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Complex Blind Interference Suppression for CDMA System

Xin-Quan Luo
To solve the problem that traditional LMS predictive technique is sensitive to complex white Gaussian noise and traditional blind LMS code-aided technique can’t reject sinusoidal tone interference in code division multiple access (CDMA) system, a new blind LMS predictive code-aided technique is proposed....
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Electromagnetically Excited Vibration Calculation for a Three-phase Asynchronous Motor With Finite Element Method

Yan Li, Jianan Liu, Jiakuan Xia
This paper mainly studies the electromagnetic vibration of a the three-phase asynchronous motor under no-load condition. A time-stepping finite element model of the three-phase asynchronous motor was built to calculate the transient electromagnetic field, and Maxwell stress tensor method is adopted to...
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The Electromagnetic Design and Optimization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Electro-spindle for Turning Machine

Yan Li, Jianing Yan, Jiakuan Xia
As the wide application of permanent magnet (PM) synchronous electro-spindle in turning machine, a Siemens 1FE1 built-in water-cooled PM synchronous electro-spindle is taken as a reference, and the electromagnetic design and simulation is analyzed by finite element software Ansoft in this paper. On the...
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Satellite Images Recovery Based on Wiener filter

Jingxin Xiao, Zhuang Xiong, Zhichun Zhang, Feng Zhang, Wen Xu
As for the problem that ground scenery image interfered causes its quality decreased, and in order to get high-quality data ground scenery, in this paper, firstly analyze the main factors of image degradation and then we adopt wiener filtering to recover image which is interfered by movement blurred...
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An Improved Image Retrieval Algorithm Based on Color Histogram

Yanxue Dong
Color is a basic element of image content and is one of the main sensing features for recognizing images. Color histogram is widely used to retrieve images and the processing mostly concerns the choice and quantization of color space, the definition of color histogram and the distance of two images in...
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Power Allocation by PSO in MAC

Jingxi Zhang
The capacity of Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) Multiple Access Channel (MAC) can be approached by means of power allocation. The MAC can be regarded as single user multiple level coding and modulation system by applying pulse amplitude modulation to the individual signal and superimposing the weighted...
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Construction of MBD-Based Three-Dimensional Process Design Platform for Aircraft Manufacturing

Xudong Xu, Song Chen, Guangjun Li, Shuheng Wang, Yizhang Li
Referring to the experience of aeronautical manufacturing enterprises abroad like Boeing and Dassault, it is necessary to build the three-dimensional design platform of aircraft manufacturing technology based on the model-based definition (MBD), integrate the existing engineering data of many systems...
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Web Service Aggregation Platform Implementation Based on Join Operation

Jianxiao Liu, Da Ning, Kai Xing, Zonglin Tian, Panbiao Liu, Feng Liu
In the era of service computing, it needs to develop web service aggregation platform to organize and manage services, and thus to help users to discover the atomic and a set of services with correlations to meet their functional and non-functional requirements. This is an important research point in...
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Resources Information Management Based on B/S Structure: Design and Implementation

Dinghua He
With the development of information technology, network technology and communication technology, mankind has entered the information society. Information society of enterprise management concepts, methods brought revolutionary changes in enterprise information management is a big trend in today's world...
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Research on Gas Insulated Switchgear Internal Fault Diagnostic Methods

Yadong Si, Xinmiao Jia, Zhi Guo, Yuliang Jia, Tiemin Feng, Wei Ma, Yuhui Zhang, Hong Zhang, Huiyan Cao, Yingying Yang, Ling Guan
The types of internal fault and their influencing factors in GIS are analyzed. The key technologies and researching results of UHF, ultrasound and SF6 decomposition method on site for GIS internal fault detecting are presented, compared with each other and analyzed. The methods of fault location and...
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Research on MOA Online Monitoring Technology

Bo Liu, Fulong Zhao, Chengcheng Yue, Jing Jin, Qiang Liu, Rui Tong, Ying Zhu, Hui Miao, Kan Liu, Bo Zu, Yujie Yang
Energy is one of the energy used in the form of human life. Provide electricity power system includes a number of electrical equipment, part of the equipment in case of failure, will endanger the security of the entire power system. According to the statistical analysis, the power system more than 60%...
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A Research of Airfield Lamp Monitoring System Based on WSNs

Bingyuan Wang, Minghua Xu
To improve the reliability of airfield lighting, a new method based on wireless sensor networks is put forward. As the energy consumption of the sensor node determines the lifetime of the WSNs, the key problem of WSNs is designing a low-energy sensor node and adopting low-energy routing protocol. According...
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Design and Implementation of Pharmaceutical Logistics and Supply Chain Management System for Hospital

