important part of electric power information communication system. Electric power special optical fiber cable, can be simply understood as the optical cable and power line belongs to the same tower erection, the optical cable does not need to be set up separately....
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The Application of Intelligent Charge and Discharge Device in the Cable Query

Mei Xu, Qidong Zhao, CHuanbo Liu, ZhiTong Liu, Jianfeng Li, Jie Sun, Xingcai Shi, Wei Wang, Chuanzong Zhao
The cables are usually laid underground, don't take up ground and space, are conducive to the city, factory neat and beautiful, play a role in that they can't be replaced by overhead lines on many occasions, and the cables are widely used. It is Unable to avoid breaking down for the long time running...
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Analysis of 220kV Oil Immersed Inverted Current Transformer Fault and Precautions during Operation

Yi Zhu, Hong Zhang, Xinming Wang, Xu Liu, Hua Rong, YunLin Guan, Wanyi Zheng, Su Zhang, Xin Jin
In this paper, a 220kV substation occurred in a 220kV oil immersed inverted current transformer failure were analyzed. Based on the principle and characteristics of the current transformer, this paper analyzes and judges the cause of the accident using the structure, characteristic analysis, accident...
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Fault Analysis of Wall Bushing Dielectric Loss and Capacitance of 66kV Exceed the Standard

Zhiqiang Zhang, Yi Zhu, Xin Wei, Yongjie Tong, Fei Han, Xin Jin, Yongfei Yi, Yuanda Zhu, Su Zhang
Bushing dielectric loss factor measurement test is a very high sensitivity. Through the analysis of the measurement data, it can be judged whether the insulation of the equipment is the whole damp, the deterioration of the insulation, and the local defects of the small capacitor. Introduces the method...
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Dual-color Multiresponsive Rhodamine Derivative and its Photochromic Enhancement Behavior in Polyurethane

Guoping Zeng, Hengfeng Li, Jun Zhang, Fu-qian Sun, Yaqing Weng, SHuang Wang
In this study, a rhodamine derivative (RH-PY) with dual color (blue green to orange) and multiple response (light, acid gas, and force) was synthesized. The photochromic enhancement behavior of rhodamine derivative in polyurethane matrix was explored. By complexing polyurethane with RH-PY, the open-form...
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Study of Fault Diagnosis for Rolling Bearing Based on GA-BP Algorithm

Yue Wen, Minping Jia, Cheng Luo
With the development of modern technology, the diagnosis technology for mechanical equipment has attached more attentions. This paper mainly presents the fault diagnosing process for rolling bearing by using the hybrid GA-BP algorithm, which combines genetic algorithm (GA) with error back-propagation...
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Error Source Analysis and Compensation Research of Laser Radar Scanning System

Peng Cang, ZhengLin Yu, Zheng Wang
Aiming at the measurement characteristics of the laser radar scanning system, the relevant error source analysis is carried out, and the main factors influencing the measurement error are listed. At the same time, the influence of the error source on its data processing and measurement accuracy is discussed....
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Design of Control System for Intelligent Self-Service Cabinet

Xiangfei Meng, Xin Li, Qiming Gu
The Intelligent Self-Service Cabinet is an important device which developed for convenient delivery of fresh distribution fields. In order to meet the needs of the users, this paper is based on Cortex-M3 to cater the design requirements of the Intelligent Self-Service Cabinet. The Host-Controller communicates...
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Research on the Equipment Fault Diagnosis Based on GN-BP Neural Network

Jian Du, Yu-cai Dong, Jing Xia, HuiZhen Li
Neural network provides a new research method for equipment fault diagnosis with its inherent memory ability, self-learning ability and strong fault tolerance. In the basis of equipment fault diagnosis characterized mathematical, the research established the model of fault diagnosis for equipment based...
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Design of Model of VANET-based Parking Space Information Distribution

Gang Cheng
As a variety of smart mobile terminals are in high-speed development, Vehicle Ad Hoc Network (VANET) reveals its huge potential of application in road traffic control and parking space information distribution and acquisition by VANET is one of its important applications. In this paper, a model of distributing...
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Personalized recommendation method based on user behavior analysis

