Proceedings of the 2016 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing (AMITP 2016)

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The Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process in The school evaluation and investment

Wenxing Hou
We normalize the data we need at the beginning.Then we use analysis hierarchy process to evaluate a college by proposing a comprehensive index which is composed of 4 big factors[1].The comprehensive index is calculated by the accumulation of these indexes according to different weights,and these weights...
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Photoinduced Charge Transfer Properties of ZnWO4/CdS Composite and its Photocatalytic Activities under visible Light

Hongcheng Liu, Dongqing He, Xiaochen Zhang, Qian Yu, Jue Wang
ZnWO4/CdS composite photocatalyst had been successfully synthesized by a facile hydrothermal process. The catalysts were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microcopy (TEM), and UV-vis diffuse reflectance spectrum (DRS). The results showed that the as-obtained samples...
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Study Of Vertical Emulsifier Fault Diagnosis System Based On EMD-Sample Entropy And BP Neural Network

Yue-sheng Wang, Yao-wen Sun
Aiming at the nonlinear characteristics of the fault vibration signal of the emulsifier, a feature extraction method based on Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) and Sample Entropy (SampEn) is proposed.In this method, the original vibration signal is decomposed into a finite number of intrinsic mode functions...
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A fuzzy comprehensive analysis model for the water scarcity evaluation

Xiaozhu Jing
Water scarcity, a problem worldwide, is payed more and more attention to. In this paper, we mainly make an intervention plan taking all the drivers of water scarcity into account. We choose to analyze the water situation of Beijing. In consideration of all the factors caused water scarcity, we use fuzzy...
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An integrated prediction model for water supply-demand ability

Xiaozhu Jing
In this paper, a model is developed to measure the ability of water supply in a region, based on the dynamic nature of the factors that affect both supply and demand. We pick China, a water-strapped country, to begin our analysis. For water demand, we assume the water demand can be approximately thought...
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Braking Principle and Control Technology of Automobile ABS System

Yuanpeng Zhu
This paper introduces the composition of the anti-lock braking system and the braking principle of the wheel and the whole vehicle. It lists the control method and work process of the wheel and the vehicle. The processing method of the car motion parameter is also discussed. In addition, combining the...
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Cheongsam Custom Network Pricing Analysis

Yuemei Gao, Xiaohui Li
With the development of modern society, people's aesthetic ideas from the original retro fashion into the United States, the prevalence of cheongsam in the Republic of filling out the characteristics of Chinese female beauty, cheongsam Chinese culture is unique, it demonstrated the Chinese women's curves,...
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Direction of Arrival Estimation Method in Underdetermined Condition

Youzhi Zhang, Weibo Li, Hanli Wang
Because some signals have W-disjoint orthogonality, this paper proposes a signal direction of arrival estimation method in underdetermined conditions. This method is mainly based on the principle that signals of different directions lead to different time delay between the sensors, construct a potential...
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Sea Clutter Simulation Research based on Lognormal Distribution

Weibo Li, Youzhi Zhang, Guangyi Zhang
The modeling and simulation of sea clutter is an important part of environmental simulation in radar target simulation. Sea clutter data got from simulation is good or not is the key to the optimal design of radar and radar signal processing. The presence of sea clutter will influence radar target detection...