Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Biomedical and Biological Engineering 2017 (BBE 2017)

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Preliminary Study on a RT-PCR Method for the Equine Infectious Anemia Virus Detection

Qin TANG, Han ZHANG, Jia-qi HAN, Li -rui LI, Ting-chuan LIU, Jing XU, Gang YU, Yin WANG, Xue-ping YAO, Ze-xiao YANG
To develop a Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) method for quick detecting equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV), according the conserved sequences of EIAV gag gene which published in GenBank, 2 specific RT-PCR primers and 8 extension primers were designed and synthesized. A DNA...
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One Orthogonal Phase Microscopy Technique for Orthogonal Phase Imaging of a Cell

Jing-ye LIU, Yuan-yuan XU, Qiong ZHU, Meng-yuan SHANG, Jing-rong LIAO, Ya-wei WANG
For human beings, the morphological features of cells are closely related to human health thus research into the technique of cell imaging is very important. The optical phase imaging technique is one of the most useful methods because the cell is a phase object. More than one phase images should be...
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Direct Electrochemistry of Glucose Oxidase Immobilized on a Hydroxyl Fullerenes- Tio2 Nanocomposite Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode

Di LI, Xiao-Yu ZHANG, Bao-Lin XIAO, Jun HONG, Moosavi-Movahedi Ali Akbar
By immobilizing glucose oxidase (GOD) on a nanocomposite containing hydroxyl fullerenes (C60-OH) and TiO2 nanoparticles, a new type biosensor was prepared for glucose detection. The cyclic voltammograms (CVs) of GOD on the nanocomposite modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE) was quasi-reversible. The...
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Cloning, Expression and Enzymatic Characterization of Chitin Deacetylase 4 from Hyphantria Cunea (Drury)

Xiao-ping YAN, Dan ZHAO, Ya-kun ZHANG, Wei GUO, Kun-li ZHAO, Wei WANG, Yu-jie GAO
A novel chitin deacetylase (CDA), HcCDA4, was identified from the American white moth, Hyphantria cunea. The full-length cDNA sequence of HcCDA4 was identified,and the cDNA is 1494bp in length. The HcCDA4 was shown as a 56 kDa protein in E. coli BL21 by SDS-PAGE analysis and the specific antibodies reacting...
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Improved Camptothecin Production of Camptotheca Acuminata on Hydroponic Medium Supplemented with Various Chemicals

Qing-qian ZENG, Lin JIANG, Long-ping ZHU, Hai ZHENG, De-po YANG
A Hydroponic culture was conducted to determine the effect of organic acids and metal ions on plant growth, camptothecin concentrations and yield of Camptotheca acuminata, in an effort to increase the camptothecin yield by artificial cultivation. For maximal camptothecin production, increase of maleic...
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Review and Outlook of Stem Cell Transplantation for Neonatal Hypoxic- Ischemic Encephalopathy

Qiu-li WANG, Hong-yan LV, Peng-shun REN, Lian-xiang LI
Purpose: To research the states and feasibility of stem cells for neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). Methods: In this study, "newborn, hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, pathogenesis, stem cell transplantation" as the key words, which are searched the papers published in CNKI database and...
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Twin-Studies on the Role of Non-Genetic Factors in T1D Pathogenesis

Li-li MA, Yan-ling WU, Ying DONG, Yoshimasa TANAKA, Wen ZHANG
Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a complex autoimmune disease characterized by T cell-mediated destruction of pancreatic cells, which is resulted from the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Twin-study is one of the most important methods to identify the genetic basis of complex diseases or traits...
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Expression of NOB1 Gene and Its Clinical Significance in Ovarian Cancer

Ning LIU, Shun-qing ZHOU, Yang LIN
[Purposes] To explore the correlation between mRNA expression of NOB1 gene in tissues from ovarian cancer, normal ovary, benign ovarian tumor. [Methods] 50 samples of ovarian cancer as the experimental group, 20 samples of normal ovarian tissues and 50 samples of benign ovarian tumor as control groups....
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Microrna -145 Expression Inhibits Invasion and Metastasis of Cervical Cancer Cells

