Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Humanities, and Management

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Research on Inclusive Development Path of Shaanxi Province

Jing Zhao, Shanshan Wang
It is significant that inclusive develop-ment to Shaanxi’s coordinated develop-ment of economy and society. Shaanxi province faces a series of problems in the process development. These problems hamper the Shaanxi’s economy and so-ciety development to some extent. Com-bining the theoretical analysis...
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Elastic Standard Academic Credit System and Practice

Lu Wang, Hong Zhang, Rupeng Lin, Jun Hu
In the context of the internationalization of education, the implementation of the credit system has become the consensus of the higher education sector. At present, various types of credit systems including the Complete Academic Credit System, the Annual Credit System and the Grade Point Average System,...
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Conflict of value orientation in higher education

Pirong Yao, Lin Meng
Chinese higher education goals that value orientation, it is constantly changing in a number of stages of development, before and after the 2010 Higher Education has entered a historic period of reflection; higher education is no longer the goal is to train "for the social production and service" talent...
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Exploration of a construction mode of teaching resources based on "education cloud"

Pirong Yao, Yonghua Zhang
Information technology in the education process, many scholars in the study found that the construction of digital teaching resources in terms of quantity and efficiency in the use of hardware fa-cilities are far behind the building; their main reason for this phenomenon is worth everyone to explore....
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Analysis of the e-commerce development of Leshan silicon industry Clusters

Hongwei Hui, Ying Zhang
Promoting the development of Leshan silicon industry through e-commerce is an effective way to solve the current problems of the development of the industry. Silicon industry developed rapidly in China in recent years, But in the process of development it has problems such as lack of core technical support,...
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Research and Implementation of Security Policy of Library Digital Information

Haixia Wang
This paper put forward a general discussion on the digital library security from the perspectives of management risk, security demand and target, the security architecture and model of library digital information. The specific solution for implementation is presented for the information security of library...
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Research on Urban Indemnificatory Housing with Suitable Crowd and its Housing Component Type

Kezhen Sun
This article discusses housing security system in our society. From the society attribute this paper gives account of the housing security problem under the dif-ferent social conditions. The article ar-gues the critical roles of housing security system under the modern society. The paper also reviews...
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Repetition and Graphic Marking in Literary Discourse Studies: Great Expectations

Jingdong Zhong
This paper attempts to supply a more visual approach to literary discourse studies, which is based on the analysis of lexical and syntactical repetition aided by graphic marking. The paper discusses the criteria for a good discourse and the elements as a must for a literary discourse. Then it examines...
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China’s Banking Overseas Acquisition: Long-Term Performance and Causes

Yuhua Zhao
One goal of this study is to investigate the long-term performance of CMB acquisi-tion of WLB. The results reveal that its post- merger BHAR is negative and its profitability also decreases, although its post- performance shows an upward trend. The other goal of the research is the causes for its efficiency...
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Research on the Influence Factors of Financial Risk Management in Colleges and Universities

Chunhua Li, Zuocai Dai
Firstly, this paper introduces the cause of formation and current status of financial investment risks in colleges and universities. Secondly, it carries out specific analysis on the factors that influence the financial risk management in colleges and universities. Finally, it sums up the enlightenments...
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Study on the logistics industry agglomeration in China

Yanchun Huang, Yanhui Han, Mei Han
Logistics had become an important source of growth in China. Some part of this rapid logistics industrial development could be attributed to the industrial ag-glomeration in the country. This paper analyzed the developing environment and the current situation of the logistics industry, and calculated...
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Financial Budget Optimization of Colleges and Universities Based on "Zero Base Budget"

Chunhua Li, Haifeng Ji
As the basis for the operation of all kinds of projects in colleges and universities, the financial budget plays a decisive role. Through the analysis on the current operation status of colleges and universities in our country and focusing on their nonprofit characteristics, the paper puts forward "zero...
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Exploration from the Perspective of Entrepreneurs under Enterprise Cultural Development

Yue xiang Zhang, Guo jian Mo, Huan Huan Liu
Corporate culture is an inexhaustible motive force and moral support for sus-tainable development of enterprises, and it has strategic influence towards business operation. Entrepreneurs, as the important part of business operation, should establish the culture with its own characteristics throughout....
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Major force behind the "Xiamen Dream" Practice Path——Improve the industrial workers self-efficacy, Xiamen boost inter-island development strategy

