Proceedings of the 2017 International Seminar on Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Information Technology (ANIT 2017)

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Several Notations of Gronwall Inequality of Vector Functions

D. Luo, Y. Liu, C. Wang
In this paper, we first consider tow inequalities of vector functions,then combine the vector function inequality with Gronwell' inequality to obtain another two vector function's inequalities. At last, using them to prove the maximum principle for one kind of optimal control problem.
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The Ball Mill Load Measuring algorithm though Grinding tone signal based on GA

Yingmin Yi, Haichuan Yang, Lu Sun, Xiaoli Liu
For a high energy loss and complex system of ball mill, this paper provide a ball mill load detection method based on genetic algorithm optimizing BP neural network. The effective frequency range of mill sound signal is analyzed. The soft measurement model of mill load based on mill sound signal is built....
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Research of Cross-listed stocks' price correlation in the case of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect program

Tiansheng Xu, Xiaokang Wang, Zongzheng Xi, Jiong Zhang, Jing Gao
With the continuous development of global economic integration and regionalization, since the 1980s, a growing number of emerging economies in the securities market choose to open itself in the international market for finance with cross-listings. Hong Kong as a special administrative region of P.R.C,...
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A fast construction method for VLSI power and ground pin assignment

Shundao Xie, Yaogan Liang, Rongjun Chen, Mushui Zhang, Hongzhou Tan
In this paper, a fast pin assignment optimization method is proposed for improving signal integrity performance of VLSI package. This performance is evaluated by two cost function. Some other methods based on heuristic algorithm can find a good solution for pin assignment problem. Since the solution...
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Flow Graph Network Based Non-redundant Correlative Educational Rules Discovered

Bo Liu, Changqin Huang, Xiuyu Lin
A correlative rule expresses a relationship between two correlative events happening one after another. These rules are potentially useful for analyzing correlative data, ranging from purchase histories, web logs and program execution traces. In this work, we investigate and propose a syntactic characterization...
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A research into the Application of Machine Translation in the Translation Teaching

Jin Liu
This paper aims to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of machine translation, explore the teaching methods based on the application of machine translation. It will give a teaching case to explain how essential for a teacher to grasp the machine translation as a tool. The paper will compare the...
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Research about Rainwater Collection and Utilization in Urban Scenic Areas--Taking the scenic area construction of Nanchang Wanshou Tower as the example

Shuzhen Zou, Chaojun Wei, Biaohong Tao, Ming Zhu
Taking the scenic area of Nanchang Wanshou Tower as the example, this study applies rain flood management into the landscape design of the targeted lake wetland park and carries out a comprehensive analysis about the combination condition of rainwater collection management and different types of landscape...
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Online Monitoring System for Track Slab Temperature

Wenfa Zhu, Huizhen Ma, Haomin Liu, Wenbing Yang
Under the action of temperature, the change of temperature gradient exists in the vertical direction of the track slab in its structure. The temperature gradient will arouse the bending deformation between the track slab and the mortar cushion, which will result in the separation of the track slab layer...
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Simulation and Realization of AT91 Microcontroller Emulator

Yongchao Tao, Wencheng Xiang, Xianghu Wu
This paper focus on the designation and implementation of the AT91 simulator .which is part of the virtual verification module of the validation tools. First of all we study and analysis of the basic structure of AT91 microcontrollers. We study the bus system, address mapping, and boot model; and the...
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Research on social App design

Yannan Wang
As a social application, social App has a wide user base and has a large market in smartphone application. Therefore, the research on social App design is very important. There are some problems with the design of many social apps, which affect the user experience. A good social App design should be...
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Research about Rain Flood Management in Campus Landscape Design

ChaoJun Wei, Shuzhen Zou, Biaohong Tao, Weizhan Wang
Taking Jiangxi Science and Normal University as an example, this article applies rain flood management into campus landscape design, utilizes the runoff coefficient method to calculate the amount of collectable rainwater in campus, further puts forward economical and practical rainwater collection and...
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The improvement of adhesion between epoxy coating and metal matrix through plasma treatment

Z. Zhai, L.J. Feng, Q. Hou, A.L. Lei
In this work, the surface of Q235 steels was treated by air plasma to improve the adhesion between epoxy coatings and Q235 steels. The epoxy coatings were prepared through the electrostatic spraying. The disbonding test was used to characterized the adhesion strength of epoxy coatings. Meanwhile, the...
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Sensitivity Analysis of In Wheel Motor Dynamic Vibration Absorbing Structures Based on Monte Carlo Method