Shun-qing ZHOU, Ning LIU, Yang LIN
[Purposes] To investigate the expression of microRNA-145 on invasion and metastasis of cervical cancer cells. [Methods] Analysis of the relationship between high expression of microRNA-145 on invasion and metastasis of cervical cancer cells by Transwell invasion assay and Wound scratch assay. [Results]...
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The Histological Study of Orthodontic Force on the Periodontal Tissues Regenerated by Nano Bioceramics in Beagle Dogs

Lan-lei WANG, He-ying HOU, Sheng-yan YU, Ai-zhong GUAN, Yun-mao LIAO
The aim of the experiment was to study the histological reaction of orthodontic force on the periodontal tissues regenerated by nano biphasic calcium phosphate (NBCP) bioceramics in beagle dogs. Two third incisors were randomly selected and operated as experimental group. The contralateral third incisors...
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A Food-Grade, Secretory Expression of IL1RA Protein in a Lactococcus Lactis System for Potential Oral Therapy on IBD

Jin CHENG, Jin CAO, Jia CAO, Xiao-feng WANG, Yan-ru GE
Interleukin 1 (IL1 ) is a potential target for IBD treatment. IL1 receptor antagonist (IL1RA) can blocks the biologic activity of IL1 by competitively inhibiting IL1 binding to the IL1R, so IL1RA is suggested to have possible therapeutic applications in treatment of IBD. By using a food-grade recombinant...
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Development of a Novel Multi-Functional Rehabilitation Robot

Cheng-dong WEI, Quan-quan LIU, Li-hong DUAN, Tong-yang SUN, Meng LI, Zhan ZENG, Chun-bao WANG, Qing SHI, Zhuo-hua LIN, Ya-jing SHEN, Wan-feng SHANG, Zheng-zhi WU
With the development of aging society, the number of hemiplegia patients grows rapidly and over 75% of survivors suffering hemiplegia need rehabilitation training. Traditional training methods need one or more physical therapists to server one patient at the same time. In order to reduce the workload...
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Development of a FES System for Hemiplegic Rehabilitation Based on Patient Healthy Limb's EMG Signal

Zhan ZENG, Chang-jun LI, Chun-bao WANG, Quan-quan LIU, Li-hong DUAN, Tong-yang SUN, Qing SHI, Zhuo-hua LIN, Ya-jing SHEN, Wan-feng SHANG, Zheng-zhi WU
Thisÿpaperÿpresents a functional electrical stimulation system to mimic the EMG characterization of patient healthy limb to exercise his/her affected limb. Firstly, the existing problems of functional electrical stimulation system are analyzed. Generally, the existing electrical stimulation systems suffer...
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Miniaturized System with a Facile Isothermal Amplification Microfluidic Chip for Rapid Detection of Zika Viruses

Xing CHEN, Lu-lu ZHANG, Da-fu CUI, Hong YIN
A real-time fluorescence detection biomedical miniaturized system with a disposable microfluidic chip was developed for loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) reactions. The miniaturized system was developed consisting of a mini heating plate, a temperature sensor, a temperature controller and...
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The Development Status and Suggestions of Chinese Biological Medicine

Jin-guo WANG, Na WANG
Biological medicine is listed on the country's important development strategy planning in the United States, the European Union, Japan and other major developed countries and some developing countries. Through analysis of Chinese current situation of the development of biological medicine and compared...
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The Protection of the Patients' Privacy in Anesthesiology Clinic

Na WANG, Jin-guo WANG
Patients will fall asleep under anesthesiology in most cases, so they will lose their consciousness to protect themselves. Therefore, the anesthetists carry on more duties to protect the patients' privacy.
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Astaxanthin in Disease Prevention and Treatment

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid with strong antioxidant activity. The function of astaxanthin has been associated with a number of health-promoting benefits. This paper discusses the beneficial effects of astaxanthinin the prevention and treatment of human diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer,...
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Network Pharmacology of JinChaiKangBingDu Capsule Against Influenza A (H1N1) Virus Infection

