Proceedings of the 2015 International conference on Applied Science and Engineering Innovation

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Design and Implementation of Novel Agricultural Remote Sensing Image Classification Framework through Deep Neural Network and Multi-Feature Analysis

Youzhi Zhang
With the rapid and bursting development of computer science and sensor technology, efficient remote sensing (RS) image classification algorithm is ur-gently needed. There are plenty of applications of remote sensing image processing techniques. In this paper, we propose a new agricultural remote sensing...
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Research of room temperature for inverter air conditioner based on Fuzzy Neural Network Control

Xue Xing, Ge Min, Zongxiang Weng, Fengjuan Wang, Wan Xiang
The indoor temperature control process in air-conditioned room is a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), nonlinear and time-delay system. Whereas the traditional off-on control methods, traditional PID control and conventional fuzzy control, exist some advantages and disadvantages, so this paper has...
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ULDA algorithm used in the study of cancer diagnosis

Yu Zhang, Yankun Li, Kenan Huang
Using Uncorrelated Linear Discriminant Analysis ULDA algorithm, analyzing data of amino acid content in serum of cancer patients and healthy people, eventually successfully classifies the samples of cancer patients and healthy people.
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Construction and Evaluation of the index system for National Garden City

Deligeer Deligeer, Yuan-yuan Li
The existing national garden city assessment standard mainly uses the method of the qualitative evaluation, the means is unitary, makes the appraisal result to lack the scientific and the authority.Aiming at this problem, this study on the basis of the existing standard proposed the combination of subjective...
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Evaluation and case analysis of ecological garden city index

Deligeer Deligeer, Yuan-yuan Li
Is the focus of attention from researchers with the high speed development of economy and the process of urbanization continues to accelerate, atmospheric pollution, ecological environment deterioration problems have become increasingly prominent, many cities have launched a ecological garden city to...
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Focus on the Development of Energy Internet in China

Lingzhi Ren, Ling Wang, Xin-gang Zhao
In order to promote the large-scale use of distributed renewable energy and improve energy efficiency, many countries started to pay close attention to the development of energy Internet. Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries has made some breakthrough in the field of energy...
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On the Popularization of Digital Network Language Laboratory

Ying Luo, Miaomiao Li
Digital network language lab has a powerful function and advantage in teaching, and has begun to gradually replace the traditional language lab. This paper introduces the characteristics and advantages of the digital network language lab, also analyzes the possible problems in the process of using, and...
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Discussion on the Network Teaching

Lehui Huang, Miaomiao Li
Along with the arrival of twenty-first century, information technology develops very rapidly, and computer technology has gradually penetrated into the modern life, especially the application in college teaching. The lash produced by the network teaching to traditional teaching mode and students’ learning...
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A Scalable Method for a Particular Scheduling Problem Based on Boolean Satisfiability

Hai Lin
In recent years, people made a lot of progress for solving Boolean satisfiability problem. Existing solvers have been successful in dealing with problems with thousands of Boolean variables in reasonable amount of time. And there is a trend to use Boolean satisfiability solvers to deal with practical...
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An Improved Algorithm for Knowledge Compilation Using the Combination Rule

Hai Lin
Knowledge compilation is a way of preprocessing a given knowledge base so that queries can be answered more efficiently. In literature, a lot of methods for knowledge compilation have been proposed. In this paper, we propose a new method for knowledge compilation, which is based on the Combination rule....
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Application of SVM-Based Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval

Xian.Wei Wu, Wen.Yang Yu, Yu.Bin Yang
In the page, we discuss relevance feedback techniques in image retrieval system, and then focus on the SVM-based relevance feedback. Using SVM-based relevance feedback, the precision rate of image retrieval system is satisfied. In order to better understand the effectiveness of SVM-based relevance feedback...
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Research of the raise rent-seeking model based on electricity

Zhanping Li, Yubing Yang
With the current three mainly forms of land circulation, this paper analysis the advantages and disadvantages of the three forms. Combined with the electricity and the raise, put forward a new land circulation mode of the raise rent-seeking based on electricity. Using this model, not only can solve the...
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Design and Performance Evaluation of QPSK Modulation and Demodulation in SS mode Based on Systemview

Sheng Liang, Gaofeng Pan, Youxing Wu, Yong Xie
Because the modulation and demodulation method in SS (Spread Spectrum) mode is different with sub-carrier TT&C system, so it is necessary to realize its performance evaluation based on software simulation. This paper makes use of Systemview to simulate the single target measurement in SS system and evaluate...
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Design and Simulation of Subsize BWG Feed Systemfor Shipborne TT&C Antenna