Mingming Dong, Chenchen He, Jiatong Ye, Fangqing Kong
As novel drive system, in wheel motor (IWM) attracts more attention in recent years and formed the IWM-suspension system. To better illustrate the influence of system parameters on IWM-suspension system, This paper uses Monte Carlo based method to analyze the parameters uncertain of IWM dynamic vibration...
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Reduction of Corona Discharge Using TiO2 Coating Treatment for High Voltage Transmission Line

L J. Feng, H N. Ma, W. N. Shen, G. C. Wang, A L. Lei, B. Deng, H T. Wei
TiO2 ceramic coating was prepared by plasma spray process. The roughness and contact angle of coated surface were measured. The droplet morphology was analyzed and the corona discharge occurred on the transmission conductor surface under high voltage (HV) electric field was observed by ultraviolet camera....
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Discussion about Plant Landscape Configuration in the Construction of Urban Rainwater Gardens

Shuzhen Zou, Yu Zeng, Wanjun Duan, Ran Li
As a main force of rainwater garden, plant has the functions of degrading waste water, conserving water source and increasing water circulation. Through the investigation and research about indigenous plants in wetlands, this article discusses the plant configuration in rainwater gardens in Nanchang...
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Research on Virtual Device Management in Real-time Environment

Wenjia Gong, Yongchao Tao, Wencheng Xiang, Xianghu Wu
In this paper, we present improved methods of credit scheduling algorithm of Xen. By using gray-box knowledge reasoning technology, we are able to identify the IO task in the internal workload of each virtual machine. By using this information of the internal workload, we proposed a Boosting mechanism...
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A Collaborative Cache Preloading Algorithm Based on Data Correlation in the Content Centric Networking

Wanjin Xu, Jianyong Sun, Haifei Qin, Chunlin Wang, Xiaolin Chen
Content Centric Networking is a new type of network architecture, which is developed for the scalability and content distribution of the TCP/IP protocol over the Internet. Each node in the network has the ability of data caching, intermediate nodes and content providers can response to content request....
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Research on Robust Optimal Power Flow of VSC-MTDC AC / DC Uncertain System

Zhongjian Kang, Yao Chen, Yan Li
For the purpose of large-scale wind power accommodation in a voltage source converter based multi-terminal high voltage direct current (VSC-MTDC) AC/DC system, this study proposed a robust optimal power flow strategy for VSC-MTDC AC/DC uncertain systems. The strategy is suitable for long timescale application...
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Analysis on Students' Beliefs about Teacher's Role in Online Learner Autonomy of College English

Hao Peng
The present paper attempts to investigate students' beliefs about college English teachers' role in developing learner autonomy by putting forward three research questions. The answers were explored through the designed questionnaire. This paper reports the results of a comprehensive investigation into...
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Effect of Influent Ratio on Anaerobic Treatment of Coal Gasification Wastewater

Shi-dong Yang, Wen-xin Tao, Lu-hua Liao
The synactic effect of anammox coupling with heterotrophic denitrification process was investigated in an anaerobic reactor with an influent at the temperature of 35 , pH of 7.0, hydraulic detention time (HRT) of 30 h. The nitrate and nitrite solution with different ratio (R=0-100%) to raw waste water...
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D-vector based speaker verification system using Raw Waveform CNN

Jeeweon Jung, Heesoo Heo, Ilho Yang, Sunghyun Yoon, Hyejin Shim, Hajin Yu
In this paper, we propose a d-vector based speaker verification system in which raw-audio-CNN is used as a d-vector extractor instead of a conventional multi-layer perceptron. Because raw-audio-CNN takes raw wave signals as input, traditional acoustic feature extracting methods such as mel-frequency...
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Monitoring and Research on Temperature Field and Juncture Deformation of CRTS II Slab BallastlessTrack in High Temperature

Hongyao Lu, Yuelei He
Aiming at the juncture defects of CRTS slab ballastless track in China high speed railway, an on-line monitoring system for temperature field and deformation of track slab was set up.The temperature variation and the relative displacement between slabs and junctures were obtained in real time. Experiments...
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A Literature Review of the Rocker-Bogie Suspension for the Planetary Rover

Jun Yang, Mingming Dong, Jiatong Ye
Suspension is divided into non-independent suspension and independent suspension. These two kinds of suspensions are widely used in general vehicles. General vehicles can travel on urban roads and highways. But they cannot travel on rough roads or extremely uneven roads. The rocker-bogie suspension is...
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Research on Big Data Technology Applied in Smart Grid

Bei He, Fuli Yang, Ke Zheng, Xuedan Tao, Wang Yao
With the big data and smart grid more and more valued, the power big data will become an inevitable trend. The power big data has a complex structure and various kinds, with the characteristics of dispersion, diversity and complexity. The traditional data processing method can not meet the requirements...
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An Observability Inequality On A Kind of Linear Parabolic Equation