Hua-li Kong, Duan-hao Feng, Wei-wei Fan, Qian Li
Logistics and supply chain management system for hospital pharmacy is an important element of HIS. But the HIS in common use still lack support for drug logistics and supply chain service functionality and documentation management is done manually. There is a information gap between hospital and drug...
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Problems Existing in Measurement of Liquid Flash Point and Upswing Measures of Experiment Process

Li-ming Qi, Rong Zhao, Xu-bin Ge
Measurement of liquid flash point is one of important experiments to safety engineering specialty. Its importance was analyzed by author and its available measurement methods were introduced. Then problems in teaching process of liquid flash point measurement were analyzed. Finally, some measures were...
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Research on Wireless Sensor Network Module Based on IPv6

Yiwei Wang, Mingyue Zhai, Yue Zhang
It is very important to develop concentrator, router, hardware and software of wireless module in networking of power information collection system. In this paper, the hardware and software of module are researched and designed in electricity information collection system based on IPv6 wireless sensor...
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Analysis and Selection to Diesel Engine Type Spectrum for Fishing Vessel

Yongding Wang, Shanshan Wu
This paper analyzes the "fishing vessel with a diesel-type spectral identity management measures" to implement the former fishing diesel chaotic management Phenomenon, through the Ministry of Agriculture announced 570 fishing boats with diesel-type spectral data analysis, with power, speed is statistical...
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Research and Development of Grid Model Online in E Imported to DIgSILENT

Jiutong Lin, Dongying Zhang, Jianyang Huang, Yuehui Huang, Dewei Liu
To integrate DIgSILENT/PowerFactory into the core computing tool of the high-level application platform for dispatching operation and planning analysis, this paper studies the automation technology of importing online grid models to DIgSILENT and exporting calculation results to DIgSILENT. Based on IEEE9...
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Security Classification-Based Access of Power Information System

Yanshuai Zhao, Yang Qian, Ruizhong Chen, Hongxia Ma
Security and privacy are widely recognized as important requirements for access and management of power information system data. In this paper, we argue that power information system data need to be managed with customizable access control in security classification dimension. We present a role-based...
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Research on a kind of energy interconnection communication network architecture based on the technology of SDN

Fengjie Sun, Yanhong Xu, Geng Zhang, Xi Liu
In this paper, we make use of the software defined network (SDN) technology’s characteristic of separating the function of forwarding and control to concentrate control function in the control layer (comprised by SDN controllers), and design a kind of communication network architecture for energy interconnection....
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Motion analysis in the application of civil aviation security research

Xiangfen Kong, Xiaobei Wang, Wenqian Song, Lixiu Jing, Zang Bing
In order to reduce the security of time, this paper introduced the action analysis, guided by the economic principle of motion principle, Uses the IEMS video motion analysis software, in the process of security action analysis. By removing invalid move, improve the effective dynamic element, obtain a...
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A New Digital Test Platform of Micro-Grid System Based on RTDS General Model

Tao Liu, Xudong Wang
This paper presents a micro-grid digital simulation and platform based RTDS. The common distributed generators and energy storage elements are modeled and can be constructed to form the micro-grid. Considering the micro-grid control, the platform builds the PQ control in parallel operation, V/F control...
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Design of a New Multi-band Compatible Microcosmic Fractal Dipole Antenna Used in Mobile Communication

Bin Lin, Danyang Qiao, Guopeng Kou, Binze Chen, Zhengzeng Wang, Qiaoli Zhu, Xian Chen
Mobile communications, which could support multi-band, multi-standard and multi-mode wireless communication technology, is one of the most important applications of wireless technology. It’s the core technology for the future development of Chinese wireless communications applications. This paper focuses...
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Least Squares Twin Support Vector Machines Based on Sample Reduction for Hyperspectral Image Classification

Li-guo Wang, Ting-ting Lu, Yue-shuang Yang
To overcome the low efficiency of Least Squares Twin Support Vector Machine (LSTSVM) in classifying, a new method called Sample Reduction LSTSVM (SR-LSTSVM) is proposed. The method greatly reduces the training samples and so improves the speed of LSTSVM, while the ability of LSTSVM to classify is unaffected....
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A Cross Traffic Estimate Model for Optical Burst Switching Networks