Gaofeng Pan, Nanping Mao, Sheng Liang, Xiquan Wang
Compared with traditional Cassegrain antenna, the BWG (Beam Waveguide) feed system has many advantages. This paper designs subsize BWG, according to shipborne environment. Geometrical optics is used to determine the relative location and size of each mirror. Finally, performance for the feed system is...
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Technique of Cluster analysis in Data mining

WenYang Yu, YuBing Yang, XianWei Wu
This paper analyse the cluster analysis method and representation cluster algorithm in the area of the Data Mining, and compare the algorithm capability. And also expatiate the application of the cluster analysis in Data Mining.
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The method of Digital Watermarking Based on Improved Singular Value (SV)

Shi Yang
In this paper, we introduce a transform domain watermarking algorithm based on SV. It has good robustness. It also describes the principle of this algorithm in detail . With our new algorithm, The intensity of the watermark to be inserted can be adjust easily, and watermark information can be embedded...
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Control Indicators for Resource Leveling in Project Network Planning

Mengrui Shao, Xun Liu
In construction project management, the increase of project cost due to resource fluctuation is widespread. This paper proposed new resource leveling control indicators reflecting resources idle and resources mobilizing. According to the disadvantages of traditional control indicators of resource leveling...
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The comparison of bullwhip effect between AR(1) and ARMA(1,1) demand in supply chain

Wei Ya Di
This paper constructs a supply chain consisting of two retailers and one supplier. Meantime retailers face two kinds of demand models there are AR (1) demand and ARMA (1, 1) demand. In order to choose the better demand model, we emphatically analysis the impact of the market competition parameters between...
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Local Laplacian Filters and some extensions

Zhong Ren
The Laplacian pyramid was always used for image analysis. However, the Laplacian pyramid could also be used for edge-aware image processing. To get successful results, this method spent much less time than most of other methods such as anisotropic diffusion, neighborhood filtering, and specialized wavelet...
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Real Estate Prices Affecting Factors based on Grey Relational Analysis

Lei Jiang, Yunli Gao, Li Chen
This paper selected seven factors which affect the housing price from macro economic environment, market demand, and living stands of people, and then analyzed the influence of key factors on the price. Based on gray correlation analysis model, the case study is employed in Dalian, and the the importance...
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Integrative Construction of LeiZhou Peninsula Great Ecological Tourism Circle

Ya-fen Huang, Jin-xiang Liu
Leizhou Peninsula is rich in tourism resources, yet has been excluded from the hot-spot rank of Chinese tourism attractions due to a lack of reasonable travel planning mechanism. From the viewpoint of system theory, this thesis analyzes two main aspects: integration development should be exercised on...
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Cong Li, Lingjun Yang, Sanxing Cao
With the development of HTML5, its convenient and quick user has been recognized by most users. Some games can be made by HTML5, which is convenient for its communication. This paper introduces the traditional Tetris game made by HTML5, shows the design scheme and the main code and proves that this design...
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Research on the Wireless Sensor Network Management Methodologies Based on the Runtime Model

Wenzhun Huang, Shanwen Zhang
In this paper, we conduct research on the wireless sensor network management methods based on the runtime model. With the deepening of the research, scalability and maintainability of wireless sensor network has become an important target of its application promotion. Consider that the nodes randomly...
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A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Construction of Innovation Cities in Xuzhou City Based on Principal Component Analysis

Xiaohong Rong
The evaluation of innovation cities assesses the realization level of innovative cities through the evaluation of the comprehensive innovative level. In this paper, the author builds an innovative city competitiveness evaluation index system based on the theoretical analysis, and evaluates Xuzhou city...
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Communication Records Analysis using Gray Prediction

Xiaofei Sun
Communication records are personal privacy, while the reasonable use of communication records can combat crime and protect the interests of citizens. This paper tries to find a balance between the two and predict the occurrence of criminal activities with the least communication records. A method is...
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The influence of temperature on the differential current protection of EHV shunt capacitor bridges

Yang Liu, Ziqi Wang, Yong Ma, Tianxi Xie, Zhicheng Zhou, Guang Chen
The shunt capacitor is a very important part of the EHV (Extra High Voltage) transmission system in China. Shunt capacitors can compensate reactive power and improve the power quality. It plays an important role in the regulations of voltages and power factors. At the same time, high repairing rates...
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Sliding Mode Observer-based Sensor and Actuator Fault Reconstruction for Nonlinear System

