Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Computer, Communications and Information Technology

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A Dynamic Multimodal Differential Evolution Algorithm

XiaoGang Dong, Qing Xie, Lin Ke
Differential evolution algorithm in solving complex function optimization problems, the problems of convergence rate and precision is not high. At the same time, there is a big difference in the performance of evolutionary algorithms for solving the different types of optimization problems. To solve...
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Research of Defogging base on Wavelet Transforms

Ning Nie, SiJiu Wu, WeiDong Cheng
This paper are compared several common methods of single image defogging. And this paper introduced a improving fast defogging method of wavelet decomposition based on the dark color prior. The results prove that this method can effectively improve dark color prior. The defogged image is more colorful....
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Edge-Preserving Decompositions for Multi-Scale with Adaptive TV

Zhiqiang Cui, Zhixun Su
Digital image processing has received widespread attention in recent years, multi-scale image decomposition has been extensively studied. Many recent computational photography techniques decompose an image into a smooth base layer, and a residual detail layer. In many applications, it is important to...
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Research and Implementation of Bytecode Instruction Folding on Java Card

Tianhua Liu, Dawei Zhang, Yichen Jiang
How to improve the run speed of the interpreter on Java Card with limited resources is an important issue. An optimized instruction folding algorithm is given in this paper. At first, the optimization scheme based on off-card and on-card virtual machine is given. The optimized instruction roles model...
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Research on Trusted Application Environment base on PTM

Tianhua Liu, Dawei Zhang, Yichen Jiang
Trusted Computing leverages Trusted Platform Module (TPM) as the root of trust to build secure computing environment so as to improve the security of terminals. But there are some security problems of user roaming and migration of sealed data because of binding between platforms and TPMs. Users oriented...
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The Design and Implementation of Software Testing System

Wen Jiang, Ming Zheng, Hua Li
Testing and evaluation of software is an key work in the software development process. This article introduces a powerful Software Testing System from the practical point of view. This system can create the test routes and replenish test items automatically after users set relevant parameters as they...