Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Informatics (AMEII 2016)

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Research and Design of Trusted Computing Platform

Yun-ting Zhou, Mao-lin Deng, Yu-hai Chong, Feng-zhu Ji, Xiao-gang He, Qi-jie Tang
With the development of trusted computing, trusted computing model and trusted computing platforms are constantly changing, and becoming more and more perfect. In terms of the hardware platform, the trusted computing technology has been gradually matured. Many companies and businesses solve security...
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Research of BGP Routing Instability Detection and Analysis

Qi-jie Tang, Yu Zhao, Yuan Zhou, Yun-ting Zhou, Qi-fu Luo, Feng-zhu Ji
In this paper, we propose an BGP routing instability detection algorithm that is based on statistics and pattern recognition through deeply learning BGP-4 and seriously analyzing the cause, properties, Manifestations of BGP routing instability, and verify its correctness and effectiveness by using SSFNet...
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The New Cryogenic Superfluid Gyroscope Based On Matter Wave Interference Effects

Mao-lin Deng, Yun-ting Zhou
In this paper, the physical mechanism of the cryogenic superfluid gyroscope based on AC Josephson effect are analyzed , meanwhile, the implementation of the cryogenic superfluid gyroscope was brought up and the advantage of the sensitivity of the gyroscope is proved by theoretical derivation. A method...
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Complex Dynamics in the Shen-Larter Model of Calcium Oscillations

Jianwei Hu, Huiping Fang, Wei Fang
This paper discusses the nonlinear dynamics of Shen-Larter calcium oscillation model with the center manifold theorem and bifurcation theory. A numerical approach is provided to discuss the variation in classification and stability of equilibria with parameter value. It is shown that the critical values...
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Image Guided Surgery System for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Operation

Ming Niu, Yajun Wu, Lisheng Wang, Chaoyi Cui
Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a local enlargement of the abdominal aortic. It can bring 90% mortality rate when the aneurysm expands gradually until rupture. Clinically, the stent interventional procedure is an effective means of treating the disease, which requires clinicians clearly understand...
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Research on the Production Process of the Equipment Quality Supervision Information Construction

Feng Liang, Hai Wei Bai, Qian Li
With the rapid development of information technology, the production and management of the equipment towards to the direction based on digital, network and intelligent, which promote the revolution through the design instrumentalities, production process and testing technology. Nowadays, a new generation...
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The Load Forecasting Model Design of Power System Based on Intelligent Algorithm

Han Han
The paper aims at improving control of power plants on the system. Inaccurate predicting outcomes or oversize errors will impact fuel reasonable allocation of a power-generation department. In order to promote safe and economic operation of power grid, the paper analyzes power load forecasting, constructs...
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The structure design and simulation analysis for the corn seedling mechanism of transplanting machine

Yujie Song, Jun Hu
In order to achieve the efficient transplanting of corn pot seedling in the field, and to avoid the seedlings injuries result from separation between seedling and pot with traditional ways. A kind of seedling mechanism is designed which the main body is disc cutter, and the structure of the disc cutter...
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Stability analysis of milling with variable pitch tools considering the variable cutting force coefficients with spindle speed

Gang Jin, Zhanjie Li, Jianxin Han, Hua Li
The combination of increased strain rate and thermal softening of the workpiece at higher cutting speeds will cause the change of cutting force coefficients. In this paper, a vibration model for milling process, which can consider the variable cutting force coefficients (VCFC) with the spindle speed...
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Numerical Simulation of the Temperature Field in the process of EDM Surface Strengthening

Zhoude Qu, Liyun Li, Ping Yang
A two-dimensional axisymmetric thermal model, whose heat flux is constantly changing both in magnitude and position, is created based on the temperature distribution in the process of EDM surface strengthening. Using the JMatPro software to calculate the TC4 material parameters with the temperature changing,...