Liao-liang Xiao
This paper presents a fault reconstruction scheme based on sliding mode observers for sensor and actuator faults detection and isolation for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems. A coordinate transformation is first designed for the output equation of the system followed by a first-order low-pass filter...
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Field Strain Testing of Transmission Tower Under Wind Load

Weizheng Zhang, Guojian Ji, Yanrun Huang
Detailed accident analysis of a tower failure in Henan was got in this paper. A strain test system was established, location of measuring point was determined at the same time. Long-term monitoring test of the strain value of the 3# experimental tower in the test base of transmission line in electric...
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Partial Discharges Behaviors of Internal Void in the Oil-Paper Insulation and its Effect on the Material

Weizheng Zhang, Zhimin Li, Guojian Ji, Jumei Guo, Yongbo Yang
Because of the complexity of transformers construction, internal voids in the insulation seems inevitable when fabricating, which would cause partial discharge (PD). Therefore it is of great significance to monitor the PD to study in which condition the PD will make the insulation degradation and whether...
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The Analysis of Multilevel Technology for BLDC Motor of Electric Vehicle

Xingwang Zhang, Ran Zhao
This paper presents the analysis of multilevel technology for electric vehicle BLDC motor Drive. The topology of multilevel inverter including three-level, five-level and seven-level inverter are discussed, and the general method of SVPWM for multilevel inverter are given. Based on the proposed vector...
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Research on Mathematical Model of Anti-twist Braided Wire Rope

Chao Fu, Hui Wang, Xia Zhao, Lingdong Sun, Ping Zhao
The mathematical model of anti-twist braided wire rope structure is the basis for studying the mechanical problems of wire rope. According to the forming principle of anti-twist wire rope, the structure and dimensional characteristics of wire rope are analyzed. Applying the differential geometry theory...
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Research of the distributed power system dynamic voltage restorer simulation based on DSP

Xiao-xia Li
This paper aims to design a distributed grid simulation system dynamic voltage restorer means to solve the problem of dynamic energy security in case of equipment operating in the electricity voltage sag or interruption. Means the use of "DC - AC" and "AC - DC - AC" dual structure, control system uses...
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The Evaluation System of Sustainable Development Country Based on Multiple Target

Zilong Chen, Yuhan Wang, Yu Zhao, Pengbo Wang
This paper has divided a country into two systems: economic system, environmental system. On the basis of Development evaluation system from United Nations and our analysis, we determined first grade metrics of sub-systems. Then, based on first metrics, we specified second grade metrics and defined the...
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Application of FCT in SPH Method

Xiaowang Sun, Xiaojun Wang, Jie Zhang
The computational scheme and the basic idea of the Flux-Corrected Transport (FCT) method are studied in the paper. With the numerical simulations of 1-D stress wave, its application to SPH are discussed and compared with SPH coupled with artificial viscosity. The result shows that FCT method is very...
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Research on Trajectory Scheme with Large Impact Angle for Fire-and-Forget Anti-Tank Missiles

Wendong Zhao, Min Gao, Wei Huang, Huimin Wang
In order to achieve the damage effect, when the anti-tank missile hits the target in the top attack model, both precision and terminal impact angle should be satisfied. Firstly, a kind of proportional navigation law with impact position and angle constraint was deduced. Then, the top attack trajectory...
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Study on the relationship between the hrpZpsta resistance gene expression in transgenic soybean and resistance to gray leaf spot disease

Xiaona Gu, Zhenku Liu, Piwu Wang, Zhuo Zhang, Jian Ma, Jing Qu, Jun Zhang
HrpZpsta gene is a broad spectrum disease resistance gene to plant disease. We transferred it into soybean with the promoter of 35S mediated by Agrobacterium and got T5 and T6 transgenic soybean-lines. To study the relationship between hrpZPsta gene expression in transgenic soybean and the resistance...
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Power Flow Controller for The Meshed DC Grids

Chiheng Gong, Shujnu Yao, Haiyang Guo
With more and more environmental problems, renewable energy begins to play an increasingly large proportion. High-voltage direct current technology based on voltage source converter (VSC-HVDC) enables smooth access to renewable energy. Traditional DC grids system is generally radial connections, but...
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Study of an improved Apriori algorithm for data mining of association rules

