Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Informatics (AMEII 2016)

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Study on Corporate Financial Data Analysis System Based on Data Mining

Pengwu Wang
With the development of economy and technology, data mining which is based on databases and business intelligence has been developed and widely applied to all fields, financial field included. It can explore hidden, useful information to help decision makers to search for the relationship among data...
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Study on Fuzzy Mathematics and Its Applications

Yang Li
Fuzzy Mathematics produced in 1960s, its formation and development do not want to give up mathematical accuracy, rigor, but to make the objective existence of some of the ambiguity of things and phenomena able to use mathematical methods to study and deal with. The so-called "fuzzy" means things are...
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Study on Reliability Design Technology of Electronic Communications Equipment

Meifang Cai
With the continuous development of social progress and economic and cultural, of gradually entering the information age, in the new situation of rapid development of information technology, science and technology constantly updated, electronic communications equipment as advanced science and technology...
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Study on the Design and Implementation of the Mobile Terminal Real-Time Communication System

Yanping Wei, Hailiu Xiao
Instant messaging technology in the mobile Internet has been widely recognized, the relationship more closely to user requirements can be more real-time multimedia communications, which requires a network connection in the mobile Internet is not very stable environment and provide a reliable instant...
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The Design of Enterprise Financial Management Mode Based on the ERP

Yong Kang
In recent years, in china, more and more enterprises begin to use the ERP system in the financial management. ERP makes the informationization level of financial management rise to a new height, and the wide application of ERP system brings unprecedented opportunity to enterprise's modern management....
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Development of Remote Wireless Communication System of Smart Home

Yuan Ke
Traditional smart home system is mainly used to form a wired manner, such as RS-485/X10/Lonworks/CAN and the like. Add or delete a wired network equipment will involve changes to the line, and large projects affect the interior decoration of beautiful, poor scalability of its systems, installation, commissioning...
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Study on the Data analysis of the Camshaft Measuring Systems

Yuhua Wang, Xiao Wang
The accuracy of the camshaft directly impact the noise, dynamic performance and economy overall performance of automobile engine. This paper will measure the repeatability of the current index value of automotive components testing equipment corresponding analysis and give a set of the integrated measuring...
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A Study on Growth Process Model of Enterprise Information System in the Era of Big Data--Statistical Information System of Freight Train Formation

Senling Chen, Wenli Zhang, Xiaofei Li, Jian Jin
This paper focused on the railway transportation industry in the era of big data, and researched on the Statistical Information System of Freight Train Formation, collected its business data in 311train operation depots of 18 railway bureau as total sample and 35 statistical targets as dependent variables,...
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L1-induced Performance Analysis for Positive Systems with Interval Uncertainties

Xiaoming Chen
The L1 performance analysis is studied for continuous-time interval positive systems. In this paper, necessary and sufficient conditions for stability and L1 performance are established for positive linear systems through linear inequalities.
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Study on Composition and Development of the Database Management System

Fenfen Wu
The database is long-term storage in the computer, organized, shared data collection. Database to store large amounts of information in an effective and quick access to play an important role, it is the core and foundation of large information systems. Database management system is to establish, use...
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Nature Communication System based on Wechat public account Shandong University of Science and Technology

Haoxiang Shi, Menghan Li
Users can add a Wechat public account by scanning QR code, then input text and voice information on chatting interface, searching for pertinent sentences in Database table through connecting with the MySQL database and return pertinent text answer to user's chatting interface.
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A Novel Approach to Dynamic Output-Feedback Control for Interval Positive Systems

Xiaoming Chen
In this paper, a novel approach to dynamic output-feedback control is established for positive systems with interval uncertainties. Necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of robust controllers are established.
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Research on Space Positioning Model Based on Sun Shadow Trajectory

Yinping Zhou
Research on how to use the video or image sequence variation in the shadow of the sun to determine the time and space that captures the time and place locate problems, combined with solar elevation angle formula, established a shadow the length L and the latitude , longitude , sun angle , height and...
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Study on the Design of A High-precision Indoor Positioning System

Lei Li
Firstly, explained the situation and development trend of indoor positioning technology, and discusses the use of UWB signal indoor positioning technology to achieve the principle of further argues that the analysis of the indoor positioning system solutions. By combining the latest technology of the...
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Vulnerability Analysis of Electric Power Communication Network