Yue xiang Zhang, Guo jian Mo, Huan huan Liu
"China Dream" is to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, "Xiamen Dream" is an important part of its rich content is the "China Dream" im-portant tributaries.Inter-island develop-ment strategy is an important path to achieve "Xiamen Dream". Personal effi-cacy theory "Xiamen Dream" practice...
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Creation and Validation of a New Personal Resilience Scale

Wei Wei, Robert J. Taormina
This study assessed the validity and reliability of a newly created personal resilience measure with four subscales, i.e., Determination, Endurance, Adaptability, and Recuperability. Convergent validity was tested with Chinese Values and Future Orientation, and divergent validity was tested with Neuroticism....
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Study of ST Stock Market Volatility with Nonlinear Method

Yu-dong Wu
As a kind of stock treated specially, ST stock has higher risks as well as high rev-enues; so, it is of great significance to study the market volatility of ST stocks in Chinese stock market. The 745 index return rates of ST stocks from April 1st, 2010 to April 26th, 2013are studied with nonlinear method....
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Problem and Countermeasure of Enter-prises’ Management of Green Supply Chain

Caixia Liao
with the development of society and economy, the conflict between resources and environment is increasingly apparent. As the principal part of national economy, Chinese enterprises take their corresponding economic and social responsibility and they have begun to explore the modern business and operation...
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On the People-oriented Management of Higher Vocational Students

Feng Yan
According to the requirements of scien-tific development, we should adhere to the student-oriented principle, integrate management with training of higher vocational students and establish the student-oriented educational idea through renewing managing thoughts when we conduct the people-oriented management...
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Analysis of Obama’s Speech from the Perspectives of Systemic Functional Grammar

Yue Song, Ying Shen
Textual Function refers to that how peo-ple organize information when using lan-guages, it consists of three elements: Thematic Structure, Information Struc-ture and Cohesion. Interpersonal Function is a language function that helps to establish, maintain and confirm interpersonal relationships through...
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A Survey on the Endowment Insurance of Flexible Employees in Chongqing

Yong Tan
As a young direct-controlled municipality of a large city, vast mountains and reser-voir areas, Chongqing is characterized by its typical dual-economic structure. In recent years, with its economic restructur-ing, the population of individual busi-nesses and migrant workers has been in-creasingly larger...
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The analysis of innovation and development of higher vocational colleges

Zhong Zheng
In a competitive market, country begins to pay more attention to higher voca-tional colleges, but how to make higher vocational college more powerful and stronger The preferred way is recreating the school-running mode. We should try the innovative road of from resource, business concept, management...
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Research on College Students' teaching mode based on the subject contest

Zhijun Han, Liyan Yuan, Liqiang Gao
According to our solar studio teaching experience for many years, this paper proposes to establish an open teaching platform based on subject contest.Some excellent students is not only systematicly teached architectural design skills, but also explore the forefront solar technology in the mode. At the...
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Analysis on the Connotation of Social Security

Rui Wang
All of the world has attached great im-portance to the function of USA social security since the United States enacted the social security act. However, due to differences in political, economic and cultural backgrounds, its connotation of social security is also different. its under-standing of broad...
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The Research about Community Aged Care Service System in the Aging Context

Wen-si Wang
With the aging trend strengthening, the capability of traditional family care has been weakening, and most of govern-ments have inceasingly attached great significance to the construction and im-provement of community aging care ser-vice system. Aimed at analysing the de-mand, supply status, existent...
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Price Discovery of Stock Index Futures Between Chinese Cross-straits

Mei Duan, Ming Zheng
This paper show that, there are bi-directional price lead relationships be-tween Hushen 300 index futures and Hushen 300 index, while index futures lead index spots in the efficiency of in-formation transmission. As for the Tai-wan market, unidirectional price lead from index futures to index spots market...
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Research on the Technique Types of 20 UFC Champions

Zurong Hu
Through the analysis of technique types of 20 UFC champions, the result shows that the champions embody a wide varie-ty of fighting techniques. UFC champions who have won maximum times have a variety of different types of technique style; wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, Muay Thai, karate and...
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Relationship between Poverty and Socio-demographic Characteristics of Poor Households: A Case Study in Kelantan, Malaysia