Xueting Zhang
Data mining of association rules provides the technology for discovering the interesting association or correlation from mass of data. Apriori algorithm can find all the frequent items from transactional databases, and eliminate non-frequent items. But, the Apriori algorithm for data mining of association...
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The Application of Computed Tomography in the Prevention of Ovarian Cancer

Lihong Bao
CT and ultrasound as the examination means are commonly used in clinical diagnosis of ovarian cancer, because of the characteristics of CT and its wide range of scanning, faster image acquisition speed, it is one important examination means for ovarian cancer diagnosis and staging. In this paper, it...
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Neural Network Technology applied in the Diagnosis of Ovarian Tumors

Lihong Bao
The original ovarian cells from ascites are preprocessed and samples are gained in the paper, .Features parameters of morphology are extracted from images of cells samples.The images of cells samples are recognized and classified by Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network and Radial Basis Function Neural...
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Simulation Analysis of Hypertension Patients’ Pulse Waveform Based on Cardiovascular Electrical Network Model

Liangyu He, Jianjun Yan, Haixia Yan, Rui Guo, Guoping Liu, Yiqin Wang
As an important part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the pulse taking is the profound essence of TCM. The electrical network model of cardiovascular system coupled with a 10-unit and left-arm simplified model was established using SimPowerSystem components of Matlab based on the previous researches,...
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Feature Selection of Combining Relieff and Rough Set for Syndrome Classification of Chronic Gastritis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jianjun Yan, Qiyue Chen, Guoping Liu, Xiong Lu, Yiqin Wang, Rui Guo
Typically, the main form of Chinese medicine is based on interrogation of the patient's condition and artificial judgement by asking related patient symptom information; which is strongly subjective and prone to errors of judgment, leading to the wrong treatment outcome. The development in computer greatly...
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The Improvement of CSMA/CA Based on Dynamic Weighting Algorithm

Yuexing Gu
IEEE802.15.4 defines MAC and PHY specification for low-rate wireless personal area networks (LR-WPANS), which targets wireless networking among low-rate, low-power and low-cost devices for short range telecommunication. As the wireless sensor network (WSN) used in ward monitoring system need to handle...
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Aero-engine PID parameters Optimization based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm

Yinling Wang, Huacong Li
Study the optimization of aero-engine PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controller parameters. In order to improve the tuning accuracy on aero-engine PID control parameters for the optimal solution, this paper presents a genetic algorithm-based PID parameter tuning method. Because the choice of...
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Research and Application of Online monitoring system in sewage treatment Based on Web Service

Chenglian Wu, Hong Liang, Yin Qian, Yuan Zhang
The primary aim of online monitoring system of sewage treatment in Kunming, this system is built basing on Web Service Structures, is real-time monitoring of water quality parameters so that the changing of water quality can be easily known. The mission of this system focuses on receiving and managing...
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Research of data fitting method in the installation angle of photovoltaic

Y. Zhang, Z.T. Zhang, H. Mo
The installation angle determined by the radiation of the sun usually affects the use rate of solar energy. In or-der to find the reasonable installation angle of the PV array, this paper applies data fitting method in PV power generation, and takes a sample of a year’s solar radiation data to analyze,...
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Phytorestoration of DDT-contaminated soil by pumpkin

Siwen Li, Peng Li, Lina Sun, Dongmei Zheng
To choose cucurbitaceous plant pumpkin as the selected plant and the paper initially discussed on the repair effects of DDT-contaminated soil by pumpkin under a variety of measures. Results showed that the content of DDT in soil reduce significantly after the same repair period. The experimental group...
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Discussion on Security Policy of Dam Safe Monitoring System based Network Environment

Xiaohua Zhang, Zhaohui Zhu
Nowadays, functions of Dam Safe Monitoring Information Management System are unceasingly strengthening and computer network is rapidly developing, while the problem of system and data security is day by day prominent. This article summarized current development situation of Dam Safe Monitoring Information...
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Research and design of interface in marine navigation information system

Jun Wan, Zhiming Lv
Marine navigation information system is an indispensable modern shipping navigation equipment. With the continuous development of the international shipping industry, new demands have come up in real-time, stability and versatility, etc., which puts forward the higher request to the ship navigation system....
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Rapid implementation method of ERP system for large-scale enterprises

Hongtao Tang, Lang Huang, Li Li
More and More Chinese foundry enterprises begin to realize that enterprise resource planning (ERP) is very critical to their business development. This paper analyzed the characteristic of Chinese large foundry enterprises’ ERP implementation and put forward quick implementation method of flexible ERP...
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Bi-level decision-making approach for planning electric power systems under stochastic-interval-parameter uncertainty