Yucong Wu
As a support network of the smart grid, the reliability of electric power communication network has become the prerequisites of the smart grid to become intelligent and economic, and operate safely. This paper mainly studies the vulnerability of the electric power communication network, so as to provide...
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Study on the Security and Trust Issues of E-commerce

Xiaosen Wen
Tremendous impact e-commerce development to human society makes a series of research in related fields to become a global hot spots. In recent years, the development of e-commerce has gradually slowed down, which is one of the main security problems that hinder its development. It can be predicted to...
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Research into electric power communications network overhaul management system

Zhirong Liang, Dawang Cheng
To adopt electric power communications network overhaul management system for electric power communications network management can increase the regularity of communication overhaul and the operation reliability of communication network. Based on that, this paper studies the electric power communications...
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Discussion on Electric Field Analysis Simplified Modeling of Electrical Equipment

Zonghan Li
With the rapid development of extreme high voltage technology, more large-scale electrical equipments are gradually put into use. However, due to the complexity of these devices on structure, and the electric field calculation in equipment operation will be confronted with great difficulties. Therefore,...
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Analysis of Earthquake Monitoring Capability of Level Cross-fault Sites in Fujian and Jiangxi

Zhibin Lin, Yuanrong He, Changxian Zhou, Hui Zhan, Guangming Li
This paper has a research basis on the leveling data of 5 years from 2008 to 2012 in cross-fault grounds of Fujian and Jiangxi province, by means of establishing three-dimensional finite element model to calculate the level of observed changes across the fault when the fault dip angle and the fault strike...
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Research and implementation of search engine based on Lucene

Pu Wan, Lisha Wang
From in-depth research on the basic principles and architecture of search engine, through secondary development for Lucene development package, this paper designs an entire search engine system framework, and realizes its core modules. This system can make up for the deficiency of the existing Lucene...
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Design and Implementation of Information System of 3D City of Geotechnical Engineering

Qiong Luo
To meet the demand for the geotechnical information system management, this paper has put forward a plan to develop the management information system by using GIS and commercial database management technology. It has also described and analyzed the development of the function modules of the system and...
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Research on the Modulation Mode of Wireless Optical Communication Technology

Juan Wang
In recent years, with the development of key components of optical communications, wireless optical communication technology is developing rapidly, and gets a lot of attention and research. Wireless optical communication technology is superior to traditional radio communications technology, in that it...
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3 d - LookStailorX system application in the clothing pattern design

Fengqin Chen
Clothing pattern design is the most key link in garment production process, and is the most important part of the costume design, is a clothing design and technology of the connection of the bridge. With such as clothing CAD technology widespread application of digital technology, the clothing pattern...
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Emotional design and clothing CAD software development and integration

Wenhui Xia
With the development of the apparel industry and the renewal of the computer technology, computer aided design CAD is gradually widely used in the field of fashion design. In today's high working pressure, under the background of the fast pace of life, it is widely hoped to get warm living space. Therefore,...
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Analysis on the Effects of the Improved Power Forecast System of Zhong San Jia Wind Power Plant in Liaoning Province of China

Chao Zhang
This article introduces the error comparison of the improved wind power forecast system which changes the data input and re-models and the original one, which was done in Liaoning Zhong San Jia Wind Power Plant. Throughout one year's contrast analysis in 2003, it is found that the accuracy rate has increased...
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An Image Enhancement Algorithm Based on Second Generation Wavelet Integer Transform

Yi Zhang, Haifeng Wang
Traditional histogram enhancement algorithm to enhance image has the defect of over-bright image, amplified noise, and missing image details. In view of these defects, this paper proposes an image enhancement algorithm based on second generation wavelet integer transform. At first, use the second generation...
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Design and Implementation of NationaI Traditional Sports events Management Information System

Zhengxia Qiao
Chinese traditional sports culture as an important part of the world sports culture has its own unique value and significance. But with the development of the global information technology, Chinese traditional culture has been invaded step by step by modern western sports culture. Under the global information...
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The Design and Application of Digital Tourism Service System

Gang Zhao
In this paper, travel services rely on a travel service network platform, the system is divided into two parts. Foreground is based on personalized recommendation and divided into hotels, travel blog module, Special, theme planning, business travel, interactive community. The background is mainly to...
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The Design and Application of Injuries Network Consultation System

