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Seismic Signal Warning and Classification Algorithm Based on Noise and Improved Zero Crossing

Yuxiao Tan, Guanglin He, Hai Pan
Seismic signal generated by moving on ground by person and vehicle target is sensed by MEMS accelerometer, then collected and processed by MSP430, achieving early-warming and target identification of ground targets. A seismic signal warning algorithm based on the characteristics of noise is proposed...
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Numerical investigation of fuel temperature effects on the cavitation within a single-hole diesel nozzle

Yun Wang, Jianwen Wang
Based on Homogeneous Equilibrium Model combined with full cavitation model, the cavitation flow inside a single-hole diesel nozzle is simulated. In order to analyse the effect of the fuel temperature increase on the characteristics of the internal cavitating flow, the inception and development of cavitation...
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Application Study of an Improved Chaos Genetic Algorithm

ChaoGang Wang
This paper presents an improved genetic algorithm based on chaotic characteristics, main combining with the rapid global convergence of genetic algorithm and optimization of chaotic sequence, through the singularity and the complexity of chaotic system to improve mutation operator of algorithm to obtain...
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Research Application of Temporal Description Logic Algorithm based on Ontology

Xin Zhang, ChaoGang Wang, Rui Wen
With the continuous development and extensive application of ontology research, the temporal information needs to be processed, but such ontology description logic has good ability of expression, algorithmically undecidable, simple and shortcomings of inability to describe some concepts in the reality....
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Design and Implementation of Micro-environment Intelligent Monitoring System in Computer Room based on Internet of Things Technology

Zhengqian Feng, Mingle Zhou, Qingfeng Meng
Data center microenvironment affects the reliable operation of servers and related network equipment, and it will also affect their performance and service life. But as more and more IT and electronic-equipment manufacturers are starting to improve technology, widely used "immersion silver" surface treatment...
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Investigation of Topologies and Control Strategies of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Nan Xu, Yuanjian Zhang, Zicheng Fu, Di Zhao, Liang Chu, Feikun Zhou
This paper mainly provide the discussion of the topologies applied in the fuel cell vehicles and related control strategy. The fuel cell vehicles acquires power from the fuel cell stack or from multi power sources like fuel cell stack and battery, so there are quite a few topologies can be applied in...
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Kinematics Analysis and Simulation of Foaming Mold Cleaning Robot by Matlab Robotics Toolbox

Zeng Qu, Bo Yuan
In order to better study the kinematics of the foaming mold cleaning robot, parameter design is conducted according to certain requirements for the robot, and its forward and inverse kinematics are discussed. The modified D-H Method is employed to build the kinematical equation of the corresponding structure....
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Study on separation of phosphate from phosphate ore by flotation

Fengxiang Jiang, Yanhai Shao, Shuan Xu, Mingming Li
According to the properties of low grade phosphate rock, a positive-reverse flotation process is developed as a new way for making good use of phosphate rock and a good quantity of the product is obtained. In this paper the optimum flotation conditions with depressant dosage and collector dosage have...
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The Finite Element Analysis of the Vacuum Magnetron Sputtering Coating Chamber

Jie Wu, Shanpeng Sun, Dongzheng Wang
In this paper, the vacuum magnetron sputtering coating chamber was as the research object. The three-dimensional model of the coating chamber shell was established by using Sold Works software. The model of the coating chamber shell was imported into the ANSYS finite element software. The finite element...
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Movement Identification and Realization about Planar Linkage Mechanisms

Jie Wu, Zhaomeng Yang, Dongzheng Wang
In this paper, based on the planar four-bar linkage mechanisms as the research object as well as to carry out the kinematics analysis, a kinematics calculation mode of the planar four-bar linkage mechanism was established by the OOP method of Visual Basic. Based on the kinematics calculation mode, a...
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Reliability Analysis for Main Engine Control of CFM56-3 Engine

Jiwei Xu, Ming Zhao
The MEC is the core component of the engine control system, and influences the system performance and flight safety. A Likelihood Value (LKV) test is used to determine the rank of distributions for raw data set of MEC, and the Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) is used for estimating the parameters...
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The Simulation and Research of T Source Inverter Based on Matlab/Simulink and Modified SVPWM Control without Sector Judgment