Yizhong Chen, Li He, Xi Cheng, Jing Li, Hongwei Lu
This study develops an inexact stochastic bi-level programming model (ISBPM) for planning electric power systems (EPS) under uncertainty. ISBPM is formulated based on interval-parameter programming (IPP), stochastic mathematical programming (SMP) and bi-level linear programming (BLP). In the ISBPM framework,...
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Air Quality Index Monitoring System Based on Flow Point of BD

Yuxiang Liu, Zhengjun Hao, Bing Fan, Rong Tang, Yanan Cao
China is annual faced with a large area of bad weather such as fog and haze, which make a serious impact on people's daily lives, traffic congestion and other flight delays. Currently, the monitoring towards air quality are mostly procured through static monitoring station or artificial flow monitoring,...
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Design and application of micro-learning video in flipped classroom

Jing Chang, Deng Dong Liu
The difference between traditional classroom and flipped classroom was analyzed in view of the characteristics of micro-learning video. Graphics and Image Processing was selected as the course to be studied. The way to design micro-learning videos specific to key and difficult points in teaching during...
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The Study about the Internal Financial Control of Power Enterprises under the ERP Environment

Yijing Liang
Under the current situation in which modern information technology is developing rapidly, ERP system that can improve the efficiency and benefits of the enterprise management has been widely used. ERP system creates good conditions for the internal financial control of the enterprise, but also brings...
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Discussion on Computer-Assisted Mandarin Level Test in Colleges

Hanqing Zhou, Ling Huang
With rapid development and extensive application of computer technology, Mandarin level test also grows rapidly and changes from the traditional manual test to computer-assisted test. Now, all the colleges carry out the Mandarin level test through the computer and have achieved good results. However,...
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Sensibility Analysis of the Wen Zhutang Landslide Stability Based on Grey Correlation Analysis

Xin Chai, Lei Nie, Wenfei Mao, Min Zhang
Grey correlation model is employed to analyze sensitivities of influencing factors for landslide stability in this paper. This model regards sensitive factors of the landslide stability as compare sequences, the corresponding landslide stability coefficients as reference sequences, makes the basic data...
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Target Tracking Based on Mean-shift and Kalman Filter

Songtao Jiang
Analysis of the scheme - shift is difficult to effectively track the main defect of gray level moving targets un-der complicated background, puts forward the combination of Mean shift and kalman filter method for target tracking. The method by using kalman filter to predict the target in the current...
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Modal Analysis and three-dimensional modeling of 100kW horizontal axis wind turbine blades

Y.G. Li, L.Y. Wang, Z. Wang
In order to analysis the modal of wind turbine blades, we need to build a three-dimensional model of wind turbine blades, and then using the finite element analysis software ANSYS three-dimensional model established meshing, build fan blades finite element model, and finally to analysis the modal of...
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The Development Present and Trend of Intelligent Munitions

Pan Xiao, Guanglin He, Jiemin Li, Junhu Li, Gang Zhang
The improvement of modern science and technology, changes in the form of war, have prompted the development of intelligent munitions. This paper first introduces the concept of intelligent ammunition and classification, then the use and technical parameters of several foreign advanced munitions are summarized....
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Study on Environmental Stress Situation in the Blue Jiaodong Peninsula Economic Zone

Chongmei Wang
Now, the problem of energy and environment has become a major problem in Jiaodong Peninsula area, affecting local development and future. Energy and the environment have become the bottleneck of economic development in Jiaodong Peninsula. This paper selected a typical city of the Jiaodong Peninsula,...
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The Control Strategy of Soft Landing Trajectory of Lunar Craft

Zhiyong Lin
The purpose of this paper is study soft landing strategies of the lunar craft during landing on the moon. On the basis of the fixed selenocenter coordinate system, we set up a braking coordinate system in the main reduction stage. Build the centroid-based dynamic differential equation model to describe...
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The research on OCT deep cavity three-dimensional morphology of application of endoscopic

Hongchang Ding, Guohua Cao
In order to explore the three-dimensional topography information of complex deep cavity wall, making use of the imaging principle based on optical coherence tomography (OCT). Building up the experiment system by combining the OCT with endoscope. Developing the related system platform. It is verified...
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Analysis of the Mechanism of Green Shipbuilding Supply Chain and Index System

