Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Business, Economics, Management Science (BEMS 2019)

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Study of Who Supplies Funds for Trade Credit

Ling Yang
This study examined the relationship between trade credit and its financing structure using the financial statement data of Chinese listed firms from the year 2003-2018. I find that trade credit is positively related to external funds rather than internal funds. The amount of trade credit is significantly...
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Study on the Countermeasures of Targeted Measures in Poverty Alleviation by Rural E-commerce in Jizhou District, Tianjin

Zipei Wang
The economic development of rural areas has always been one of the focuses of the central government. In recent years, the government has continuously emphasized the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation policy to liberate poor population in backward areas. With the popularity and development...
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Pricing Strategy of Dual-Channel Closed-Loop Supply Chain Considering Quality of Recycled Mobile Phone and Effort Cost

Xueqing Guo, Kai Liu
In the age of mobile Internet, as a kind of unique and necessary fast consumer electronic product with product volume, function attribute and value content, mobile phone’s recycle and reuse have become a widely concerned social problem. Considering the influence of the quality level and effort cost of...
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Review and Prospect of the Combination of Human Resource Management and Big Data in Enterprises

Wei Tang, Xiaoyu Liu
The rapid development of big data has successfully served all walks of life. In the aspect of human resources management, capacity data, potential data and so on are complex and complex. They are only based on artificial assumptions and have large errors. With the support of big data analysis, we can...
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Research on Employee Happiness and its Influence Effect

Qing Zhao, Qingquan Pan
Based on the related literature, this article combed the comprehensive fast optimism and perfect the concept of the integration of employee well-being perspective of the connotation of employee well-being, and sums up the employees' well-being of staff level of organizational commitment and organizational...
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A Workaholic Type Management the Positive Influence on Organizational Performance

Liying Wang, Liping Lin
Under the new normal of the economy, the industrial structure is further optimized and upgraded, and the development prospect is more stable. In such a macro environment, organizations need to seek development in stability. How to improve the adaptability of the organization in the market under the action...
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Research on Team Leadership Emergence and Its Driving Factors

Mengfei Jiang, Huimin Wei
According to the relevant literature, this paper summarizes the connotation of team leadership emergence based on the concept of leadership emergence, and focuses on the individual level to summarize the driving factors of team leadership emergence, with a view to combing and improving the literature...
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Study on the Development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Port Logistics Service Industry

Pengliang Qiao, Peilin Zhou
Port logistics service industry not only determines the development of the port logistics system's work efficiency, but also for the whole supply chain competitiveness and economic development of the port has a significant role in promoting. Beibu gulf port is the strategic fulcrum of Guangxi beibu gulf...
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Dynamic Pricing of Obsolete Mobile Phones for Online Recycling Platforms based on Optimal Control Theory

Xuemin Wang, Kai Liu
Currently, the number of obsolete mobile phones are being generated in China. However, the obsolete mobile phones are not effectively recycled through online recycling platforms. According to consumers’ recycling willingness, this paper shows how the dynamic optimal control model was established. On...
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Application of Data Mining Algorithm in Tax Source Management

Shenghui Yan, Wenbao Zhao, Lei Yu, Bin Zhang, Chi Zhang, Yuexin Pang
The advent of the era of big data, data from all walks of life in the big background, the related technology and data can be effective screening and application of data mining in different types of tax source management provides effective reference, and to face and solve the problem of tax management...
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Real-time Pricing Mechanism in Smart Grid based on System of Incentive and Penalty

Mengzhen Li, Yeming Dai, Yan Gao
In the smart grid, users, power suppliers and Power Market Scheduling Center are the main participants. In view of the increasing demand response ability of users, an identification mechanism of punishing malicious users and unstable power providers while incenting non-malicious users is proposed, and...
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FCM Application Research of Tax Decision Support System

Yinghui Jia
in order to improve the management of tax decisions, tax decision support system has been added to the current tax decisions. Its purpose is mainly to analyze the basic data generated in tax decisions, so as to summarize the operation rules and provide more auxiliary information. This paper will study...
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Application of Standardization Management in Information System Project Research

