Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Culture, Design and Social Development (CDSD 2022)

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Mohd Fauzi bin Sedon M. Dom, Peter Thomas Zabielskis, Xudong Liu, Xiao Liu
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The Evolution of the Concept of “The Kingdom of Fans” in the Chinese Context

Meihuan Zhao
The phenomenon of fandom has had a huge impact in China, and it has aroused huge social attention. Fans tearing at each other and scolding each other, stepping on and leading to war, and constantly touching the legal bottom line and other chaos have led to their frequent domination of the hot search...
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Research on the Practice and Future Trend of Interior Design Based on the Background of Smart Home

Jingjin Liu, Changxin Chen
In the age of intelligence, people put forward more comprehensive requirements for human living environment and space design, thus smart home design was born. The integration of smart home and interior design has become an important trend in the design industry, and as a new design concept for home environment,...
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Reutilization of Idle Space in Village Under Light Intervention Theory

Jin Xia, Mei-Feng Mo
As urbanization develops since the 21st century and China has always focused on city construction, the gap between rural construction and city construction gradually enlarges, and rural structure is also changed. First, as human society develops at a high speed, some traditional lifestyles and methods...
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Research on University Participatory Landscape Environmental Behavior Patterns

Jin Xia, Yu-Meng Xie
By analyzing the environmental behavior of green spaces between the academic buildings of Xiamen University of Technology, this study finds problems in the university landscape environment including unclear spatial function, incomplete recreational facilities, low spatial utilization, lack of interaction...
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Research on the Artistic Derivation and Inheritance of Dunhuang’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Under the Influence of IP

Chenliang Wang
The author knew before that the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage (referred to as “intangible cultural heritage” in the main text) is very difficult, and now when I see Dunhuang, I feel its charm and then deeply understand the difficulties of intangible cultural heritage inheritance. The protection...
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Research on Service Design on the Basis of Huafu Experience

Yu Qian
By utilizing the service design as the predominant core, this paper conducted a detailed analysis of the relevant concepts of the Huafu experience, as well as two examples of “Yungang” and “The Return of Millennium Tang Music” of the HEMU brand show. At the same time, it has been pointed out that the...
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Management of Universities in Shanghai During the New Crown Epidemic from the Perspective of Differential Mode of Association

Yuechun Wang
The global epidemic has entered its fourth round since the Wuhan outbreak of a new coronavirus pneumonia at the end of 2019, and compared to the prior three rounds, the current Omicron strain is more contagious and spreading more quickly. How are local governments managing outbreak prevention and control...
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Research on the Effectiveness of Yue Opera Communication in Zhejiang Youth in the New Media Era

Yichi Liu
In recent years, Yue Opera has gradually faded from people’s view. As one of the first Chinese operas to be included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List, Yue Opera is known or heard by less and less of the younger generation. For the message to reach the crowd, the communication media is an important...
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Exploring the Visual Image Design of Urban Tourism Brands in the Internet Environment

Xuanyu Tao
How to analyse urban tourism brand visual identity design solutions in the context of the Internet environment. It is possible to analyse the new needs of urban tourism brand visual identity design in the Internet era from the perspective of brand image design background, relevant theories, design principles,...
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An Analysis of the Causes of Test Anxiety in Secondary School and University Students

Wendi Yang
In recent years, test anxiety has become one of the main subjects of research in the field of education. Test anxiety is a common psychological phenomenon during students’ growth and development. Therefore, this paper aims to prevent the negative effects of test anxiety at its root by examining the causes...
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The Way to Help Chinese Bullied Children?