Ke Pan, Qiaozhen Yan
The paper aims to study a design and practice of sports injuries network consultation. According to sports injuries study and theory, combine Internet technology and module theory designed sports injuries network consultation system. This paper makes explanation on design ideas, technology crucial module...
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Research on Design of Temperature Control System based on PLC

Ying Zhou
In many fields of scientific research and production practice, the temperature control occupies a very important position, especially with a pivotal role in the industrial and agricultural production. With the development of electronic and computer technology, PLC from the original amount of simple logic...
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Research on Design of DC Motor Control System Based on microcontroller

Ying Zhou
DC motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, compared with AC motors, DC motors have many advantages good speed performance, high starting torque and overload, etc., it is widely used in machinery industry. MCU control DC motor is a typical application in mechanical and electrical control,...
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Design and realization of the ZigBee wireless sensor network experimental platform

Di Qu, Yuanyu Sun
In the current society, with the rapid development of science and technology, many new techniques have found increasingly extensive applications in various fields. The ZigBee wireless sensor network experimental platform is a representative technique, which has shown favorable functions and results during...
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Research into structural design and simulation of the inspection robot for ultra-high voltage power transmission lines

Yiheng Bian
With the rapid development of the power system, there has been a higher requirement of the power transmission lines. However, the traditional power transmission line test usually adopts the helicopter aerial survey and artificial visual inspection, which might incur a high inspection cost but can hardly...
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Research on Network Security and Identity Authentication

Jin Meng, Jing Zhao, Ming-shun Xing, Tie Ma, Hai-yan Zhao
With the rapid development of computer networks and the popularity of network applications, network security has been people's increasing attention. Network security is an important issue under Network environment, and authentication technology plays a very important role for network application security....
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Research on Security Issues and Protection Strategy of Computer Network

Min Zhu, Yong-jian Luo, Jun-qiang Yang, Ming-shun Xing, Jing Zhao
Development and improving and bringing very great impact to network of the network technology of the computer, the security question of the network has become one of the focuses of the social safety question of information. In this paper, through the analysis of computer network information security...
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Research on Security Issues Based on CAN LAN

Yu-yang Du, Hai-yan Zhao, Jing Zhao, Hui Li, Huai-jun Zhou
With the rapid expansion of the rapid development of computer network technology and network coverage, network security issues are increasingly complex and outstanding looks up. In this paper, we have the analysis of the CAN security situation, put forward the principle of network security policy-making...
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Research on Security Management of Computer Network System

Jun-sheng Ma, Tie Ma, Hui Li, Xiao-ting Li, Jun-qiang Yang
With the rapid development of network science and technology, people are dependent on the network and usage greatly improved, but the network to bring convenience, but it also brings a lot of network security issues, it has become a constraint computer network construction greatest limiting factor. This...
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Research on Wireless Network Security Technology

Weng-jing Yang, Zhi-yuan Li, Huai-jun Zhou, Ran Li, Hai-yan Zhao
With the popularization and application of wireless networks, people are dependent on wireless networks is increasing, at the same time the security of wireless networks has become the focus of attention. In this paper, a wireless network security methods and technology were more in-depth study, since...
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The New Algorithm of the Item-based on MapReduce

Wei Zhao
Traditional collaborative filtering algorithm based on item and K-means clustering algorithm are studied, the parallel algorithm of collaborative filtering Item-based on MapReduce is proposed by using MapReduce programming model. The algorithm is mainly divided into two steps, one step is K-Means algorithm...
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Contemporary equipment in enamel process innovation design accessories

Mi Luo
In recent years, with the rapid development of creative industry, fashion bags has become one of the important element in the accessories. Especially for women dress collocation, the choice of luggage is indispensable link. Luggage industry market development prospect of huge potential, bags designer...
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The design and application of heterogeneous isomorphism traditional batik pattern

Huan Xiong
In collecting on the basis of traditional batiks patterns, the traditional batiks patterns are classified and summarized the composition of traditional batiks patterns in the form of law, law of color, pattern characteristics, cultural connotation, refining traditional batik pattern elements, will be...
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Research on Application and Practice of Information Management in Automobile Die Manufacturing Industry