Yujue Wang, Dawei Niu, Weibo Yu, Hai Wang, Zhichao Mi, Dong Cao, Lei Zhang
The cross traffic intensity of the optical burst switching network is a key parameter for the edge node operations. This paper provides an estimate model for edge nodes to infer the cross traffic on the control plane of the bottleneck core node. A normal M/D/1 and a special M/G/1 queuing model are applied...
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A Chaos Quantum Immune Algorithm for Generation Expansion Planning

Li Xiao
By integrating the ergodicity of chaos searching and the high efficiency of quantum computation into immune optimization, a novel chaos quantum immune algorithm for Generation Expansion Planning computation is presented. In this algorithm, antibodies in colonies are coded by quantum bits and updated...
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An Overview of Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Suhan Yang, Hongwei Jiang
A swarm intelligence algorithm develops rapidly, which has solved many large scale complex problems these years. Artificial bee colony algorithm is a new swarm intelligence algorithm and gets wide attention for its superior performance, such as, strong global convergence, greedy heuristic search feature...
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Hybrid control of Hopf bifurcation in a fractional order small-world network model

Lina Ma, Xiuli Zhang, Dawei Ding
In this paper, a hybrid control strategy is applied to control the Hopf bifurcation in a fractional order small-world network model. By choosing time-delay as a bifurcation parameter and analyzing the associated characteristic equation, we prove that the model exhibits Hopf bifurcation when time delay...
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Bifurcation control in a small-world network model via TDFC

Lina Ma, Dawei Ding, Tianren Cao, Mengxi Wang
In this paper, we analyze Hopf bifurcation phenomenon in a nonlinear small-world network model with time delay and fixing probability.By choosing time-delay as a bifurcation parameter, we obtain that the model exhibits of Hopf bifurcation when time delay passes through a critical value. In order to control...
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Research on Association and Search Services of Massive Geospatial Information Based on Cloud Computing

Huijuan Zhang, Zihui Song, Hongyuan Zhu, Fuqing Zhang
Adapt to the global strategy of the state, the paper builds a geospatial information service platform with a global coverage, high resolution, multi-subject, and the national global strategy formulation and implementation, to provide the fusion and strategic decision-making ability of massive dynamic...
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Research on Key Technologies of Geospatial Information Services Application Based on Grid

Huijuan Zhang, Li Qiao, Wenqian Jiang, Jinping Li
The characteristics of diversity, dynamic, heterogeneity, massive data volume and distribution of geospatial information under internet environment are challenging the traditional geospatial information services. The appearance and development of grid computing provide a reliable environment for the...
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Research of Nonlinear Vibration of Aero-Engine in Windmilling Imbalance with Wing Degree-of-freedom

Shuang Liu, Wei Wang
The rotor non-isotropic produced nonlinear vibration of aero-engine in windmilling would cause serious danger to flight security. So the research of vibration character in windmilling should go further. In this paper, the kinematic equation of the rotor/stator/wing system is established based on Jeffcott...
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Thermal Simulating Analysis of PCU on Satellite

Fang Fang Sun, Peng Li, Cai Ping Liang
Power control unit (PCU) is the controlling center of space satellite power system; it controls the energy that output from solar array and batteries and the power balance of the whole satellite. The circuit board, components and power tube in PCU is working in a long time and in high power situation,...
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Analysis of Anomaly in the Behavior Characteristics of Operators in HSMM-based Multi-UAV Supervisory Control System

Hongbin Zhang, Jian Yuan, Liyong Ma
Solo operation of multi-unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) will be the trend of future, and operators play a significant role in the UAV supervisory control system, but human may be impacted by all kinds of factors, which may decline the performance of UAV system. In this paper, modeling is conducted for...
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Fusion of Infrared and Visible Light Images Based on Compressive Sensing

Yanhai Wu, Ye Zhang, Nan Wu, Jing Wang
Through NSCT transformation, an image will be decomposed into a low-pass sub-band and K-direction sub-bands, but the sparsity is different for each direction. Therefore, this paper proposes a new way for fusion of infrared and visible light images which is based on improved compressive sensing. First,...
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A Method for Tracking Multiple Targets based on Multi-feature Fusion

Yanhai Wu, Rongrong Zhang, Nan Wu, Jing Wang
Traditional target tracking methods are easy to lose the target in complex background, especially tracking multiple targets. In this paper PSO Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm is presented, it is used to calculate the weights of features. and weight the features to get optimal feature, then apply...
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The Research of Trusted Security Architecture of MANET Node Based on OPNET

Zhen Zhang
MANET has been widely used in some special application scenarios, but because of its own characteristics lead to less secure and easily be attacked, resulting in significant losses. In response to this situation, this paper proposes a new trusted security architecture of MANET nodes based OPNET. Borrowing...
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Research on the WBAN structure based on LEACH Protocol