Yu Wang, Jin Shang, Xiaofang Wu, MaoFu Liu
The characteristics of user's behavior in the real scene are analyzed, and a personalized recommendation method based on user behavior analysis is put forward. In the electronic commerce user behavior can be divided into clicking, purchasing, collecting, plussing shopping cart, etc. The current mainstream...
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Trench based stress modulation structure for 90nm-gate CESL strained N MOSFET

Qian Luo, Changgui Tan, Xiangzhan Wang, Bin Liu
A novel trench based stress modulation structure for strained 90nm-gate N MOSFET is demonstrated in this letter. The numerical simulation using SENTAURUS SPROCESS shows that, with this structure, the channel stress can be changed from compressive to tensile in a case of compressive CESL strained device....
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A Novel Approach to Make Decision in Intelligent Decision Support systems

Yehong Han
Although decision ability of intelligent decision support systems has been greatly improved, the method of decision making under uncertainty is a difficult point. In this paper, an algorithm based on rough set theory is introduced, and the approach to make decision in intelligent decision support systems...
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Prior Polarity Dictionary Derived from SentiWordNet based on Random Forest Algorithm

Xiaobin Li, Yongquan Dong, Gai-Ge Wang, Mo Hou
The prior polarity of words, as a challenging problem, can make great contribution to the sentiment analysis task. In this paper, we propose a method to generate the prior polarity dictionary based on Random Forest (RF) learning algorithm. We compare the proposed approach with the previous methods. The...
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An Adaptive MAC Protocol for SDCS System Based on LoRa Technology

Tian Deng, Jiang Zhu, Zhiqiang Nie
The sensor data collection satellite (SDCS) system, as a part of the Internet of Things (IoT), enables data transmission in areas without Internet and mobile communication coverage. A novel technology named LoRa for Low power wide area network (LPWAN) enables energy-efficient communication over long...
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Integrated Sequence Assembly-based Approach for Calling Genomic Long Insertion

Lu Ye, JingYang Gao
With the application and development of high-throughput sequencing technology, the detection methods of structural variants based on sequencing have emerged. However, since the high-throughput sequencing reads is relatively short compared to the previous sequencing reads, it is difficult to detect long...
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Research and Strengthening of Sensitive Power Grid

Tianqi Lu, Dongwei Wang, Ran Liu, Jiye Yang, Xun Gao, Youyin Wang, XiangLin Li, Tao Liu, Song Ju
Based on distributed algorithm, in order to make it more effective, we hope to optimize certain steps of the algorithm by the introduction of PSO. PSO is one of the swarm intelligence algorithm that has been developed in recent years aiming at multi-objective optimization, which based on the hypothesis...
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Analysis of the principle and application of dynamic reactive power compensation device

Tianqi Lu, Jiye Yang, Zezhong Wang, JinYuan Liu, Li Jiang, Meijun Li, Zhuoran Song, Qiang Ma, Zheng Gu
Reasonable reactive power compensation is very important for the transmission and distribution system, the current main dynamic compensation for the TCR SVC, MCR SVC and SVG three ways. In this paper, the working characteristics and basic principles of these three methods are introduced, and the development...
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Definition and formula of substance content change in marine bay and the application

Dongfang Yang, Danfeng Yang, Fengyou Wang, Sixi Zhu, Xiuqin Yang
We analyzed the substance content change in marine based on water exchange, and provided definitions and formulas for horizontal loss amount, vertical dilution amount and vertical sedimentation amount. A case study in analysis the change of Pb contents in Jiaozhou Bay was provided to exhibit the application...
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A preprocessing strategy of RDF data query based on relational database

YuanYuan Chen
To improve the efficiency of the query on the data of resource description framework (RDF), the method of storage and management of the data at home and abroad is studied. According to the characteristic of the data that the number of subjects and objects is large and the number of attributes is small,...
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Application of Internet of Things and Cloud Computing in the Logistics Equipment Support System

Xin Ren, Yuan Li, Tie-ying Wu, Shi-Lei Xin, Li Ma
Along with the wide application of high and new technology, the modern war mode has gradually changed and tasks of logistics equipment support are increasing, which will put forward higher requirements for logistics equipment support sensitivity, rapidity, accuracy and visualization, and making further...
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Improvement of Dance Teaching Method of Preschool Education Major Based on Big Data Analysis