The Study of Kiva Anti-bully Program in China from Cross-Country Comparisons

Yue Jiang
In recent year, school bullying has been one of the most concerning issues in school management and has severe impact on the mental health of students, but Chinese schools do not have a systematic project regarding to it. Kiva as one of the most successful bullying intervention project in western courtiers...
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Internalism Versus Externalism

Jie Zhang
In the debate of internalism versus externalism, a bare majority of philosophers characterize themselves as externalists. This paper illustrates the debate and I present a variety of thought experiments and cases in terms of the philosophy of language and epistemology.
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Research on the Tiles with Patterns of Dunhuang Mogao Cave Art, China

Yifei Chen
Since the Han and Jin dynasties, when Buddhism flourished, people believed in the present life and even more so in the afterlife, and thus there were many prestigious families who built large numbers of burial plots, and a large number of tiles with patterns were a product of the reverence for thick...
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A Study of Teaching Decisions of Yangqin Teachers Based on Educational Requirements

Chulan Xue, Ruicong Ma, Zongchen Hou
The Yangqin was introduced to China in the late Ming Dynasty, initially popular in the coastal area of Guangdong and then gradually spread to the mainland. Through the continuous improvement of successive generations of artists, it gradually evolved into a characteristic national musical instrument in...
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Analysis of the Impact of Family Communication Styles on College Students’ Academic Performance Based on Satya’s Iceberg Theory

Hanjing Chen
Parents’ rearing style has a significant impact on children’s growth, and communication is the most basic parenting style between parents and children, and the results of communication often implicitly influence children’s behavior and thoughts. This paper adopts the method of literature reading analysis,...
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The Influence of Dunhuang Frescoes on Chinese-Style Animation, from the Representation of Plastic Art, Cultural Core to Digital Transmission—A Case Study of ‘Nine-Coloured Deer’

Yuzhe Dong, Yichen Lyu, Yi Tian
The development of Chinese-inspired animation cannot be achieved without drawing on outstanding traditional art, and Dunhuang frescoes are a representative example of outstanding traditional Chinese painting. In this article, we take the classic Chinese animation film ‘The Nine-Coloured Deer’, which...
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Exploration of the Inheritance of Dunhuang Intangible Cultural Heritage Through Mr. Du Yongwei’s Artistic Path

Sculpture Life with Faith

Xiaoran Liang
Based on the life experience of Mr. Du Yongwei, the provincial inheritor of Dunhuang colored sculpture making skills, and the artistic path of inheriting intangible cultural heritage, the article points out the pain and difficulties of intangible cultural heritage inheritance from the perspective of...
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The Regeneration Research on the Intervention of Digital Design into Dunhuang Flying Apsaras

Wen Zhang, Xuguang Zhu
The unique image of the Dunhuang Flying Apsaras, characterized by flying figures with elegant and light bodies, enjoys public popularity. With the development of digitization, the image of the Flying Apsaras has gradually transformed from the traditional native to digital regeneration and the elements...
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Exclusive Protective Study of Programs Based on Computer Fundamentals

Fan Ming, Deqing Hu, Qi Xie
In recent years, due to the booming development of computer industry and communication industry, the application of computer has been deeply penetrated in all walks of life, including people’s daily life and industrial production applications. And computer programs, as the core of computer productivity,...
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Empowering the “Stall Economy”

A Case Study of an Urban Village in Guangzhou, China

Jialing Xie
China has suffered significant economic losses because to the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly for the marginalised “country population living in metropolitan areas.” In light of this, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made a public appeal for the promotion of street vendors as a fresh approach to revitalising...
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New Media Marketing Strategy Optimization Study

Jiayuan Lyu, Taiwen Zhang, Caoyang Kang, Lin Yan, Yike Wang, Xiaofei Wu, Yushuang Lou, Suwan Song
The emergence of new communication channels, including microblogs, WeChat, brief videos, and live streaming, has been accompanied by the ongoing innovation of Internet technology and has given users more diverse information access medium. The widespread use of new media has prompted new demands for business...
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Research on Hybrid Teaching of Curriculums Based on the ADDIE Model

Yating Liu, Lingyan Fan
To introduce the hybrid teaching model based on the ADDIE model into the teaching of design visualization and explore its application effect, taking students of 2020 majoring in environmental design as the experimental group and students of 2019 as the control group, a two-year teaching practice research...
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Research on the Hobson’s Choice Effect in Games

