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Overview on Hybrid Wind-Wave Energy Systems

Song Ding, Shiqiang Yan, Duanfeng Han, Qingwei Ma
As a relatively new concept combining floating wind turbine (FWT) and wave energy converter (WEC), Hybrid wind-wave energy system (HWWES) is still on its initial stage. The reason for this is that both WEC and FWT platforms have many subcategories but there is no common agreement about how to combine...
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Evaluation and Analysis on Carrying Capacity of Comprehensive Ecology in Cost Zone

Xiao Li, Wenjia Wei
this paper makes discussion on evaluation index system of constructing comprehensive carrying capacity of ecological environment in cost zone area; it also uses data such as economy, society, ecology, environment and culture of Tianjin Binhai from 2011 to 2014 to make evaluation on comprehensive carrying...
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Study on Dynamic Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Epoxy Asphalt

Zhe Dong, Li-Ping Li
The morphology and dynamic mechanical properties of epoxy modified asphalt(EMB) were studied using dynamic mechanical analyzer (DMA) and fluorescent microscopy (FM). DMA results showed that dynamic modulus and storage modulus reached a maximum value when 5 wt % epoxy resins were added. However, the dynamic...
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The Application of Multi Materials in the Design of Ceramic Ware

Zeng Li
People’s needs, with the development of society, gradually tend to be diversified. Therefore, the selection and application of ceramic materials are in the continuous innovation, evolving from the entire ceramic texture of the original gradually into a comprehensive application of multi materials. This...
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Solving coupled Lane-Emden equations arising in catalytic diffusion reactions by reproducing kernel Hilbert space method

Tianchu Hao, Songhe Song
In this paper, we solve coupled Lane-Emden equations arising in catalytic diffusion reaction by reproducing kernel Hilbert space method. First, we construct a reproducing kernel Hilbert space satisfying boundary value conditions and provide an iterative method to obtain the approximate solution. Then...
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Multi-symplectic integration for the Camassa-Holm- equation

Jiarui Liang, Songhe Song
In this paper, we construct a multi-symplectic Hamiltonian form of the Camassa- Holm- equation(CH- ) and use the multi-symplectic Fourier pesudospectral Method(MSFP) for the discretization of the CH- equation. peaked periodic solution with periodic boundary condition is taken to confirm the accuracy...
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Research and application on Optimal Path Analysis in mining roadway

Zhihua Zhang, Kunrui Tian, Shuwen Yang, Jun Yang, Haowen Yan
It is an urgent problem about how to apply the GIS's powerful spatial analysis function to mine. On the basis of analysis on network elements and path analysis algorithm, the paper presented three models of optimal path analysis and the concrete algorithm steps. Under Windows XP, the optimal path methods...
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Yonggang Xiong, Yunyu Liu, Jiping Wu, Wanpeng Tian, Minxian Du, Jianping Tan
Material casting and rolling forming technology is a new technology of metal rapid solidification of near net and near final forming. The high gradient temperature at the interface is a remarkable characteristic of the interface heat transfer. The heat conduction between the roller and the slab is a...
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Evaluation Model on Regional Economic Plan Based on Environment

Chunguang Gu, Yang Yang, Dan Zhang
this paper constructs regional recycling economy and its concept model from perspective of system dynamics, it adopts comprehensive weighting method of AHP +entropy method to confirm and analyze weight index of model, and it innovatively uses TOPSIS method, which makes evaluation process much more simple...
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Risk Identification and Analytical Research of African Engineering Project

Guangjia He
In this paper, the author constructed the risk identification system design of African engineering project, put forward the comprehensive evaluation method of engineering project risk, established the risk of third leveled fuzzy synthetic evaluation model of specific engineering project, calculated the...
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Privacy preserving in un-trusted cloud environments for query shortest path

Lei Zhang, Jing Li, Bin Wang
The shortest path query is one of the most popular location-based services for navigation. With it, one can determine a best route from a source to a destination in an unfamiliar environment and then save time for travelling. But under this service, some sensitive information may be leaked to others...
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Analysis of Embedded ARM System Design and Application

Xiuqing Huang
Based on the single camera 3D refactoring system of ARM+FPGA, this paper designed dicaryon hardware architecture, which takes ARM processor as logic control center and FPGA as co-processor, to complete the design of device driver and partial software. This paper also utilized FPGA to complete the key...
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The Establishment of Green Construction Evaluation of Building Projects Based on Cloud Model