Jing-Jing Zhang, Xin Feng, Yan-Long Wang, Teng Li, Wen-Long Yang
WBAN, as an important application aspect in the wireless sensor network, has a favourable application prospect in biomedical field, which can provide real time monitoring and health nursing for patients. Therefore, it requires a higher efficiency and better reliability on medical data transmission in...
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Fuzzy Optimization Research of Product Design Improvement Based on C #

Hui Kang, Yong Wang, Shuo Zhou
The purpose of the research is using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation rule of fuzzy optimization method to assess the weights of the product indicators and then improve the product design according to the optimization results. First, we selected an appropriate fuzzy optimization method and established...
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Research on the performance models of several urban types of SUV automobiles based on analytic hierarchy process

Hui Kang, Shuo Zhou, Yong Wang
In the field of automobile design, evaluation on the comprehensive performance of using analytic hierarchy process for quantitative processing, analysis and research according to several SUV with about 200000 of automobile power, fuel consumption, safety, price and humanization design, make the evaluation...
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One Method For Low Elevation Estimation Based on Unitary transformation in MIMO Radar

De-wang Wang, Jin-liang Guo, Ze-long Li, Jian-hong Yang
Multipath effection seriously affect the low elevation Angle estimation in MIMO radar,This paper Establish the multipath signal model , and put forward a kind of secondary general MUSIC algorithm based on unitary transformation (DU-G_MUSIC). First Based on general MUSIC algorithm, a joint estimation...
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Analysis of effect of reinforcement on concrete creep behavior

J.D. Xin, J.H. Li, D.H. Huang
Considerable deformation generates when concrete is with long-term loading and creep is one of the most important time-dependent behaviors and needs to be paid enough attention. It is of great important to understand the workability and liability of structures under long-term loading. This paper presents...
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Image segmentation of Bullet appearance defects based on color model and hybrid threshold

Peng Wang, Chao-yong Guo, Hong-ning Liu
Aiming at the question of defect image segmentation in quality detection of bullet appearance. Through the analysis of color characteristics of bullet appearance defects and combined with OTSU algorithm and two-peak algorithm, Proposes a hybrid threshold segmentation method based on color model. The...
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Research on Mechanical Product Design System Based on C-K Theory

Qinzhou Niu, Weiyuan Zhou, Chenyun Deng, Yucheng Du, Mengda Chen
In the machine tool manufacturing industry, most of the design is based on previous resources, in terms of similar structure; the traditional mechanical design takes the approach of repeated modeling, but this approach greatly limits the scope of the personnel involved in design activities. It costs...
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Control and Simulation of Temperature for Injection Molding Machines Based on PID Neural Networks

Shaojia He, Lvguang Shi
Focused on the dynamic and static performances of a nonlinear time-variant system with large delay-time, and the shortages of great control deviation and slow rate of regulation in the traditional PID control systems for injection molding machines, this paper has established injection molding machine...
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Extension Association Decision Method of Feature Processing Scheme Based on Feature Recognition

Jinmei Gu, Fengli Huang
At present, the feature machining is recognized automatically for the typical CAM software, but there are some shortcomings in the technological rule base which support feature machining scheme. First, the classification and data model and the identification method of manufacturing feature are given....
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Mapping Strategy of Simulation Nodes Based on Topology Partitioning

Xingman Chen, Yanhui Guo, Qi Li
In the visualized network simulation system, both hardware and software resources are partly occupied to run the simulation nodes. And distributed simulation service is required to be provided by multiple physical servers if the scale of simulation network is rather large. In order to solve the problem...
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Research on Industrial Control Devices Flaw Discovery Technology

Xi Chen, Qi Li
Industrial Control System (in short, ICS) is an important part of state fundamental infrastructure whose safety concerns national economy development and people’s property and life safety. Flaw discovery is the key of ICS defense. If attackers find flaws in ICS and use them for attack, the consequence...
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Research on Cigarette Carton Rechecking Technology Based on Morphological Processing Algorithms

Xi Chen, Linzi Shan
This paper puts forward a method for automatic recognition of images on cigarette cartons taking advantage of the uniqueness of the barcode on the carton. It is to solve the mismatch problem between the traditional way of manual rechecking and the high-speed automatic sorting system. Based on the square...
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A Novel Intrusion Detection Method for WSN