Chamhuri Siwar, Ferdoushi Ahmed, Nor Diana Mohd. Idris
Poverty is a complex and comprehensive phenomenon and covers many dimen-sions of human and social behaviour. Therefore, poverty reduction has become the most important issue in the develop-ment policies of almost all the countries including Malaysia. Poverty in Malaysia has generally been perceived as...
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The influence of achievement goal orientation on study time allocation

Hui Zheng, Kaikai Chen, Yuqing Lin, Huaqiang Tang, Fanuel E. Utete, Xiaoyu Jia, Xinyu Li, Weijian Li
The purpose of the Experiment was to investigate the effect of different types of achievement goal orientation on learner’s study time allocation. This Experiment was conducted with a 2(achievement goal orientation: mastery goal, performance orientation) ×2(item reward: 1 point, 5 point) ×2(item difficulty:...
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Design and Development of Multimedia Teaching System based on C/S Mode

Meilian Chen, Yan Ma
Based on the existing campus network this paper proposes the scheme established a Web-based multimedia teaching network platform, introduces the design idea and overall structure of the system, and analyzes the function and composition of each module. It introduces the functions as a multimedia teaching...
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Does Corporate Culture Affects Performance of Insurance Corporate

Jie Fu
Corporate culture is the base factor for living and healthy development, and excellent corporate culture plays an important role in raising its competitive capacity. The purpose of this article is two fold: first, this paper tries to demonstrate the corporate culture base on the 6S model which proposed...
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Discussion on Art Education in Colleges and Personal Artistic Accomplishment of College Students

Yue Zhang, Jing Li
Through a questionnaire among college students in Changzhou, the author found that the misunderstanding of art education of college students and the shallow recognition of personal artistic accomplishment were widely existed and the art education in colleges for the construction of the first class, the...
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Research on Teaching Reform of Higher Vocational Accounting Major Under the current accounting criterion

Yong Wen
Implementation of the current accounting criterion puts forward not only higher requirements for the professional judgment ability and the professional quality of the accountants, but also new challenges for accounting teaching .Based on simple interpretation of major changes of the current accounting...
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The East China Sea Floor Observatory Network Systems Engineering: Economic Analysis and Prospects

Li Xin
As the third observation platform of the earth system, Sea Floor Observatory Network (SFON) completely changes the way of study on ocean and marks a new era in Marine science research. With the increasingly fierce international competition with respect to science, technology and national defense security...
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Strategic Research of the Crossing of the “Death Valley” in Newly-Emerging Industry

Jinsong Gou, Jinyu Li, Pingnan Ruan
Based on the four-dimensional perspec-tive of "science-technology-engineering-industry", the paper follows the general law of the growth of newly-emerging in-dustry to discuss its connotation, growth phases, technology innovation in different stages, and traits of market needs. The research focuses on...
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An Analysis on the Phenomenon of English Elision and Its Formation

Li-hua MA
As a common phenomenon in human language elision is of great significance to language learners. This essay explores the phonological rules concerning elision and presents the array of elision phenom-ena and their constraints on both vowels and consonants, hoping it help learners to acquire English phonetics...
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Integrating Information Technology into College Mathematics Teaching

Zhaohai Wang
Information technology mainly refers to a microelectronics-based combination of computers and networks that helps to produce, manipulate, store and communicate information while educational technology mainly refers to the way of teaching methods or models. With the rapid development of information technology,...
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Study on Policy Framework for Distributed Energy of China

Lei Guo
Distributed energy (DE) has characteristic of energy efficient using and saving and has become the one important way of China's energy development. In recent years, DE has been rapid developed, but also faces some constraints in China. This paper analyzes the role of DE in China’s energy supply system,...
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An empirical study on the purchase of sports public service by local government in China—— Case of Jing’an district in Shanghai, Changsha and Foshan

Xiaodong Li, Pei Li
Government purchase of public service has been widely applied to many fields of public sports by all levels of China local government, becoming a new mechanism and method to improving sports public service. We investigate the purchase ex-perience of sports public service by Shanghai, Changsha and Foshan...
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Allocation Equilibrium Analysis of Large-scale Instrument and Facilities Based on Triangular Fuzzy Numbers

