Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Informatics (AMEII 2016)

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Study on Absolute Positioning Technique for Medium-Low Speed Maglev Train Based on Cross Coding Inductive Loop Wire

Wei Nai, Xiang Li, Yi Yu, ShaoYin Wang
During recent years, the medium-low speed maglev system brings new chances for the development of maglev train related techniques, and traditional operation and control standards have been applied in its signal system design. However, as there are no wheel sets on maglev train, the positioning function...
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Multiscale Relative Transition Entropy Analysis of Electroencephalogram

Ying Wang, Fengzhen Hou, Jiafei Dai, Jin Li, Jun Wang
Recently, quantifying the complexity of the physiological time series has become more and more concerned. As one of the most complex physiological signals, electroencephalogram (EEG) including a large number of physiological and pathological information attracts widespread interest. However, many traditional...
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Analysis of alpha rhythm epileptic Electroencephalogram based on Inner composition alignment

Yiyi He, Danqin Xing, Jiaqin Wang, Jia-Fei Dai, Jun Wang, Feng-Zhen Hou
The EEG signal is an important tool for the diagnosis and prediction of epilepsy due to EEG containing a large number of physiological and pathological information. Based on alpha rhythm multi-channel EEG (electroencephalogram), this paper applied inner composition alignment (IOTA) algorithm to construct...
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Coupling analysis of epileptic EEG signals based on the multiscale mutual model entropy

Ning Ji, Jia-Fei Dai, Jun Wang, Feng-Zhen Hou
The Multiscale Mutual Model Entropy algorithm is presented to quantify the coupling degree between two EEG time series collected at the same time on different scales. We extracted the characteristics of EEG signals from the healthy and epileptics based on the algorithm. The results show that the entropy...
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Sleep EEG analysis Based on the Multiscale Jenson-Shannon Divergence

Zhengxia Zhang, Jia-Fei Dai, Jun Wang, Feng-Zhen Hou
Sleep EEG signals analysis is a hotspot of research recently, this paper, by using nonlinear dynamics theory knowledge, JSD algorithm and multi-scale JSD algorithm is proposed for some individual conscious period and NREM sleep stage I analyzed the research of EEG signals, and the use of SPSS statistical...
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Beta wave of sleep electroencephalogram analysis based on sign series entropy

Min Zhao, Yuting Li, Lu Yang, Jia-Fei Dai, Jun Wang, Feng-Zhen Hou
Sleep and wake EEG have some differences. After studying their brain waves and calculating the sign series entropy, we use the T test for the detection of sleep and wake EEG data to figure out whether they are different. After beta waves being filtered out by the filter, we calculate the entropy of the...
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Roots Blower with Gradually Expanding Outlet Gap: Mathematical Modelling and Performance Simulation

Yingjie Cai, Ligang Yao
Gradually expanding gap in the outlet of the Roots blower can effectively reduce the backflow impact and the noise of the blower. The working principle for the Roots blower with the gradually expanding gap is investigated in this paper. And the mathematical modelling for backflow is proposed. Numerical...
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First-principles studies on magnetic properties of freestanding CrB2 films

Hui Zhao, Yan Zhao, Yining Zhang, Qian Han
Atomic and electronic structures of CrB2 (0001) freestanding ultrathin films are investigated using first-principles total energy plane-wave pseudopotential method based on density functional theory. The slab models are simulated for both Cr termination and B termination with different slab thickness....
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Robust Blind Beamforming in Impulse Noise Environments

Zheng Liu, Peng Liu, Jiyan Huang, Daoxin Li, Hongyan Zhang, Biwen Wang
Compared with the conventional adaptive spatial filter algorithm, blind beamingforming algorithm is endowed with the capacity to protect desired signal, suppress interferences and reduce noise without the information about arrival direction of desired signal, thus leading to the wide application in many...
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Simulation and Performance Testing of the Network Control System in Coal Mine Automation

Haiyan Wu, Xuhui Zhang, Youjun Zhao, Linli Lou
Aiming at the problems of real-time and reliability of the Network Control System(NCS) in coal mine automation, the performance of monitoring system based on Industrial Ethernet is studied. Through theoretical analysis and computer simulation, the real time performance including network delay, sampling...
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A Fast and Low Power Hardware Accelerator for ANN Working at Near Threshold Voltage

Tianbao Chen, Shouyi Yin, Shaojun Wei
Arti cial neural network (ANN) are widely applied in machine learning and artificial intelligence. But ANN usually requires large data throughputs and induces high power consumptions. This paper proposes an accelerator design guideline for ANN with full consideration of the hardware scale, performance...
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Classification of Handwriting Number Based on PCANet Network with Data Augmentation