Shizhu Lin, Yao Zhang
Based on extensive investigation, aiming the randomness and fuzziness characteristics existing in the evaluation, considering comprehensively index 5 aspects including the construction technology management, the environmental load of construction process, energy consumption, resource utilization and...
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Modeling on Energy Consumption of Cloud Computing Based on Data Center

Yang Yu, Wei Jiang, Wei Guan, Ping Li, Yongmin Zhou
this paper puts forward the monitoring and measurement methods on energy consumption of virtual machine in the cloud data center, establishes energy consumption model of virtual machine system and virtual machine migration. The usual migration method of virtual machine uses heuristic algorithm to allocate...
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Research on the Construction of the Teaching Quality Management System of "School Enterprise Integration"

Xianyu Xia
Nowadays, China is in a critical period of developing economy, enhancing people’s living standard, completing systems, developing science and education, strengthening the comprehensive national strength and participating in international cooperation and competition actively, so that the socialist industrialization...
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An Empirical Study of Accounting Firm Scale and Legal Environment Influence on Audit Quality

Honghao Sima
China's overall weak legal system environment and clear regional legal system differences existing side by side provides the research background for us to study the relationship between accounting firm scale, legal environment and audit quality. In this paper, using the data of 2014, under China's unique...
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The Analysis of College Political Education and Humanities Quality Education Resources in Olympic Movement

Lihe Chen, Xiaogang Yu
Olympic system contains rich ideological and cultural quality education resources. These provide the enlightenment for enriching the content of university education and humanities quality education, and broaden education teaching idea. These education resources are mainly manifested in six aspects: patriotism...
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The Correlation between Lawrence Modernist Poetry and Impressionism Painting

Liming Ding
David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930) was an outstanding modernism novelist and poet in the 20th century, who was known as "one of the greatest figures in English literature history. It is known that Lawrence's literary career started with poetic songs, and the earliest two poems "Hydrangea" and "Lychnis”...
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Research on the College Ideological and Political Education Reform in the Media Era

Shuang Liu
The appear of new medias in this media era greatly influences the current college ideological and political education, which however still fails to get rid of the traditional education ideals and sticks to the one-way instillation in teaching with positive information only. Actual practice is neglected,...
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A Study on the Mechanism of New Value Creation From the View of Entrepreneurial Mental Model Presencing

Weidong Li, Li Li
The existing research based on the paradigm of Environmental Adaptation Theory leads to an explanation of entrepreneurial mental process from a extrinsic, historical and static view. They also cannot explain why entrepreneur choose to open a new company themselves instead of selling entrepreneurial opportunities...
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Mental Model of Top Management Team Dimensional Structure, Development Mechanism, Environment Construction

Dan-hong Huang, Wei-dong Li, Hua-dong Jiang
The purpose of this study is to explore the dimension, structure and development mechanism of TMT mental model, and the way TMT construct environment. Basing on the basic premise of “emotional man”, this study puts forward three research propositions to set up a research framework, and then we conduct...
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The Application of Interest Teaching Mode in College Computer Teaching

Weihua Xu
In the present era, computer technology is developing rapidly, and its status in people's minds is also higher and higher. In daily work and life, computer technology is widely used. Computer education in Colleges and universities can be a good foundation for advanced computer learning, so people also...
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Literature Review of Emerging Industry Research Status

Liying Lei
Based on the 3801 emerging industry research literatures recorded in CAJD, this paper uses bibiometrics method to analyze, summarize and evaluate the research results of emerging industry from literature time, journal distribution, subject distribution, carrier distribution, research scholar distribution...
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Research on the Cloud Storage Security in Big Data Era

Kai Chen, Weimin Lang, Ke Zheng, Wenjing Ouyang
In the Big Data era, users increasingly prefer to take clouds as major locations for data storage. With the presence of cloud computing, vast amounts of data bring huge social and economic benefits to all of us. But this also poses daunting challenges to the data storage security. The existing security...
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Network Intrusion Detection Using Support Vector Machine Based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Li Wang, Chunhua Dong, Jianping Hu, Guodong Li
As an important part of the study of network security, Intrusion detection has aroused special attention of scholars from home and abroad. PSO-based SVM network intrusion detection is innovatively adopted in the paper where PSO is applied to support the parameters of SVM. Multi-classification is carried...
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Forecast for Full Life Cycle of Technical Renovation of Power Grid Based on Support Vector Machine