Li Sun, Yongbo Lv, Fangpeng Hu
As a key index evaluating the develop-ment level of a region’s technology, large-scale instrument and facilities, when being allocated, should be exerted to the utmost. This paper focuses on judging the allocation rationality of large scale instrument and facilities and building a simple model to support...
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Comparison and Empirical Analysis between Principal Component Analysis and Factor Analysis

Lu Xu, Yingying Zhang
We carry out an empirical analysis based on the study of the principal component analysis and the factor analysis, the data is in the 2012 China Statistical Year-book[ ] with 31 provinces and 9 major economic indicators. First by comparing three kinds of methods of factor analysis, we find out that the...
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Effectiveness Analysis of Economic Transition of Resource-Exhausted Cities - Tongling as An Example

Caiyan Xie, Jinsheng Zhou
The only way that resource-based cities relying on mine must take is to gradually abandon the dependence on resource and choose transitional development. The paper analyses the economic transition path from the diversified upgrade of resource-based industry, the development of non-resource-based industry...
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Universal Expression of Geological Data on the Perspective of Public Management

Xin Lian, Lianrong Zhao
The geological data was used widely in the past; nowadays the way to express professional geological data can not meet the needs of social development. Thus universal expression of geological data is needed. From the perspective of public administration, this article analyzes the properties of geological...
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The Trends of Modern Popular Science

Shufang Liang, Lianrong Zhao
This article first expound the connotation of popular science ,presents a general definition of popular science and analyze the stages of the popular science’s history. I think that the process is devided into the stage before the popular science, traditional phase and modern popular science stage. Then...
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To Explore the Marriage Ban Conditions on the Sight of Social Reformation of the Tang and Song Period

Xiuping Chen
During the Tang and Song Dynasty, with the development of commodity economy, everything changed greatly such us social ideology and the concept of value. These changes were shown through all kinds of systems including political systems and legal systems and cultural systems. There are both similarities...
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The Collaborative Propagation Mechanism of Traditional Science Media and New Science Media

Shengyue Hao, Jiajia Jin
Establishment of collaborative propagation mechanism between traditional science media and new science media has positive effect on the promoting of China's science and technology propagation. This paper first analyzes the possibilities for traditional and new science media to integrate in terms of organization,...
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The Instant Glamour of Mobile Phone Cameras

Jing Yang, ZheHui Luo
With the continuous development of the high-pixel mobile phone market, the superiority of the mobile phone’s ability to quickly and easily capture images has resulted in them becoming integrated into the lives of the general public. The popularity of mobile phone photography enables users to instantly...
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Precise large deviation of claim surplus process in a nonstandard renewal risk model with constant premium rate

Yinghua Dong
In this paper, we consider a nonstandard renewal risk model in which the claim sizes and their inter-arrival times form a sequence of independent and identically distributed random variables, respectively. The claim size and corresponding inter-arrival time satisfy a certain dependence structure. In...
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The Political Economic Analysis of U.S. Trade and Investment Policy

Guowei Gao
Free trade and investment policy is the best for the whole economy, but there are still various protective measures to con-straint free trade and investment. This study reviews the theory and empirics to explain this paradox. The process of poli-cy making is like a market of policy de-mand and policy...
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A Case Study of Toyota's Globalization Strategy while Entering Chinese Market

Guowei Gao
Chinese market is very important for multinational auto manufacturers, and a multinational’s practice of entering Chi-nese market is a good case for globaliza-tion strategy. In this paper we review Toyota’s strategy of entering Chinese au-to market, to evaluate the cooperation form, geographical distribution,...
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Research on Brand Construction of Jingzhou Tourism Commodities

Hong Zhang, Ding Feng, Lu Gan, Xuhui Liu, Hongyu Jia
Although Jingzhou, with a long history has rich tourism resources, it hasn’t a "stunning" brand of tourism commodities. This article believes that at the same time must both "tourism shopping brands" and "tourism commodity brands" be built in Jingzhou. According to the extensive investigation and analysis...
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Analysis on Practice of Talents Cultivation Mode Based on the Category-based Enrollment--Exampled by College of Fisheries and Life Science, Shanghai Ocean University

Shan He, Hai-Peng Cao, Hong-Xin Tan
Taking the progress of category-based enrollment at College of Fisheries and Life Science Shanghai Ocean University as a starting point, this article analyzes the reform initiatives of talents cultivation mode in the context of category-based enrollment launched in the fields of curriculum arrangement...
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What Kind of Competency Should Chinese Provincial College Middle-Level Manager Have