Jiasen Ding
Nowadays, games usually provide a lot of options for players. Players can choose the way that they like to play games. However, some dominant strategies in games may break the game balance. The dominant strategy may become the only option for players even though there are other options. In addition,...
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The Path of Community Construction for Resolving Social Contradictions and Disputes: Based on the Investigation of Ningbo

Ting Zhang, Libin Zhang
In the new era, the main social contradiction in our country has been transformed, and social conflicts and disputes have become more frequent, prone, and complex. Promoting the Peaceful China Initiative and social governance innovation as well as the multi-layered nature of the people’s aspirations...
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Research on the Method of Integrating Traditional Regional Culture into Modern Architectural Planning and Design

Yan Cao, Zhao Yang
With the increasing emphasis and protection of traditional culture in China, how to embody traditional culture in architectural planning and design has become an important topic in the field of architectural design. Taking the design of a block in the ancient city of Dali as an example, this paper explores...
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The Development and Research of Wearable Water Life-Saving Products

Yang Bai, Jixiao Zhang
As recent years have witnessed the increase in people’s safety awareness in water activities and the rapid development of wearable devices, the combination of water life-saving equipment and wearable devices has represented the general trend. Therefore, in this paper, the development status of water...
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Strategy Research on Improving College Students’ Innovative Literacy Under the Concept of High-Quality Development

Linlin Gong
Director General Wu Yan delivered a report on “Deepening New Educational Reform, Creating New Forms and Improving new quality” at the 2022 National Higher Education Directors’ Meeting. The report points out that we should pay attention to the cultivation of innovative compound talents, and promote the...
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Exploration and Construction of Evaluation System for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Course Construction in Colleges and Universities

Yujing Ma
Under the background of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”, Chinese colleges and universities have carried out innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students, innovation and entrepreneurship education not only conforms to the development trend of the times, but also meets the needs...
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Research on Interactive Interface Design of Mobile Games

Zeqin Li
With the development of technology and technological updates, mobile phones have become more and more powerful, which has provided a strong guarantee for the flourishing of mobile games. The convenience and social nature of mobile gaming have led to more and more people getting into it, making it one...
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Durkheim and Weber on the Sociological Beliefs and Practices of Religion

Yitong Ge
Sociological history describes religion as a combined set of beliefs together with practices that human use to shape their actions in life. Essentially, holding the same belief can bind people together and identify them as belonging to a particular group. Over the past decades, sociologists have dedicated...
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Measures for Excessive Application of Gift Packaging Design Materials

Lin Liu, Ai Wang
The traditional folk customs of gift and exchange have been continued since ancient times. Due to the wealth of living standards and products, the consumption of presents has steadily become a “luxury,” and the excessive use of materials in gift packaging design has become the primary source of trash...
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Thoughts on Ethics in the Development of an Internet Medical Service System for Vulnerable Population

Huiyu Wang, Jiacheng Yan, Yuxuan Yang, Xu Han, Yihan Sun, Jiajia Song
The development of Internet medicine as a new medical treatment is highly valued around the world. Internet healthcare is mainly used in the United States, followed by countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region. More than 60% of US residents communicate with their doctors...
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Design Path of Tourism Cultural and Creative Products Based on Han Embroidery

Chengjun Zhou, Ruowei Li
As a cultural consumption, tourism cultural and creative products would not only boost the increased economic effect, but also the integration of practical value and cultural value. The paper aims at exploring the innovative thinking and design method combined with Han embroidery and the tourism cultural...
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Application of Transference in Cigarette Case Sleeve Design - Exampled by Yuxi

Minghai Sun, Zhiqi Zhu
The current domestic flexible packaged cigarette design suffers from serious homogenization, the popularity of packaging patterns and styles, the lack of protection for cigarettes, the lack of attraction to young consumers, and so on. Therefore, it requires introducing the design of a flexible packaged...
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Application of Fit Concept in Cosmetic Packaging Design Take Lin Qingxuan as an Example

Minghai Sun, Xueting Du
This paper analyzes the current situation of cosmetics packaging design and expounds the concept and principle of fit packaging. The fit concept is applied in Lin Qingxuan skincare packaging, and the structure, concept and pattern are applied in Lin Qingxuan skincare packaging to enhance the brand value,...
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Research on Copyright and Innovation of Wutong Peasant Paintings