Chengquan Lin
In this paper, the information of Internet and enterprise and customer information exchange communication bridge tool, study of the key components of the automobile manufacture of manufacturing applications, and stamping die design and manufacturing, from the six case analysis, mold manufacturing, cost...
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Study of shuttle griping and releasing device of weft insertion mechanism of rigid rapier loom

Chenwang Yuan, Yingjie Niu, Ge Chen, Zhengning Li
Rigid rapier loom uses rigid rapier to grip the shuttle and do the reciprocating movement to realize weft insertion. To grip and release the shuttle, a complicated mechanism is used. But usually the stability of the mechanism is not good and the installation is complex. According to simulation and experiment,...
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Warp Tension Detection Method of Carbon Fiber Multilayer Loom

Xi Lu, Jiancheng Yang
The warp tension, which is the let-off mechanism of carbon fiber multilayer loom, for the study object, the article expounds the composition and distribution of tension sensor, and analysis the detection principle of warp tension, thus design a detection scheme of warp tension. In order to solve the...
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Simulation analysis of helical gears in the gear box of the rolling mill

Qian Ma, Yonggang Xu, Lixin Gao
This paper studies the helical gears in the gear box of cold rolling mill in a steel, using software SolidWorks to make one pair of meshing helical gears a solid model, and import the entity model into ADAMS to creat a virtual prototype model, using IMPACT function to define the contact between gears,...
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Optimization of Cutting Power Based on Dynamic Cutting Force Model

Lei Fang, Guangrong Yan, Xiangyu Xu, Tao Ding, Genao Zang, Le LIU
The machine output power smoothing has an important significance to improve the efficiency and quality of machining. With the secondary development of cutting geometry simulation software, we have got the geometry cutting parameters, carried out a physical simulation of the whole cutting processing and...
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The Design and Simulation Analysis of Electromechanical Double Acting Pneumatic Brake Valve

Qinghe Liu, Guanghui Guo, Fufan Qu
With the increasingly severe environmental and energy issues, the application of urban electric buses is more popular, but the battery reserve capacity has restricted the popularity of electric vehicles. Regenerative braking energy recovery system can reduce the energy consumption of the electric vehicle,...
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The Assist Curve Design for Electric Power Steering System

Qinghe Liu, Weiguang Kong, Tao Li
Three kinds of power curve are analyzed aimed at the sense of strength and steering portability. Thus, we put forward a new design principle based on the existing research. The assist characteristic range is divided into four kinds according to the vehicle speed and steering wheel torque. The simulation...
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The establishment and Simulation of the dynamic model of the Four rotor aircraft

Wei Wu, Kai Fan Zhao, Qiang Wang
With the development of space technology and mature, four rotor aircraft with its low cost, high performance, unique structure and flight mode and other characteristics, are widely used in military and civil fields. According to the basic characteristics of four rotor aircraft prototype and flight characteristics,...
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The Research of Wind Turbine Airfoils Aerodynamic Characteristics Effects Based on Numerical Simulation

Chong Meng
With the development of large-scale wind turbine, the limitation of the classical aerodynamic characteristics of wind turbine research methods has become more sophisticated, and the improvement of CFD numerical simulation technology has provided a new research method for wind turbine aerodynamic characteristics....
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The Cloud Service Framework Oriented Additive Manufacturing

Lei Wang, Yuan Yao, Xiaoming Yang, Dong Chen
This paper proposes a 4-layer device virtualization system framework based on multi peer nodes. First, the different layers of deployment and the operation processes of the system are discussed, then the resource management and the information flow are described. Finally, the interface and task assignment...
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The present situation of mechanical parameters in the ground test

Jiafeng Zhao, Wei Wang
Ground mechanics is the study of off-road driving machine interaction with the ground in a mechanical discipline, vehicle dynamics and soil mechanics is a goalkeeper of combining the interdisciplinary, involving vehicles, ground and its interaction research of dynamics, etc. Mechanical parameters test...
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Influence of aging treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of a new high strength TB17 titanium alloy

Zhe Wang, Xinnan Wang, Guoqiang Shang, Liwei Zhu, Jing Li, Yue Fei, Shuai Tian, Zhishou Zhu
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and X-Ray Diffraction(XRD)were employed to investigate the influence of heat treatment conditions on microstructure and mechanical properties of a new high strength TB17 titanium alloy at aging temperature from 530øC to 620øC....
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Modeling Simulation and Experimental Study on Valveless Electro-Hydraulic Servo Steering Device for Ship