Fengxun Lin, Jinchao Lin, Wenjing MA
Behavioral Event-interview was adopted to interview 30 college middle-level managers, half of which are the college institution middle-level managers and the others are the academy college middle-level managers. All interviews were transcribed into text content and encoded according to Dictionary of...
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Research on Chinese University Teacher’s Competency

Wenjing MA, Fengxun Lin, Jinchao Lin
26 teachers in university were selected based on their performance criteria and interviewed by using Behavioral Event-interview method, half of which were high-performance group and the others were ordinary-performance group. All interviews were transcribed into text content and encoded according to...
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Relationship between Competency and Job performance: Based on Empirical Study of R&D Personnel in Service manufacturing Enterprises

Ti Zhang, Zhiqiang Ma, Yongyue Zhu
Taking R&D personal as studying object, this paper studies the relationship between competency and job performance empirically. The conclusion shows that R&D personal’s competencies affect its performance positively. All six dimensions have a positive correlation with task performance. Cooperation ability,...
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Inspirations of “Experimental Engineering”

Hua Ding, Hongtao Ding, Maotao Zhu
“Experimental Engineering” is an im-portant course of mechanical engineering in the University of Iowa. The purpose of this course is to help student improve pro-ficiencies to: 1) Design, assembling, and conduct an experiment; 2) Data analysis and results presentation. Authors were inspirited by the...
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The Investigation and Analysis of the New Generation Farmers’ Information Literacy in Chongqing Province

Xiaoyan Zhong, Kun Qu
In the process of agriculture informatization, how to effectively promote the famers’ information literacy is crucial to solving three dimensional rural issues. On the basis of questionnaire and interviewing methods, this thesis analyzes and discusses the new generation farmers’ information literacy...
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Thinking on Engineering Methodology and Innovation for Equipment Health Management

Guojun Qin, Zhe Cheng, Junyao Li, Niaoqing Hu
As a system engineering, equipment health management connects with all departments on the design, application and maintenance, and run through each chain in life cycle of the object equipment. It is one of the hot points in recent years in engineering study and has abundant theoretical and technological...
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Enlightenments from Meissen Porcelain to Ni Xing Pottery Brand

Shao Qiang Ning, Jun Na Wang
Meis-sen Porcelain, as the world-top ce-ramic brand and the number one brand in Germany which is praised as “the mother of European china” , is strongly influenced by Chinese porce-lain.Depending on imitation and devel-opment, creative designing, strict man-agement and up-to-date sale, it has created...
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The Application of Digital Media arts in the Public Service Advertisements ( PSAs)

Zhu Ming
Digital Media Arts is the combination of technology and the arts has a very broad application. In modern society, PSAs is also a combination of technology and the arts. As the development of digital media arts, the forms of spread, expression language, methods of making etc. of PSAs have changed quickly....
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Could GARCH-VaR method measure mutual fund risk in post-crisis era China effectively

Benzhao Zhang, Chi Zhang
In order to evaluate mutual fund risk in post-crisis era China, this paper con-structs two VaR-GARCH models, and estimates the VaR of different mutual funds under t-distribution and generalized error distribution(GED) separately. Then by employing Kupiec back-testing meth-od, we test the accuracy of...
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The Study on Current Status and Future Development Strategy of Sports Grounds in Xinjiang

Liuhong Zang, Zhenming Mao
Sports Grounds are the essential material basis for physical exercises, physical education, sports training, sports competitions as well as the social sports culture development the development scale and level of which is a reflex of the country and the city’s urbanization and civilization, which also...
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Research on the Taiwan Strait Cruise Circle

Lingling Chen, Jianshe Huang, Hong Xiao, Xiao Xiao
“The Taiwan Strait cruise circle” refers to cruise industry economic circle which located between Northeast and Southeast Asia cruise circle. It is regional economic concept. This paper through the present development situation of cruise economy and development background of Taiwan Strait cruise circle,...
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The Impact of Social Networking Usage on Consumer Buying Behavior of College Students in China

Ting Liu
This research focused on the impact of social networking usage on consumer buying behavior of college students in China. Using a sample of 195 question-naires, this research analyzed gender, age related to the choice of social networking site; the type of product purchased, the cost of the item if college...
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Research on the Problems and Routing Optimizations of Chinese Enterprise Marketing