Zhuohang Wu, Jiye Yang, Guolong Chen, Changchun Wang, Hao Wu, Qing Gao
Starting from the whole life cycle of the distribution network planning project, overall consideration should be given to the cost at different stages within the projection period distribution network planning project, and the time value of money. At the same time, consideration should also be given...
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Travelling Wave Fault Location Methods for Power Cables

Xia Zhao
mathematic base of travelling wave is firstly analyzed in this paper and then one novel type of calculation method for travelling wave fault location for non-open circuit faults is proposed. The usage method in actual application is proposed to enhance the accuracy of traveling wave fault detection in...
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A Novel 8T SRAM Cell with Improved Read and Write Margins

Song Li, Zhiting Lin, Jiubai Zhang, Yuchun Peng, Xiulong Wu
A highly stable 8T SRAM cell is presented to improve the Static Noise Margin (SNM). The proposed 8T SRAM cell uses a single-bit line structure to perform read and write operation. The design enhances the write ability by breaking-up the feedback loop of the inverter pair. It also improves the read stability...
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Research Advances in Generation, Hazard and Safety Technology of Static Electricity

Teng Xu, Hua Xie
The importance of static electricity in today’s world is known, which can initiate some new novel technologies of high electric drying, high electric thawing and electroosmosis dewatering in electrostatic application. However, their dangers are also evident. In addition, a large number of electrostatic...
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Error element analysis and detection for BV75 CNC milling machine based on Ball-bar

Jinying Chen, Xiaotie Niu, Lijuan Shi
Based on the error measurement principle of ball-bar, the errors of three different locations of BV75 CNC milling machine were measured by ball-bar. We can find out the main factors to influence the geometric accuracy of CNC machine tools that are the periodic error, lateral clearance and errors of perpendicularity...
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Application in image-interpretation of the whole wave band CCD system

Wei Han, Zhonglin Xu, Guobin Zhao, Nan Zheng, Jun Xie
The whole wave band CCD system is widely used for examining purple outside , visible light , infrared picture high-resolution show and professional pattern process equipment in real time. It can visible light picture turn visible light picture into in real time , can realize faint collection and high-quality...
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Study of gas supply way and velocity chosen during the process of MPCVD diamond

XiaoJing Li, ShunQi Zheng, Yangsheng Zheng, Wenqing Wang, Renna Wu, Rui Li
The Microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD) method was used to make diamond film in this paper. The influence of working gas supply mode and velocity were investigated using numerical simulation method. The distribution of gas flow rate at two different gas supply modes was analyzed by software...
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Application On the Judgment of the Damage Position In the Bridge based Frequency Response Function

Xiang Li, Nianchun Deng
A bridge structure may sustain damage either when subjected to severe loading like a strong earthquake or when its material deteriorates. Monitoring the structural health of a particular structural system involves a damage identification process that comprises detecting, locating, identifying type of,...
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Development of Intelligent Module About Integrated Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Processing for the Bridge Structure

Xiang Li, Nianchun Deng
In recent years, the techniques of structural sensing and control are used to mitigate the effects of natural hazards on civil infrastructure. The objective of this study is to improve traditional structural sensing and control systems of civil engineering by applying the technologies of embedded system...
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The electronic properties of Aurum-doped with both-edge narrow armchair graphene nanoribbons

Weihua Wang, Cuilan Zhao, Peifang Li
The charge density, electronic energy band structure and density of states of Au-doped armchair graphene nanoribbons (AGNRs) with both-edge are investigated using the local density approximation based on density function theory. Our results indicate the charge density is transferred and mainly located...
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The research on the hydraulic numerical simulation of flux limiter function

Dawei Sun, Bingxi Sun
The advantages of the form of this paper is numerical calculation without spurious numeric, and keeps monotonicity of numerical value. It contrasts the difference among various flux limiter flux limiter function in solving equations by examples and verifies the advantages which is conservative, robustness,...
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Adaptive System Based on DSP for Active Noise Control

Wei Jiang
Active noise control is combined with adaptive controller to construct adaptive active noise control. Adaptive active noise control is primarily researched in the theory and structure. DSP is applied in adaptive controller to design adaptive system for active noise control. Adaptive system can steadily...

