Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing (AMITP 2016)

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Research on Image Recognition Based on Deep Learning Technology

Hao Zhai
Nowadays image recognition technology is widely used, and plays a very important in various fields. Deep learning technology uses multilayer structure to analyze and deal with image features, which can improve the performance of image recognition. The popular models of deep learning contain AutoEncoder,...

Research on User Adoption of Information Systems

Xin Zhao
the information system is built up in a modern way, integrated with people, data and information technology. The successful implementation of information systems is very important to the effectively usage of information system. This paper focused on the adoption of information systems, firstly explained...

Dynamic License Plate Recognition System Based on Virtual Instrument

Yang Xu, Zhen Wang
This paper describes a dynamic license plate recognition system based on virtual instrument. In the process of stopping the vehicle, triggering a geomagnetic sensor, The host computer (PC) receive signal to control the intelligent ball machine acquisition vehicle image. Then the license plate is located...

A Video Structural Event Description Model for Traffic Surveillance System

Lei Xu, Jianxin Song
The traditional video event detection only identifies a single event for one model and needs to extract features manually to train a mathematical model. In order to automatically extract features of objects and detect various potential accidents in the video surveillance, a structural analysis based...

A Similarity-Based Method for Entity Coreference Resolution in Big Data Environment

Yushui Geng, Peng Li, Jing Zhao
Processing and analyzing large scale data is needed in the big data environment, however, a large number of duplicate data refer to the same entity in the data set have brought great difficulties to analyze and process the acquired data. The method based on cluster analysis is one of the main methods...

Manufacturing supply chain operation process modeling based on cloud

Liguo Yao, Haisong Huang
In order to solve the problems existing in the existing manufacturing supply chain operational efficiency is low, the difficulty of coordination management and maintenance difficulties, analyzes the operating status of manufacturing supply chain, the cloud technology used in traditional manufacturing...

A water demand prediction

Rui Ma
To figure out water demands of Billings in the future 30 years, some factor which are related to the water demand are selected to predict .Assume there are no extra factors to cause great changes in the predictions, we depict a prediction figure with the data of the GDP, population, and the personal...

The choice of the optimal bath strategy based on linear programming

Wenjun Cao
We dividethe motions of people into three groups according to the intensity of the motions. We discuss the motions' influence on the velocity of water flow in the bathtub and the contact area between human body and water. On the basis of this, we put forward three plans for people to add hot water, then...

A Method for the Measurement of Temperature Based on Multisensor Data Fusion

Gaoli Chen, Chengfang Ji
The performance of the boiler heat-treatment is restricted by temperature. At present, it is a technical problem that should be solved immediately for accurately and reliably measuring the boiler temperature of heat-treatment. This paper presents a new method of multisensor data fusion for measuring...