Proceedings of the 4th Bandung Creative Movement International Conference on Creative Industries 2017 (4th BCM 2017)

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Creation of Pamor's Knives as Business Diversification and Increase Sales Value Product Blacksmiths in Polanharjo District, Klaten Regency

Mr. Karju, Aji Wiyoko, Mr. Suyono
This study focused on the application of pamor Wos Wutah, Ngulit Semangka, Mrutu Sewu, Tunggak Semi into the shape of a stab knife, slice knife and cutting knife.the research focuses directed at the manufacture of various kitchen knife, cutting knife, and blades especially the skewer with the following...
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Plywood Furniture Designs ( A Study on Shapes, Functions, Materials, Construction Techniques, and Production Processes)

IF. Bambang Sulistyono
Furniture is a facility or means for various human activities in certain spaces. Furniture design was born because of the need of function. Furniture designs are made according to its use, its users, and the time when as well as the space where it is used. The designer will also consider the materials...
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People, Ideas, Culture in Shaping the Shared Value Society

Kenneth Wong See Huat
In March 2017, the open call of artists in participate the LOCK UP locker art exhibition has been realized, whereby ten artists have created 24 artworks that can fit only into the compartment size of the two locker cabinets. This happened in collaboration with Harry Rogers Home furniture outlet and was...
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Kamasan Puppet Painting, Balinese Traditional Comics

I Dewa Alit Dwija Putra
The development of comics in Indonesia at this time so rapidly besides the interest and public interest especially among children and teenagers so big. The tendency of comic visuals in Indonesia is dominated by Japan and America. Many of them have not yet learned that comics in Indonesia have been started...
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Designing Promotion Of Oat 8 To Reduce Obesity Risk For Woman Through Digital Media

Indah Rendi Puspitasari, Runik Machfiroh
Oat 8 is a biscuit made from Oat. Oat 8 has green beans and almonds variant. Oat 8 has encourage its promotion activities through digital media. From social media, to e-commerce. But, Oat 8 still needs more effort to increase its brand awareness, gain new customers, and reinforce its brand image as a...
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Measuring Dimension of Brand Equity in Tour and Travel in Bandung, Indonesia

Iwan Sidharta, Robbi Saepul Rahman, Imam Heryanto
This study aims to measure the attributes that form the dimension of brand equity. Dimensions include brand awareness, perceived quality, brand association and brand image. The research method used exploratory survey method. The object of research conducted on tour and travel companies in Bandung with...
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Sustaining Malay Comic Design: Transformation From Paper To Digital

Julina Ismail Kamal, Kam Chin Haw, Norfarizah Mohd Bakhir
In Malaysia, cartoon and comic arts is a branch of art that reflects the identity and the culture of this nation. The golden age of local cartoon and comic arts that occurred between the late 1970s and early 1990s has prompted the emergence of range of genres, local cartoon and comic styles from diverse...
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The "Sleborz Aesthetic" of Amenkcoy a.k.a Mufthi Priyanka

Lingga Agung, Novian Denny Nugraha
Mufti Priyanka a.k.a Amenkcoy is a graphic artist from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Amenkcoy likes to capture the everyday life that for most people can be so trivial, trivial, unimportant, plebeian, crotch, even taboo. But precisely therein lies the expertise of Amenkcoy in the work, he always succeeded...
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Materialism and Consumerism Through Urban Social Lifestyle In The Context of Shopping Malls: Malaysian Perspective

Mohammad Khizal Saat, Shahrul Anuar Shaari, Tetriana Ahmad Fauzi
This research is carried out to study the values and lifestyle and culture of the city dwellers through the principles of materialism and consumerism by giving more emphasize on the values of consumers as well as on the values which can be identified at the main shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur which in...
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The effectiveness of marketing communication through digital content for startup business (Case Study: Brandish beverage product)