Yang Wang, Hong Zhu, Wenqing Ling, Chenlu Dong, Panpan Yang
The growing demand for energy to promote the research in the field of power transformation, in order to improve the efficiency of the power converter further, many different circuit topologies and control strategies were proposed. In this paper, one of improved topologies is proposed which called T-source...
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L1-L2 hybrid noise model to image super-resolution

Junkui Li, Hui Liu, Zhenhong Shang
L1-L2 hybrid noise model (HNM) method is proposed in this paper for image/video super-resolution. This method has the advantages of both L1 norm minimization (i.e. edge preservation) and L2 norm minimization (i.e. smoothing characterization). In view of noise distribution changing and selecting L1 norm...
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The Study on Tunnel Fire Resistance Layer of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete based on Finite Element Thermal Analysis

Kecheng He, Rongxin Guo, Qianmin Ma, Feng Yan, Zhiwei Lin
Fire resistance of tunnel structure is paid more and more attentions in recent years. Lightweight aggregate concrete has low bulk density and good thermal insulation property. This paper is first time to propose the design of lightweight aggregate concrete as fire resistance layer for tunnel. Thermal...
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Sic MOSFET Modeling and Simulation for Pspice

Xiafei Zhu, Guolin Xu, Shaokang Jiao, Zhibin Zhao
Sic (silicon carbide, Sic), represented by the third generation of semiconductor devices with its superior performance, has obvious advantages on the voltage level, working temperature, switching losses. Then the size, weight, cost of the power electronic conversion may be significantly decreased and...
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Configuration Discussions of the Chemically Recuperated Gas Turbine Powering a Ship

Fumin Pan, Hongtao Zheng, Pingping Luo, Ren Yang
The chemically recuperated gas turbine (CRGT) is a promising engine on ship because of its high thermal efficiency and low pollutant emission. This paper is aimed at determining an applicable configuration of the CRGT for marine applications. Diesel is the selected fuel, and the minimization of Gibbs...
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Research on Hydraulic Manifold Block Hole Routing Optimization Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Lile He, Ze Li, Zhijie Guo
A collaborative evolutionary optimization method for the layout of hydraulic manifold blocks was presented according to its structure feature, an optimization design mathematic model of manifold blocks in the spatial layout was established, and it was solved based on the ant colony algorithm. Special...
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Study on the Parameters of Cole-Cole Model

Xiaojian Wang, Fujiang Mo, Jian Zhang, Ganggang Zhao
The paper presents ways for determining parameters of the characteristic impedance , the value of time constant , and , through formula transformation and frequency spectroscopy method (FDS).Finding out the values of coefficient with Cole-Cole model. Building double-relaxation model to fit complex dielectric...
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The construction of knowledge innovation platform and the analysis of data flow

Jinwen Li, Dingguo Sheng, Yanli Ma
The existing knowledge management platform cannot well support the design and development of the large power diesel engine, based on the function and requirement ‘s analyses of the knowledge management on the innovation platform, through the introduction of the integrated delivery, forming an innovation...
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The Control and Simulation of ADRC-based for VSC-HVDC System

Jianyuan Dong, Yanan Tian, Xue Zhang
The high voltage direct current transmission based on voltage source (VSC - HVDC) technology has been widely used in transmission areas. Aimed at the problem of the low Steady-state accuracy and weak anti-interference ability for the traditional PI control, a control strategy based on ADRC was proposed....
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Nonlinear error scalar matrix improved affine projection sign algorithm

Weifeng Zhao, Yun Huang, Wensan Zheng
Proposed is an affine projection sign algorithm with a nonlinear error scalar matrix to improve the robustness and the tracking performance against non-Gaussian impulsive interferences. The error scalar matrix scalars down the errors of some projection directions in the presence of impulsive noise. The...
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The Application of Three-stage Command and Control Organizational Design Method in Emergency Communications Support

