Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Simulation and Modelling

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Study on the Financial Crisis Warning Based on Cash Flow

Shaofang Ding, Donglin Wang, Yan Wang, Zhe Sun
The paper elaborates the value and effectiveness of the model aiming at protect the company in the complex market and provide the effective and timely decision in the minute to minute market.The paper has selected 200 functioned well companies and special treatment companies which are from multiple industries....
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Effect of Calcium Phosphate Precursor Salt on Gelation Temperature of Methylcellulose

Hanna Park, Min Hee Kim, Dong Su Im, So Yeon Jin, Min Won Song, Shin Young Ohm, Won Ho Park
The effect of methylcellulose (MC) concentration and calcium phosphate precursor salt concentration on the gelation of MC solution was studied by rheometer and attenuated total reflectance infrared (ATR-IR) spectroscopy. It was found that thermally induced gelation of MC was dependent on the concentration...
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Game-theoretic Approach for Anti-corruption Policy Between Investigating Committee and Inspected Departments in China

Yuan Song, Maoran Zhu, Hongwei Wang
Corruption is a hot social issue that governments and public are commonly concerned about. The damage of government's reputation, social inequities, resource allocation distortions and so forth caused by corruption are immeasurable. Chinese government takes anti-corruption as an important development...
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Spatial Structure of Housing Prices in Nanchang, China

Liting Xu, Yeqiao Wang, Yu Xu, Yu Zhou, Zengzheng Wang
Spatial variation of housing prices is an important contents of urban geography studies. Most efforts have studied space structure of residential district in big cities. The aim of this study was to apply it in a medium-sized city, Nanchang. Spatial autocorrelations analysis and Kriging interpolation...