Made Devicca Surya, Firman Kurniawan
In today's modern era, food and beverages business has grown in Indonesia. The newly established business is called startup business. The number of startup businesses is increasing economic competition in their respective industries. No wonder many new businesses have failed in a short time period. Therefore,...
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Bayesian Estimation of Spatio-Temporal Models with Covariates Measured with Spatio-Temporally Correlated Errors: Evidence from Monte Carlo Simulation

Mohammad Masjkur, Henk Folmer
Spatio-temporal data are susceptible to covariates measured with errors. However, little is known about the empirical effects of measurement error on the asymptotic biases in regression coefficients and variance components when measurement error is ignored. The purpose of this paper is to analyze Bayesian...
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Development of a Bus Stop Design Guideline: Case Study on the Main Campus of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Mohamad Omar Bidin, Mohd Alif Ikrami Mutti, Hafeezur Rahmaan Mohd Yassin
Non-conducive bus stop designs can cause various problems to passengers, bus drivers and other vehicles on the road. A preliminary survey has revealed that specific guidelines have yet to be established as a reference for bus stop designs - to cater for consumer needs - especially in Malaysian university...
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The Phenomenon of Online Shopping in the Digital Age: Why Do People Like It?

Mohamad Suharto, Deny Tri Ardhianto, Anugrah Irfan Ismail, Nadia Sigi Prameswari
The purpose of this study is to explain what factors influence consumers like to shop online. The concept underlying this study is the phenomenon of online shopping as a behaviors transformation that occurred in Indonesia. Not only in Indonesia, online shopping has spread to many countries along with...
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Wisely Using Gadget for Parents in Family Environment Campaign Design

Hasna Budi Ariani, Gandara Permana
A gadget is a device that functions primarily to ease human communication. However, nowadays there pretty many people that using gadget unwisely, they are too busy with their own gadget and tends to be neglected their en- vironment roughly. This behavior also occurs in the family environment, which caused...
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Aeng Visual Ornament of The Surakarta Palace's BuildingAeng Visual Ornament of The Surakarta Palace's Building

Rahmanu Widayat, Anung B Studyanto
Problems arise when building ornaments are considered to be not useful by architects and the modern world of architecture. Ornaments had been presented as important parts of the royal palace buildings from the time of Ancient Egypt until the Renaissance era. It is not so different from what happens in...
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Semiotics in Advertising As A Way to Play Effective Communications

Sri Hesti Heriwati
Advertising can be regarded as a marketing activity in addition to its function for the means of communicating. Advertising in principle is a product of mass culture and cultural products of industrial society characterized by mass production and consumption. That is, the mass is seen no more as a consumer...
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Utilizing of Nylon Material as Personal Lugage Protector for Biker

Mr. Muchlis, Sheila Andita Putri
This design begins from trend of using scooters has increased nowadays. This trend based on people whom are feeling uneasy using public transportation. Furthermore, the whole process to get a scooter is a lot easier. There are many kinds of profession that utilize scooters, from student to office workers....
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Design of Visual Communication Media as Learning Hadith Since Early Age

Nadhilla Sabrina, Syarip Hidayat
Hadith is a knowledge about what Rasulullah SAW speaks, behave and determination. Rasulullah SAW is a perfect role model for all moslem and a main character builder. The important things to learn about hadith for preserve it are to build the islamic character especially for children as Rasulullah SAW...
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Defining Radicals: Comparison Between Language Style Used in Social Media Between Government-Approved and Radical Moslem Group

Rian Hardinata, Ms. Liestyowati
Lately, there is a rise on Muslim radical groups topic in Indonesia. Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) is one of a group deemed as the militant group that endangers Indonesia's unity according to the official statement by Wiranto, Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs, on behalf of ├┐Indonesian...
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Courtyard Placement for Maintaining Air Movement of Natural Ventilation inside a Transformed House

Silfia Mona Aryani, Soepono Sasongko, If. Bambang Sulistyono, Nur Hidayati
A courtyard has effectively induced fresh air into the interior of the house and hence is recommended for inclusion in an additional-room program in a house transformation initiative. However, because of the limited space and the vast choice of room programs that need to be considered in the transformation,...
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Exploration of Golden Section Proportion Potency in Mosque