Jian Liao, Lin He, Rongwu Xu, Zongbin Chen
The linear model of valveless electro-hydraulic servo steering device neglects the nonlinear factors, especially the factors of the control subsystem, so the quantitative static and dynamic characteristics of the actual system cannot be evaluated accurately. Aiming at the problem, the steering device...
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The Design of Micro Vacuum Heating Observation Equipment

Changqing Gao, Jianhua Zhang, Chao Ma, Mingyu Wang, Jianmei Li
In order to study the transition of material properties under the environment of high temperature and vacuum, a micro vacuum heating observation equipment was designed. The vacuum system can create the vacuum environment. And the heating system can create the high temperature environment. This equipment...
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Constraint-Variable Analysis of Time Coupling Constraints in Unit Commitment

Shuai Cao, Zhenglin Yang, Haihua Cheng, Yaxian Zheng, Jian Geng
Constraint-variable correlation is the most important coupling correlation in unit commitment problem. Reasonable arrangements for the correlation will simplify the model complexity, and reduce the calculation time. And minimum on/off time constraint is one of the most complicated time coupling constraints....
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Optimization design of Subsoiling components

Zhikai Ma, Yongwei Yuan, Jiangtao Liu, Jinggang Yi
This article is based on the subsoiler as the research object. 3D model is established using large finite element analysis software analyze and optimize the structure afterwards. The structure and thickness of the subsoiler have been optimized and the feature parameters have been changed from different...
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Numerical Study of the acoustic characteristics of the entry diameter gas-liquid coaxial swirling injector

Honghui An, Wansheng Nie
Linear acoustics is adopted to analyze the influence on the entry diameter of the gas inlet orifice on the acoustic damping of the injector. The impedance tube method is used to assess quantitatively damping capacity of entry diameter of the gas inlet in order to find the best structure parameter of...
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A Method of Plastic Gear Inspection Based on Machine Vision

Jianbiao Ding, Yajun Zhang, Jian Zhuang, Ri Pan
The defect detection of plastic gear is difficult because of its small size, so a method based on machine vision is proposed to inspect plastic gear accurately and quickly. Digital image of plastic gear is collected by CCD camera, and then the image is preprocessed to generate single pixel edge of gear....
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Odometer Lever Arm Effect Compensation on Strapdown Inertia Navigation System Precise Alignment with Odometer

Zhi-yuan Ma, Zhi-yong Shi
Odometer lever arm effect on strapdown inertia navigation system initial alignment with odometer is studied in this paper. This paper presents an error compensation method of odometer lever arm. In this method, the difference between output velocity by odometer and velocity output by SINS is taken as...
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Analysis and Research on Radial Stiffness of Main-auxiliary Spring Structure Wheel

Shijie Guo, Bin Song, Jiangang Lv
In order to improve the traditional pneumatic rubber tire performance of puncture-proof, explosion prevention and environment adaptability, a main-auxiliary spring structure wheel was propesed. The new wheel composed base on metal helical spring mutual woven and interwined. By analyzed the system structure,combined...
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Study on acoustic and aerodynamic performance of reactive muffler

Zhenyu Deng, Junchuan Niu, Fusheng Sui
In order to get a further reduction on pressure loss of a reactive muffler, the interior flow field of the muffler and the generation mechanism of pressure loss are investigated by the CFD method. Then, the influences of the insert tube length on the acoustic and aerodynamic performance of the expansion...
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Disturbance Error Correction Algorithm for UAV Flight Control Based on Adaptive Backstepping Integral

Xing-Hua Lu, Shi-wei Zhan, Wen-quan Yu, Chen-wei Huang
The gas dynamic features of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) cause flight attitude control error in aerodynamic disturbances, it need for stability flight control design of UAV, to improve the UAV flight stability property. Under the condition of large disturbance, the uncertainty of parameters of flight...
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Optimization of Cutting Interference Machining for Aircraft Roller Bearing Formation

Bin Zhang, We Cheng
In the complex components of aircraft roller bearing forming process, it is influenced by the surface mesh inducing factors, resulting in processing accuracy is not good, the error is large. An optimal roller bearing forming machining cutting method is proposed based on the internal tooth interference...
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Shift Schedule of Automatic Transmission of Construction Vehicle Based on Matlab/Simulink