Sisi Ren
With the rapid development of the network technology, the network information presents an explosive growth, which marks the arrival of the great era. Big data analysis is valued and applied by more and more people under the background of the great era. As for the problems existing in the dance teaching...
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Dynamical properties of a new six-term chaotic system

Sen Qin
A new butterfly-shaped three-dimensional chaotic system with six terms is proposed, which includes four parameters to control its chaotic dynamics. Some dynamic behaviors, such as symmetry, equilibrium points, and Lyapunov exponent spectra, are theoretically and numerically discussed. The bifurcation...
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The Application Analysis of Computer Technology in Dance Teaching

Sisi Ren
With the continuous development of computer technology, its application increases gradually in various disciplines' teaching. The application of computer technology in dance teaching also has certain feasibility. On the one hand, computer audio technology provides corresponding music for dance teaching,...
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Impoverished Students Affirmation and Funding Management System Application Design

Wei Gui, Yafen Wu, Wenbin Zhong
At present colleges and universities in our country have initially created diversified funding system for impoverished students, such as award, loan, financing, subsidies and reduction. Impoverished students' finance management contents in colleges and universities are becoming richer and richer. Using...
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Brief Introduction of 1553B Bus Technology and Its Application

Wei Huang, Zhong Wang, Xin Wang
1553B bus with its reliability and real-time plays an important role in the field of military data bus. This paper introduces the history, characteristics and message transmission format of 1553B bus, analyzes the reliability of 1553B bus communication system, compares several typical buses, and discusses...
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Analysis of Anti-Radiation Missile Antagonizing Active Decoy Technology

JunYao Tang, Fei Cao, Sijia Li
With the constant innovation of active decoy technology, it threatens the effectiveness of anti-radiation missile strike capability. This paper introduces the characteristics of ARM passive radar seeker, analyzes the current situation of active decoy technology, and based on this, advances the method...
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Identification of peanut oil based on feature layer spectral data fusion method

Jie Wang, Yaru Yu, SHuang Wu, Xiao Zheng, Dongping He
The purpose of this study is to conduct qualitative analysis on the adulteration in peanut oil by combining data fusion of Raman and near infrared ( NIR) spectral characteristics with chemometrics methods With laser Raman and NIR spectrometer the spectra of 134 adulterated oil samples and 24 pure peanut...
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Research on Embedded GUI Technology and Its Application in Control System of Engineering Machinery

Yan Hou, Jinxia Huang
this paper makes deep analysis on design process and main technology of embedded GUI; it makes detailed design and realization on its key part-Graphic Device Interf. Ace, meanwhile it combines with embedded GUI development software to develop one set of embedded GUI system with strong function and beautiful...
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Analysis of massive unsupervised text sentiment based on rough set time series model

BaoChen Du
One text sentiment classifier constructed based on the mechanism of dynamic classification of sample space has been proposed to improve the accuracy of Chinese text sentiment recognition by starting from the perspective of integrated learning. This algorithm makes full use of the identification information...
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Analysis of properties for Lime-metakaolin (L-MK) restoration mortar

Yan-Jun Song, Lu Zhang
There are various factors affecting drying shrinkage of cement-based material, including use quantity of cement and auxiliary cementitious material, water cement ratio, maintenance system and drying condition, and in addition, total quantity of coarse and fine aggregate, matching and category also affect...
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Radio-Controlled Car Operation Level Estimation with Physiological Index

KangMing Chang, SihHuei Chen, YangFan Lee
Radio-controlled (RC) car is an interesting leisure activity. RC car motion is controlled by operator's hand. Left hand is to control the throttle and the right hand is to control the direction. A novel physiological index to assess the learning level of operator is proposed in this article. Twelve expert...
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A Points Imaging Passive Localization Algorithm for Bistatic Stations in the Parallel Track and Squint Mode