Tong Wu, Haihong Qin, Qiongying Su, Xiaowen Gu, Lixin Liu, Shang Gao
Research shows that with the rising demand for cultural consumption, the supply and demand on the content side of the cultural industry is increasing, and the copyright development of calligraphy and painting has become more and more hot. Finding new forms of application in historical art is more conducive...
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Motivation of University Students to Participate in Sports Club Activities Based on Structural Equation Model

Xiqiu Liu
Taking 1050 college students from 5 universities in Hengyang city as the research object, based on self-efficacy theory and social ecological model, using structural equation model analysis method, this paper discusses the influencing factors of college students’ participation in extracurricular sports...
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Research on the Protection and Practice of Traditional Villages Under the Background of Folk Culture

Pengye Liu
Traditional villages have rich history and folk culture, which is the essence and crystallization of national culture. This paper discusses the “folk culture” of Shanxi Province, extends the research object to traditional villages, from three aspects of material folk culture, living folk culture and...
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Design Your Rules-A Roguelike Designe

Shaochong Yan
For a roguelike game, the characteristics of the turn system, permanent death, randomness, and so on are the keys to the success of this kind of game design. However, for most roguelike games, designers focus on the characters or enemies, improve the game experience of players through a variety of gains...
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Research on the Innovation of the Path to Strengthen the Ideological and Political Education Work of Returned Students in Universities in the Post-epidemic Era

Fanlin Kong
In the post-epidemic era, the sharp contrast between the situation of epidemic prevention at home and abroad makes the number of returned students in colleges and universities gradually increase. At present, in view of the ideological characteristics of the returned students in colleges and universities...
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Research on Dynamics and Hot Spots of Film and Television Animation in the Past Ten Years

Citespace-Based Information Visualization

Shuting Zhao
To further locate the dynamics and development direction of film and television animation creation and theoretical research, this paper, turning to the visualization analysis of CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure) and CiteSpace, the number of documents published in authoritative journals as...
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Research on Smart Education Model for College English Teaching

Jiuju Ren
Following the concept of the integration of modern information technology and curriculum teaching, this research aims to build a smart education model for college English teaching which can better facilitate students’ acquisition of language knowledge, development of language skills, enhancement of self-learning...
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On the Measures and Effects of Combining Moral and Technical Education in Vocational Colleges

Peng Wang
The report of the 20th CPC National Congress clearly pointed out that we should comprehensively implement the educational policy of the party, implement the fundamental task of cultivating people by building moral character, train socialist builders and successors morally, intellectually, physically...
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Research on the Evolution of Mobile Game UIs

Shihao Xu
Thanks to the increase of mobile terminal devices, mobile games have gradually become an important part of human life. People use games to please themselves or kill time. The user interface of excellent games can attract users or make it easier for users to immerse in them. By studying the changes in...
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Yangzhou Artistry in the Techniques of Landscape Construction in Jiangsu Province, China

Min Liu, Xiaomei Song, Mengzou Cao, Xiaoping Ma, Xuquan Fan
Yangzhou’s landscapes and their unique construction artistry are symbols of the city’s cultural heritage and form an important part of classical landscapes in Jiangsu Province, East China and Chinese canal history more broadly. Historically, Yangzhou traditional landscape construction techniques, which...
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The Importance of National Cultural Spirit in the Creation of Chinese Folk Dance

Hui Jing
National culture and spirit are considered the morale of the Chinese people of all nationalities, the behavioral standards of specific limitations, and the foundation of the Chinese traditional folk dance. It is widely acknowledged that the national culture spirit is crucial for the creation of Chinese...
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A Summary of Research on Flow Theory Based Interactive Mobile Advertising Design

Qiduan Chen, Xiaojun Tang
The digital age has seen interactive mobile advertising in abundance that centers on user experience. The flow theory, as is the study of psychology, can be an inspiration for knowledge about the user experience. This paper, with a review of the research development of flow theory and interactive mobile...
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A Qualitative Study on the Cultural Adaptation of Chinese Students Studying in Japan