Jie Fu, Wenjing Shao, Xuejun Ren, Jisheng Zhu
Reasonable and effective command structure is a key element of emergency communications support in special conditions. Through describing two typical problems existing in present emergency communications support, this paper proposes the introduction of command and control organizational theory to solve...
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Entrainment ratio analysis of compress/ejector refrigeration system

Jiangming Tan, Jianwen Wang
Entrainment ratio is one of the main characteristic parameters of ejector. Studding on it is of a quiet importance to the compression/ejector refrigeration system. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to simulate the inner flow and analyse the influence of driving fluid pressure and outlet pressure...
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Design and Realization of PLC Control System for Magnetic Iron Ore Separating Equipment

Wei Ren
Magnetic iron concentrate beneficiation process, in order to improve the grade of iron concentrate powder, electromagnetic magnetic separation equipment can be used to realize. The use of PLC technology, PID control of self-optimization control algorithm, by controlling the magnetic field intensity and...
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The effect of ethanol gasoline on particulate emissions for GDI engine

Shijie Qiao, Jun Li, Yu Liu
The particulate emission of GDI gasoline haven’t been paid special attention to due to the lower significantly particulate emissions than that of diesel engines. But in the last few years, some studies have shown that the particulate of gasoline engine have carried more harmful substances which can penetrate...
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Design and Performance Analysis of ISD Suspension Based on New Mechanical Network Isolation Theory

Jun Yang, Long Chen, Xiaofeng Yang, Yujie Shen
By analysing the vibration response of two mutual coupling structures between three basic elements ‘spring, damper and inerter’ on a single degree of freedom system. Focusing on the vibration isolation effect, the optimum coupling relationship of ‘spring, damper and inerter’ three basic components applied...
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Research on Dynamic Virtual Fitting Method based on Kinect and Unity3D

Qing Zhu, Shu Pang
The thesis obtains the data with the help of Kinect, combined with the platform of unity3D to research 3D virtual fitting. Using the stroke and a matching algorithm of hidden Markov chain model to establish the corresponding relationship between contour of the human body and the human body model. It...
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Design and Numerical Simulation of Axial-flow Wind Turbine

Haowei Hu
With the development of the modern society, new energy technology has a great potential to be the new driving force. In order to make full use of the wind energy in the high air, based on CFD method, using the commercial software FLUENT and the standard k- turbulence model, an axial-flow wind turbine...
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Response Analysis of thin-walled Structure under Non-uniform temperature field and Acoustic Loads

Yundong Sha, Xiyang Zheng
With the raised performance of advanced aircraft, hypersonic vehicles are subjected to increasingly severe environment. Very severe elevated temperature and high intensity acoustic loads will cause the thin-walled structures of aircraft to respond in a strong nonlinear large deflection vibration, and...
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Research on Quality Resources Sharing Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Wenbo Chu
Cloud computing as a novel technique which aims to analyze and operate big data and complex computing is playing a significant role in daily life. One important function it holds is the ability of sharing resources that include infrastructures, software, applications, and business processes. Virtualization...
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Research on Vibratory Roller On-line Monitoring System based on LabVLEW

Kunming Yang, Sicong Yuan, Jinhua Zhang, Ying Yang
To improve the quality and efficiency of road roller, Vibratory Roller online monitoring test system of machinery based on LabVIEW is designed. The integrated structure and function of the system are introduced briefly, and the discussion of LabVIEW software design is focused on. The compaction is corresponding...
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The analysis of the method on the one variable function’s limit

Ke Wu
The limit of one variable function is an important problem in Higher Mathematics, it is a basic method to study the relationship between the function of variables. This template describes some important method about counting the limit, and gives the solving skills.
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The Management of Software Service Workflow based on Cloud Environment

Shengwu Gao, Guangtai Ding, Lingyu Xu
Based on the concept of traditional workflow and the thought of SaaS in cloud computing, puts forward a new concept named software service workflow. An application system based on this concept was built for processing marine resources automatic. This system put forward a visual customization interface...
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Study on Variable Step Size SAP Adaptive Filtering Algorithm