RETRACTION: Developing Digital-to-Analog Converters and the Turing Machine Using Puy

Wang Xiaopeng, Xu Yulong
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...
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Conceptualizing Workflow in Dependable and Safe Cloud Computing

Dan Tang, Xiao-Hong Kuang, Wang Chen
adapting workflows to the cloud is a popular modern computing approach. The preference based on the cost benefits and ready availability of add-ons is however prone to security challenges. Considering that an increasing number of critical systems; for example, railway, airport and manufacturing workflows...
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An Improved Data Association Rules Mining Algorithm for Intelligent Health Surveillance

Yinghua Han, Jiaorao Liu, Yanchun Miao
With the growing phenomenon of an aging population, Intelligent Health Surveillance technology has been developing rapidly. Meanwhile, as of things, the development of computer vision and other information technology to make rapid growth of Intelligent Health Surveillance data and diversified characteristics....
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Analysis on Galloping of iced conductor of Transmission Tower-line System

Yu-xian Di, Kuan-jun Zhu, Bin Liu
Nonlinear finite element model of a transmission tower-line system was set up and galloping of iced bundle conductors in the system was numerically simulated by means of ANSYS software The galloping trajectories vibration frequency, galloping order, conductor tension and unbalanced tension characteristics...
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Survivability optimization for the networked C4ISR system structure

Kan Yi, Jingfeng Zhang, Jieyong Zhang
An optimization method for the survivability of networked C4ISR system structure is proposed. The strategies of selecting the key nodes to backup, determining the number of the backups, and optimizing the backups processing are given in the proposed method. Based on the computation method for the importance...
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Timeliness Optimization Model For Network C4ISR System Structure Based on Information Flow

Jinfeng Zhang, Kan Yi, Heng Wang, Shaojie Mao, Jieyong Zhang
In order to adapt to a variety of combat missions and complex environmental situation how the structure of the network C4ISR system automatically adjusts the system structure and promote the efficiency is crucial. To solve this problem, a optimization idea was gave and a timeliness optimization model...
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Desserts sales forecast based on the new information improved gray model

Di Liang, Guizhi Sun, Shuang Wu
In this paper, it took a well-known dessert stores as the research object. It analyzed the sales data of the certain selling desserts in the past few months. It took into account that the gray prediction model had some characteristics, such as the less data required, more accurate forecasting, high accuracy....
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Study on Optimization of Cold Chain Logistics Distribution Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Di Liang, Shuang Wu, Guizhi Sun
This paper made the lowest cost as the goal to establish the cold chain logistics optimization model according to the characteristics of cold chain logistics and distribution. The PSO was improved to make it suitable for logistics distribution issues. Finally, examples are verified that the improved...
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The Study of Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Based on RX631

WeiWei Qu, Hong Yang, XiaoPing Zou, HuiYong Liu
In order to ensure food security, a design scheme about temperature and humidity data logger for small refrigerator that could monitor temperature and humidity of the environment in real time was proposed. The recorder uses 32-bit RX631designed by Company RENESAS as the controller chip and the paper...
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Dynamic Alterable Computing Environment System---- Building Based On Virtualization

Xiang Ren
For quickly, realistically and effectively building up the computing environment in the emulational network and electromagnetic circumstance, how to utilize the underlying virtualization technology to realize dynamic building has become a hot spot and difficulty for researching. Prompt a dynamic building...
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Restoration Method of Distorted Digital Document Image Based on Text Line Detection

Chong Shen, Lijing Tong, Jian Zhan, Zaiyin Zhang
More and more documents are scanned into digital image, meanwhile, the document scanned into digital image will appear the phenomenon of widespread distortions and shadows. Distortions in a variety of document images have an impact on people's reading comprehension or automated document image processing....
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The Performance appraisal Research of Manufacturing Department Based on AHP

Di Liang, Guizhi Sun, Shuang Wu
X company mainly produces electric locomotive and urban rail vehicles. This paper takes the locomotive department of X company as the research object. It builds a performance management system by using AHP and fuzzy evaluation method. It constructs the index system by using the idea of BSC, questionnaire...
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Design of Simulation Experiment Platform for C2 System Agility

Jiaren Rao, Xin Lin, Wei Chu
Researched on conceptual model of C2 system agility, and designed simulation experiment platform. By using Agent, the simulation resources were packaged to be cooperative, to meet needs of agility. The agile C2 System was built according to military mission, it can sense changes and evolve, which makes...
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Fuzzy Value Stream Map Analysis Technology in the Enterprise of Application Research