Tianmei Guo, Jiwen Dong, Lei Wang
In this paper we proposed an algorithm for classification of handwriting number which use depth of the structure of the simple convolution neural network-- PCANet Network with data augmentation. PCANet Network with data augmentation consists of four parts, one is data augmentation, two is the basic PCA...
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Design of an Intelligent DMA System Architecture with Data Pre-processing

Pengyi Wu, Zhaolin Li
DMA is often used to transfer data between different kinds of memory-mapped slave endpoints. It is a common peripheral component for DSP. In order to make full use of the time during the reading and writing, this paper proposed an intelligent DMA. Compared with the traditional DMA, a newly designed operational...
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Weight Calculation and Index Ranking Study of MADM Based on AHP Optimized by Topsis

Ran Chen, Guangyao Lian, Shuai Shao, Huijie Li, Xingru Li
A analytic hierarchy process optimized by topsis was presented aiming at the disadvantages that there are inconsistency and too much subjectivity in the existing multiple attribute decision making(MADM) methods when dealing with the weight calculation and index ranking problems. This method utilizes...
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Evaluation approach of water source based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Xin Tian, Zhengwei Shui, Chiyuan Ren
From the geographic view, rivers or lakes in America often run through several states or even across the half country which makes it difficult to categorize by their natural locations, let alone to allocate them. In an economist's perception, economy in states can have huge discrepancy which directly...
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Modeling and Evaluating of User Access in Content Delivery Network

Long Zhan, Leijie Sha, Rui Wang, Yang Liu
Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a new kind of Internet content service system, which is built based on IP network and can provide the content distribution and service to satisfy the requirement of content access and application efficiency, the requirement of quality and contents order. The basic idea...
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Design of Crane Safety Monitoring System Based on Big Data Analysis

Guoliang Wang, Xianyi Cheng, Jiyao Li, Ping Qu
Aiming at the problems of tower crane safety performance assessment and prediction, put forward a scheme of tower crane safety monitoring based on large data analysis, this scheme provides a three-level architecture. Rank field by field data acquisition unit is responsible for collecting various operation...
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Research and implementation of image feature point matching method based on OpenCV

Rong Liu, Danmei Peng, Yang Liu
This paper described the distance metric of the Euclidean distance of SIFT operator and Hamming distance of BRISK operator represented based on OpenCV to extract and descript feature points on the two relatively low altitude remote sensing images , and then chose BruteForceMatch (violent match) and FlannBasedMatch...
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Intrusion detection system evaluation model based on model checking

Pengtao Xu, Weijun Zhu
At present,with the increase of network bandwidth and network data volume, pattern matching to detect intrusion detection systems have many problems to solve. Then, the method based on the model checking method was proposed, and applied to the intrusion detection system[1][2][3][4].However, the Intrusion...
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Ballistic Missile Detection Performance Evaluation for the Skywave OTHR based on the Modified AHP and the Cloud Gravity Center Theory

Shihua Liu, Wen Sheng, Zengjun Bi
A ballistic missile detection performance index system is constructed of the skywave OTHR based on the ballistic missile detection characteristics of the skywave OTHR system. Combined the AHP method to the GRG method, the index weights of the index system are computed. With the theory of cloud gravity...
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Research and Analysis on Intelligent Household Model based on ZigBee and Data Security Enhancement Technique

Wen Zhun Huang, Yao Yao Hui, Chao Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the intelligent household model based on the ZigBee and data security enhancement technique. ZigBee protocol is a kind of close, low power consumption, low cost, easy networking, high capacity, high safety standard of wireless communication technology and it is very...
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Research and Development of the Android Framework Smart Watches from the Data Security Point of View

Xin Xin Xie, Wen Zhun Huang
In this paper, we conduct research on the Android framework smart watches from the data security point of view. With the speeding development of smart watches, Android smart watches the operating system is more and more attention by people and use, data security has become the user's concern problem,...
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Algorithm Research and Simulation of Robot Inverse Kinematics Solution

Chengxian Zhou, Wei Fu, Ping Lin
Based on the research prototype of six-joint robot, Googol GRB3016, the virtual prototyping model was built by utilizing the dynamics analytic software ADAMS of mechanical system. This article sets up the constraint parameters and carries out the inverse kinematics simulation of the manipulators' motion...
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The Simulation Research in Active Grounding Protection of the Small Current Grounding System Based on Active Protection

Jingjin Cao, TianZheng Wang, Hua Yu
The small current grounding system has many problems: low ability of extinguishing arc grounding and personal sense of electric system, none security and protection ability to indirect grounding overvoltage, equipment internal fault grounding. Especially with the rapid development of urban distribution...
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The Design of Monitoring and Warning System for the Environment of Tropical Crop Growth based on Multi-sensor