Zhicheng Liu, Bo Yang
In the interference cancellation system, the SAP (Sub band Affine Projection) algorithm is researched commonly, but the step size is given. In order to solve this problem, this paper puts forward an algorithm that can make the step size change with the variation of output error. The simulation results...
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Head Pose-Based Conditional Regression Forest for Facial Feature Detection

Liyuan Zhuo, Huawei Pan, Chunming Gao
Multi-angles of facial feature detection is still a challenging research. In this paper, the author proposes a precision head pose estimation method as a condition to improve the performance of regression forests, and decreases the missing rate caused by head deflection. The basic idea is used by locality...
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Energy-Efficient and Delay-Aware MAC Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks for Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring

Huaping Yu, Mei Guo
A flexible and energy efficient media access control (MAC) protocol is the fundament of wireless sensor networks for oil and gas pipeline systems. This paper firstly analyses the typical MAC protocols, three layers architecture of WSNs, and then proposes energy efficient and delay aware MAC (EEDA-MAC)...
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Application Status and Developing Trend of Key technologies for self-balanced vehicle

Zhizheng Wu, Junfeng Chen, Jie Fu, Ying Fang
This paper introduces the research status of the self-balancing car both at home and abroad and expounds the technical points of self-adjustment detection and the torque ripple as well as its suppression, compared characteristics of existing technology and methods, which provide theoretical evidences...
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System View Simulation of Low-pass Signal Sampling Theorem

Xu Liu
Digital transmission of analogue signal has many advantages and now has been widely applied in various fields of modern communications. Sampling theorem is the theoretical basis of digital transmission of analogue signal, and the sampling and recovery of signal play a particularly important role. This...
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Study on Dynamic Design Technique of Machine Tools Structure Based on Energy Balance

Guangchen Xu, Nannan Zhang, Zeyu Weng
The energy balance of system is one of the basis for the dynamic design of machine structure. The paper applied finite element technique to machine dynamic design based on the energy balance, in view of finite element model of machine dynamics structure, mean squared deviations of various energy distribution...
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Application of an Improved Granular Algorithm in C2 Design

Shuai Chen, Xuejun Ren, Wenjing Shao
With the increasing scale of issue, the list planning performance remarkably decreases in the three-step method. To solve this issue, an improved granular algorithm is proposed in this paper for the C2 model design. At first, the adaptability measurement of model is optimized from the perspective of...
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IMBBTC: XML Document Indexing Model Based on Binary Tree Coding

Zhixin Hu
In order to facilitate decision relation of nodes, support dynamic updates and improves the speed for XML data query, etc, this paper proposes a XML document indexing structure model based on binary tree encoding. The XML document tree uses trigeminal linked list of binary tree structure to encode nodes....
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A Novel Encoding Scheme for XML Document Update-supporting

Yuanzi He
In order to improve the efficiency of XML document query and support XML document dynamic update, etc, this paper proposes a dynamic prefix encoding scheme based on fraction (DPESF), which uses the unlimited extensibility of fraction to implement XML document dynamic updating without the second encoding...
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An Agricultural Information Recommendation Model Based on Collaborative Filtering

Shuilong Zou
With the rapid development of internet, all kinds of information increases exponentially. It is different for users to find their requisite information because of the widely distributed information of internet. In ordered to provide timely, conveniently and efficiently to farmers the interested agricultural...
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Research on adaptive network theft Trojan detection model

Ting Wu
This paper intends to establish theft Trojans detection system capable of adaptive dynamic feedback learning. To achieve this goal, this paper first studies the characteristics of the network data stream and theft Trojans communication data stream, then introduces support vector machine algorithm based...
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IEEE 802.11i WLAN Security Protocol Based On Genetic Software Engineering Model

Weifeng Gao, Xiaoxi Zheng, Bin Lu
Wireless local area networks (WLANs) based on the IEEE 802.11 standards are one of today’s fastest growing technologies in businesses, schools, and homes, for good reasons. As WLAN deployments increase, so does the challenge to provide these networks with security. Security risks can originate either...
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Anti-cheating type job submission system design and implementation