Min Zhang, Yinghua Gong, Jiyong Du
With the development of Chinese socialist market economy, enterprises have also continued to improve their own marketing tools, which lead to the marketing in China from scratch to continuous development. But we cannot ignore the problems of current enterprise marketing, if these problems can not be...
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Comparative Study of the Differences on Service Outsourcing Industry between China and India

Baichun Shao
With the rapid development of global economy,the development level of the service outsourcing industry is becoming increasingly important in the world trade competition.This paper will compare the trade situation of China and India.Learning from India can improve the international competitiveness of...
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An Empirical Research on the Acceptance of the Talent-education Quality Elements in Higher Education Institu-tions

Lanping Wu, Zhifeng Li
The quality of talent education in higher education institutions includes nine major elements, namely, the students' ideologi-cal and moral standards, specialized theoretical attainment, practice ability, social competence, independent learning ability, logical thinking ability, innovation ability, team-work...
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Research on Higher Vocational Education Serve Regional Economic Development

Zhenguang Wang, Bingran Wang
With the rapid economic development, the regional and occupational characteristics of vocational education determine it plays an important role in improving the regional economic development. Development of vocational education is concerned by the society more and more. However, in the process of development,...
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Research on the Relationship between Higher Education and Regional Economy

Bingran Wang, Zhenguang Wang
The economic development of a country or a region is inseparable from human capital, while higher education is an im-portant factor to ensure that the quantity and quality of human capital, in other words, higher education provides human indemnification for the economic devel-opment. Conversely speaking,...
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Research on the Necessity of Establishing the Pay-when-paid Mode of Educational Security Fund

Shuhong Liang
The property of public products of elementary education, the quasi-public products and the fairness principle of higher education determines that the investment in education must be coordinated by the government. Serious shortage of funding for education requires the State to raise education fund through...
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Real problems and countermeasures of the Food Safety News Reports

Ke Jiang
The news reports show the reality of the current food security situation, which can cause public concern about food safety. Through the 2004-2011 food safety reports, it is easy to see that the problem is to achieve food safety. Food safety, not only the complexity of its content, but also reflects that...
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The Changes of Mao Zedong Thoughts on Women's Liberation after the Founding of People’s Republic of China

Chang Sun
Mao Zedong Thought on Women's Liberation after the founding of People ’s Republic of China in an important part of the women's movement, and has significantly differences to the Thought before the founding. It mainly reflects three aspects: changes in the importance of women's liberation, changes in...
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The research on the investors’ cognition of banks’ finance products

Li Huang, Yan Hu, Meng_ting Wan, Qiao_ling Tang
In recent years, the banks’ finance products has been became more and more popular in China. However, the growth has also brought some inevitable growing pains. In order to promote the development of banks’ finance products, we investigated investors’ cognation of banks’ finance products through the...
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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Debt Financing Structure--Empirical Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies

Bo Yan
This paper explores the factors affecting the Chinese listed companies debt financing and examines them using the data of Chinese listed companies. The evidence suggests that company size, the company's growth opportunities, the fixed asset ratio and free cash flow have a significant impact both on the...
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Building of a Hierarchical, Open, Team-oriented Physics Experiment Teaching Mode to Train the Innovative Ability of College Students

Limin An
The college physics experiment teaching is very important to develop the ability of innovation and the scientific literacy of students. According to experiment skills and scientific thinking we design experi-ments with four levels, such as basic ex-periment, comprehensive experiment, de-signing experiment...
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The Study on the Evaluation of Regional Brand’s Innovation Capacity----Insights from Manufacturing Companies in Jiangmen of China

Liu He, Hong Ying Wu, ShuJin Lin, Chun Xiao, Jingyi Wang, Zheng He, Qing He
Drawing on transformation and upgrading of advanced equipment manufacturing industry, this paper proposed an approach of how to evaluate the performance of advanced equipment manufacturing companies. Factor Analysis is adopted to analyze the innovation of reginal company. After analyzing the overall...
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Dissertation on Legal Attributes of Network Virtual Property