Qiulin Wang, Li Zhuang, Yang Li, Huaigang Zhang
With the continuous progress of science and technology, the application of standardized management system has been paid more and more attention. The so-called enterprise standardized management is the implementation management of engineering projects and the formulation of corresponding charters to carry...
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An Empirical Study of Customers' Willingness to Use Offline Channels Under the Background of New Retail

Yuxuan Liu, Lan Yang, Wei Gao
The new retail mode of deep integration of online service and offline experience has become the development direction of China's retail industry. However, few literatures have studied the purchase intention of consumers in the process of e-commerce enterprise shifting from online to offline. Based on...
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China’s Real Estate Control Policies and Housing Price Fluctuations

Kehao Chen
This paper constructs a VAR model, empirically analyzes the main factors affecting China’s real estate prices, and focuses on the impact of monetary policy and credit policy on real estate prices by China’s housing price data from 2000 to 2017. The results show that in the short term, the positive impact...
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Research on Construction of Integrated Management Platform for Whole Process Engineering Consulting based on BIM Technology -- Taking Urban Rail Transit Project as an Example

Haibo Song, Yilin Yin
With the continuous development of whole-process engineering consulting mode, problems such as information island and information fault make it difficult to give full play to the advantages of whole-process engineering consulting integration and collaborative management of urban rail transit projects....
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Financial Cycles and Monetary Policy: An Empirical Analysis based on McCallum Rule

Zihong Ma, Xi Lin, Yan Yang
Based on the construction of the comprehensive financial cycle index, this paper uses the McCallum rule to empirically test the interaction mechanism between financial cycle and monetary policy. The results show that the interaction between the financial cycle and monetary policy has certain "asymmetry"...
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The Impact of Population Aging on Regional Economic Growth: A Literature Review

Dahui Zhou, Yong Yang
The impact of population aging on regional economic growth is an important topic to improve the quality of economic development and avoid economic risks. Firstly, after reviewing the literature on population aging and economic growth at home and abroad, it is found that the impact of population aging...
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Study on the Economic Applicability of Urban Environmentally Sustainable Development Policy

Hongxiong Yang, Xin Chen
In recent years, China's economy has developed rapidly, the process of urbanization has progressed steadily, the urban and rural infrastructure has been improving day by day, and people's living standards have been significantly improved. But behind the huge economic achievements are resource consumption...
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Study on the Influencing Factors of Farmers’ Land Transfer: An Empirical Study based on CFPS2016

Zhenyu Zhang, Minghua Tian, Jianjun Li, Yang Nan, Yu Yang, Fang Wang
The transfer of land is an important way for farmers to re-allocate production factors and realize the production development and better-off lives. In order to optimize land transfer decision-making and improve the welfare of farmers, this paper uses Logit model to analyze farmers’ land transfer incentives...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Entrepreneurial Resources and Entrepreneurial Competence

Qiming Zhou, Shijie Gao
This paper takes the entrepreneurs as the research object from ’s colleges and universities and past 5 years graduates. Based on 285 onsite investigation data, this paper pays attention to the mechanism of entrepreneurial resource’s influences on Entrepreneurial Performance, and introduces Entrepreneurial...
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Preliminary Study on Urban Functional Street Space -- Taking "Xi'an Functional Street Space Design Guidelines" as an Example

Shan Liu
Street is not only a place for people to communicate, but also an important space for people to pass. In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy and the acceleration of urbanization in China, the number of motorization has doubled. On the basis of understanding and summarizing the...
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Development Strategy of Rural Hostel Industry from the Perspective of Poverty Alleviation by Tourism

Yafang Han
With the increasing pressure of people's life and the rising living standard, tourism vacation is becoming more and more popular, people will choose to travel in their leisure time to enjoy their body and mind. The development of rural resources and poverty alleviation through tourism is an important...
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Research on Key Issues Related to Investment Control in Guangzhou Metro EPC Mode -- Taking the 18/22 line of Guangzhou Metro as an example

Qian Zhang
The development of the city is often accompanied by the construction of infrastructure. Various models also impact the Chinese construction market. As a kind of contracting and forwarding model, EPC has a positive effect on improving the level of engineering construction, so it is gradually applied and...
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Research on the Influence of Data Analysis on Movie Box Office under the Big Data Environment

