Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Computer, Communications and Information Technology

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Fast Multi-Baseline InSAR Phase Ambiguity Resolving Method with Low Computational Complexity

Ming Li, Haiping Wei, Liping Xiao, Zhiyong Suo
A fast multi-baseline Interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR) phase ambiguity resolving method is presented. The ambiguity solution vector of the shortest baseline is first computed and used as a reference, and then the ambiguity solutions of all the other baselines are selected with logical...
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System Development for Quality Evaluation of Fish Fillet Using Image Processing

Apinai Rerkratn, Anucha Kaewpoonsuk
This paper presents system development for quality evaluation of fish fillet using image processing. The proposed system consists of conveyer belt, Ultraviolet (UV) lamp, CCD Camera, electronic circuits, interface card and computer. K-means clustering and thresholding techniques are used for quality...
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Study on the Application of Information Intelligent Farm

Xing Chen, Linpeng Zhai
In order to improve the production and the management level of modern farm, it is the inevitable way of intelligent farm to realize the scientific decision and management by using the information technology. In this paper, we analyze an intelligent farm of the overall framework, the structure of hardware...
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Fuzzy Mathematical Model Based on Venture Investment

Zhaohai Wang
The measurement of the investment decision is studied by applying the fuzzy analysis method, through fuzzy number arithmetic and sorting method, gives the fuzzy analysis method of net present value (rate) under the condition of risk investment decision, thus solves the risk investment decision problem...
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Option Pricing with the Credit Risk in Incomplete Markets

Zhaohai Wang
The paper considers the financial derivatives model with the credit risk. If the market is incomplete, we though the value of corporation value model, the credit risk will be introduced to options pricing. First of all, the general valuation formula in given about the Europe option under the condition...
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Evaluating and Designing Smartphone Applications for Nursing Education

Junqing Zhan
The smartphone has become a popular accessory in the pocket of many nursing students nowadays. They are widely accepted new devices much cheaper and more universal than PDAs. The use of smartphone applications would be the good supplement for nursing education. The smartphone provides a quick access...
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FTP Upload Based on Multithreaded and Broken Transfer Resume Technology

Yimin Wu, Xin Meng
FTP has been widely used on the Internet, the current application and research mainly focus on the FTP download technology, but upload technology research is rarely involved, especially for single file multithreaded upload technology. Now days, users often need to upload some large files to the server,...
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Modeling and Control of a Simulated Flight of a Mini Helicopter Using Matlab/Simulink

Mohamed Yacine Chachou, ZhiWen Liu, ZhiGuo Zhou, Abdelali Benchalal, Chemseddine Zerfaoui
In this paper, we present modeling and control of a simulated flight of a mini helicopter using matlab/simulink. First, we are interested in the analysis of dynamic modeling of helicopters. Indeed, based on the hypotheses established beforehand, we obtain some simplifications of the model for the cases...
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An Iterative Multiuser Detection/Decoding for Nonbinary LDPC Coded MC-MFSK Multiple Access Systems

Szu-Lin Su, Her-Chang Tsai
This paper studies an iterative multiuser detection and decoding for nonbinary low density parity check (LDPC) coded multicarrier M-ary frequency shift keying (MC MFSK) multiple access system to increase system spectral efficiency under specific signal-to-noise ratio. At multiuser detection side, soft...
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The Connection of Teaching and Computer to Improve the Teaching Quality

Shangwu Yang
Computer is one of tools which have the great impact on human. In fact, it was found everywhere and at all times. It shortens the distance of people and becomes a part of people’s life. It also has same great help to teaching. Computer assisted instruction (CAI) has an importance on modern teaching methods...
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A New Blind Fingerprint Alignment Algorithm used in Biometric Encryption

Xinglong Zhang, Quan Feng, Kang He
Fuzzy Vault is an effective method to ensure the security of template information. However, this is done after the alignment of the template and the sample. In this paper, an improved blind fingerprint alignment using maximum curvature points of fingerprint is proposed, which are extracted on the dense...
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Density Estimation of Unidirectional Crowds

Liang Zhang, Tao Deng, Yaling Song, Yi Fan
An improved pixel-based method is proposed in this paper aiming at density estimation for unidirectional crowds. It is a common situation that the crowd gathered facing towards the same orientation where hazardous events may be prone to occur due to high density, such as crowds gathered in front of a...
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An M2M-Based Bus Information System Design and Implementation

Juanjuan Jin, Baoqiang Jin
With the rapid development of urbanization and mechanization, the contradictions of supply-demand imbalance of urban traffic is increasingly intensifying, particularly the bus supply-demand relationship, which brings about urban problems directly and restricts the socio-economic development. In this...
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Integrated Switched Beamformer for 802.11ac application