LingLing Wang, Yuping Li, Hongxia Luo, Jihua Fang
Agricultural information technology is an emerging research direction with high effect agriculture developing. The paper proposes a design idea on monitoring and warning system for the environment of tropical crop growth based on technology of multi-sensor, database, computer interface, embedded programming,...
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Distribution Network Reliability Theoretical Analysis and Assessment Online Considering Load Levels and Power Supply Transferring at Different Period

Zhanhua Huang, Chengmin Wang, Mingcan Feng, Yong Liu, Hongzhong Li
The theory calculation of power supply for distribution network often based on grid structure in planning stage. The period of reliability evaluation indexes are mostly one year. The impact of different load levels and periods are rarely considered. Power supply reliability analysis and calculate online...
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Hybrid Log-based Fault Tolerant scheme for Mobile Computing System

Yongning Zhai, Zhenpeng Xu, Weini Zeng
Many new characteristics are introduced in the mobile computing system, such as mobility, disconnections, finite power source, vulnerable to physical damage, lack of stable storage. Since the related log-based rollback recovery fault tolerant schemes may still lead to dramatic performance loss in failure-free...
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Positioning Technology for Firefighters' Emergency Rescue Based on CSS

Gaoping Liu, Huanhuan Tie, Chengrong Dai
This paper researches a 3D positioning scheme for emergency rescue of trapped firefighters at the fire scene. This scheme adopts Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) and its particular Symmetric Double-Sided Two-Way Ranging (SDS-TWR). Combining BMP085 pressure sensor to measure altitude, it can implement 3D positioning...
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Different methods for handling the corner reflections of absorbing boundary condition in the numerical simulation of seismic waves

Xing Li
In numerical simulation of wave equation, in a limited area to establish artificial boundary absorbing boundary conditions, the angular point on the calculation area of the processing is also cannot ignore a problem. According to CE, MTF, PML three different boundary conditions, using different angular...
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A Brief Survey of Specification Inference in Static Program Analysis

Chuansen Chai, Xuexiong Yan, Qingxian Wang, Shukai Liu, Yajing Sun, Shuai Yi
Nowadays, many applications are too big to keep their own security. Static analysis is a technique which can be used for ensure the safety of large programs. However, frequent calls to libraries and frameworks bring a lot of difficulties to the analysis. Researchers propose the specification inference...
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A new method of quick synthesis of 3dB coupler

Yusheng Zhang, YaLin Guan
An analysis of UHF 3dB coupler which is based on the even-odd-mode theory is presented, in which we present a brief description of the even-odd-mode theory and its application in coupled strip transmission line. In particular, as the rapid development of the stimulation technology, we introduce a simple...
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A Linux rootkit improvement based on inline hook

Jun Gu, Ming Xian, Tian Chen, RuiXiang Du
Rootkit and its detection technology promoted mutually. This paper proposes a kernel rootkit level division method based on function call relationship. The deeper rootkit's level is, the more difficult its detection becomes. We put forward and implement a rootkit method based on inline hook. It pushes...
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A Novel Method to Detect the Frame-Formats in 802.11n

Yong Zhu
There are three different frame formats in standard IEEE 802.11n which are mixed format HT (high throughput), non-HT and green field HT. Two types of signal were proposed in different frame formats, HT-SIG and L-SIG. Since both L-SIG and HT-SIG are BPSK modulated, the HT-SIG is rotated by 90 degrees...
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Obfuscated Malicious JavaScript Detection by Machine Learning

Jinkun Pan, Xiaoguang Mao
In recent years, malicious JavaScript code has become more and more pervasive and been used by attackers to perform their attacks on the Web. To evade the detection of defense measures, various kinds of obfuscation techniques have been applied by the malicious script, taking advantage of the dynamic...
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Research on Extreme Learning Algorithm and Its Application to Atmospheric Nonlinear Systems

Qunbo Huang, Bainian Liu, Weimin Zhang, Jingzhe Sun, Mengbin Zhu, Shiwei Lin, Weifeng Wang
Extreme learning machine (ELM) algorithm, which becomes more and more popular in the area of artificial intelligence for the past few years, is faster than the traditional machine learning algorithms, especially than the single hidden layer feed-forward neural networks (SLFNs). However, ELM is merely...
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Evaluate the performance of spectroradiometer using BCRA tiles