Tri Wahyu Handayani, Didit Widiatmoko Soewardikoen
Various mosque designs appear in Indonesia, with various shapes, with or without domes. Until now the visualization of mosque formation that mosque has domes still accepted in general. Architectural forms are part of the visual language that is bound by the rules of geometry and proportion. Historically,...
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Seeing Jokowi, The President of Indonesia's Leadership: Case Study of Goldhaber's The Charisma Factor in Leadership Theory

Suci Marini Novianty, Ummi Salamah
As the seventh and current President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo or Jokowi, has changed the face of Indonesian style of leadership. The image of modesty that Jokowi implies are seen by his choice of attires and daily activities. The president is famous for his modest attires in mostly any ocassions. He...
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Visual Identity and Packaging of Dairy Products From Small and Medium Enterprises

Mohamad Tohir, Didit Widiatmoko Soewardikoen
Small and medium enterprises are one of the most significant and dominant drivers of the economy as producers of gross domestic product, in addition to absorbing the largest employment in some areas. Processed milk products of small and medium enterprises in Jatinangor as healthy drinks have a good chance...
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The Role of Visual Aids in Corporate Annual Reports in Drawing Wider Audience Internally

Mochammad Surjo Koentjoro, Firman Kurniawan Sujono
As obligations go, the designing, writing and creating process of Corporate Annual Reports has always been viewed as something that is burdensome and exciting. It describes what the company has achieved during the last year, and the people creating it is under pressure to get all the details right. All...
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Employee's Trust and Work Commitment With Management Using Internal Social Media Application, TAP Playground, in PT. Cakrawala Andalas Televisi (ANTV)

Putri Ayu Ningtyas, Firman Kurniawan Sujono
One indication of the success of a company's communication is how the company can build internal commu-nication so that there is trust in the employee to the company where they work. Current internal communication becomes the basis for an organization in developing and moving towards the desired destination....
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The Reposition of Tradition-Batik in The Culture-Mercantilism

Mr. Sarwono
The globalization in the fields of economics, information and culture has driven the culture of tradition batik to post itself into a new situation. The method used in this research is the case study. Mercantilism is the result (effect) of the globalization era, because it causes to happening an interaction...
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City Mascot as A Supporting Force in City Imaging

Paku Kusuma, Didit Widiatmoko Soewardikoen
The discourse about mascot in Indonesia nowadays starts emerging on the discussion among visual communication designer community as well as creative industry practicioners. Moreover since its existence is not only applied on sport event, but also expands to various field, whether as business promotion,...
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Comparative Analysis on Shoelace Tools Type Magnetic Sholeace and Silicone Shoelace (Case Study: Urban Societies In Early Adult Stages Of Development)

Hammam Faqieh Azzuhdy, Mr. Muchlis
The type of strappy/lace-up shoes have a quite large market range up to nowadays. Along with its high mobility as well as supported by the convenience that it is offered to users, sometimes users enforce or modify the usefulness of shoes itself. Usually this occurs frequently on users within the age...
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Designing Social Campaign Healthy Life Style for HIV/AIDS Prevention Through Muaythai

Fildzah Shabrina Firdaus, Jiwa Utama
The number of those who suffer HIV/AIDS in Indonesia especially in Bandung is gradually increasing each year. This was caused by lack of awareness about HIV/AIDS causes, so they are still doing risky things. Teenagers and early adulthood are very worrying, because the most number of those who suffer...
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Females Body Representation, Movement, and Perspective: The Fragile Longevity of Feminism in Indonesia

Charissa Adria Rizanti
The emancipation of women and gender equality movement was the turn points for the rights possessed by women today. However, people in Indonesia in particular still has the presumption that tends to the paradox of the female body. The female body is still a taboo to talk about by society. Many are judging...