Di Liang, Guizhi Sun, Shuang Wu
This paper takes the plastic waterproof junction box production line as the object of study. It analyzed enterprise production status, and then drawn the fuzzy value stream status map by using the value stream map and the combination of fuzzy triangular number method. It improved these problems existed...
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Design and Implementation of Solar Tracking System

Liping Dong, Zhen An, Lina Hao
In order to improve the performance of the tracking system, this paper discusses the trajectory tracking of the sun and tracing to the source of the sun. The experimental results show that: The automatic tracing of sun trajectory scheme runs smoothly without the interference of light source, but has...
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Architecture of a Multiple Channel Blood Pressure Signal Transmitting Based on Bluetooth Technology

Ruirui He, Lina Wang, Jianqiang Du, Xiaoming Wu
Recent technological advancements have led to the production of microcontroller with wireless communication functions, which enable the integration of physiological data collection, data processing, and data transmitting. Blood pressure is an important physiological indicator which should be measured...
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Design and Research of the Crane Anti-collision Alarming Device against HV Transmission Wires

Tiao Liu, Xianglian Xu, Ting Liu, Gang Huang, Yuchen Wang
The design and research of the crane anti-collision alarming device against HV transmission wires are introduced in this paper. The alarming device can receive wirelessly all the signals sent by the various electric-field sensors of the crane, and then the device can give out different indications about...
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A Method of Wide-Band Signal DOA Estimation Based on Multi-Sensor Underwater Array

Tingting Li
The LFM signal is commonly used in both radar and sonar system. However, the steering vector of the LFM signal is changed with time, traditional DOA ectimation method cannot be used. A DOA estimation method of fourth-order cumulants based on fractional Fourier transform is proposed in this paper. By...
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Study of Fault Diagnosis Method Based On the Hybrid Circuit Simulation

Ting Liu, Xianglian Xu, Tiao Liu, Qiangqiang Yin, Xiaoqian Tang
A fault diagnosis method is presented in this paper for poor field testing conditions of large-scale hybrid circuit, and taking the LNE navigation control card which is vital to the operation of regulation and monitoring system in the nuclear power plant, a simulation model of hybrid analog-digital electronic...
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The Research of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Video Fusion Evaluation Method Based on Structure Similarity

Jun Xie, Xiuying Fan, Yingnan Liu, Zhonglin Xu, Shuang Wen
Through carrying a variety of imaging sensors, the unmanned aerial vehicle began to show its flexibility and importance, image fusion technology becomes more and more indispensible. In this paper, the existing video fusion method and fusion performance evaluation method is analyzed, and an improved video...
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Analysis on Side Slip Characteristics of Multi-axle Vehicle Tire

Ming Yang, Lingling Li, Wenguang Zheng
Generally used tire model are Unitire model proposed by Academician Konghui Guo and MF-Tire model proposed by Professor Pacejka. In this paper, the tire model was for analyzing of handling stability of multi-axle vehicle. MF-Tire model was used to simulate the side slip characteristics of the multi-axle...
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Design and Implementation of Intelligent Medicine-taking System

Tianqi Yang, Yuhua Dong
With the total level of unhealthy people increasing, it is common for people to take medicines. To guarantee organisms absorb drugs dose to the max, it is necessary to take medicines on time. In this paper, a portable appliance is designed, which can remind people to take pills on time, and the information...
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A Logistics Enterprises Vehicle Scheduling Method Based on Genetic Algorithm

Yan Chen, Xiaoliang Song, Xiaowei Han, Dongzheng Wang
This paper deals with the genetic algorithm to solve the vehicle scheduling problem of logistics enterprises. It established the mathematical model of vehicle scheduling problem first. Then determined the method of population initialization and the representation of fitness function, in consideration...
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Numerical analysis and optimization of the flow field in a new photocatalytic reactor for air treatment

Xiaoli Zhou, Li Zhang, Lihua Dong
A novel fixed bed photocatalytic reactor with tilted photocatalyst-coated deflectors was designed and a numerical simulation for evaluation of its photocatalytic performance by ANSYS FLUENT 15.0 was developed. The results showed that the convective mass transfer was effective near the deflectors. The...
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On the Design and Implementation of a Tailored DHCP Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks based on FreeOS