Liangjie Guan, Tiezhu Zhang, Yongzhi Ma
Aimed at the problem of engineering vehicle hydraulic mechanical transmission system efficiency is low.Thispaper mainly study of the engineering vehicle automatic transmission shift schedule.Through the artificial set the minimum numerical efficiency,this paper obtained the automatic transmission shift...
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Research of the Optimal Shape of Bathtub

Rong Wu
We take heat transfer between water and air and heat dissipation capacity of bathtubs into consideration and discuss the influence of bathtub shapes on temperature. We keep the temperature of bathtub in 39 degrees Celsius.We assume that the bathtub's capacity is the same and try to find the best shape...
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Engineering Calculation of Double Closed-loop Controller Parameters of Chopper Cascade Speed System

Shiyang Su
According to main circuit characteristics of chopper cascade control system under steady state, and system speed characteristics, mechanical characteristics, differential equations of main circuit of chopper cascade control system is established under state-space averaging method. Using the second-order...
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A Method Of Automatic Trend Identification On Frequency

Fan Yang
Based on the measured data of wide area measurement system(WAMS),a method of automatic trend identification for frequency in power system is proposed.Using data-smoothing technology to eliminate the influence of the signal noise such as burr to extract the overall trend of the signal and combining with...
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A Method Of Automatic Identification On Power Oscillation

Fan Yang
In order to identify the power oscillation of the power grid and take the corresponding measures quickly,a method of identification for power oscillation based on the measured signal curve in power system is proposed.The measured data is processed to extract the overall trend of the signal and combining...
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The operating mode Optimization of Chinese electric car charging piles

Yurong Zeng, Mengting Long
Charging pile, an important supporting infrastructure, is necessary for the development of electric cars. In this paper, combined with Chinese actual situation, we propose that currently car manufacturers should implement the alliance charging pile model between car manufacturers and power grid enterprises...
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Analysis in the heat transfer process of water in a bathtub with and without bubbles

Jidong Li
This paper proposed a basic model and an optimized model to obtain the temperature field of water in a bathtub with and without bubbles. Firstly, the basic heat transfer model is established based on the three-dimensional N-S equations, the heat transfer differential equations and cuboid boundary conditions....
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Study on the influence of the slope-angle to the bullet projectile

Li-zhi Yang, Yong-cai Cheng
The engraving process of projectile is a very complicated mechanics process,In this paper, the artillery projectile engraving tube process is the research object, using the WDW-T200 microcomputer control electronic universal tension and compression testing machine of projectile and barrel samples of...
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Investigation of a Self-Excited Pulsed Water Jet Slotting for Coal Roadway Driving

Jianguo Zhang, Jinjing Zhang, Zhe Zhou
Advance borehole is commonly used to prevent outburst in driving working face, while the influence scope of drilling is limited in deep mining, resulting in large drilling construction and taking very long construction time. A slotting technology by using self-excited oscillation pulsed water jets is...
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Software Phase Locked Loop for Single Phase Grid Tied Systems

Jian Qin, Jing Li
The phase angle utility is a critical piece of information for operation of power devices feeding power into the grid like PV inverter.A Phase Locked Loop (PLL) is a closed loop system in which an internal oscillator is controlled to keep the time/phase of an external periodical signal using a feedback...
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The Recognition Algorithm of VSAT Network Based on Burst Synchronization

Hairui Pan, Yourong Lu, Qian Cai, Gang Xu
For the problem about identification of VSAT network, a VSAT network identification technology using the priori information of VSAT network is proposed based on synchronization among different carriers' bursts. The validation via practical data shows that the method is applicable to the VSAT network...
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Design and implementation of through wall radar display and control system

Jianwu Wang, Biying Lu, Yongping Song, Zhimin Zhou
Portable through wall radar display and control system is bridge between the radar signal process system and users. On the one hand, radar display and control system receives the origin image signal and present it to users after processed it, on the other hand, the system receives the users' instructions...
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Research on the Data Mining and Pattern Recognition Algorithms and the Applications on Information Security Engineering