Sijia Wang, Qi Li, Yanhui Guo
Wireless sensor network (WSN), which combines the technology of sensor, embedded system and wireless communications, has become increasingly popular and important in our lives. Security is an important issue for WSN. In this paper, we propose a novel method to detect the attacks in WSN. Our method composes...
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Demand Forecast of Emergency Supplies Based on Gray Model

Xi Chen, Zhao Liu
This article focuses on the study of the difficult demand forecast of emergency supplies during the emergency relief process. To resolve the limit that there are few parameters available in the emergency relief scene, a gray forecast model with fewer parameters inputted is raised for this issue. To start,...
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Design of Individual Brace for the 3-D Correction and Mechanics Study

Wenzhong Nie, Guangkai Fang, Yongzeng Yan
Establish 3-D geometry model including thoracic-lumbar-sacrum, thorax and pelvis based on CT data in IS patient, and then construct a completely finite element model based on the human anatomy. On the basis research on rapid design method of individual brace, simulate clinical spine stress by reasonably...
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Finite Element Analysis about Compressive Strength and Heat Transfer Coefficient of New Composite Insulation Block

Zhixin Yue, Baishou Li
In north China, exterior insulation technology is adopted, brings a series of problems such as the lives of outer insulation material and building are different. A new composite insulation block has been put forward to solve these problems. The compressive strength and heat transfer coefficient of normal...
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Transient Aeroelastic Responses of Folding Wing in Morphing Motion

Yingge Ni, Chi Hou, Xiaopeng Wan, Meiying Zhao
To investigate the transient aeroelastic responses of a folding wing during morphing motion, a time-varying aeroelastic equation in state space is presented. The structural model is established based on the component modal synthesis method. A time-dependent transformation is introduced to establish the...
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Establishment of Offshore Marine Observation Equipment Sensor Monitoring System

Shiming Wang, Qing Li, Haipeng Hu
Arctic system is an important part of the Earth as a whole system, monitoring and research polar marine environment, to reveal the rapidly changing Arctic marine environment and its significance in response to the feedback effect of changes in the Earth. However, due to the harsh weather conditions of...
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Study on Model and Simulation of the Tilt Rotor Aircraft in Transition Mode

Laohu Yuan, Wenhao Zhang, Xin Wen
In recent years, tilt rotor aircraft has been greatly developed because of its excellent performance. However, because of the complicacy in transition mode study on this aircraft is needed. In this paper a six degrees of freedom dynamic model of the tilt rotor aircraft was established, and PID controller...
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Long-distance signal transmission cable interface feature extraction and recognition

Xiaobo Wang, Yeshuang Tan, Huixian Sun, Shusong Ren
To improve the long-distance transmission cable interface test automation level, proposed feature extraction based on the type of adaptive signal recognition technology. Through various types of interface signals in time domain and frequency domain characteristics analysis, using interpolation to achieve...
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The organization scheme and decision method based on the Vague Sets distance

Xiaofang Fu, Jiang Wu, Hongxu Wang
With the formula of transforming the vague value to the Fuzzy membership, the decision method based on the Vague set distances was put forward. In the decision program, the Vague set distance is the measure way to evaluate if the designing scheme approaches the expected scheme. The smaller the distance,...
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Heading Control of an AUV Based on Mamdani Fuzzy Inference

Zaopeng Dong, Lei Wan, Tao Liu, Jiayuan Zhuang
A class of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) heading control problem is addressed in this paper based on Mamdani Fuzzy Inference (MFI). Firstly, empirical knowledge of heading control for ship from experienced captain is fuzzed into fuzzy control rules, which can be identified by computer, using fuzzy...
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Research on massive data storage in virtual roaming system based on RAID5

Feipeng Ran, Huayang Dai, Wujie Xing, Xiang Wang, Xuesong Li
A massive data management method was proposed based on RAID5 against limitations of data expansion, and a lack of automatic data recovery capability in current virtual roaming system: the panoramic data is separated from the roaming system as an independent panoramic data service system (PDSS), and distributed...
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The Eye Control Password Keyboard Based on Gaze Tracking

Zhenxian Lin, Kefei Cheng, Zheng Tai, Yong Zheng
Against the exposed problems of traditional enter password method. As well as, it was difficult for people with disability to enter password. Experimental study on the password keyboard based on eye tracking technology. During experiments use a single camera focused on one eye to collecting data. Using...
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The simulation of the heat transfer on a plate with a precrack

Zhenyu Zhang, Qiwen Liu, Lisheng Liu, Fang Wang
Peridynamic is a nonlocal theory based on the integral equations rather than the partial differential equation in classic theory, hence it is more suit for modelling the discontinuities areas, such as cracks, damage and so on. In this paper, we did a simulation of the heat transfer on a plate with a...
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A novel classification approach of weld defects based on dual-parameters optimization of PCA and LDA