Wenyan Cui
The study explores the features of the cultural adaptation of Chinese students studying in Japan with qualitative methods and analyze in detail how the study participant acquired intercultural skills while adapting herself to Japanese culture through a case study. From the study, it can be seen that...
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Digitization of Museum Curation Through Incorporating Virtual Reality Technology

Xiaoxue Cheng, Mingrui Gao, Xuefei Zhang, Meijie Lyu, Ying Xu
Virtual reality technology has grown increasingly valuable as a result of the wave of digitization and the arrival of the information era, and it is highly regarded by people from all walks of life. Along with the social economy of the nation expanding quickly, socialist spiritual culture is also progressing...
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An Ethical Discussion of Conservation and Restoration of Artwork at the Dunhuang Caves

Chenye Zhang
This essay will examine the ethical issues associated with art conservation and restoration and demonstrate that the application of comprehensive guidelines and rules are able to effectively address those ethical questions. Using the Dunhuang Cave Temples as a case study, this question will be explored...
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Research on the Application of Origami Structures in Interactive Product Design

Jiayuan Lyu, Taiwen Zhang
Origami plays an important role in both art and science. In the art field, the inherent geometric beauty of origami increases the artistry of many art works. In the scientific field, its powerful and unique structural characteristics solve many physical challenges. However, the geometric artistry and...
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Research on the Reference of Traditional Ink Painting Elements in Chinese Watercolor Painting

Ge Chen
In today's art landscape, only some painting types can maintain their original state without absorbing other painting languages and exist alone. The commonality and mutual integration of different types of paintings make each easel painting absorb and learn from each other, presenting an eclectic...
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A Review of Survival Analysis Theory and Its Application

Yulu Liu
Marshall McLuhan, a famous Canadian communication scientist, has proposed a far-reaching view of media: media and information. Emphasizing that the media itself is the truly meaningful information, the basic driving force for social development, and the symbol to distinguish between different social...
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The Marketing Plan of Campus Woodwork Course with the Background of “Double Reduction” Policy

Shuangshuang Xu, Huixian Qin, Ziming Xie, Jitao Zhu, Fengmei Qin
With the “double reduction” policy carrying out, the number and scale of tutoring institutions have decreased, parents have paid more attention to the cultivation of all-round education, and universities have begun to pay attention to students' quality education, opening quality education courses...
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Research on Current Situation of Combating Desertification in China

Yinche Xu
As land desertification has intensified in recent years, natural disasters occur in China more and more frequently, such as land storms and the mud-rock flow. These disasters not only affect air quality but threaten the lives and property of many people. By analyzing the current situation for desertification...
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Research on Smart Community Aging-in-Place Service Model

Jian Dong, Yintong Guo, Jianru Xie
Aging, low birthrate and the empty nest have been increasingly evident as our population aging has deepened. PEST analysis shows that the smart community aging-in-place service model, which integrates internet and Internet of things technologies with traditional old-age care services, can better meet...
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Material Application and Structural Features in the Design of Sales Packaging

Lin Liu, Xinyi Cheng
The purpose of this paper is to study the material application and structural features of sales packaging design. This paper analyzes and interprets the principles of sales packaging container design, packaging structure design, material application and other aspects from multiple aspects. Combined with...
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Analysis of Gentrification in London Based on Consumption and Production

Jiaqing Wang
Broadly speaking, there are two theories to explain gentrification. Among them, one is driven by Neil Smith's theory of production, the other is David Ley's theory of consumption. This article aims to argue that these two theories of gentrification can help understand the changes that have...
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Research on Improved Design of Bus Stops in Xiamen

Zhaohong Qin, Nan Li, Xiacheng Song
The design of bus stops can be vital for urban image building and the happiness of citizens. Xiamen, a city with various combinations of public transport preferred by a large number of people, was studied in this paper. To be specific, the advantages and existing problems of the guide system of the bus...
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Research on Intelligent Classroom Teaching of Film and Television Animation Course