Yao Cheng, Guangxue Chen, Jiangping Yuan
Color stability is the key goal during the process of color dissemination and replication. The results of color consistent can be influenced by many factors. In this project, we focused on the error caused by measurement instrument, i.e. spectroradiometer. According to the radiance data collected from...
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Solving large-scale assignment problems by Kuhn-Munkres algorithm

Hong Cui, Jingjing Zhang, Chunfeng Cui, Qinyu Chen
Kuhn-Munkres algorithm is one of the most popular polynomial time algorithms for solving classical assignment problem. The assignment problem is to find an assignment of the jobs to the workers that has minimum cost, given a cost matrix X 2 Rm n, where the element in the i-th row and j-th column represents...
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Research on Intelligent Personnel Investigation System Based on Mobile Terminal

Xunwei Gong, Yonggang Li, Rong Zhu
Considering the fact that the video surveillance coverage remains far from adequate across the rural, this article initially proposed a new investigation system on mobile terminals. Firstly, the portraits or valid documents were easily got by using mobile terminals which were then automatically collected...
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A Tracking-Resistant Pseudonym Scheme for Location Privacy in VANETs

LingLing Wang, LiJun Sun, Min Shao
Pseudonym changing is the state-of-the-art approach for resist tracking attack of vehicles in vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs). However, most of the proposed pseudonym changing schemes cannot guarantee to resist the tracking attack, namely, provide the unlinkability of vehicles, meanwhile they prefer...
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DTACU: a global DVFS algorithm based on piece energy model

Longfei Li, Zhanzhuang He, Juli Zhang, Xupei Zhang
Considering the exclusive policy and poor energy benefits for multicore processor by Ondemand algorithm, a global DVFS (Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling) algorithm DTACU based on piece energy model is proposed. In order to translate multicore problems to single core problems, an equivalent energy...
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Study and Analysis of AGC and PFC to Power Grid Frequency Control

Jun Li, Dapeng Liao, HuiCong Li, Hui Zhang, Ting Wang
The interconnections of regional power network, wind power and other new energy connected to power grid make the operation of power grid more difficultly. The stability of power grid frequency mainly depends on primary frequency compensation (PFC) and automatic power generation control (AGC) of thermal...
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Research of the model of the agricultural products service supply chain based on intent platform

Yan Cui, Zi Xiang Zhang
Through the increasing development of Internet technology, computer walks in every families, the traditional consumption concept and patterns also changed, based on the consumption patterns of the network platform is gradually accepted and recognized. Therefore, the corresponding logistics concept also...
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Positioning of a robot based on binocular vision for hand / foot fusion

Long Han
In this paper, a binocular vision system is adopted to realize the positioning of the robot. By using color and shape recognition method, the target image is processed by image processing, and the target image is obtained more complete and accurate, and the position of the target object is obtained by...
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Evaluating Individual Subjective Well-being via Social Media

YaZhou Wang
Subjective well-being (SWB) is now attracting more and more attention from policy makers. Traditional way of measuring SWB by self-reporting based on questionnaire has the limitation of small sample size and low survey frequency. With the rapid spread and use of social media, the online posts of users...
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Virtual Machine consolidation policy for power usage management in cloud data centers

Rugwiro Ulysse, Chunhua Gu
In Today's world, IT technologies are growing day by day so the need of computing and storage are growing with it. The increasing of cloud services demands requires more computing resources to fulfill the end user's requirements. So, energy consumption by cloud computing resources is also increasing...
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Human Daily Activity Recognition Using Ceiling Mounted PIR Sensors

Xiaomu Luo, Tong Liu, Baihua Shen, Jiaming Hong, Qinqun Chen, Hao Chen
Human daily activity recognition is the foundation of automatic Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) system. In the paper, we propose a sensing model which can capture the discriminative spatio-temporal feature of human motion in an efficient way. The object space is separated into distinct discrete sampling...
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An Optimal Decision-Making Method for Cyberspace Countermeasure Based on Game Theory

Tian Chen, Ming Xian, Jun Gu, Huimei Wang, RuiXiang Du
The traditional Decision-Making methods leverage the awareness from one side of operators and evaluate the state of environment and devices statically. However, as the correlations of cyberspace's actions become more and more complex and the cyberspace confrontation is always changing, it cannot meet...
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Determination of Main Laser Processing Technical Parameters in Wood Manufacturing

Honggang Zhao, Junhua Wu, Yanlong Liu, YaoXing Sun
According to the laser cutter larch, this study has determined the reasonable process parameters such as focal length, light intensity, and optimized laser processing technology parameters to provide test methods. Firstly, for the cutting seam state analysis the precautions of software settings have...
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Research on Parallel Discrete Event Simulator based on a CPU+MIC Platform