Weilei Mu, Guijie Liu, Peng Liu, Xiaojie Tian
To improve the classification accuracy of defects, a novel algorithm has been developed based on dual-parameters optimization of the principal component analysis (PCA) and the linear discriminant analysis (LDA). The original defect images are transformed to eigen-defects by PCA which contains all features...
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Design of Brushless DC Motor’s Control System Based on LS052A-Cb

Ming Ke, Fan Zhang, Xiaoxin Duan
The permanent-magnet brushless DC motor (BLDCM) has achieved a brilliant application in household equipment industries, since it has specific advantages. The cost control has become a main problem, on the low-end of the market whose customers were more sensitive to the price. To this a low-cost brushless...
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Error modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of 5-DOF Parallel Tripod Head

Dianfan Zhang, Jiang Hu, Yu Rong, Man Xiao, Shuhong Cheng
Aiming at 5-dof parallel tripod head, the integrated parameter modeling of parallel mechanism with less degree of freedom is researched in this paper. Firstly, the kinematics parameters analysis of each component of 5-dof parallel mechanism is carried out and kinematics model of 5-dof mechanism is established,...
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The Technology Research Status and Development Trend of Battery Rubber-tired Vehicle for Coal Mine

Lei Huang, Guo-ying Meng
The paper analyses the existing problems of the flameproof diesel vehicle and states battery rubber-tired vehicle will be a development trend in the future. The research status and development trend of the key technologies of battery rubber-tired vehicle are illustrated, and battery vehicle will become...
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The Research on STL Parallel Topological Reconstruction Method Based on OpenMP

Huijiang Zheng, Jing Zhang, Ying Tian, Baihui Ding
The STL(Stereo Lithography) format is one of the data interface format is commonly used in modern manufacturing field. Using parallel-hashing structure as the auxiliary data structure, by adjusting the mapping and reference relationship between each date lists, this paper put forward the parallel topological...
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Finite Element Analysis of External Gear Pump Based on ANSYS Workbench

Shuo Li, Shuhao Xiao, Guoqiang Zhou
Gear pump with simple structure, high cost performance, reliable in performance is widely used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and so on.With the rapid development of modern science technology and industry, higher request are put forward to gear pump gear transmission .Therefore, the...
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Intrusion Detection Approach Based on Clustering and Statistical Model for Wireless Sensor Networks

Yinghua Zhou, Hui Shen
In recent years, Intrusion detection has been the focus of security research for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Some approaches or mechanisms have been designed for WSN. But none of them has been widely applied. In this paper, a scheme based on sensor node clustering and statistical model for WSN is...
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Properties of Quadratic Flux-Controlled and Charge-Controlled Memristor

Qiang Guo, Weicheng Gu, Zhikuo Tao
As the fourth basic passive component, memristor has attracted more attention in recent years. The memristor can be divided into charge-controlled and flux-controlled types. In this paper, properties of quadratic flux-controlled and charge-controlled memristor are investigated. The v-i characteristics...
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Research on Inference Engine of Vehicle Fault Diagnosis Expert System

Zhiyu Huang, Xi Peng
To solve the problem of efficient reasoning and self-learning ability in expert system containing production representation knowledge, paper proposed an approach, sort-selection algorithm, to optimize the process of sort and, updated the confidence of all the knowledge according to frequency of the selection...
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An algorithm of lips secondary positioning and feature extraction based on YCbCr color space

Xian-geng Shen, Wei Wu
In recent years, face recognition is becoming one of the hot spots in the field of human-computer interaction. As the main organ, lips are one of the important features of face recognition. In order to get the features of lips, the paper positions the lips and segments it. The paper simulates the process...
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Layer-Two Interference Control Schemes for LTE Systems

Jun Chen
In the modern times, there exists large-scale electromagnetic interferences and confrontations. If the communication device and the communication technology do not have a very good anti-jamming capability, the communication quality will not be guaranteed. Firstly, this article descripts the rationale...
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The Study of Smart Home Networking System Based on PLC Communications

Degen Chen
With the development of networking technology and people's increasing requirements for living standards, people demand more and more for life safety, comfort, convenience and so on. In recent years, the concept of the family home has undergone tremendous change, smart home will become the development...
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The Application of Information Fusion in Reliability Evaluation of Complex Electromechanical System