Hongzhi Wang, Yongyan Yu
With the development of shipbuilding industry, "Green Ship" design and construction will play the leading role in the future , to keep long-term and healthy development, we must carry out the green shipbuilding, and change the ship models .Environmental problems bring more and more restrictions on which....
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Measurement on Surface Temperature Error of Fiber Bragg Grating Temperature Sensor

Yi Xie, Guofeng Ma, Yuan Cheng
Fiber Bragg grating temperature sensor has the characteristics of strong anti-jamming capability, distributed measurement which has a good application prospect in all kinds of industrial fields. But in the actual measurement of surface temperature, error caused by temperature gradient caused of the FBG...
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The Impact of Wind Power Development on Haze in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region of China

Liming Liu, Liye Xie
In this paper, we research on the haze development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Considering the wind power development is synchronous with haze development in the upstream of the region, we infer that the wind power farm have a significant effect on atmosphere of the lower drift region. First, we...
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Fuzzy sliding mode controller based on PSO algorithm design

Lihua Li, Weihua Huang
For a class of nonlinear systems with uncertainty, a fuzzy sliding mode control method based on particle swarm algorithm, combined with the strong robustness of sliding mode control with fuzzy control is a good approximation capability, use the quasi sliding mode control make the system tracking error...
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A structured dictionary learning framework for sparse representation

Yin Wei
With the development of the computer, BOW model and SC model are applied to a large number of image classifications, and exhibit excellent performance, which become a hot topic in the field of computer vision. In the paper, we proposed a new framework of dictionary learning. the objective function based...
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Constant pressure air charging cascade control system based on fuzzy PID controller

Jun Zhao, Zheng Zhang
Aiming at the problem of air charging safe, high efficient and energy-saving with pneumatic gas booster ,a constant pressure air charging system was designed to rapid filling respirator ,and the fire respirator`s com-pressed air bottle fast filling station was transformed into air charging experiment...
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Maximum power tracking control of the stand-alone photovoltaic power system

Xiangjie Xie, Guangqi Zhou, Yao Chen
With the growing energy crisis, environmental protection becomes more and more important. People put more eyes on research and application of renewable energies. Among them, solar energy has being paid attention and has been affirmed by the whole world for its abundant amount, clean and less noise. However,...
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Potato stalk buds compression characteristic test

Ziwei Gong, Wei Sun, Jianmin Wu, Fene Wang, Weijun Guo
In order to research the mechanics characteristics of potato stalk buds, Experimental determination of the potato stalk buds 25d bud age compression feature parameters, and the compression strength and the maximum compressive strain characteristics of the single factor analysis of variance test. The...
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Green Mining Technology in Mining

Zhengkang Shi
Coal is the most important resource in China, the number has been more than one-third of the world's coal total. Many problems caused by coal mining are very serious, such as the environmental issues, industrial accidents, resource destruction and other issues .So green mining technology in China's coal...
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Mining technology in mining - based on the cream filling

Zhengkang Shi
With the development of the mining industry, mining technology is constantly innovation. Mining technology plays a vital role in the mining industry. Mining technology is reasonable or not, and the level of mining companies technology, directly have impact on the overall effectiveness of the mining companies,...
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Prim Algorithm Based on Heap for Finding Minimal Spanning Tree of Ventilation Network

Buchuan Wang, Qinglong Liu, Wenbin Wu
Based on ventilation network graph is rooted directed weighted graph, its’ nature of minimum spanning tree is proposed. According to the dense of ventilation network graph, introduces heap to improve the Prim algorithm, gives C++ implementation for the algorithm, and finally gains the Prim algorithm...
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Non-local mean value image de-noising algorithm based on self-adaption

Bin Yang, Mingming Guo, Xinhua Dou
In traditional non-local mean value algorithm, both filter parameters and measurement of search neighborhood are constant globally and it does not show diverse structural features of different areas in images, which makes the weight of similarity of image blocks distributed unreasonably, and thus de-noising...
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The research and realization of a new iron ladle tracking system

Sheng Yin, Ming Yang, Chen Wang, Rong Luo
Iron ladles tracking is the basis of BF—BOF iron production scheduling and is very important for the close convergence between the production of ironworks and steelworks. Recently in most of the domestic steel plants, the tracking of iron package is done by humans, which is unable to be timely access...
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Your Fuzzy Recovery of TV Guidance Dynamic Image Frame Based on Lifting Wavelet