Huilong Chen, Yiping Yao, TianLin Li, Jin Li
The widespread of many-core processors brings new opportunities to enhance performance of PDES applications. MIC is a relative new many-core architecture compared with the widely-used GPU. In our previous paper, experiments for evaluating performance of a PDES simulator ROSS are designed and tested on...
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CoSe: Collaborative Simulation Environment for Heterogeneous Models

Huilong Chen, Yiping Yao, Laibin Yan, Feng Zhu, Jin Li
Modeling and simulation of complex systems in nature and society usually involves multidisciplinary studies. In many simulation systems, it is necessary to develop models using different modeling languages and tools. As a result, it will be a big challenge in the modeling of the whole system and collaborative...
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Method for Military Conceptual Modeling Based on Template Description

Yang Zou, Yiping Yao, Wenjie Tang, Zhongwei Lin
Military conceptual model can help achieve the consistent understanding between experts and developers and strengthen the normalization of military simulation modeling and reusability of simulation model. To solve the problems (loss of modeling elements, non-standard description and so on) appeared in...
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A Program Testing Method for PDES Application

TianLin Li, Yiping Yao, Feng Zhu, Huilong Chen
As PDES (Parallel and Discrete Event Simulation) applications become larger and more complex, program test for these applications becomes quite difficult. Current test approaches mainly rely on adding test code into program manually to record model data and to execute the given test cases, which are...
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A Real-time Tracking and Warning System for Civil Aircraft Flight Based on Fusion of the Multi-source data Information approach

Haibo Ma, Yiping Yao
The crash occurred frequently recent years, civil aviation aircraft safety issues become the focus of attention, and real-time tracking and monitoring of flight trajectory has become an urgent problem to be solved. At present, Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) is the only...
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An Enhanced Access Control Model Based on Trusted Computing

Kuanmin Hu, GuoYang Cai, Chengsheng Shen
With the increasingly strict requirement for computer system security, access control models have become more complex. Existing models, such as discretionary access control (DAC) model, mandatory access control (MAC) model, role based access control (RBAC) model, and attribute based access control (ABAC)...
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A Design Method for Composition and Reuse Oriented Weaponry Model Architecture

Meng Zhang, Hong Wang, Yiping Yao
Weaponry model architecture oriented to composition and reuse can improve modeling efficiency and ensure consistency of models, for developers can build weapon models by model composition and reuse. However, there are massive models in the field of military equipment, and the combination and inheritance...
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The Project Design of the Tracked Vehicle Hydraulic Mechanical Differential Steering

Zhaozhong Yang, Liwei Wang, CaoYang Shi
Based on the principle of hydraulic mechanical stepless transmission is tracked vehicle hydraulic mechanical differential steering system can effectively improve the vehicle's steering can win, is has good prospects for development of a tracked vehicle steering model. Papers on tracked vehicle and its...
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Symmetric image normalization for mouse brain magnetic resonance microscopy

Zhenrong Fu, Lan Lin, Cong Jin
Various genetic mouse models have been used to understand aspects of the biology of the neurodegenerative disease. A rapid growth of data collection from the mouse brain has put image registration, a key prerequisite step for brain image analysis in great focus. SyN (symmetric image normalization method)...
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Study on the Unified Mathematical Model for All Types of Cam Mechanisms

Wei He, Xueming He, Feng Xu, Jiujun Zhen, Rong Zhang
This paper presents the unified mathematical model well applicable for the analysis and design of the planar and spatial cam mechanisms of all categories in terms of the differential geometry and meshing principle, exploring the interrelation of the various cam mechanisms. The general-purpose CAD/CAM...
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The Research of Navigational Safety Control in Taiwan Strait

Shaoqi Jiang, WanZheng Ai
With the rapid development of economy, our country's marine transportation passageways get more crowded. Especially in the region of Taiwan Strait, crude oil import in East Asian districts as well as the transportation between lines in the North and South makes traffic busier than ever before. Besides,...
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Research on the Topography Model of Micro Wire Electrical Discharge Machining Surface

Haijuan Ding, Xiaohai Li, Xinrong Wang, Libin Guo, Liping Zhao
Micro Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (Micro-WEDM) surface consists of many approximate spherical peaks and craters with interphase distribution. According to the micro- WEDM mechanism, the surface micro-topography is simulated by using ANSYS, and the mathematical models about single crater and multi-crater...
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Integrated BOM model oriented to manufacturing process of complex product

Lin Lin, Xiaobing Liu, Wei Mu, Hongguang Bo, Dongjuan Xue
The static bill of material data and dynamic bill of process data need to be integrated during manufacturing process of complex product, in order to wholly control the workpiece of workshop and systematically consider material requirements planning and enterprise resource planning. This paper constructed...
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Calculation of Added Mass for Underwater Vehicles Based on FVM