Longjian Zhou, Jingqing Luo, Shilong Wu
For passive localization of wideband signal sources, a points imaging passive localization algorithm is proposed with the information of time difference of arrival(TDOA) and frequency difference of arrival(FDOA). This method uses the principle of Synthetic Aperature Radar(SAR) imaging and the idea of...
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Design and implementation of Statistical Process Control based on MES

Sha Liu, Peng Li, GuoLinag Hu, Bin Duan
According to the principle of SPC control chart, combined with the application module and service module of MES system, the SPC based MES system is realized, which contains Generation Control Chart sub module, Test Control Chart sub module, Product Field Monitor sub module, Data Acquisition sub module,...
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The Implementation and Application of Data Visualization Based on CAS-MES

JinHua Zhu, Peng Li
Data visualization plays more and more important roles in the process of information technology popularization among the enterprises. With the enlargement of the valid data acquired in daily production, great challenges of data display for the users and utilization of the data, which requires scientific...
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The Perspective of B2MML Based on Implementation

Feng Wang, FuCheng Pan, Peng Li
The B2MML[1] (Business To Manufacturing Markup Language) based on XML[2] is an implementation of communication specification, to exchange text information. Based on Web Service and ISA95[3], B2MML technology was designed and implemented into as a MES integration interface scheme. The scheme is with the...
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Mass Data Query Optimization Based on Multi-objective Co-evolutionary Algorithm

Ting Zhang
multi-connection database query optimization belongs to a kind of typical complex problem and cost of optimal query strategy obtained from traditional Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm is relatively high under some conditions and it is easy to fall into local optimal solution. Based on Quantum Particle...
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Solenoidal Magnetic Field Distribution based on Holzer Sensor

Lei Tong, CHun-ran Li
The experimental measurement method for how to eliminate side effects of Holzer component has been mainly studied in this paper, Holzer sensor has been adopted to measure the relationship between exciting current and output Holzer voltage within electrified solenoid and the result that Holzer electric...
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Finite element simulation of cutting HT250 process by self-prepared Si3N4 ceramic insert in different cutting speed

Bo Wang, Jia Li, Jian-Tong Liu
The simulation models were created based on the material properties of the self-prepared Si3N4 insert and HT250 workpiece. Using these models, the simulation results of cutting force, temperature and tool stress were availably obtained in different cutting speed. It was concluded by these results that...
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NK-GPGPU A GPGPU model for nested kernels

QianLi Xing, Liang Hu, Xilong Che
More and more scientific problems are now using GPGPU to solve. However , the existing GPGPU did not give a good solution for the problems such as recursive calls and multiple calls problems. Our proposed NKGPGPU model is a descriptive model that solves the key issues of the NK-GPGPU, including hardware...
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The Case study of WTO Dispute Settlement on Value-Added Tax of Integrated Circuits between U.S. and China

Yu Liu
This paper analyzes the case between U.S. and China Regarding China's Tax on Integrated Circuits. It evaluates on a country-by-country basis how they have fared in the specific case in which they were involved and in advancing their major trade policy concerns. Finally, it explores key issues and suggests...
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A Study on the Factors Affecting E-logistics System in Chinese Logistics Industry

Yu Liu
Regarding the current situation of E-logistics of Chinese logistics industry, there are still many problems to be concerned and resolved. This paper reviews the concepts and theoretical background of E-logistics System from previous researches. After acknowledging the essential issues on E-logistics...
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Distributed Algorithm of Connected Dominating Sets Based on Energy Balance

Dan Zou
When conventional algorithm mainly constructs CDS from a perspective of CDS scale, network energy balance issue will be neglected, making some nodes of oversize residual energy become dominating ones. Due to ultra-low energy, these dominating nodes will become inactive very soon, impacting network coverage...
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Biogas engine start controller PID parameter setting

Qing-Xie Chen, CHun-Fu Wu
In today's electrical age, error-prevention control and automatic safety device of biogas engine system is playing an important role in modernized production and life. Based on the conclusion of fuzzy-control algorithm, after making up bugs in the above DC speed regulating device and combining error-prevention...
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The application of the electromagnetic shielding technology in the design of the heat dissipation of the shipboard cabinet