Fei Gao, Miao Guo, Xia Wang, Yu Wang
Based on the principle of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), this paper proposes a new implementation of a tailored DHCP protocol used for IP address management in wireless sensor networks (WSN). Several key design issues, such as frame structure of tailored DHCP packets, address assignment...
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Adaptive Sliding Mode Control with Backstepping Approach for a Moving Mass Hypersonic Spinning Missile

Feng-Jie Gao, Liang-Yu Zhao
The dynamics model of a hypersonic spinning missile with two moving masses is established. Considering the inherent uncertainties of the mathematical model and the aerodynamic parameters, an affine model with external disturbances is established and an attitude adaptive sliding mode controller is designed...
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An object-oriented and colored timed Petri Net Model for automated Interbay material handling system of semiconductor wafer fab

Lihui Wu, Dengjie Zhu, Zhaoyun Wu
To analyze the performance of automated Interbay material handling system in semiconductor wafer fabrication system, an Object-oriented and Colored Timed Petri Net (OCTPN) model was presented. The model could describe the practical hardware and operation considerations of Interbay system, such as transportation...
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The Scheduling of quay cranes and truck in Container Port——A Simulation-based method

Huijuan Ma, Yongfa Hong, Yuyue Du
In order to study the Scheduling of quay cranes and tractor in container port, this paper establishes the simulation model of container port’s (un)loading operation by use of container port’s simulation software FlexTerm. The mixed loading operation and independent (un)loading operation in different...
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Improving cold-chain transport system efficiency by cloud computing and wireless network

Rangyong Zhang, Geng Ma, Lingyan Han
By using a wireless remote networking, and cloud computing platform technology, this system can collect idle space and time from every company or unit who has its isolated cold-chain transport system. Those information of every refrigerated truck’s time, spare space and route can be opened to all of...
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Research on the Broadband Equipment of Integrated Detection and Countermeasure System

Gaofeng Cheng, Ting Sun, Yingming Lu, Shulai Niu
Through the analysis of the radar and jammer transmitter and the antenna system, a shared broadband transmitter and antenna design was proposed, which can transmit signals and interference detection in 8~16GHz. Through the analysis of the radar receiver and jammer, a design of integrated receiver based...
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Research on Multi-attribute Decision Making Model Based on Possible Regret Degree of Policy-maker

Yan Li
This article will conduct the research to this question, in order to portray the decision-makers dilemma in the decision-making process under the uncertain condition, this paper defines the following concept: policy-makers plus regret degree, policy-makers negative regret degree and policy-makers weighted...
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Discussion on Agricultural Cleaner Production

An Wang, Miaomiao Li
On the basis of the concept, contents and goals of the agricultural cleaner production in China, four major environmental problems in agricultural development and the problems of agricultural cleaner production in our country was pointed out, moreover, the necessity and the measures of developing agricultural...
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Research on Urban Light Pollution and Its Prevention

Xuan Hu
With the fast development of urbanization, a large number of landmark buildings have been built, most of which are provided with glass curtain walls which can produce light pollution when they are projected with natural lights and lights from human resources. Nowadays, light pollution has become increasingly...
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Wind and Photovoltaic Power Ratio Model in Hybrid Wind and Photovoltaic Power Module Applied to Online Monitoring System for Transmission Line

Zeyu Cui
To analyses the proportion of wind and solar in a hybrid wind and photovoltaic power systems in the online monitoring system for transmission line, several experiments are made in order to get the environment data. To build an optimization model, a marketing research is set out, and the relation between...
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The numerical modeling of gas liquid two-phase flow in Laval nozzle

Hongyue Wang
In recent years, many country are vigorously developing natural gas mining technology, the supersonic expansion dehydration is a new natural gas dehydration methods, which has many advantage. Based on this background, this paper aimed to analyze the flow field in supersonic expansion dehydration of Laval...
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Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement in Micro Grid

Jing Hao
Distributed generation has extensive economic benefit and social benefit, but it costs too high to connect to the grid directly and it is too difficult to control. Therefore, the matching of power electronic equipment interface is very important. In this paper, we use a shunt active power filter model...
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Control Method of STATCOM in Unbalance Voltage Condition

Jing Hao
This paper takes the chain type static synchronous compensator as the research object, introducing the principle of STATCOM, studying control strategy under the unbalanced grid voltage condition. It points out that the imbalance not only makes STATCOM output positive, negative sequence voltage, but also...
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Research on the Solar collector thermoelectric power generation