Lihua Song
Based on the solution of Laplace equation in parallel using FVM with unstructured hybrid mesh, the paper studies the calculation of added mass for underwater vehicle. The method is accurate and efficient, which is applicable to both simple shape bodies and complex shape bodies with large curvature and...
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A small residual pressure energy power generation device

Junjie Tong, Tianzhen Huang, Biliang Zhong
The author designed a program for utilizing residual pressure of water pipeline, by which theoretical analysis and calculation were performed and the small residual pressure energy power generation device was developed. Theoretical analysis and calculation results show that the maximum input power firstly...
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Water Turbidity Detection System Design and Its Data Processing

Zhennan Zhang, Weimin Chen
According to deviation of measurement when most of flowing turbidimeters are used to detect low turbidity water, a new usage of sensor structure is proposed through theoretical analysis and guidance. To meet the needs of the new usage, the constant current source circuit we designed shows its advantage....
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Study on characteristics of resonant frequency of wireless power transmission based on PCB coil

Yanping Cong, Xiuwei Wang
With the development of science and technology, the application of implantable biomedical electronic devices which play an important role in biological research and medical diagnostics becomes increasingly popular[1]. Nowadays wireless energy transfer is one of the most popular research field, it can...
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Hydraulic Hold Rail Brake Design of Inclined Roadway Vehicles

Hengjin Xiang, Jian Sun, Kang Xu
To improve the inclined lane car braking reliability, in this paper, the theoretical analysis of the braking force and the brake parameters of the inclined roadway are carried out, developed a new type of hydraulic track brake device. The device use two levels of the hydraulic cylinder symmetrically...
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The investigation of AlGaN/GaN HEMT failure mechanisms under different temperature conditions

Chunsheng Guo, YunXiang Ren, Li Gao, Hui Zhu, Shiwei Li
To explore degradation law and failure mechanisms of AlGaN/GaN HEMT under different temperature conditions, the step-temperature stress experiments are carried out. The results show that the drain-source current decreases with the aging time when the junction temperature range from 139 to 200 ; while...
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Study on the Network Traffic Abnormal Detection Based on EEMD

Zhigang Zhao
Network traffic abnormal directly reflects the health status of the network and real time detection of network traffic abnormal is very important. Hereby a method of network traffic abnormal detection method based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition (EEMD) was proposed. The historical network traffic...
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Network Traffic Prediction Based on Feed-forward Neural Network with PLS Pruning Algorithm

Zhenxing Li, Qinghai Meng
To improve the prediction accuracy and reduce the computational complexity of network traffic prediction based on feed-forward neural network (FNN), the partial least squares (PLS) pruning algorithm was proposed to optimize the network topology structure. The data of network traffic has the characteristics...
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ITIL Incident Management Process Reengineering in Industry 4.0 Environments

Jiqing Cao, Shuhai Zhang
The new technologies such as virtual resources and RFID in Industry 4.0 make traditional ITIL Incident Management Process can not adapt to the new environment anymore. Based Agile and Lean thinking of DevOps, this paper improved and designed on the traditional ITIL Incident Management Processes, proposed...
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Space Debris Removal Scheme Simulation

Yiming Li, Shuaikang Lv
This paper develops a discrete time-dependent model to design space debris removal scheme based on risk, cost, incomes and time. Especially, a collision model was established to consider the collision between debris. The economically attractive scheme was chosen according to the model simulation at last.
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Research of Robot Path Planning Based on Improved Artificial Potential Field

Yun Du, Yanya Nan
Though the artificial potential field applying to the path planning of mobile robot has the advantages of rapid respondent speed, small computation and real-time property, there are still problems such as the goal unreachable and existence of a local minimum point value, thus the improved artificial...
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Search for Missing Aircraft

Hui Xu, Yiming Li
In this paper, a multi-objective optimization model is established for the search of missing aircraft considering the time, efficiency and cost. First, a probabilistic model is developed to determine the distribution of the aircraft's falling zone. Secondly, we provide a fair estimation of cost based...
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A Fuzzy Recognizing Method of polyhedrons under Affine Transformation

Yanmin Li, Jun Zhao
In this paper,an algorithm is proposed to recognize polygons. As a characteristic invariant the affine invariant triangle areas ratio of the same hemline was used to describe the polygon,and the fuzzy theory was applied in its recognition. Firstly,a pair of edges of two polygons-a target polygon and...
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Research on the thermal insulation of water in bathtub