Yan Zhao, Jing Zhao
This article through the organic integration of intelligent classroom and Chaoxing online teaching platform, respectively from the “teachers, intelligent classroom and network platform, students” three dimensions and “before class, in class, after class” three stages, the film and television animation...
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Study on the Performance of Regional Characteristic Visual Element in Packaging Design

Ruiyu Li
Regional visual elements contains the unique historical and cultural atmosphere and regional feelings, can reflect the different regional cultural form and exotic customs, through the representative significance and typical regional visual elements to understand its profound local characteristics, as...
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Visual Design of Old Communities in the Context of Scene Theory – A Case Study of W Community in Wuhan

Zhengcong Wei, Meng Chen
The article introduces the concept and method of scene theory, and explores the feasibility of introducing scene theory into the visual design of old communities in Wuhan on the basis of analyzing the current situation of visual design of old communities, and provides a new thinking framework and method...
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Violence in the Media is Helpful - Does It Lessen Violence in the Audience?

Zengyu Si
There have been many debates over violent scenes for a long time. This paper’s primary goal is to provide evidence for why violent scenes should not be summarily eliminated by examining their value to the media, as well as the factors that have led to their continued popularity among audiences. Both...
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Age-Friendly City New Nursing Spaces for the Elderly

Xiaofei Wu
The social and geographical profiles of cities are altering as a result of significant aging processes. Significant ageing processes are changing the social and spatial profile of cities. This project analyses the present situation and the profound influence of the social isolation of the elderly. In...
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Research on the Development of Characteristic Work of University Library

Lihong Li
Through the research on the development of the characteristic work of university library, this paper seeks the way of university library’s self-growth in order to adapt to the development of the Contemporary Society and serve the Contemporary Society. Through understanding the opportunity and challenge...
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Research on the Development of Special Cultural Industries in the Context of Belt and Road: Taking Hebei Province as an Example

Xinqing Li
The “Belt and Road” strategy has effectively promoted the synergistic development of the economies of China and the countries acting in response to the policy. Specifically, the Province of Hebei is rich in historical evidence, cultural diversity, and cultural resources. In the context of the Belt and...
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3D Printing Technology and Sustainable Design

Taiwen Zhang, Jiayuan Lyu
3D printing technology, or additive manufacturing, offers significant advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques in terms of weight reduction, energy consumption, material utilization, and customization as well as sustainability. Notably, sustainable 3D printing methods have become crucial...
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Smart Water Applications in Drinking Water Distribution Systems: A Review

Yingfei Zhang
As the basic substance in our bodies, drinking water is facing an intensive environment ever due to complicated reasons like climate change, urbanization, and epidemic diseases. Frequent water scarcity, contamination, and leakage urgently demand a deeper understanding and better management of drinking...
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Discussion on the Application of Virtual Technology in Museum Display Design

Qiduan Chen, Ying Liu
In recent years, more and more technologies have been introduced into museums, bringing new opportunities and challenges to museums’ study and research. In the context of the digital age, the use of virtual reality and other emerging technologies to innovate the exhibition design of the museum can bring...
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Research on Packaging Design Based on Value Theory of Cognitive Psychology

Minghai Sun, Yueheng Yang
To apply the value theory of cognitive psychology in packaging design to find strategies for improving the identifiable of packaging design and the effectiveness of user decode, based on the reflection of the phenomenon that packaging design tends to be homogenized under the fast-paced consumption mode....
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Analysis of Landscape Cultural Characteristics of Historic District of Tianjin Fifth Avenue

Menghan Liu, Xueliang Ma
The Fifth Avenue is the most famous historical and cultural protection block in Tianjin. It is well known to the public because of its unique exotic spatial form, diverse architectural styles and special social and cultural background. It has become an important window to show the multi-cultural integration...
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Police Discretion: A Power that Can Be Abused and Should Be Regulated

Wang Yao
Under the authorization of the law, police officers have a high degree of discretionary power in their work. However, in practice, police discretion has overly broad coverage and is susceptible to abuse. Such abuse occurs throughout various situations including investigation, prosecution, and disposition...