Zhi-de CHENG, Xiao-jing WANG, Peng DENG, Jing ZHAO, Gao CHEN
Pharmacological mechanisms of Chinese herbal prescription are complicate since it contains heterogeneous components. These mechanisms are hardly understood by traditional methodology in the mass. Here we use network pharmacology approaches to explore mechanisms of JinChaiKangBingDu Capsule (JCKBD) against...
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Clinical Application of Soft Ureter Mirror

Fan-Ping MENG, Yong-liang CUI, Jun WEI, Ji GAO
Objective:To summarize the clinical application of ureter soft mirror. Methods:The treatment of urinary calculi includes ESWL, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, ureter soft mirror and so on , The treatment of urinary calculi with ureter soft mirror is becoming more and more widespread, and the indications...
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Research on Concanavalin A Crystallization in a Flow-Free Droplet-Based Device

Guan-ru DU, Wen-jun ZHANG, Ding-kun JI, Feng-juan CHEN, Di YIN, Hong-bo ZHANG, Rui-xue YIN, Xiao-peng HE, Shih-Mo YANG
Protein crystallography is a very critical process that limits the development of pharmaceutical engineering. Microfluidic technology has provided an opportunity for protein crystallization. In this paper, a flow-free droplet-based device is presented for producing highly controlled crystals and fabrication...
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Ultrastructure and Self-Cleaning Function of Moth (Notodontidae) and Butterfly (Lycaenidae) Wings

Yan FANG, Gang SUN, Jing-shi YIN, Wan-xing WANG, Yu-qian WANG
The microstructure, hydrophobicity, adhesion and chemical composition of the butterfly and moth wing surfaces were investigated by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a contact angle meter, and a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR). Using ground calcium carbonate (heavy CaCO3) as contaminating...
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A Comparison of the Special Wetting Property between Locust and Butterfly Wing

Yan FANG, Gang SUN, Jing-shi YIN, Wan-xing WANG, Yu-qian WANG
The microstructure, wettability and chemical composition of butterfly and locust wing surfaces were investigated by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a contact angle meter and a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR). The hydrophobicity models were established on the basis of Cassie equation....
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Analysis of Vitiligo Model Based on Clinical Features of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Xiao-li YAN, Li-hua CAO, Ming-san MIAO
Objective: Analysis common animal models and vitiligo clinical symptoms anastomotic situation, put forward recommendations of improving the model. Methods: By summarizing the characteristics and modeling methods of vitiligo model and according to the clinical diagnostic criteria of vitiligo on TCM and...
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Amide Resonance Structure Detected by NMR to Predict Hydroxyl Unit in Protein

Yan JI, Xiao-liang YANG, Jun-ming TANG
Amide tautomer imidic acid were exit, which proved by NMR spectra characterization. The protein BSA was test by 1H NMR in different pH values solutions, to show the different amide/imidic acid structures exit in BSA. The amide/imidic-acid unit with H proton communication might be the biological protein...
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Indirect Spectrophotometric Determination of Acetylcysteine in Pharmaceutical Sample using Fe(III)-Sulfosalicylic Acid System

Xin-rong WEN, Chang-qing TU
In acidic medium, Fe (III) can be reduced to Fe (II) by hydrosulfuryl (-SH) in acetylcysteine molecule, and then using sulfosalicylic acid as chromogenic reagent of Fe (III) to determinate the acetylcysteine indirectly by discoloration spectrophotometry.An accurate fast spectrophotometric method for...
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Age Estimation Based on Skin Surface Images

Xiang-qian HE, Ling-yu LI, Zheng JIANG, Hao LI
This paper presents a model of detection age which quantifies the appearance changes of human skin at different stages of aging without traditional skeleton. We provide a novel method to extract age-related primitive features from skin surface images obtained by a digital camera, including skin surface...
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Targeted Therapies for Alzheimer's Disease: An Overview