Hui Xu, Songjing Wang
In this paper, the bathtub water thermal insulation problem has been studied, it analysis the effect to heat dissipation caused by body movement, and determine the input hot water flow and the output water flow according to the law. Thereby keep the bath water temperature close to the initial one. Firstly,...
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Identity-based multi-condition proxy re-encryption

Pingshu Wang
In a proxy re-encryption system, a semi-trusted proxy can convert a ciphertext originally intended for Alice into one encrypting the same plaintext for Bob without seeing the underlying plaintext. However, a fine-grained delegation is demanded in some scenarios. For this, Weng et al. introduce the notion...
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An Estimation Algorithm of the Point Spread Function based on Singular Value Decomposition and Telemetry Prior Information

Wei Wang
For the research of restoring the atmospheric turbulence-degraded images, an estimation algorithm of the point spread function based on singular value decomposition and telemetry prior information is proposed. The experiment shows image restoration effect of the proposed estimation algorithm.
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Combination of ISOM and K-SVD based on Dictionary Incremental Learning for Image Signal Processing

Guixin Sun
In this paper, a dictionary incremental learning method combination of ISOM(Incremental Self-Organizing Maps) and K-SVD is proposed. This method significantly improves the efficiency of K-SVD method for large sample based on the incremental learning ability of ISOM network. The experiment of image super...
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Investment strategy of colleges based on BP neural network and optimization program

Dong Chen, Hongwei Pan, Yuxia Dai, Lihong Wang
In this paper, a model to determine optimal investment strategy for foundation is introduced. Firstly, we preprocess the college data and classify, filter and fill the missing data with clustering analysis and regression method. Secondly, based on Back Propagation (BP) Neural Networks, a model of ROI...
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Research on Wireless Sensor Network Localization Technology Based on Range-Free positioning technology

Yunsai Zhai, Lichen Zhang
Wireless sensor network localization technology is currently a hot research topic. WSN is a special self-organizing network, Range-free positioning technology at the advantages of its low cost and its simple hardware equipment has been widely concerned by the researchers. Therefore, this paper studies...
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Spare parts support model with different repair time distribution

Liang Zhou, Qing- min Li, Hua Li, Yin-wu Peng
Spare parts are one of the important supporting resources of equipment. According to the different distribution of maintenance time in spare parts support model, the model of spare parts support models with exponential distribution and constant distribution are established. According to the maintenance...
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Application of Improved BP Neural Network Based on Genetic Algorithm in Fault Diagnosis of Equipment

Xin Ren
Aiming at the problems of traditional BP neural network in fault diagnosis of equipment, the genetic algorithm is introduced to optimize the network, and the fault diagnosis model of equipment is established. The modeling ideas and considerations are introduced in detail, and the simulation calculation...
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On the Impact of Multimedia Information Input on English Listening Decoding Based on Cognitive Load Theory

Zongyan Tan
Based on cognitive load theory, this paper aims to study how multimedia information input, a combination of audio information, pictures and graphs, in contrast with pure audio information input, has influenced English listening decoding, and then put forward some practical training strategies, such as...
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Investigation into the Self-loosening Trend of Bolt Joints on the Tower Crane

ShengChun Wang, PeiWei Ni, Ye Zhang, MingXiao Dong
In this paper, a three-dimensional finite element model is developed based on the joints on standard sections of tower crane QTZ5510. The validity of this finite element model is verified through the contrast of analytical results calculated by Yamamoto Method and simulated ones under the action of static...
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A Study on Fault Diagnosis of Redundant SINS with Pulse Output

Yinan Wang, Zijun Ren, Kaikai Dong, Kai Chen, Jie Yan
The missile-based redundant SINS (strap-down inertial navigation system) output the measurement data by using pulse quantization. Pulse quantization can disorganize the errors in the original measurement signal, cause an instantaneous drift of 50 degree/hour, and thus brings about great difficulty to...
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Stability and Robustness of L1-Adaptive Control of Time-delay System

Yiwei Feng, Ping Feng
The objective of this paper is the implementation and validation of an adaptive controller for linear systems with state delay. The contribution of this paper is the design of an adaptive controller that guarantees the stability and performance of the given system, even when the nominal conditions change....
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The Discussion on Data Processing of Measurement

Ling Ren, Guangsheng Zhang, Chunhong Shi, Lin Sun, Yunpeng Ren, Hong Chen
Data processing of measurement were discussed in this paper, including the processing of measurement error, assessment and presentation of measurement uncertainty and processing and reporting of measurement results. The importance of measurement data processing in the measurement control system was clarified.
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Metrological Confirmation of Measurement Equipment