ShaoLin Cui, Chen Luo, XiangYu Li
The Paper summarizes the electromagnetic shielding technology and introduces structure form and key points of thermal design of a kind of forced-air-cooling closed cabinet and structure composition of electrical system cabinet of a shipboard device. Calculate and analyze heat dissipation and select draught...
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Decision risk analysis for power grid planning based on AHP fusion RBF

CHunYan Fan, Xiaoxia Li, Hongyin Jiang, Zhibin Chen
In order to meet the structural and functional requirements of simulation laboratory for power grid planning study for application data processing, a set of application data subsystems for the simulation laboratory of power grid planning study is designed according to the actual demand of grid planning...
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Digital campus data grid environment architecture based on IPV6

RongYi He
Next-generation internet shall completely change the lifestyle of people. IPv6 is very suitable for the large-scale network environment with abundant terminal data on account of the huge address space owned by IPv6, plug and play and easy configuration, and internal support on mobility. With the popularity...
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Design and Implementation of English Writing Evaluation System

Weiwei Qu
Writing assessment is an important part of writing teaching, which directly affects students' writing motivation and writing attitude. The traditional evaluation method of College English writing is single, and the effectiveness of the evaluation is not enough to improve the students' writing ability....
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Analysis and Design of Orchestral Instruments Sales Management System Based on B/S Structure

Ying Yue
With the continuous development of world music and music educational undertakings, orchestra has gradually appeared in various forms of musical performances; the kind of orchestral instruments also became more and more, so the design and implementation of an orchestral instruments sales management system...
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Design on English Grammar Comprehensive Query System based on SSH Framework

HaiYan Feng
Any language has its inherent rules and laws, the rules of the grammar is a set of words, is the tie that vocabulary and sentences are important to the language conditions, from the essence of language, the practical characteristics of English teaching, the cognitive perspective, English grammar is the...
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Design on Digital Resources Reading Tendency Investigate System of College Students

Li Ma, YuYang Zu
Reading is the process of college students' understanding of the world and their own knowledge, is the main channel to expand the knowledge perspective, and is the main means to enhance the comprehensive cultural quality. In the electronic information era, the investigation of digital resources in college...
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Design on Japanese Listening Mobile Learning System based on iOS Platform

Yajie Zhang
Modern mobile communication technology and mobile learning theory combined with the mobile learning, provides a new model for Japanese listening learning. This system is based on the researches on the iOS platform. First of all, research by Cocoa touch, Media application, the Core service and the Core...
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Research of Core Configuration File for Integrated SSH Framework

Yongchang Ren, HouHua SHen
SSH is a powerful open source framework of Java Web and a lightweight solution for develop J2EE enterprise-class Web application. For the characteristics of SSH framework configuration file content more, configuration complexity and difficult to grasp, study the core configuration files. Based on the...
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Development and Design of Music Education Resource Library Based on Web

Zhe Li, Hui Ma
Music as a part of people's leisure and cultural life is rapidly developing and constantly updating, there are many music has gradually been forgotten by people, the development of network technology provides an opportunity for better protecting music education resources; so the study of developing and...
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Design on Music Teaching System Based on J2EE

Zhe Li, Hui Ma
With the rapid development of the network and the growing maturity of the related teaching software, music teaching system as an aid teaching methods is the development trend of university music education. This paper designs the music teaching system based on J2EE. First, studies the key technologies...
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Cloud computing service center model for medical service and data processing

ZhiYi Mo, Ch uanBen Xu, Qing Li
When entering a new stage of socialism, science and technology have developed rapidly. The technology represented by computer and internet has been used widely in all walks of life. Cloud computing technologies and concepts, as a new invention, not only change the original mode of computing resources,...
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Analysis of large data classification based on knowledge element in micro-blog short text

Wendong Xia, Yuanfeng Liu, DeLi Chen
A statistical analysis method of figurative emotion of decision on micro-blog short text based on content correction is proposed in the Thesis. Based on emotional analysis and statistics of micro-blog short text, model of figurative method on micro-blog short text based on emotion is created when using...
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Research of DOA Estimation Based on Modified MUSIC Algorithms