Xudong Zhou
With the advent of the information age, the concept of “big data” has gradually infiltrated into various industries, the analysis and mining of mass data can bring unlimited business opportunities to the industry, and the movie industry is no exception. This paper collects various data of 548 domestic...
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Research on the Ability Demand of Internet Related Positions for Talents in Chengdu Area

Xuanxun Ni
Based on the data of Zhaopin website, this paper obtains job types and ability demand keywords through data preprocessing and word frequency analysis. Excel and other tools are used to get job type factors that affect ability demand. This paper aims to provide reference for relevant fresh graduates that...
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Cost Control Analysis of Construction Stage of Assembly Building Based on Project B

Junxiao Yao, Yi Chen
In this paper, through the analysis of the relationship between the cost progresses of the construction project in the Hongkou District of Shanghai, the integrated control process of the cost progress in the construction phase is compiled by using the earned value method and the work breakdown structure....
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Management Accounting Personnel Training Under the Mode of Financial Sharing Service

Luyuan Niu, Jian Zhang
With the development of financial sharing service mode, the training content of management accounting talents in the financial management of enterprises has become an important part of the future development and transformation process of enterprises. In order to achieve the strategic goal of strengthening...
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Research on Financial Risk Comprehensive Evaluation of CNPC based on AHP

Juanling Wang
This study establishes a comprehensive evaluation system of 15 financial indicators of four categories in the petroleum industry by using analytic hierarchy process (AHP). By comparing the financial indicators of each two levels, the corresponding judgment matrix is constructed, and the total weight...
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Marketing Strategy of ZR Insurance Xi'an Branch in the Era of "Internet +"

Yazi Li
Under the background of Internet and big data, new technologies are developing at a high speed, and the digital wave is impacting the traditional insurance marketing mode. The development of life insurance companies is facing competition pressure from powerful competitors of other Internet companies....
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Research on Location Problem of Distribution Center based on Coverage Location Model

Xiang Zhou, Maozeng Xu, Shunyong Li, Qiguang Lu
We consider a type of covering problem in the e-commerce enterprise retail distribution network, the problem amounts to determining the location of the warehousing and distribution center. In order to adapt to the e-commerce distribution mode and ensure timely delivery, a demand point can be covered...
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Research on the Connection of Guangzhou Air and Railway under the Background of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area's Construction

Ming Su, Li Yang
In recent years, the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Great Bay Area has been in full swing. The development of Guangzhou airport economy has maintained a good momentum, and the construction of international aviation hub has accelerated. Meanwhile, Guangzhou railway hub has prominent location...
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P2P Default Risk Prediction based on XGBoost, SVM and RF Fusion Model

Guanlin Li, Yuliang Shi, Zihao Zhang
In the P2P platform, the problem of overdue repayment of users often occurs. This phenomenon seriously damages the interests of the platform and creditors. Therefore, how to improve and improve the risk monitoring capability of the P2P online lending platform and reduce the investment risk of investors...
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The Influence of American Manufacturing Strengthening Policies and China’s Countermeasures

Qiuming Han
Recently, the United States has issued a series of manufacturing development strategies and research reports to defend the hegemony of its manufacturing industry. This paper analyzes the core objectives, major measures of the relevant US policies, and the four major challenges brought to the development...
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Research and Analysis of Corporate Financial Decisions in the Era of Big Data and Cloud Accounting

Weixuan Ye
With the rapid development of China's economy, the traditional financial decision-making schemes of enterprises have been unable to adapt to the era of big data and cloud. If an enterprise wants to continue to develop, it must carry out financial reform and innovation and fully grasp reasonable resources....
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Risk Assessment and Management System of Financial Product Portfolio based on VaR

Xiaoli Zhang
Previous studies based on VaR and CVAR under the condition of stable distribution are based on the premise that securities returns are independent of each other, but the calculation methods of VaR and CVAR for portfolio investment under the condition that securities returns are not independent of each...
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The Innovation Management and Development of Young Teachers in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Internet

Jing Ma
With the vigorous development of higher vocational education cause in our country, the recruiting scale of higher vocational colleges expands, and the teaching staff become the imporment role in vocational colleges. This paper takes the young teachers of authors' colleges in recent years as the research...
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A Review of the Research on Sustainable Development of Social Enterprises in China