Zhiyan Zhang, Xinhua Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the data mining and pattern recognition algorithms and the applications on information security engineering. The complete solution for network security firewall defense should have not only, should also be real-time monitoring to the network as can find intrusion...
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Calculation of Unbalanced Tension of Transmission Line by Image Recognition Method of Insulator Deflection Angle

Yehe Shi
With the development of the transmission line, it is more and more important to analyze the unbalanced tension of the tower. The non-contact method of measuring the insulator deflection angle uses image processing techniques, and the experimental results show that this method has better recognition speed...
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Design and implementation of mobile terminal anti-theft tracking system based on Android platform

Yonghong Luo, Jian Wang, Chao Feng
In order to solve security problems such as user privacy information revealed after mobile phone lost, based on Android broadcast mechanism and backstage service technology, improved data storage way and self-startup mode of original mobile phone security software, added SMS encryption message broadcast...
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Experimental study on Electrical Resistance Tomography System for Vertical Gas/Liquid Two-phase Pipe Flow

Lifeng Zhang, Qin Zhang, Feng Zhu
Measurements of gas holdup and velocity are required in gas/liquid two-phase flow. Using electrical resistance tomography (ERT) technique, the cross-sectional image can be obtained, and hence the gas holdup is estimated. Combining ERT with the cross correlation flow measurement technique, the velocity...
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A Mixed Normalization Capacitance Model for Electrical Capacitance Tomography

Lifeng Zhang, Feng Zhu, Qin Zhang
Electrical capacitance tomography (ECT) is a technique developed in recent 30 years, which aims to measure multi-phase flow. The image reconstruction for ECT is an inverse problem to find the permittivity distribution in a pipe. The normalized capacitance measurements are needed during the process of...
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Accuracy Measuring For the RV Reducer Cycloid Gear and Manufacturing Error Analysis

Yueming Zhang, Guoyang Zhu
RV reducer is an important function part of industrial robot joints. The cycloid gear measuring problem is the key part of high precision RV reducer manufacturing. A brief introduction to the forming principle and formulas of RV reducer cycloid tooth contour. A new method for measuring the contour accuracy...
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Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm Solving Uncertainty Job-Shop Scheduling Problem

Yang-Jun Hu, Cun-li Song
Researched the uncertain Job-Shop Scheduling, on the basis of the original triangular fuzzy number to describe fuzzy processing time, structured the fuzzy Job-Shop Scheduling model. Algorithm using the concept of "big valley" topology represent solution space, using strong swap mutations in early immune...
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Optimal Wheelchair Passenger Service in the Airport

Anran Zheng
This paper uses a queuing model of multi-server system to offer optimal airport wheelchair service which minimizes the cost and offers service of high quality. It addresses the performance of airport wheelchair service associated with the waiting time of passengers who need the service. According to...
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Measuring the Evolution in Society's Information Networks

Anran Zheng
This paper sets up the communication network model to explore social information network's evolution. The communication network model consists of topology structure, communication capacity analysis and topology prediction. Nodes are composed of five kinds of media. Links indicate that there is information...
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The Analytical Decision Model of Cleaning Space Debris

Jing Ding
In order to solve the problem B of the 2016 Mathematical Contest in Modeling(MCM) , I study the decision problem of cleaning up the space debris. To determine whether a viable commercial opportunity exits, I establish models as follows:First, I study the present situation of debris and the methods of...
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Mitigate Water Scarcity with Intervention

QuanHui Che
Water scarcity has emerged as a top-tier global issue for both environment and development. However, how to mitigate water scarcity is a real problem. We choose Shandong Province in China with heavily overloaded water as our research object., we propose an intervention plan concerning social consciousness,...
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Analysis on detection probability of satellite-based AIS affected by parameter estimation

Xiaofeng Zhu, Wei Wang
In order to analysis marine detection performance of the satellite-based AIS receiving system and provide a reference for related algorithms, the relationship between signal detection bit error rate(BER) and detection probability is analyzed and simulated, besides, the detection BER is simulated at different...
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Thermal battery pole piece uniform density testing research

Wenshi Ren, Tianshu Zhang, Zhenghua Feng
The most prominent feature of the thermal battery is the high discharge current density,especially pulse discharge,which has high specific energy and power;followed by a short activation time,very flexible to use,this is unmatched by other battery;followed by the ability harsh environmental conditions,particularly...
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Analysis of Undergraduates' Network Status Based on Data Mining