Yongnan Wang, Xihui Mu, Yueting Niu, Fengpo Du, Jianhua Chen
It is difficult to carry out the traditional reliability assessment test of large sample size; when evaluating system’s reliability, due to high value and small samples.Mutual coupling of systen components.The difficulty to judge the impact and failure mode,The uncertainty of degraded performance parameters...
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Study of Colored Pavement Application Design Based on Visual Perception Information

Shaoxin Xi, Liangjie Xu, Dong Chen
It becomes increasingly significant of rational design of colored pavement with its gradually applied in roads’ construction. Under this circumstances, this dissertation firstly focuses on what psychological will impact on drivers by color influence, which is based on the driver's visual cognition combine...
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The Shear Forming Mechanism Research of Matrix Arrangement Cement Lining Steel

Min Zhang, Shuai Guo, Shu-liang Zou
It is because the matrix arrangement cement lining steel shear which have large elastic-plsatic deformation,yield deformation and slip body ,as well as existing multiple complex nonlinear and coupling that traditional methods have not been able to meet the analysis requirements. Therefore,The coupled...
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Experimental Investigation on Aircraft Wake Vortex Control by Spoilers

Jinsheng Liu
The experimental investigation is mainly to seek an effective method to reduce the strength of aircraft wake vortex which would introduce great hazard to the following flight and threaten the flight safety. The research was carried out in a water-towing tank which equipped with a 2-D Particle Image Velocimetry...
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Event time-space Analysis Based on Multi-Factors of Network Group Information

Yang Fang, Lingyu Xu, Jie Yu, Lei Wang, Yunlan Xue, Yang Liu
Network group information refers to views expressed by the masses of netizens through the network carrier, for the social hot spots and important events within a certain time frame, a network domain. The number change of group information can reflect a hot issue, and from the content of group information,...
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The Key Technology Research of Virtual Laboratory based On Cloud Computing

Ling Zhang
The emergence of cloud computing to higher vocational education has brought new changes, based on cloud Desktop Network virtualization technology can make the traditional training model has been tremendous innovation, cloud desktop virtualization technology can be used to carry out a wide range of online...
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A New Perspective for Understanding Data Flow Analysis

Hai Lin
Data flow analysis is a technique that is widely used in compilers and program analysis tools. A lot of practical problems use data flow analysis, e.g. live variable analysis. The usual way of solving data flow analysis problem is to solve for the fix point of some simultaneous equations. This is done...
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An Effective Method for Data Analysis Using Curve Fitting

Hai Lin
In the last a few decades, there has been growing interest in systems which deal with large amounts of data. In practice, there is a need for analyzing the data so that useful information can be extracted. And people have implemented a lot of systems for this purpose. In this paper, we propose a new...
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Wind-Structure System Modeling Based on Multi Material ALE Method

Wang Yang, Xingman Mo, Jian Yang, Huixin Wang, Shunyu Yao, Kerui Wang
Currently,the process of using multi material ALE method to modeling wind-structure system is not specific ,and its reliability is unknown. This paper details the process of using multi material ALE method to modeling the wind-structure system,and uses the method to model a wind-plate system. Physical...
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A New Sustainability Index System and Evaluation Model Based on the GA-BP Neural Network Model

Yiheng He
This paper aims to evaluate the sustainability of the country using mathematical methods. First we select nine indexes from natural resources, economic strength, human resources and social living environment in total to establish the index system for sustainable development and validate the completeness...
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A Virtual Network Performance Optimization Strategy for Cloud-based Big Data Processing

Lulu Pan
With the widely use of cloud-based MapReduce frameworks, an increasing number of solutions have been proposed to optimize the performance of the cluster. Majority of the existing studies concentrate on optimizing the task scheduling or resource provisioning mechanisms to improve the platform’s data processing...
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The UAV intelligent inspection of transmission lines

Linxin Li
Transmission line localities in China is topography complex. Natural conditions and artificial patrol way need to spend a lot of manpower, which is inefficient. Thus transmission inspection based on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been attracting the attention of relevant researchers since produced....
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An optimization strategy of thermal power unit based on nonlinear and fuzzy control of coordinated control system

Haoxun Shi
The study proposes optimization strategies which based on nonlinear and fuzzy control of coordinated control system of thermal power unit. On the basis of direct energy balance(DEB) method, variable gain and nonlinear course are introduced to improve features of control system and PID parameters are...
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Research and Application of data provenance based on PROV

Yanpeng Zhao, Chaofan Dai, Xiaoyu Zhang
Focus on the exchange and sharing of data provenance information between heterogeneous systems, this paper introduced the concept and usage of PROV-DM and PROV-O, and put forward an idea about the combination of PROV-DM and PROV-O to describe provenance information, then established a scenario to test...
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Offshore marine ambient noise measurement based on hydrophone