Jhu-Jyun Jhang, Chung-Ching Lin, Ying-Lou Jiang, Jeng-Rern Yang
This paper present a fully integrated RF front-end beamformer for 802.11ac system. The principle of beam control is to use the array antenna arrangement circuit to control the phased array antenna; the antenna arrangement structure is to compensate for the distance difference caused by such a constructive...
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Railway Freight Dispatching Telephone System Based on VoIP in Wireless Networks

Jun Xiao, Feng Liu
Railway freight dispatching telephone system is a kind of railway dispatching telephone systems, providing freight coordinating communication service. It requires high transmission data rate, high interactivity and customizable service in a high mobility environment. VoIP in wireless networks is a promising...
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Disc Brake Equeal Analysis of Car

Shukui Han, Rui Guo, Yi Cai, Xubo Tian
This paper carries on automotive force when car is braking, braking force is established. The distribution of braking force is analyzed. This paper presents a method to analysis on brake equeal. A new finite element model of brake system based on surface contact was established. After contrast of the...
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Blind Identification of Photorealistic Computer Graphics Based on Fractal Dimensions

Yingda Lv, XuanJing Shen, Guofu Wan, HaiPeng Chen
The perceptual differences between photographic images and CG primarily exist in the colour and the surface texture. In this study a blind identification algorithm was proposed to identify CG, which is based on fractal dimensions. Firstly, change the image’s colour space from RGB to HSV and extract fractal...
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An Improved Outdoor Camera Calibration Method Based On EKF

Shaopo Zhu, Dong Hu
An improved outdoor camera calibration method based on Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) is proposed in this paper. GPS coordinate system is introduced to establish world coordinate system in the calibration procedure. According to the characteristics of GPS coordinate converted to plane coordinate and the...
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Study of Multi-aircraft Conflict Resolution and Algorithm Optimization Based on Genetic Algorithm

Jingjuan Zhang, Jun Wu, Tianxiao Song
In order to resolve the conflict among multiple aircrafts, a method to get the optimal route quickly and accurately based on genetic algorithm is proposed. By applying genetic algorithm, the conflict is resolved between two aircrafts as well as among multi-planes. An optimization method to accelerate...
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Face Spoofing Detection Using Local Graph Structure

Housam Khalifa Bashier, Siong Hoe Lau, Pang Ying Han, Liew Yee Ping, Chiang Mee Li
Face spoofing attack is one of the recent security traits that face recognition systems are proven to be vulnerable to. The spoofing occurs when an attacker bypass the authentication scheme by presenting a copy of the face image for a valid user. Therefore, it’s very easy to perform face recognition...
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A survey of Video Watermarking based on Motion Vector

Yan Liu, Ping Zhou
Digital watermarking is the process of embedding information into a digital signal in a way that is difficult to remove. The digital watermarking for video is an effective method to protect the video copyright. This paper introduces the basic classification of video watermarking and the basic concepts...
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Research on Returned Logistics and Its Models for Wasted Electrician Product

Qian Zhang, Zhongming Shen
Operational models for waste recycle is established based on the theory of closed loop supply chains and an analysis cast on centralized and decentralized decision making in the process of waste recycle with game theory adopted. The present situation and existing problems are subsequently discussed before...
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The Non-Line-of-Sight Channel Modelling and Analysis for Airport Surface

Fengxun Gong, Yemeng Che, Yanqiu Ma
A channel model has been established by analyzing the characteristics of the non-line-of-sight (NLOS) environment in a domestic airport surface and referencing mobile communication and air channel research. Through deducing the analytical formula of Doppler spectrum that incident angle in Gaussian distribution,...
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Investigation of 3D Modelling and Virtual Reality Systems in Malaysian Automotive Industry

Maryam Mousavi, Faieza Abdul Aziz, Napsiah Ismail
Automotive industry uses virtual reality (VR) and three-dimensional (3D) modelling at different stages like many other industries in the world. To choose the right technology for the right purpose, it is crucial to identify the existing technology used, their benefits as well as barriers. Six automotive...
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Application of Geological Modeling Technology in 110 Block of Changchunling Oilfield

Yidan Liu, Jun Xie, Ningning Meng, Weihua Li
The 110 is an ascertained but undeveloped block in Changchunling area. It is affluent in geological reserves, and has greatly development potentiality. This paper use the software of Petrel to establish three-dimensional fine modeling which include structural models, porosity models and permeability...
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A Novel Super-resolution Approach Based on Supervised Canonical Correlation Analysis