Tingting Liu, Luyao Wang, Jian Zhu
Over the past few years, discussions and practices on social enterprises have quietly sprung up in China. However, the development of social enterprises is not smooth, how to realize the sustainable development of social enterprises has always been a difficult problem. Based on the review of the relevant...
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Study on Multi-Dimensional Linkage of Financial Core Indexes of Large Grid Enterprises

Xi Chen
In recent years, with the continuous progress of power transmission and distribution price reform and state-owned and state-owned enterprise reform, it is necessary for large state-owned power grid enterprises to carry out multi-dimensional linkage research on core financial indicators. According to...
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Current Situation and Development Countermeasure of Outdoor Leisure Sports Tourism for College Students in Zhuhai City

Kai Liu, Miaoyan Liu
Through the questionnaire survey on the outdoor leisure sports of college students in Zhuhai City, it is found that the current participation of college students in outdoor leisure sports is spontaneous, most of them do not have professional guiders and professional equipment guarantee, and there are...
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Research on the Interactive Development of “Featured Towns” and Universities from the Perspective of Collaborative Innovation: A Case Study of Xi'an City

Jing Yu
At present, the interactive development of universities and regional economies has become a consensus, and how to promote the coordinated development of the two has become an important topic in the development of higher education and regional development. The featured town is an entrepreneurial and innovative...
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Market Reaction of Financial Restatements of Listed Companies

Qinfeng Xu, Wenju Kong
Over the past years, the amounts of listed companies that have accounting errors increased dramatically , in order to figure out the market reaction to financial restatement of listed companies, this paper uses event study method to study the market reaction of financial restatement disclosed in the...
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Ningbo Makerspace Development Status and Countermeasure Analysis

Yan Li
Under the background of global economic development, China government puts forward the innovation-driven development strategy. Ningbo, as a new developing area of Makerspace, speeding up the creative talents is an objective requirement for Ningbo. This paper uses the methods of field investigation and...
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Research on the Performance Appraisal of Civil Servants in the Era of Big Data

Jing Liu
The performance appraisal of civil servants is an important measure to better integrate their human resources, which is conducive to the government to better play its role. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good performance appraisal system of civil servants. Although compared with the past, China's...
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Research on Public Relations Strategy of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Network Communication Environment

Yazi Li
With the development of the Internet era, the competition in the market at home and abroad is becoming more and more fierce, and the use of public relations strategy is more and more valued and applied by modern enterprises. As a management science, public relations are also a management art. It plays...
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Study on the Application of Criminal Law to Usury

Zhen Shao
In recent years, usury has become a prominent phenomenon, and there are different opinions on how to deal with usury. Usury lending, which should be sentenced, is a kind of continuous high-interest lending behavior aiming at the unspecified majority. It can be applied to the crime of illegal business...
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Analysis on the Employment of College Graduates under the New Economic Normal

Chunmei Mo
Under the new economic normal, China's economic structure and employment structure have undergone profound changes. With the increasing number of college graduates, college students are facing severe employment pressure. Under the new employment situation, young college students are confronted with new...
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Research on Recycling Cost of Express Packaging Waste Under Circular Economy

Xiaoqing Bi, Lijuan Guo
Under the background of low carbon economy, the waste and pollution of express package are becoming more and more serious. Based on the perspective of circular economy, this paper takes sf express as an example, analyzes the current situation of sf express and the recycling conditions of packaging waste,...
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Perspective on Supply Chain Management for Construction Engineering Management Risk Prevention

Luoer Liao
With the continuous development of China's economy, the competition among enterprises in various industries is becoming fiercer, the construction industry is no exception, and how to improve their competitive advantages in the fierce competition is the main problem of current construction enterprises....
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On the Influencing Factors of Consumer's Purchasing Behavior in Online Group Buying—— Taking Group Buying of Catering as an Example

Yanxia Liu, Yuqing Wu
Group buying has been developing in full swing in China. Although it has not developed for more than ten years in the Chinese market, it has formed a certain scale. With the rapid development of economy, people have a higher pursuit of quality of life, and the number of dining out has also increased....