Yong SUN, Ying-ju XIU, Ying XING
Dementia is the most common onset of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The main neuropathological characteristics of AD are extracellular amyloid plaques and intracellular accumulation of hyperphosphorylated Tau protein. Because of the complexity of the pathogenesis, the most treatment options are not effective...
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Use Text Mining and Complex Networks to Analyze TCM Syndromes

Xing ZHAI, Ping WANG, You-liang HUANG
Objective: To make intrinsic biological distinctions between qi deficiency pattern and qi stagnation pattern with genes related to NEI. Methods: Establish a data dictionary of NEI-related genes and a keyword lexicon of qi deficiency pattern and qi stagnation pattern. Then retrieve relevant literature...
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Preliminary Study of LAMP Method for the Detection of Equine Infectious Anemia Virus

Jia-qi HAN, Han ZHANG, Qin TANG, Ting-chuan LIU, Jing XU, Li -rui LI, Gang YU, Yin WANG, Xue-ping YAO, Ze-xiao YANG
To develop a rapid molecular biological method for the detection of equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV), a set of 4 primers were designed according to the conserved sequence fragment of the gag non-structure protein gene of EIAV published in GenBank, and the reverse transcriptase loop-mediated isothermal...
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New Generation Cardiac SPECT Systems

Jin-hua SHENG, Jian-hai ZHANG
The cardiac SPECT is a good study because of the large clinical demand and the need for improved image quality. SPECT imaging usually suffers from poor spatial resolution and high statistical noise due to patient radiation safety concerns. Scientists proposed some high count sensitivity cardiac SPECT...
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Cerebral Microbleed Detection by Wavelet Entropy and Naive Bayes Classifier

Hai-nan WANG, Beatrice Gagnon
(Aim) Current cerebral microbleed detection methods are too complicated, and difficult to train. (Method) We enrolled 10 subjects diagnosed as cerebral microbleed.Our method combined wavelet entropy and naive Bayes classifier. (Results) The simulation results over 10 times of 10-fold cross validation...
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Correction of Sleep Staging Based on Sleep Spindle Detection

Xue-mei JIN, Jun-zhong ZOU, Jian ZHANG
It has been demonstrated that sleep has a great relationship with humans' health and activities. Sleep staging is an important method to analysis sleep. Lots of methods have been adopted for automatic sleep staging. Some of the results are good and some of them are poor. For the poor, the sleep spindle...
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MEG Weak Source Imaging Methods Based on Functional Connectivity

Ting WU, Yuan CUI, Zhi-guo ZHANG, Jun-peng ZHANG, Tian-zi JIANG
Beam former, as a class of Magnetoencephalography (MEG) source imaging methods, is widely used. However, it has difficulty in locating weak electromagnetic sources within brain. To solve this problem, this paper attempts to develop a method for MEG weak Source Imaging. Firstly classical beam former is...
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Effects of Jinjiang Granules on Immunologic Function of Immunosuppressive Mice Model Induced by Cyclophosphamide

Ming-san MIAO, Li-hua CAO, Xue-xia ZHANG
Objective: To explore the effects of jinjiang granules on immunologic function and to provide evidence for jinjiang granules as the application of clinical medicine in the initial stage of cold, through the observation of the effects of jinjiang granules on immunologic function of low immune mouse model...
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Enhancement of Viability for Staphylococcus Aureus During Freeze-Drying Using the Response Surface Methodology

Hai-li YANG, Jin-xia LI, Dong-guang XIAO, Hai-bo DU, Bo LIU, Yi LIU, Hai-rong HU
Response surface methodology (RSM) was used to optimize a protective agent for enhancing the cell viability of Staphylococcus aureus during freeze-drying. Using a previous Plackett-Burman design, it was found that sodium glutamate, trehalose, L-cysteine hydrochloride and bovine serum albumin were the...
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Liver Vessel Segmentation Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Enhance and Hessian Matrix