Zhuo Ren
Network virtual property is a specific service rule congregation. Essentially, it represents a specific service claim right carried on software skills. Users’ rights to use and exchange network virtual proper-ty are not “eminent domain” but to exer-cise and transfer obligatory rights. Ac-cording to basic...
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An Empirical Research on the Formation Mechanism of Overwork of Chinese Knowledge Workers

Dan Wang
With reference to relevant theories of economics, management science, and psychology, this research classifies the influences that lead to Chinese knowledge workers’ overwork into three categories: antecedent variables, deter-mining variables and moderating varia-bles, and constructs a conceptual model...
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Application-oriented University Training Model to Explore Journalism--The Jilin Industrial and Commercial College as an Example

Yan Sun
Through the exploration of the application-oriented university journalism training model, we have established a journalism major application-oriented teaching mode with professional work as the basis, cultivation of the "service capabilities" as the core, practical training as the key to teach reform...
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Analysis of the Combination between the Architecture Structure and Formal Beauty

Fang Jiang, Jiao Li
In the past, building structure is only to keep the stability and ensure the function of the building. With continuously high technology and new materials applied in the area of building now, structure has been the new and important factor of architecture spacial form. The combination of architecture...
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Comparative Study Of the Differences on CSRR between China and South Korea

Yulong Zhong
With the increase of multinational coop-eration in China and Korea, Enterprises need to establish branches in each coun-try, publish CSRR which meeting local requirements. In this paper, we explore differences of Chinese and Korean CSR in background environment, overall con-tent and specific indicators...
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Study on Dynamic Mechanism of Chinese Rural Social Security from the Perspective of Ecology

Haobang Wu, Li Wang, Yin Feng
Rural social security system is a living and unnatural system, and both its global and local development will maintain close ties and mutual interactions with the surrounding environment. This paper explores a dynamic mechanism on the basis of ecological theory to promote the continuous development of...
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Study on the Cultural Products Based on the Perspective of National Culture Security

Ju He
This article, from the perspective of cultural products, analyzes the role that the manufacture of cultural products plays in safeguarding national culture security, and from a critical perspective investigates the differences in the nature between the elite cultural products and mass cultural products...
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Research on the Restrictive Factors and Countermeasures of Transformation of Science Technology Achievements in China’s Agricultural Universities

Zhiying Chen, Chunyu Sha, Chengyuan Dun
The transformation ratio of sci-tech achievements of agricultural universities was low in China. In this paper the restrictive factors of transformation of achievements were analyzed, and some countermeasures that will promote the transformation of achievements was put forward, including of improving...
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Effects of the implementation of the labor contract law on the employment of college graduates

Guolin Zhang
In recent years, With enrollment ex-pansion of colleges and universities and college students “independent career, two-way choice” system establishment, the situation of university students’ em-ployment is becoming increasingly seri-ous the difficult employment of college students has become a new social...
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Research on characteristics in the spatial distribution of the whole county population of Sichuan province, China via ARCGIS analysis

Guiyao Zhou, Yanyou Wu, Xianjian Xie, Deke Xing, Fang Fan, Rui Yu
2000 and 2010 year census population data of each county of Sichuan Province, China has been chosen as research objects in our research. In this study, different spatial fitting model of geostatistics modules which are based on Arcgis Software has been used to discuss the fitting effects of population...
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A Study on Behaviors of the Government toward “Return Grazing Land to Grass-land” Policy

Yanyu Guo, Shixiang Zou
In order to protect the ecological envi-ronment of grasslands and to improve people’s livelihood, Chinese government proposed a policy called “Return Grazing Land to Grassland”. This is a great strate-gy on ecological construction of grass-lands. The government has played a very important role since...
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General Evaluation of Economic Development Level Based on Principal Component Analysis

Hongmin Zhang
In assessing a country's degree of economic development,the various aspects of social production should be taken into account, and we look at the combined effect of productivity at last. In order to an objective and scientific analysis of China's economic development, this paper applies principal component...
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Study and practice for the strategy of higher education reform based on TRIZ theory

Qing Wang, Xiyan Li, Chunxia Jia, Jingru Bai
Most college students in China lack the ability of innovation. The author of this paper made a long-term research around the cultivation of students' innovation ability and engineering consciousness. With TRIZ education theory as the instruction, the northeast DianLi University students' innovation practice...
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TRIZ Routes the Solving Process of Innovation Problem