Xiaoying Zhan
On the computer classroom, most students using FTP or shared submit electronic work, but this method can easily lead to plagiarism. In this paper, to solve this problem in higher vocational colleges student characteristics, design and implementation of the job submission system, a great job of avoiding...
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The Actuality of Agriculture Internet of Things for Applying and Popularizing in China

Ziyu Wu, Shijun Li, Manhua Yu, Juxin Wu
With the development of global economic integration and information technology, the IOT technology has wide attention from all sectors of society, as the government also attaches great importance to the research and development of the Internet of things, and now its research and development has already...
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Joined Greenhouse Environment Control System Based On ZigBee

Yanmei Tan, Chaoning Jiang
According to the environment control of the joined greenhouse, one method that about the monitoring and intervention of the greenhouse environment with intelligent mobile phone and computer has been proposed. Firstly, the basic structure of the system has been analysed, several short and medium range...
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The application of ontology in the machinery industry

Jinwen Li, Jiali Zhang, Lijian Hao
Research on Ontology has been widely applied in the various walks of life, but in the machinery industry it’s comparatively rare. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry on the overview of the application of ontology in mechanical industry. Firstly, this paper introduces the basic concept of ontology...
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The Effect of Operating of A modified Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket for Landfill Leachate Treatment

Yating He, Jiaxin Geng, Pengfei Yu
For its special characteristics of water quality, the biological treatment technology for waste leachate and other special sewage is not yet mature. The study took advantage of the characteristics of the UASB reactor and improved the type of three-phase separator, in order to degrade organic pollutants...
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Search algorithm of Relations in SNS

Huanli Han, Guifa Teng, Yunli Zhang, Meng Hu, Yue Wang
Interpersonal relationship plays a more and more important role in the real society. The study of relationship research algorithm is especially important .Based on the shortest path of graph theory and combined with the fact of the social network service (SNS) searching, the interpersonal closeness degree...
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The Research on Surface Restructure Method of Discrete Data Based on Multi-cores Environment

Huijiang Zheng, Jing Zhang, Baihui Ding, Gaiyun He
Surface restructure for triangulation discrete data was the preconditions for discrete data to be widely applied in modern manufacturing. Due to using multi-core processors and connected graph traversal access algorithm, put forward a new method of surface restructure for discrete data based on parallel...
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Internal Accounting Control System Design based on Accounting

Yan Li
With the shortcomings of enterprise in our country increasingly exposed in the management, in which the quality problem of accounting information is particularly prominent, and to improve the situation, one of the key factors is to strengthen the internal accounting control of the enterprise. Internal...
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Enterprise Financial Management System Analysis and Design based on ERP

Yumei Ding
With the rapid development of information technology and network, the modern enterprise management model is also undergoing tremendous changes, companies must adapt to the financial management of network and information technology development. Enterprise financial management system is a financial planning,...
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Semi down sampling wavelet transform and its application in image watermarking

Liping Yuan
At watermarking is developed, The construction proposed in this paper is based on a no subsampled pyramid (NSP) transform and wavelet transform (WT).The result of no subsampled transform is a flexible multiscaleand shift-invariant image decomposition that can be efficiently implemented via the à torus...
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Accounting Information System Design under Network Environment

Yan Li
With the development of information technology, production and business activities of enterprises have tremendous changes. In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet, e-commerce became popular, the transaction using the Internet has become an inevitable trend. With the development of the...
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Research on Load Query of Grid Data Stream Based on Storm

Xudong Li, Hao Li, Airong Zhang, Dongdong Wang
In recent years, with the development of data flow applications ,various fields required to respond data flow quickly and real-time. Using Storm frame to process data flow, the time of calculation can be shortened significantly. In this paper, Storm platform will be used for continuous queries of data...
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Development and Implementation of Smart Home Monitoring System in Embedded Environment

Jie Zhang
With the rapid development of computer technology, sensor technology, communication technology, smart home has become the development trend of the future life, it will be all the items in the family connected by a network, the realization of the home environment remote monitoring and intelligent management,...
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Molten Image Crack Denoising Algorithm Based on the Detection of Connected Domain Area