Yue-jing QIAN
This paper proposes a liver vessel segmentation algorithm based on fuzzy enhancement and Hessian matrix. First, a method with two steps based on the theory of fuzzy enhancement is proposed to enhance the liver image. The first enhancement step is to make the local changes in the image more obvious on...
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Analysis of Risk Factors for Uteroplacental Apoplexy Complicating Placental Abruption: A Systematic Review

Ning LIU, Yang LI, Yang CHEN, Yuan TIAN, Fu-ju WU
The paper explored risk factors for uteroplacental apoplexy complicating placental abruption, the condition's clinical characteristics, and maternal and fetal outcomes.62 pregnancies of placental abruption were collected from Second Hospital Jilin University during Jan. 2007-Dec. 2012.According to uteroplacental...
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Study on the Key Technology of Micro-arc Oxidation of TA2 Titanium for Medical Use

Yu-lei LI, Yue-lai DAI, Jin-jun TANG, Xiao-yu JIN, Qun WANG
By micro-arc oxidation technology, the TA2 titanium metal surface modification, by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) experiments, the effects of different voltage parameters on film thickness and surface microstructure were studied. The results show that as the voltage increases and the oxidation time...
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A Novel Indicator for Quantitative Assessment of Articular Cartilage Degeneration Using Ultrasound

Jing-chen ZHANG, Qiong HE, Zhi-xiu HAO, Jian-wen LUO, Li-ying XIAO
Assessment of articular cartilage degeneration induced by degenerative diseases using quantitative ultrasound method is promising but challenging. Currently, in literature, proposed methods have limited diagnostic abilities, and some quantitative ultrasound cartilage evaluation results are inconsistent...
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Study on the Infrared Spectra of Superoxide Dismutase with the Different Treatment Intensity of Electric Field

Siqin-gaowa BAO, Yan-ru WANG, Zhi-chao CHEN, Zhao WEI, Zhan-xin MA
With the different treatment intensity of electric field, we analyze the influence of electric field on infrared spectra of superoxide dismutase by using infrared spectra method. The results show that, superoxide dismutase (SOD) is treated with different electric field intensity, the absorption peak...
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Qualities and Aroma of Watermelon Juice during Storage at 4 øC

Yu-bin WANG, Yue MA, Xiao-yan ZHAO, Chao ZHANG
The watermelon juice was pasteurized by the ultra-high temperature treatment, and stored at 4 øC for 2 weeks. The ultra-high temperature reduced the initial microbial counts of the watermelon juice. The aroma of the watermelon juice was reduced during the storage at 4 øC for 2 weeks. The typical volatiles...
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Preparation on Sustained-Release Drug of Na-MMT-Miglitol

Jie-bing ZHANG, Hui SHI, Xiu-bin REN, Guang-heng WANG
In order to sucessfully prepare Na-MMT-Miglitol composite, the adsorption effect factors of the different concentrations, temperature , pH and time for miglitol were investigated respectively. By means of the adsorption capacity changes of Na-MMT, the maximum adsorption capacity of Na-MMT as the experimental...
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A Micro/Nano Structural Model for Wettability of Moth Wing Surface

Yan FANG, Gang SUN, Jing-shi YIN, Wan-xing WANG, Yu-qian WANG
The micro-morphology, wettability and chemical composition of the moth wing surfaces were investigated by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a contact angle (CA) meter and a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR). The micro-morphological models for hydrophobicity on the wing surface were...
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Identification of a Bacillus Thuringiensis Cry8Ea3 to Xin-Binding Alkaline Phosphatase from Holotrichiaparallela

Wei WANG, Dan ZHAO, Wei GUO, Xiao-ping YAN, Ya-kun ZHANG, Kun-li ZHAO, Yu-jie GAO, Xiao-yun WANG
In order to further study the Insecticidal Mechanism of Bt protein against Holotricia parallela. In the study, According to the results of midgut transcriptome sequencing and RACE-PCR, the full-length hpalp gene was cloned. Sequencing analysis showed that the open reading frame of hpalp (GenBank accession...