Yuan Qian, Quan Shi
The construction of digital campus gives undergraduates a more convenient way to access the Internet and there have been stored massive network data. In this paper, use clustering algorithm and log file analysis to analyze these data to understand undergraduates' network status and the relationship between...
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An Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Local Laplasse Filter

Shuai Jiang, Xiongfei Li, Xiaoli Zhang
To deal with the problem of smooth image progressing on the edge, presents a multi scale image fusion algorithm (SLP). The algorithm is based on the local Laplasse filter. First of all, using the local Laplasse filter, the images are decomposed into detail layers and smooth layers. Secondly, the detail...
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Portable Laser Speckle Imaging System for Perfusion Imaging of Human Hand

Yiguang Zhang, Fan Zhang, Zhixia Wu, Weijie Wu, Peng Miao
In this study, we developed a new portable hand perfusion imaging system for rehabilitation evaluation based on laser speckle contrast imaging (LSCI). The new system measured perfusion changes in hand surface quantitatively. The hardware of portable imaging system consists of compact optical and electrical...
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Research of Water Hammer of Air Conditioning Chilled Water System Based on Flowmaster

Bo Liu, Hehui Wang, Ye Huang, Guilin Tang, Chenqiong Ye
Water hammer phenomenon often occurs in the high-rise buildings air conditioning chilled water system, and cause enormous damage. With the help of Flowmaster platform, network model was built to simulate water hammer with different pipeline models, and the simulation results show that the water hammer...
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Finite element analysis to the multi-layer U-shaped bellows' strength and axial stiffness

Shidong Wen, Hehui Wang, Guilin Tang, Xueyi Yin, Meng Gao
The multilayer U-shaped bellows' strenth and axial stiffness are studied by ANSYS finite element analysis. The plane axisymmetric model of multilayer bellows is established, and the material nonlinear, geometric nonlinearity and contact between the layers of multilayer bellows is considered, obtained...
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Numerical simulation of pipeline ultrasonic cavitation based on CFD

Zhihua Wang, Hehui Wang, Chaoping Wang, Chunhui Fu, Pangu Lu
Cavitation effect is one of the main mechanisms of ultrasonic descaling. Through the mixture model and the cavitation model in Fluent, the ultrasonic cavitation field in the pipe is simulated. The simulated distributions of pressure field and variation of vapor are analyzed and discussed. This study...
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A novel Terahertz Integrated Horn Antenna on Silicon Substrate

Lin Guo, Haixia Tang, Lian Ji, Yongpeng Wu
This paper reports the design and analysis of a novel pyramidal horn antenna based on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, which is used in terahertz (THz) applications. The structure of the antenna includes two parts, pyramidal horn structure and rectangle waveguide for feed, the fabrication...
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Some key Techniques Research Based on Five-axis Matching of The Integral Impeller

Chun-guang Gu, Zhu-ming Cao, Hong-mei Sun
Integral impeller is the key component of aeroengine, which reflects the development level of a country's equipment manufacturing industry. The function, technical requirements and processing difficulty were introduced in the paper. The machining processes of a axial-flow impeller was described. The...
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Finite-element Analysis of Spherical BOP in Snubbing Service of Gas Well

Longqing Zou, Chongpeng Yu, Junli Shao
In snubbing service, the spherical BOP plays a vital role in shut-in well and running and pulling tubing. The shell and rubber core are the crucial components of spherical BOP, taking the three-dimensional software SolidWorks as a platform, these two components 3D model have been established, and the...
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Present States and Design Concept about Flexible DC Distribution System

Xiaodong Yuan, Dan Liu, Qiang Li
DC power distribution system can integrate the distributed power generation system effectively and fully utilize this important event to maximum. It can increase operation efficiency, enhance service reliability, improve power quality and interconnect distributed generations safely, this is a new developing...
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Method of Optimization and Multi-criteria Evaluation of Distributed Combined Cooling Heating and Power Energy System

Xudong Wang, Ling Jiang, Jiancheng Yu, Yingqiu Wang, Yan Qi
Different energy systems were developed on the basis of the major equipment of distributed energy systems (DES). According to the demand of loads, energy prices, and technical and financial information about optional technologies, using non-linear programming, an optimization model for DES was established....