Chao Hui, Huilue Jiang, Zhili Hua
Accurately measuring the marine ambient noise is the premise for high resolution underwater acoustic detection, and sound pressure is a key parameter to certain the marine ambient noise spectrum. Scalar hydrophone is taken here to measure the offshore ambient noise for a long-term in certain offshore...
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The Application and Study of MATLAB in Electrical Engineering and Its Automation

Bowen Wang
Electrical engineering courses are featured on combination of strong and weak electricity and take account into the specialized knowledge of the both. In the design of electricity tests and new products, it will significantly increase the complexity of test system and decrease teaching efficiency if...
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Research on Information Dissemination of Colleges and Universities based on PDCA algorithm

Haiyan Wang, Liying Cao
Abstract: under the network environment, social networking sites and a variety of network information service providers to attract more and more users, plays an important role in the exchange of information and communication. In this paper, through the analysis of students under the network environment...
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Demand Prediction Model

Haoyuan Weng
In other to cope with the vaccine-production when a deadly disease outbreaks suddenly, we build a model to deals with the prediction of the demand for the vaccines. Specially, we take an example of Ebola to illustrate our approach. Firstly, by modifying a formula proposed by WHO, we are able to predict...
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Multi-scale Block Weber Local Descriptor for Face Recognition

Weilan Pu, XiaoHong Zhang
In this paper, we provide a novel local descriptor Multi-scale Block Weber Local Descriptor (MBWLD) for face recognition. It is a LBP-based descriptor which combines MBLBP with WLD for integrating both their advantages. Firstly, Multi-scale block filters is used on the face image to calculate the average...
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3-D structural vibration measurement using digital photogrammetry

Zhao Yang, Cong Wang, Jingbo Gao
In this paper, a methodology has been developed to measure the dynamic vibrational displacements of a structure by using digital photogrammetry. Sequential stereo images of the vibrating structure with target mark can be obtained by two industrial cameras. According to the binocular vision theory, the...
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Local Voronoi Diagram based Heuristic Anti-Monitoring Method for Moving Objects Traversing through Sensory Fields

Hongbo Huang
As for the safety of mobile objects when traversing through a sensory field, a new exposure model based on voronoi diagram is proposed, and furthermore, a new heuristic anti-monitoring method for moving objects is designed to find a safe path with the minimum risk when the mobile objects are traversing...
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Numerical simulation of the transport diffusion of suspended sediment during the construction of artificial island in Taozi Bay of Yantai

Ting Xu, Xiaohui Tian
Suspended matter in the sea increases rapidly as a result of the reclamation project during the construction period, which in turn influences the marine ecosystem. Therefore, the study on the transport diffusion of suspended matter in reclamation projects provides an important reference for regional...
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Dynamic Virtual Network Embedding based on Auction-Game Theory

NingNing Liang, JuLong Lan, YunFu Long, GuanYing Liu
To solve the problem of competition among different business sharing the limited substrate network resource, this paper provides a construction model based on auction-game theory. The model regards business as players and business requests as strategy space. Based on this model, a dynamic algorithm of...
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Design and Optimization of Accounting Computerization System for Small Firms

Yan Jia
With the development of science and technology, informationization and networking has become rather common in economic development. Information technology has turned to an important force that drives the productivity in global economy. Although Chinese small firms are not largely scaled, they are quite...
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Research of the Ultrasonic Distance Measure

Min Jiao
According to the problems of high-cost ultrasonic distance measure and liquid, solid surface is not easy to measure for the current measurement applications, a low-cost ultrasonic distance measure design scheme based on SCM was given. According to the characteristics of ultrasonic propagation in air,...
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Research on Decoding QR Code based on Image Processing Technology

Jianmin Guo, Lijie Feng
In allusion to the problem of poor encoding effect of the recognition of QR Code restricted by image acquisition devices and affected by the interference of some external factors, the decoding method after pre-processing the image of QR code by image processing technology is studied in this paper. Experiments...
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Sub band Fractional Fourier Transform and Application in Edge Detection

Weijun Lv, Enqing Chen, Lin Qi, Xin Guo
This paper proposes the concept of Sub band Fractional Fourier Transform (SB-FRFT), and extends to the 2-D sub band fractional Fourier transform. By combing the low-frequency sub band image after SB-FRFT with the traditional Sobel operator, edges of an image could be extracted more precisely. Experiments...