Liwei Huang, YuLin Chen, Huiqin Chen
This paper studys several kinds of MUSIC algorithms in DOA estimation, expounds the principle of Root-MUSIC algorithm, beamforming MUSIC algorithm, spatial smoothing MUSIC algorithm, conductes simulation for uniform linear array with Matlab, get the characteristics of three kinds of algorithms, Root-MUSIC...
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Effects of W on high-temperature antioxidative properties of Nb/Nb5Si3 composite

WenYuan Long, Weiguo Liu, Xuan Liu
The multi-component Nb-Si system in-situ composites with composition of Nb-20Si-5Al-15Ti-xW (at. %) were prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) technology. The high temperature oxidation behavior and microstructure of the alloy were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray diffraction...
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Analyzing the Frontier scientific issue applying Classical Separation Variable Method

Yuee Li, ZhongLei Mei, ANing Ma, Zhong Wang, Lin Cheng
In this paper, we introduce surface plasmons, a hot issue in the Frontiers of Science and Technology into the teaching process of "Mathematical Physics Method" course. We analyzed extensively metal nanowires, a typical plasmonic waveguide combining the separation method and numerical solution method....
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Simulation and Analysis of An Ultra-Wideband Ranging System

Zifen Yang, LiHua Han, Guoqiang Li, CHupeng Shi
By analyzing the principle of the UWB Ranging System, a mathematical model of the system is built, and then UWB signal models are chosen. By theoretical analysis, an important conclusion is drawn that signal processing of UWB ranging system is essentially time-domain sampling of echo signals. In the...
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A Novel Improvement for International Online Judging System and its Applications to Experimental Reform of C++ Course

Yunping Zheng, Mudar Sarem, Qinghong Yang, Xiaomeng Xie
The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM/ICPC) provides college students an opportunity to interact with students from other universities and to sharpen and demonstrate their problem-solving, programming, and teamwork skills. The C++ course is an important professional backbone course...
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Design of Stepper Motor Control Circuit with Adjustable Torque

Fang Lin, Yu Wang, Yi-bin Fu, Fan Lu, Zhen Chang, Xiao-han Qiu
A design of a circuit controlling stepper motors in light-shifting device of the satellite-born spectrometer was proposed. This design utilizes FPGA as the core control chip and LMD18200 as the driving chip of stepper motors. To reduce the abrasion of bearings and overcome the increase of the resistance...
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Development of Simulation Experiments for the Curriculum of Data Communication and Computer Network

Yao Zhang, Qun Wang
In order to make up for the deficiency of traditional actual experiments in the curriculum of data communication and computer network, we put forward an idea that network simulation technique should be applied to develop experiment items. The methods of developing simulation experiments by network simulator...
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An Enhanced SMS-based OTP Scheme

YongHe Zhou, Liang Hu, Jianfeng CHu
Authenticate our identity by sending a One Time Password (OTP) through Short Message Service (SMS) is widely used in nowadays. But SMS-based OTP faces with some problems make it not secure. This paper presents a way by using encryption to enhance the security of SMS-based OTP. We introduced a parameter...
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Application of Decision Tree C4.5 Algorithm in Air Quality Evaluation

Nan Hu, Qing Li
Air pollution has a significant impact on human production and life, the prediction of air quality's level is conducive to the relevant departments to take appropriate measures. This paper selects six basic pollutants PM10,PM2.5,SO2,NO2,CO and O3, which are stipulated in the "Ambient Air Quality Standard"...
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The simulation and research of seismoelectric logs for Logging While Drilling(LWD)

Yongpeng Zhao, XiangYang Sun
When the acoustic field propagates in the porous medium, the electromagnetic wave can be induced by the seismoelectric effects which can be used in the logging. This paper studies the seismoelectric wave field and deduces the formulations of the acoustic and electromagnetic field of the liquid in the...
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Different types of seasonal changing processes of Pb in Jiaozhou bay

Dongfang Yang, Haixia Li, LongLei Zhang, Jiangmin Li, Nan Nan
This paper analyzed the seasonal variations of Pb in surface and bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay based on investigation of Pb in surface and waters in different seasons during 1979-1983. Results showed that at temporal scale, Pb contents in bottom waters were more or less increasing/decreasing along with...