Suna Xia, Gangmin Zheng, Yuanyuan Ma, Xiaohu Ma
In this paper, we use supervised canonical correlation analysis (SCCA) method to extract features which maximize the correlation between HR and LR face images. Then Relationship Learning (RL) is used to construct the mapping relationship between the face coherent features. SCCA method comprehensively...
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Equipment for Diluting Air Pollution

Alex Nemes, Helga Kovács, Arpad B. Palotas
The quality of air we breathe determines our general health and comfort. Even though this fact is well known, people get used to the effects of the urbanized lifestyle with all its toxic implications. Air pollution includes all contaminants found in the atmosphere, which comes from – amongst others –...
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Design and Fabricate a Continuous Pork Roaster using Infrared Heating

Teerapot Wessapan, Theerapong Borirak
Roasted pork is a favorite dish in many different cultures, and countries. At present, the roasting process is highly polluting, emitting high carbon dioxide loads to atmosphere, particulate pollution that can pollute the surrounding environment. An electric roaster is just as suitable for roasting the...
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Standardization of Cluster Members Processes

Cechura Tomas, Broum Tomas, Miller Antonin, Kleinova Jana, Simon Michal
The aim of the paper is to create a methodology to support decision making for dealing with processes within a cluster. First the article focuses on a list of potentially suitable processes for a coordinated cluster approach, then the relevant process parameters are defined. The main part is to determine...
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Simvastatin Partially Prevents Bone Loss in Tail-suspended Rat:Bone Mineral Density and Histomorphometry Analysis

Faming Tian, Xinhao Fan, Lei Xing, Zhiwei Lv
Background: Skeletal unloading induces osteopenia in the loaded bones. Simvastatin, as one of the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors for lowering lipids, has been demonstrated its potential benefit in bone formation, while no study reported whether simvastatin could prevent the bone loss in unloaded bone....
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Structure of SMART Logistics Company System

Jan Spisak
SMART logistics company system - of SMART LCS, based on the philosophy of advanced process control, allows for comprehensive coordination company processes and flows. The main structure of the of SMART PLS attributes is to create a comprehensive, multi-level, enterprise logistics system, with some degree...
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The Application of Image Processing Techniques in Analysis of Cigarette Packets Surface Defects

Yongdong Qu, Banggui He, Geye Liu
In the work of the GDX2 packaging units, commonly appear the defects of BOPP heat-sealing face of the hard small box such as relaxation, wrinkles, bubbles etc. So analyzing the heat sealing defects and has become the primary task to improve the GDX2 packaging units quality. This article based on the...
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Reinforcing and Toughening Effect of Plant Fine Roots on the Soil

YunYan Zhou, Kun Xu, JianPing Chen, XiaoMei Wang
In the prevention of soil erosion, vegetation is an economical and environmentally friendly control methods, the most basic indicators of the plant protection design is solid soil function of plant roots. From the perspective of composite the fine rooted soil as a kind of special composite materials,...
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A Probabilistic Fatigue Model for Quasi-Brittle Materials

Rena C. Yu, Luis Saucedo, Gonzalo Ruiz
We aim to develop a new fatigue model valid for quasi-brittle materials like concrete, which properties have considerably larger standard deviation than metals. Having this in mind, we fit the measured strength data with a three-parameter Weibull cumulative distribution function and in turn take it as...
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A Robust Multi-objective Desirability-based Simulated Annealing for Optimization of Sustainable Supply Chain Network Strategic Design

Kannan Govindan, Ahmad Jafarian
In this article, we investigate the optimization of sustainable supply chain network (SCN) strategic design problem. The proposed SCN is composed of four echelons including plants, distribution centers, cross-docks and retailers. The problem has been mathematically formulated as a multi-objective optimization...
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Comparative Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Seed Coat Extracts from Caesalpinia Pulcherrima and Delonix Regia

Wancheng Sittikijyothin, Wasana Sasein, Patcharaporn Rumpai, Duangrudee Cherdwongcharoensuk
Caesalpinia pulcherrima and Delonix regia are generally grown in Thailand and used in traditional medicine having medicinal therapeutic effects. The antioxidant ability of seed extract has been presented by few investigators whereas no data has been reported the different antioxidant activity between...
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The Application of RFID in Warehouse Management

Hui Tan
The paper emphasizes how to set up and operate the RFID in the warehouse work of storage, shelves, transfer, tray adjustment, sorting, delivery and inventory process, particularly introduces the information interaction and seamless docking between the RFID background application system and warehouse...
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Statistical Analysis on the Publishing Indices of Books,Newspapers and Magazines in China