Huiyong Zhang, Zeqian Liu, Yiguo Ji, Manyi Hou, Dong Yang
In view of the TV guided missile terminal guidance phase of visible light image information intra- frame of fuzzy focuses on the characteristics of the low frequency part of image, the lifting wavelet improvement are introduced to the blur image restoration field of terminal guidance phase intra-frame...
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An intelligent medical guidance system based on multi-words TF-IDF algorithm

Y. S. Lin, L Huang, Z. M. Wang
He traditional human-aided medical guide service costs heavy human resources. The on-line medical guide service is almost human-aided and has uncertain waiting time for patients. Existing medical guidance systems still have insufficiency for improvement in reliability and correctness. This paper proposed...
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KAZE Algorithm Applied in Augmented Reality

Qing Zhu, Zhenglong Lei
The Augmented Reality system based on KAZE algorithm is to do nonlinear diffusion filtering by the additive operator splitting algorithm. In this way, the problem of blurred boundaries and detail missing can be solved. A stable nonlinear scale space is constructed by using arbitrary step to search the...
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Intelligent Network Monitoring System Based on Industrial Ethernet

Yanping Li, Qihao Zhang, Liting Wang, Caifeng Li
Remote centralized monitoring system capable of remote operation allows the operator to take the man-machine interface, which not only eliminates a lot of unnecessary human consumption, and its high speed and efficiency of data acquisition and remote control, more convenient power management department...
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Research of State for Warning Method under Power System Peak Load Mode

Kai Yan, Bin Li, Shihui Yang, Fangfang Duan
In the actual power system, the blackouts or voltage collapse accidents may happen frequently when the peak load are calming up steeply. If we can’t propose any effective methods to control the situation before these accidents spreading, it will obviously cause power system's large blackout. That is...
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Research on Development of Smart Grid in Regional Electricity Market

Xiaozi Cui, Lili Yuan, Xian Chen, Bo Chen
The electric power industry as a basic industry of the national economy, responsible for a very important economic, political and social responsibility. With the development of society and economy, the whole society electricity industry increasingly high demand, and the pressure of electricity market...
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Research on Smart Grid Load Forecasting Platform Based on Cloud Computing

Xian Chen, Bo Chen, Xiaozi Cui, Lin Liu
Along with the development of Smart Grid, a large number of intelligent terminal equipments are used in power grid. The environment, the means, and the targets of load forecasting will been greatly changed. The load forecasting systems have outstanding heterogeneous problems. Forecasting models cannot...
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Research of Smart Power Utilization Service System Based on IoT

Fangfang Duan, Ke Li, Bin Li, Shihui Yang
Smart power utilization service is an important part of the grid, and its core to realize the intelligent service for users is to build a real-time interaction platform between the grid enterprises and users, which can improve the stability and reliability of power supply, and provide users with more...
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Research on Power System Planning and Reconfiguration under Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

Yuqiong Zhang, Yuzhe Zhang, Chenchen Wang, Zhao Yang, Yang Tang
Energy conservation has become China's sustainable development, the only way to ensure the long-term interests of the Chinese nation, but also to deal with the urgent need for global energy crisis and climate change. As a crucial part of the power system energy consumption and secondary energy supply...
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Research on Market Mode and Requirement of Reserve Ancillary Service for Interconnected Power System

Pingping Bai, Zheliang Li, Mu Zhu, Qiulu Wang
Reserve ancillary service is necessary to maintain the power system operation reliability. It is trended now to be procured under the deregulated environment in order to improve the enthusiasm of reserve ancillary service providers. Therefore, a reasonable reserve market mechanism in which all the necessary...
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Research on Multi-Fault Phased Rush Repair Strategy of Distribution Networks

Zheliang Li, Pingping Bai, Qiulu Wang, Mu Zhu
The distribution network is complicated, it often causes many faults when happing natural disasters. Relying on the repair dispatching experience, it is difficult to develop the most effective repair scheme. In view of the feature that the rush repair faults after the disaster is different from the general....
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Design of Electric Power Dispatching Management System based on Data Mining

Yanli Chang, Yanping Chen, Liruo Lu, Mengqing Jia
Electric Power is the vital energy source in national product and people daily life so the importance of electric power production and transmission is beyond question. As the link between electric power production and transmission, electric power dispatching decides the effective and healthy operation...
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The Design of Smart Meter with Power Quality Monitoring