Huasheng Wang
In the modern period of rapid economic growth, energy shortage is serious, the new type of solar renewable green energy, has the character of economy, clean environment, the advantages of large reserves. This paper puts forward a new kind of solar collector thermoelectric power generation device. Combined...
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Research to improve enterprise financial report limitations

Fengnan Zhang
In contemporary China, the network era changed the whole social and economic structure of production, to break the traditional enterprise management model and accounting model. Exceptionally rapid development of information technology, especially triggered a wave of global information network technology...
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The application of ArcGIS in error evaluation of PBN flight procedures route parameters

Bin Chen, Daiwu Zhu, Rongjun Zhang, Yujia Liu
In PBN flight procedure design, in order to ensure the design quality, we need to evaluation the error of route parameters. Actual test is a good way, but it often requires large amounts of human, financial and other resources. In this paper, we use ArcGIS which has powerful data analysis function to...
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Preliminary study on the working characteristics of thermoelectric power generation

Mu Wang
China is the world's largest coal production and consumption country, coal accounted for 76% of energy consumption of goods, which is also the main source of air pollution in China. Therefore, the development and utilization of renewable energy, improvement of the existing energy structure and active...
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Study on the cells development of Enteromorpha prolifera on conditions of DC field

Yuhang Zheng
To study the effects of DC field on development of the cells in Enteromorpha prolifera, We get single cell of Enteromorpha prolifera by the method of enzymolysis and after giving them the stimulation of electric field, cells development show up three directions: 1, producing with obvious polarity, the...
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UAV based on RTK high precision inspection system

Linxin Li
RTK real-time dynamic relative positioning is to be able to get cm-level real-time positioning accuracy in the field of measuring methods, it USES the Real-time kinematic, RTK method, is a major milestone in GPS application, it appeared as the project lofting, topographic mapping, brought new dawn various...
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Improved Channel Decoding for GPS CNAV Message Based on Characteristic Information

Zhongliang Deng, Jieqiang Li, Lu Yin, Yue Xi, Changming Li, Yang Zhao
In 1999, the U.S. government announced GPS modernization plan. CNAV message will be broadcast in the new navigation signals L2C, L5, which is differs from NAV message in channel encoding. Aim at the high error rate of the conventional channel decoding process of CNAV message, this paper proposes an improved...
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Research of Differential Pressure Altimetry in Location Based Services

Zhongliang Deng, Le Yang, Jie Xia, Yang Hu
In recent year, as a major national strategic emerging industry, location based services (LBS) have been widely used and been affecting people’s daily lives. With the speeding up development of urbanization and further improvement of people's living standard, the demand of three-dimensional location-based...
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The Designation and Application of a Load Balancing Strategy Used For Session Persistence Based on Dynamic Message Queue

Zhongliang Deng, Xiaoyang Li, Fengli Ruan, Wenxu Ma
In many large-scale enterprise applications, a complex transaction process needs multiple interactions between clients and servers. Because of this, the request from clients should be forwards to the fixed application server, that is, the so-called session persistence. However, to some extent, it goes...
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A Method of Map Matching based on Particle Filter in Indoor Positioning

Zhongliang Deng, Fengli Ruan, Shunbao Lu, Ruoyu Zheng, Hui Zeng, Yeqing Fang, Yi Yang
Map information and sensor information is considered to be an effective way to assist indoor wireless location. Wireless location combined with map information and Sensor information can solve many problem such as positioning point cross the wall, falling into the wrong room. In this paper, a new indoor...
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A Self-testing Approach Defending against Rogue Base Station Hijacking of Intelligent Terminal

Dali Zhu, Na Pang, Zheming Fan
The flexibility and convenience offered by mobile communication have made it one of the fastest growing areas of telecommunications, and communication security has become particularly significant and prominent. One of the most challenging security threats is the attack of rogue base station which posing...
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Flipped learning convergence and innovation research based on task-driven teaching method---- A study of C programming course in medical colleges

Lanzhen Chen, Xiaopeng Li, Rudan Lin
With the flipped classroom widely use, its shortcomings during use gradually emerged. Author’s research group explored the integration and innovation of C programming course flipped learning style based on the traditional teaching and modern educational characteristics, task-driven teaching method combined...
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The Analysis of Convection Experiment

Zilong Zhang
The paper mainly discusses the temperature distribution in eggs from the heating process. For eggs' heating process, the paper would explore the temperature change rules from the analysis, the lumped parameter method, numerical method of three aspects. Based on each methods, diagrams would be drawn,...
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Organic Rankine cycle power generation technology development and Application

