Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Business, Economics, Management Science (BEMS 2019)

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Research on the Evolution of Supply Chain based on Complex Adaptive System Theory

Zehua Zhang, Huiwen Wu, Jing Yang, Runjiao Pan, Mo Kuang
The core idea and basic views of the complex adaptive system theory are expounded, and the compatibility between complex adaptive system theory and supply chain is demonstrated. With the independent enterprises participating in the operation of supply chain system as the adaptive agents, a hierarchical...
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Trends of Human Resource Management in the Shared Economy Era

Wei Tang, Xiaoyu Liu
In the process of rapid development of market economy, the competition among all walks of life is becoming increasingly fierce, especially the rise of the shared economy boom, which has a decisive impact on the whole society, and also brings more opportunities and challenges to human resources management...
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Research on the Business Strategy of Qingyi Book Bar under the Internet Environment

Xiaolu Chen, Jingyi Zhu
The book bar in university library is a new growth point of knowledge and information service in library. The author has carried on the thorough research to the Qingyi Book Bar management strategy under the Internet environment, and has carried on the analysis to the university student entrepreneurship...
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What Drives Post-disaster Traveling: The Interaction Effect of Time and Emotion

Jie Chen, He Wang, Xingju Zhou, Zhen Li, An Yang
In this paper, we mainly concentrate on when and how temporal distance shapes individual’s post-disaster willingness to travel. Through a text analysis from 13000 comments from a social platform, we found that people tend to publish their comments more emotionally and gradually to be transformed into...
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Capacity Building of Community-based Ecotourism in Developing Nations: A Case of Mei Zhou, China

Shuyi Tang
Tourism has become the most rapidly growing industry worldwide and ecotourism is considered as the fastest growing tourism segment. Ecotourism is a method to conserve the environment while stimulating local economy. However, it ignores one key element of sustainable development, the local community....
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Integration and Innovation of Rural Industries based on the Concept of Blockchain

Guiduo Wang
The purpose of this study is to explore the integration and innovation of rural industries based on the concept of blockchain. In this study, firstly, the current research status of the integration and innovation of rural industries under the background of blockchain is summarized. Secondly, taking the...
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Research on the Human Resource Management of the Local Application University

Guohua Zhao
How to adapt to the construction goal of colleges and universities in the new period, strengthen the strategic management of human resources, and construct applied teaching staff are the important tasks to carry out the strategy of "new engineering subjects" and promote the construction of modern universities....
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Study on the Construction of Performance Evaluation Index System of School-enterprise Cooperation Project in Higher Vocational Colleges

Shu Tan, Chaomin Zhang
As an important way of training talents, school-enterprise cooperation is highly praised by the educational and economic circles of all countries. Vocational education spans enterprises and schools and is a cross-border and innovative education. Constructing the performance index system of school-enterprise...
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Analysis on the Lack of Vocational Sense of Well-being of College Teachers and Research on Interest Appeal Mechanism

Anbo Ma
College teachers are executives and practitioners who develop education, train talents and promote social progress. The lack of sense of well-being and strong interest appeal not only affects teachers' work and life, but also influences educational development of and social progress. This paper takes...
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Analysis on Strategic Management in Higher Vocational College

Dong Li
The characteristics of strategic management theory are very enlightening, management can broaden decision-making management in the strategic vision, lead decision-maker to reach perfection in strategic thinking, and strengthen the hierarchy of decision-makers in strategic logic. Strategic management...
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Feasibility Research on Quality Management Technique with Deming’s Management Principles to Heavy Industries in Mainland China

Luoer Liao
This research aims at exploring new quality management techniques for application to heavy industry enterprises by Deming’s management principles which would be evaluated in several aspects such as enterprise’s vision and mission, supply chain management, human resource and operational management in...
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Teaching Reform of Pathophysiology Experiment based on Clinical Practice

Rui Meng, Rui Yang
In order to improve the teaching quality of pathophysiology and do a good job in linking basic medicine with clinical medicine, we have carried out the exploration of pathophysiology experimental teaching reform based on clinical practice, including the implementation of "double-qualified" talents teaching...
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Reconstruction of Talent Training Model in Local Universities from the Perspective of Industry-Education Integration

Yuanyuan Wang
The development of economy and society needs practical talents, and local colleges and universities are an important position to train such talents. Based on the characteristics of the elements of Applied Technology Talents Training under the perspective of integration of industry and education, this...
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Research on Innovation Measures in Financial Management Work

Ziyan Yuan
With the rapid development of economic system, financial management has become a very important step in the process of enterprise. In financial and economic management, the distribution of personnel is uneven, the management mode is not appropriate and other systematic deficiencies will have a very bad...
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Economic Efficiency Measurement of Guangzhou Airport based on Stochastic Frontier Analysis Model

Zehua Zhang, Jing Yang, Yuteng Wan, Runjiao Pan, Mo Kuang
With the continuous development of economic globalization, airport economy has gradually become one of the mainstream forms of global economic development. Airport economy not only plays an important part in optimizing the structure of urban development and economic transformation, but also plays a major...