Shihui Yang, Fangfang Duan, Ke Li, Bin Li
In recent years, improving power quality has become an urgent need to protect the safe of power system, stable operation and meet user’s requirements. The existing power quality monitoring system, mainly to get the data through special acquisition equipment of power quality, it is not for real-time monitoring...
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Research on Assistant System of Electric Power Distribution Planning Based on GIS

Dongqiang Heng, Xin Zhang, Shuzhe Li, Lei Zhang
In this paper, with advanced computer technology and distribution network planning theory, studied with GIS-based distribution network planning aided design system. This paper analyzes the problems of distribution network planning, proposed the use of FME technology planning data integration and appreciation...
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Research on Network Security of Electric Power Dispatching Automation

Jingsong Wang, Shaopeng Yan, Hui Fang, Qun Liu
Real-time SCADA system bears, near real-time control of the business and management information services, high data reliability requirements, SCADA systems also need to be connected with higher-level automation systems, office MIS systems, and high network utilization, there is a many security risks....
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The Impact of Electric Vehicle Charging Station on the Grid

Qun Liu, Hui Fang, Jingsong Wang, Shaopeng Yan
With the popularity of electric vehicles, electric vehicles charging station its facilities in the near future will also usher in a lot of construction. A large number of electric vehicle charging stations connected to the grid, will have a major impact on the power grid, voltage and current. In order...
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Research on Methods of Electricity Surveillance

Shaopeng Yan, Jingsong Wang, Qun Liu, Hui Fang
With the power system, deeply urgent need to establish an efficient regulatory system reform cost and risk control, improve the efficiency of the electric power industry. This article explores the mechanism design theory and its application in electricity regulation, in-depth, systematic study of the...
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Research on Optimal Operation of Electrical Power System

Hui Fang, Qun Liu, Shaopeng Yan, Jingsong Wang
It would create great economic benefits if the operation of a power system be optimized due to large amount of input and output, so is has become one of the most important topics for electrical utilities. Among various problems in optimal operation of power system, power flow analysis is a fundamental...
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An EDC Information EDC Visualization System in the Clinical Trials

Yujia Kong, Fuyan Shi
It is essential to popularize the application of EDC in clinical trials.To provide reference for the standard management of clinical trials and to update pharmaceutical R D industry on electronic data capture( EDC) in drug clinical trials. The advantages and development trends were summarized.The EDC...
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On the Cultivation of Information Literacy of College Students Majoring in English

An Wang, Miaomiao Li
The age of information and the informatization of education bring an important opportunity for college students majoring in English to get rid of “dumb English” and “deaf English”. At the same time, it also makes improving their information literacy become necessary. The paper expounds the definition...
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Accelerating Simulated Annealing Fractional Order Derivative Kelvin Creep Model of Artificial Frozen Soil

Hui Li
It is important to master the creep properties of artificial frozen soil in engineering construction during the freezing in the shaft sinking .Given the shortage that the creep behaviors of artificial frozen soil were deemed as the materials between perfect solid and fluid, and that the components of...
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Research on the Utilization of Small Stand-alone Wind Power Generation in Yunnan Mountainous Areas

Yanhong Liang, Yongqiang Zhu, Weipu Tan
In view of the problems that extending the traditional grid to supply power may be uneconomical and it is unsuitable for building large-scale wind farm because of the less wind-rich region in Yunnan mountainous areas, a green energy supply scheme of applying small stand-alone wind power generation in...
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Influence of Thermal Modification on Performance of Plantation Poplar Wood

Yong Wang, Zejun Chen, Youhua Fan
poplar wood was applied as study object and series of research were carried out in the influence of time and temperature on the performance of heat-treated wood samples. The results showed that the dimensional stability and mechanical properties of heat-treated wood samples were influenced significantly...
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The Construction and Management System of Eco-clean Small Watershed in the Subtropical Zone

Jia Luo, Xiaoling Zhou, Yuxin Tian, Canming Zhang, Xiquan Li
This study aimed to investigate the construction and management system of eco-clean Nver-Zhai small watershed to solve the existing eco-environment problems. The study area was divided into three protection zones which include ecological restoration of conservation area, ecological control area and wetland...
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Collector solar hot water installation angle optimization in severe cold area

Yueren Wang, Chenfei Bi, Wen Lou
In this paper, based on TRNSYS simulation software platform, the simulation study was carried out on the sport center solar hot water system in Shenyang city . The results include different orientations and different installation angle in the one orientation of solar collectors absorb heat, the collector...