D. Luo, Y. Liu, C. Wang, X. Tan
In this paper, we study the observability inequality on a kind of linear parabolic equation.To show the observability estimate, we first derive the inequalities about the norms of the solution and its gradient, then reduce a lemma of inequality from a corollary directly[1]. At last, combing these inequalities...
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Virtual Human Model Representation and Driven Deformation Methods

Hongwei An, Renjie Xu, Luohua Zhao
In this paper, we will summarize the existing three-dimensional virtual human body model representation and drive deformation method with real-time and realistic requirements as a starting point, and propose a combination of surface model and skeleton driving to realize virtual human motion drawing.
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Research on Occupational Burnout of Private University Teachers in Hainan

Lin Wang, Gaozhi Liu
In recent years, private colleges and universities in Hainan Province developed rapidly, The working conditions of teachers in private colleges and universities have drawn more and more attention from all parties. Taking Hainan Province private university teachers as the research object, the paper selects...
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Data Pre-Processing for Real-World E-Commerce Delivery Address Clustering

Yuan Zhang
Rapid growth of economy and popularization of electronic commerce have facilitated the development of logistics industry. Aiming to increase e-commerce logistics efficiency, extracting meaningful information from the complex raw data is essential. In real-world business operation, the order data should...
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Construction of task pricing scheme about "earning money by taking photos"

Jingmei Yang
In the era of information, with the increasingly developed network, "to earn money by taking photos" is a self-service model under the mobile Internet. The user downloads the APP, registers as a member of the APP, and then takes a task that needs to take photographs from the APP and earns the reward...
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Inspirations for Optimization based on Benchmarking

The modern intelligent optimization/search algorithms were broadly classified, and some brief analysis and comment were made. Then we revealed some optimization rules implied in the benchmarking philosophy, which provided good inspirations for designing of modern intelligent optimization/search algorithms.
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Design and Implementation of SPARC V8 CPU Simulator in Virtualized Verification System

Yongchao Tao, Wencheng Xiang, Xianghu Wu
The aim of this paper is to design and develop a simulator with high efficiency and flexibility for the SPARC processor which is widely used in present domestic aerospace industry based on the virtualized verification system. Firstly, the feature of SPARC instruction set architecture is studied and the...
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Evaluation and Analysis of CBA Referees' on-the-spot Cutting

Shi Li, Kai Yan, Jinsheng Li
Through the spot investigation and research, and watching the CBA basketball referees' on-the-spot cutting, this topic using literature method, observation method, system analysis method, mathematical statistics method and logical analysis method, combined with the self-designed "basketball referees'...
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Trajectory Prediction using Conditional Generative Adversarial Network

Thibault Barbi,, Takeshi Nishida
Optimization based planners (OBP) use a linear initialization as a prior of their optimizations which fails to use already acquired knowledge. Most of the time the linear initialization will collide with obstacles which will be the most difficult part of the OBP to optimize. We propose a method to perform...
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Real-time Optimization of TCP/IP Protocol Stack in Local Area Network Environment

Chengcheng Yang, Yongchao Tao, Wencheng Xiang, Xianghu Wu
As the basic protocol for Internet communication at present, TCP/IP, which offers a unified way to communicate through different nodes, is widely applied in various communication environments and has become the basis of Internet. But the original TCP/IP protocol is designed and realized for the transmission...
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Total cost model for disposal of living garbage

Jingmei Yang
In recent years, many cities in our country have been surrounded by garbage, and the output of domestic garbage has soared. As a result, the associated disposal capacity fails to meet requirements and the environmental pollution is serious. Under this background, this article is based on the principle...
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The Effect of Payment System Environment on Purchase Intention: An Empirical Study on Fliggy

Ranzhe Jing, Zijie Lu
Nowadays the e-commerce paradigm has prevailed all over the world, definitely changing the way of running businesses and shaping the new business environment. The web-based business solutions have produced a novel type of a consumer, the online consumer, and a specific way of doing business at Internet,...
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A Study on the Technological Innovation Efficiency and Influencing Factors of Iron and Steel Enterprises Based on DEA - Tobit Two-step Method

Baihua Li, Junyin Yan, Gang Wang
The article analyzes the resource input of iron and steel enterprises in their technological innovation process by setting the input-oriented DEA effective frontier with the DEA method. On this basis, the regression analysis is carried out with respect to the influencing factors of the technological...
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Application of iot technology in Teaching of electronic information system practice

Qing Wan, Jianghua Liu
In this paper,we discuss the application of Internet of things technology in the teaching reform of electronic information system.The Internet of things technology is added to the e-information system practice curriculum.The project is driven by the Internet of things, leading students to study autonomously...
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Design and Application Mode of Micro Class Design for PWM Speed Regulating of DC Motor