Xu Liu, Tian-shu Yang, Mei Li, Man Zhao, Yong-ping Zhao
For the crack noise in molten-image processing of rock deformation experiment, this paper proposes an abnormal value detection method based on connected domain area, through the experiment of comparison with two-dimensional discrete Fourier transform method, this approach can not only completely remove...
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Research of Wireless Functions of Human Body Detection System Based on The Internet of Things

Jia-yong Duan, Fang Guo
A human body detection system based on internet of things is designed. System is divided into four parts: terminal controller, ZigBee network coordinator, ZigBee network control and display node and ZigBee sensor nodes. The system is mainly used CC2530 chip as information processing and exchange of units...
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A composite current detection control strategies of Active Power Filter

Miao Zhou, Ziqiang Xi, Leran Liu
The current is not specified a current in load side or network side at the detection of APF(active power filter) control. When the detection object is selected a different current, the compensation effect is different. This paper presents a simultaneous current detection control strategies which the...
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A Novel Approach on English Test Software Design Based on The.Net Framework

Xiaoyu Zhang
With the rapid development of Internet and computer technology, modern education based on the Internet as main means has become the trend of the development of the education today. Although the domestic English testing system gains more and more attention but most universities and colleges’ equipment...
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The Design of User Database Resource Management System Based on Web

Ying Wu
with the development of more and more application software system model by C/S mode to B/S mode, the advantages of the software system based on WEB is more and more obvious: only use standard browser, of a lot of client configuration. However, late for a WEB application system of maintenance work, the...
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The Accurate Marketing System Design Based on Data Mining Technology: A New Approach

Yuling Zeng
With the rapid development of mobile Internet, operators are faced with the increasingly fierce competition. Big data includes Internet, medical equipment, video monitoring, mobile devices, smart devices, non-traditional IT equipment such as channel mass structured or unstructured data, and every moment...
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Research on Computer Network Virtual Laboratory based on ASP.NET

Xuebin Jia
In this paper, we conduct research on the design and implementation of computer network virtual laboratory based on ASP.NET. Virtual laboratory is a kind of special, distributed problem solving environment which is to provide the users a web-based experiment teaching, technical exchanges, joint research...
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Elderly Residential Space Design and Analysis: A Review

Yanli Zhou
With increasing age, the elderly, the special requirements of living space and a corresponding increase in the degree of dependence. This article focus from the functional space housing the elderly begin to analyze the elderly housing designs should be noted that the problem of elderly residential points...
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The Application of Data Warehouse Technology in Modern Finance

Wenzhe Chen
This paper studies the application of data warehouse in the modern financial industry, can help Banks to products, departments, institutions of profit and cost analysis, by strengthening cost management to increase efficiency, will largely change bank management departments at all levels of management,...
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Research on Teaching Quality Monitoring System Based on B/S Architecture: A Novel Approach

ZhiYong Chen
With the rapid development of Internet technology and applications, network integration into all aspects of people's lives, the computer network has become a powerful force for social and economic development, the use of network information technology to achieve national economic and social information...
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Remote Transmission and Control Research of Visual Signal for Detecting Robot

ChangChun Shang, Yuyu Hao, Tian-peng Zhao, Qi Zhang
Autonomous navigation is one of the key issues in the field of mobile robot. In recent years, as the robot system operation ability and the development of related technologies, such as image processing, people more and more research is not dependent on the autonomous navigation technology of GPS system,...
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Digital Media Content Management System Design and Analysis

Mengxing Chang, Xuefeng Quan
With the rapid development of network technology and digital technology to media content-based digital media industry, the rapid growth worldwide. Thus digital media technology gradually being great concern academia and industry, many countries have developed relevant development strategies and objectives....
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Research on the Key Technique of Wireless Network Systems Based on ZigBee and Related Techniques

Nan Lin
In this paper, we did research on the key technique of wireless network systems based on ZigBee and related techniques. ZigBee wireless sensor network is composed of multiple interconnected ZigBee nodes through wireless channel which supports three types of network topology star, tree, and mesh. Although...