Ling Ren, Qiaoli Lv, Rui Zhang, Xiaorong Lei, Yunpeng Ren, Ying Zhang
The metrological confirmation of measurement equipment was discussed in this paper. The relationship between the accuracy of measurement equipment and the data issued was analyzed. The important significance for the metrological confirmation of measurement equipment in the measurement and control system...
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The Discussion for Measurement Uncertainty

Ling Ren, Chongxing Guo, Zhao Zhou, Zhoumei Zhang, Yunpeng Ren, Hong Chen
The source and development for measurement uncertain were summaried in this paper. Measurement uncertainty and measurement error were analyzed. The important significance for evaluating uncertainty of measurement result was clarified.
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Modified Amplitude Spectral Estimator for Single-Channel Speech Enhancement

Zhenhui Zhai, Shifeng Ou, Ying Gao
The widely used amplitude spectral subtraction for speech enhancement suffers from the unreasonable assumption that the phase spectra of clean speech and noise signal must being uniform. To avoid this problem, Zhu has presented an extensive analysis of amplitude spectral subtraction, and proposed a quantitative...
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QoS routing mechanism for MANET to support real-time service

Guangshuai Ding, Weimin Lei, Zhengxu Hu, ZheYang Zhang
The development and widespread use of real-time constrained multi-media application in MANET has resulted in the need to optimize or update current routing mechanisms. This paper proposed a QoS routing mechanism for multi-media transmission under real-time constraint in MANET, named ad-hoc on-demand...
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Research on Algorithm of Dependability Oriented Anomaly Detection of Virtual Machines under Cloud

Hongli Li
In this paper, a large-scale cloud platform Virtual machine anomaly detection key technologies. For cloud environments systematic study of the feature extraction technique is proposed based on principal component analysis (PCA) for feature extraction algorithm. The algorithm selects the most efficient...
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Terminal Sliding Mode Control of MIMO Linear Time Delay Systems

Zhongqiang Wu
A new terminal sliding mode control of MIMO linear time delay system is proposed in this paper. By inserting a time delay term in sliding mode, a new terminal sliding mode is developed for MIMO linear time delay systems. A terminal sliding mode controller is designed to drive the system state variables...
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Automatic control experiment box on electronic education

Jian Xiao, Jie Yang, Ying Zhang, Jia-nan Xue
This paper discusses an automatic control experiment box applied to engineering education and competition trainings. Based on the analysis about common functions of robots, this paper generalizes four modules: control circuit module, mechanical action module, acoustooptic display module and information...
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An Intelligent NIC Design

Xin Song
Intelligent network interface cards are widely deployed in databases, web servers, big data analytics, shared mass storage, virtualized network device, router, and firewall. This paper presents an intelligent NIC design based on Freescale T2080 processor. It is a PCI Express card and provides two SFP+...
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Design of Brushless DC motor Drive System for Electric Vehicle Applications

YueYing Zhu, Xu Cao, Shihai Cui
With its advantages of good torque and speed characteristics, high-speed dynamic response, the brushless DC motor is gradually becoming the first choice for electric vehicles. In order to effectively solve the brushless DC motor control problems caused by the non-linear characteristics, so that this...
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A simplified model of converter ideal fundamental wave based on switching function

Weijie Zheng
Switching function is a powerful tool for the research and performance optimization of converter, including voltage source converter, current source converter (CSI) and controlled PWM rectifier (CR). The paper proposed converter simplified model based on switching function, theory correctness compared...
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Watershed distribution equipment infrared thermal image segmentation method based on the morphological marker

ZhiCheng Zhou, Xu Wei, Tianxi Xie, Zhong Tang, HaoYang Cui
In the process of infrared thermal image segmentation of distribution equipment, efficiency of the segmentation is low; it is easy to appear the over-segmentation phenomenon and cannot better segment the anomaly region of infrared thermal. To solve this problem, starting from the basic principle of the...
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Research on Quantitative and Semi-Quantitative Training Simulation of Network Countermeasure

Jianjun Shen, Nan Qu, Kai Li
Network countermeasure is an important kind of combat operations in information condition, so how to implement network countermeasure simulation in simulative training applications is a crucial problem to be resolved. Therefore, the paper first proposed the architecture of network countermeasure simulation,...
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Nonnegative Sparse and KNN graph for semi-supervised learning

Yunbin Zhang, Chunmei Zhang, Qianqi Zhou
For the graph-based semi-supervised learning, the performance of a classifier is very sensitive to the structure of the graph. So constructing a good graph to represent data, a proper structure for the graph is quite critical. This paper proposes a novel model to construct the graph structure for semi-supervised...