Xiang Li, Muzi Zhuge, Nan Zhao
This paper designs a comprehensive experiment for two important knowledge points, timer and interrupt, in course microcontroller practice technology. To improve teaching effect, we develop related micro class scripts and micro class video, planning to build a micro class digital integrated platform architecture,...
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Vertex Quasiprimitive and 2-Arc Transitive Graphs of Order 2pe

Li Ma
A graph is called 2-arc transitive graph if its automorphism group Aut( ) is transitive on the set of 2-arcs. In this paper, we main classify the vertex quasiprimitive 2-arc transitive graphs of order 2pe..
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Homogenous Cosmos Originated from Unique Genesis Precondition Initialization of PNT dynamics

Guo-sheng Yang
Remarkable progress of modern particle physics has thrown more and more lights onto factuality that any discretionary particles in cosmos are mutually convertible, and living progress of it even makes the factuality orient perfect induction day by day, which apparently implies that cosmos is throughout...
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The potential of OBOR energy cooperation and its solution

Zehu Jin, Mo Jin
The "One Belt and One Road"(OBOR) region occupies a central position in the global energy supply and is the main source of China's energy imports. OBORenergy cooperation has great potential. There are many areas of cooperation that can be focused on. But the potential for cooperation are not fully released,...
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Analysis of medicinal value of peach

Hui Zhao
Peach is a rose flower of peach or peach. The current medicine through the extraction process to prove that the peach contains peach polysaccharide, peach polyphenols, peach total flavonoids, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements compounds. Peach blossom contains compounds that can dilate blood vessels,...
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Studies on Phytocoenosis Configuration in Rain Garden Landscape Design in Nanchang

Shuzhen Zou, Wanjun Duan, Yirong Zhu, Biaohong Tao
Against the increasing cementation in cities, the rain garden, as an urban green infrastructure, has been increasingly focused on in terms of alleviating urban waterlogging, rainwater runoff pollution, groundwater level decline and conserving biodiversity. In its design, it is vital to select and design...
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The research and practice of innovation talents training ways on modern food science

Qian-qian Gao, Zheng Lv
Innovate, is the soul of a country's progress and motivation. In the age of the knowledge economy, the primary of university education task should be training a batch of innovation ability and creative spirit of high-quality personnel. How to implement innovative education, training innovation spirit...
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Government Subsidies, Spatial Agglomeration and Innovation Performance--An empirical study of industrial policy disputes

Rongjian Yu, Jinwei Wang
This paper uses the panel data of high-tech industry enterprises to study the impact of government subsidies on enterprise innovation performance. And test whether the government subsidy policy affects the location choice of enterprises, further enhancing the spatial agglomeration, Making the government...
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Analysis on safe operation of urban gas pipeline

Yun You, Lin Li
Fault tree analysis (FTA) is a widely used method in the system safety analysis. In this approach, the logical relationship between accidents may occur and their various reasons is expressed in an arborescence, which is called fault tree analysis. By qualitative and quantitative analysis of the fault...
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A study on the relationship between students' course scores and starting wages based on principal component regression

Yi Yang, Yan Song
To accurately evaluate students' professional ability, optimize their curriculum, principal component regression analysis method is used to design the principal component regression model about the relationship between course scores and starting wages . Some empirical analysis is made based on score...
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The design of innovative and entrepreneurial courses of mechanical majors against the background of new engineering

Chu Diao Huang, Jian-Wen Guo, Li Xie, Xiao Chang Cao
Against the background of new engineering, setting up innovative and entrepreneurial courses in mechanical majors is to foster students an ability to design and develop innovative products and to start up business preliminarily by taking advantage of their relevant engineering and technical knowledge....
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Organization of Teaching Contents and Design of Teaching Method for IoT Course Oriented to the Computer Major

Ce Zhang, Weigong Lv, Jianan Jiang, Yiran Zhao, Dianhui Chu
How to implement targeted teaching of Internet of Things in computer science education has become the key to cultivate students' ability to solve complex engineering problems represented by Internet of Things system. It puts forward the organization of teaching content and teaching method of computer...
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Research and Practice of Developing Pattern for Engineering Leading Talents oriented to the need of Top Industry Talents

Ce Zhang, Dianhui Chu, Jianan Jiang, Weigong Lv, Yiran Zhao
In recent years, domestic engineering education has yielded substantial results. Although droves of well-educated engineering talents are constantly emerging, the asset who has the top innovative engineering practice ability and engineering leading ability is still grossly inadequate. The obstacles that...