Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Computer, Communications and Information Technology

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A Novel Super-resolution Approach Based on Supervised Canonical Correlation Analysis

Suna Xia, Gangmin Zheng, Yuanyuan Ma, Xiaohu Ma
In this paper, we use supervised canonical correlation analysis (SCCA) method to extract features which maximize the correlation between HR and LR face images. Then Relationship Learning (RL) is used to construct the mapping relationship between the face coherent features. SCCA method comprehensively...

Equipment for Diluting Air Pollution

Alex Nemes, Helga Kovács, Arpad B. Palotas
The quality of air we breathe determines our general health and comfort. Even though this fact is well known, people get used to the effects of the urbanized lifestyle with all its toxic implications. Air pollution includes all contaminants found in the atmosphere, which comes from – amongst others –...

Simvastatin Partially Prevents Bone Loss in Tail-suspended Rat:Bone Mineral Density and Histomorphometry Analysis

Faming Tian, Xinhao Fan, Lei Xing, Zhiwei Lv
Background: Skeletal unloading induces osteopenia in the loaded bones. Simvastatin, as one of the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors for lowering lipids, has been demonstrated its potential benefit in bone formation, while no study reported whether simvastatin could prevent the bone loss in unloaded bone....

Design of Double-Precision Floating-Point Division and Square Root Based on SRT Algorithm

Jiyang Chen, Yuanxi Peng, Yuanwu Lei, Ziye Deng
In the process of scientific computing, digital signals processing, communication and image processing, division and square root are the widely used basic operation. This article designs a unit of floating-point division and square root based on SRT4 algorithm. It reduces the iterative division and square...

Design and Implementation of Automatic Marking System for Programming Questions Based on Script Technique

Yali Liu, Wenyan Chai, Xiurong Li, Xiaoxing Chu
After analyzing current status of automatic marking methods for programming questions, a novel script-based approach was proposed for designing marking rule. This paper studied the design and implementation of an automatic marking system. The system marks console programs written in a plurality of programming...

Research and Implementation of Bytecode Instruction Folding on Java Card

Tianhua Liu, Dawei Zhang, Yichen Jiang
How to improve the run speed of the interpreter on Java Card with limited resources is an important issue. An optimized instruction folding algorithm is given in this paper. At first, the optimization scheme based on off-card and on-card virtual machine is given. The optimized instruction roles model...