Hongyue Wang, Zhiyuan Liu
Organic Rankine cycle is an important means of waste heat recovery technology, this paper is mainly review of organic Rankine cycle principle and system composition, and introduces some practical application of organic Rankine cycle.
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The vertical axis wind power generation technology in Marine application feasibility analysis

Mofeng Qu
In this paper, I firstly expound the status of offshore wind turbine, which leads to the currently existing small vertical axis wind turbine technology gap. The following I simple introduce several common vertical axis wind turbines, their advantages and the Marine vertical axis wind turbine structure...
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HDFS distributed metadata management research

An-ping Xiong, Jin-yong Ma
As it can provide high throughput data access, and easy to deploy on a cheap machine ,Distributed File System HDFS is used widely.All HDFS file access requests are required by the metadata server node .so the single metadata server nodes often become the bottleneck of the whole system problem, this paper...
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Application of GPRS In The Remote Monitoring of the Greenhouse

Weisong Di
This paper introduces a remote monitoring system through GPRS in view of that some greenhouses are remote and scattered. The system uses ARM11 as the center of data processing, realizes the remote monitoring of environmental factors in the greenhouse. Data processing center and remote monitor terminal...
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Research and design of high precise adjustable power supply device

Hong-bing Liu
This paper research and design a precision adjustable power supply. Thevoltage in the range of 3.3V to 3.4V, the ripple voltage and its peak value of not more than 100mV, power is about 1W, the power supply can be provided to theoptical module, its security is good, and can support the RF device,the...
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Co-simulation of Stabilization Accuracy Optimization of Overhead Weapon Station

W. Deng, B.Q. Mao, B.W. Liang, P. Song
The Overhead Weapon Station(OWS) has a system composed of complex types, and its interactive subsystems make it difficult to establish the optimization model of multidisciplinary collaborative simulation. In this paper, Adams was used to establish OWS mechanical system model and Simulink to the control...
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Design of Four –wheel alignment information storage and query

Feifei Ji, Xiaolan Xie
Four-wheel alignment is an important parameter in design of automobile structure, directly affects the driving performance of a car. In view of the current vehicle four-wheel alignment and vehicle application using case, in this paper it introduces a kind of query design pattern of the four-wheel alignment...
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A Multi-restrained Terminal-controlled Access Network Selection Strategy

Yi Jiang, Min Deng, Hao Feng
Next generation network must be a situation that a variety of RATs (radio access technologies) coexist and integrate. Aiming at improving user’s QoS (Quality of Service) effectively, a mobile terminal access network selection strategy with multi-constraint conditions is proposed. Based on the preferences...
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An efficient Join-Engine to the SQL query based on Hive with Hbase

Zhi-cheng Zhao, Yi Jiang
Hbase combine Hive application platform can analysis of huge amounts of data easily. And querying on multi-join is the bottleneck of restricting the performance. To solve this problem designing a Join Engine between Hbase and Hive. It can read Hbase data and complete multiple table joins and optimization...
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Research on 3D Simulation System and Algorithm for Robot Teleoperation

Linlin Yan, Fang Xu, Kai Jia
For experiment platform of robot teleoperation control system requires expensive robot and master equipment, a method of robot construction of 3D simulation system for robot teleoperation is presented. According to the analysis of composition of robot teleoperation control system, the master equipment...
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Use web resources to construct ontology concept hierarchy

He Yu, Xueqiang Lv, Liping Xu
Domain terminology with high quality are the fundamental component in ontology construction and domain terminology automatic extraction is the basis of domain ontology construction. Proposed an approach of achieving domain concepts hierarchies from the Web data. Used the clue words to product queries...
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Accurate Human eye Positioning Based on the Geometrical Characteristics of eye and Brow

J.C. Jiang, C. Zhang
Human eye location plays a crucial part in machine vision fatigue detection. To address the difficulty of distinguishing eye and brow in traditional way of machine vision human eye location, this paper proposes an accurate human eye location way, which is based on geometrical characteristics of eye and...
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Research on the selection algorithm of control nodes of emergency communication system in the coal mine

Xiaoqian You, Sicheng Lu
Emergency mobile communication system is an important means of emergency rescue. To assess network performance rapidly under different scenarios is the important basis for researching the organization and application of emergency mobile communication system, which plays an important role for making effective...