Qing Wang, Na Bai, Jingru Bai, Chunxia Jia
Innovation is not only a concept, but also a mature theoretical system. It has specific implementation methods and tools. Therefore, the capacity of innovation can be aroused and cultivated by a way of students' innovation education. This paper simply introduces the theory of TRIZ to solve the problem...
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Analysis on Chinese Government Management Mode in the Perspective of Holistic Government and Its Path of Re-form

Juan-juan Ji, Xiu-rong Zhang
In recent years, both safety problems worldwide and various domestic crisis events put forward new requirements on the reform of public sectors. Meanwhile, governments in countries around the world are trying to explore more positive and effective government management modes. In the perspective of the...
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Assisting people with disabilities in actively performing walking activities by controlling the preferred environmental stimulation with an air mouse

Ching-Hsiang Shih, Chia-Jui Chang, Yung-Chi Huang, I-Ying Liu
The wireless gyration air mouse is a hand-held commercial computer mouse device that embedded MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) gyro sensor, which can measure the rotation, angle and speed of the wrist or elbow. The purpose of this study was to explore whether ap-plying a gyration air mouse combined...
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Star and Lyric Poet in ModernArt World Xu Beihong’s Assessment on Ren Bonian

Guisi Yang
As one of earliest and detailed researcher of artist Ren Bonian, Xu Beihongvisited Ren Bonian’s descendants, hold exhibitions for his works, wrote articles for Ren Bonian and collected a lots of Ren Bonian’s work. In the eye of Xu Beihong, Ren Bonian was an apprenticed creator, he was good at painting...
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Study of Evaluation of Electronic Information Student's Engineering Practice Ability Based on AHP

Dongyan Fan
In this paper, the engineering practice ability evaluation index system which aims at the problem of electronic infor-mation students' engineering practice ability cultivation was designed. First the engineering practice ability indicators were collected using the method of the literature search and...
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The Relationship between Urban Informal Employment and Economic Development in China

Ji Ren, Meina Gao
China’s urban informal employment scale has enlarged to become an important part in the workforce and it has important influence on China’s economic development. In the paper, it will show a new calculation method of urban informal employment and the result of calculation. And this paper will estimate...
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The Research& Development Based on Service and Intellectual/Knowledge Trading E-Bussiness Model

Xian Wu, Ai-hua Ren
Traditional e-business focuses on physi-cal products trading, while in offline market, services & intellectual works forms an important part in all commercial fields. By reconstructing the concept of intangible product in e-business context, this paper gives a full description on service & intellectual/knowledge...
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Electronic Commerce Based on Self-Organizing Data Mining Customer Churn Prediction Model

Ai-hua Ren, Wei-wei Zhao
In order to solve the high dimensional and nonlinear problems of churn prediction of E-business customers, this paper proposes a novel model for churn prediction of E-business customer based on Self-Organized Data Mining ( SODM ) . In this model, Objective System Analysis ( OSA ) and improved Group Method...
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Evaluation for Consumer online Trust Based on Structural Equation Modeling and Path Analysis

Kai Zhang
E-commerce success, especially in the B2C area, is determined in part by whether consumers trust sellers and products they cannot see or touch, and electronic systems with which they have no previous experience. This paper constructs the evaluation of consumer online trust index model based on Structural...
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The Private Wealth Management Industry in mainland China: 2013-2018

Hongmei Shi, Shangmei Zhao
The accelerated growth of the past 30 years has advanced the entrepreneurial sector in China. The surge in private wealth management services (PWM) has resulted in enhancing this segment’s pro-file globally. The ensuing tension between demand and lagging development may force change to markets and regulations....
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Early-warning Model for Tourism Sustainable Development Based on Grey Neural Network—Taking Lanzhou City for Example

Xiuping Yang, Erchao Li, Gangmin Weng
Early-warning research of tourism sus-tainable development is a highly compli-cated problem. This paper discusses the conception of the early-warning system about tourism sustainable development. Basing on the characteristics of tourism oneself, it sets up the evaluation indica-tors system and building...
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Financial Analysis of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy

Zhiyue Ma
Under the U.S. subprime lending crisis, Lehman Brothers, with 158 year history, declared bankruptcy suddenly. It is not only related to the external factors like American financial innovation develops excessively and supervises disadvanta-geously, but also has certain inherent connections to its internal...