Xiaofeng Zhu, Xidan Yang, Shuyang Zhang
First the authors through understand the opportunities and challenges which the publishing industry faced in the development in China, determine printed sheets of the books, newspapers and magazines is one of the important Indices. Then use statistical analysis method of hierarchy analysis and regression...
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Social Computing Empowered Cloud Service on Quantitative Investment

Li Zhang, Peng Chen, Jun'e Liu, Qian Li
The quantitative investment achieves investment philosophy with the help from mathematical model, implements a trading strategy with program. The rapid development of the securities industry has changed the quality of the investor. Investment approach with a combination of means of information technology...
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The Research on Planning the Containers’ Concentration and Untwining for Container Storage Station of Port Enterprise

Ting He, Xiaohong Dong, Hanchuan Xu
Aiming at improving the service production efficiency and service level of port enterprises effectively, a planning and optimization model with the characteristics of multi-objective and discrete value domain is developed for the containers’ concentration and untwining between container storage station...
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Simulation Study on the Flow Field of Muffler Array in Air-cooling Platform Based on Porous Media Model

Peng Xie, Bin Zhang, XiaoKuan Lee, ZhongXu Kang
Porous medium theory is introduced to simplify the muffler array installed in air- cooling platform in this paper. According to the definition of porous medium, the discussion and analysis on geometric structure and flow field characteristics of muffler array show that, the using of porous medium equivalent...
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Design of Double-Precision Floating-Point Division and Square Root Based on SRT Algorithm

Jiyang Chen, Yuanxi Peng, Yuanwu Lei, Ziye Deng
In the process of scientific computing, digital signals processing, communication and image processing, division and square root are the widely used basic operation. This article designs a unit of floating-point division and square root based on SRT4 algorithm. It reduces the iterative division and square...
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Performance Analysis of Directional Cooperative Communication System

R.L. Tan
For specific military use of the environment, this paper study the performance change of the system used directional antennas and exploratory study the power optimization based on the symbol error rate(SER) under amplify-and-forward protocol (AF). Firstly, cooperative communication system model based...
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Remote Management and Maintenance System Based on LPC2292 for the Vehicles

Z.-Q. Li
In this thesis we proposed a solution of the remote management and monitoring system for the vehicles, accounting the actual demands of the CAPF. This system is based on the advanced technology of domestic and foreign vehicle monitoring systems. The fault collection terminal is an embedded system based...
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Study on the Strategy of Acceleration Factor in Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Zhe Li, Peng Bai, R.-L. Tan, Y.-B. Shang, J.-J. Wang
Concerning the problem of Particle swarm optimization for solving complex multimodal function could easily fall into premature convergence, this paper proposed an algorithm of dynamically changing acceleration factor particle swarm optimization (CAPSO). According to the motion characteristics of the...
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The Resource Allocation Algorithm of LTE Systems Based on Proportional Fair Particle Swarm

Yunxiao Zu, Jing Gao, Jingbo Guo, Lin Shao
Resource scheduling technology is an important part of radio resource management. The resource allocation for real-time traffic in LTE systems is studied in this paper. The system model is established based on margin adaptive criterion. The proportional fair criterion is added to the particle swarm algorithm,...
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Design and Implementation of Automatic Marking System for Programming Questions Based on Script Technique

Yali Liu, Wenyan Chai, Xiurong Li, Xiaoxing Chu
After analyzing current status of automatic marking methods for programming questions, a novel script-based approach was proposed for designing marking rule. This paper studied the design and implementation of an automatic marking system. The system marks console programs written in a plurality of programming...
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A Method for Satisfaction Degree Decision Making with Preference Information on Criteria Weight Obtaining by Consistency Degree of Security Chip Design

Tao Chen, Xingguo Luo, Wei Li, Jiaxiang Gu, Ninglong Zhu
In order to solve the problem of traditional security chip architecture design totally depending on the subjective experience decision, as while as overcoming the compatibility of multi-attribute decision completely ignored the degree of subjective experience, a method for satisfaction degree decision...
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Research and Application of Communication between Siemens TDC and PLC based on DP

Xiao-huai Ren, Fei Zhang, Jing Li
PLC always need to share in-out data each other on production control process. DP Net is widely applied at the advantage of simple structure, high and stable transmission speed. This article take the testing warm rolling mill for an example, introduce the PROFIBUS-DP communication between SIMATIC TDC...
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Sumo Robot Research

Zhiquan Miao
In recent years, with of robot technology progress and robot science activities, robot technology obtained fast development. Now robot technology has been widely applied to measure, monitor, industrial control, diagnosis, scientific experiments each domain. The system USES the Atmega128 single-chip Atmel...