Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Computer Engineering and Information Systems

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The Research on BPNN-AdaBoost Model to Identify Web Servers

Zhen Huang, Chun-He Xia, Xiao Lu
In this paper, the BPNN-AdaBoost model is used for identification of Web servers to avoid the recognition of Web servers depending on banner information, reduce the cost of being maintained the feature library, and improve the accurate identification of Web servers. Through the model to identify Web...
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Design of Temperature Acquisition System Based on STC89C52RC Single-Chip Microcomputer

Yu-Ping Su, Ning Cai
The temperature is an important physical quantity that is closely related to daily production and life. We need extract temperature information on many occasions. Temperature acquisition system based on signal chip machine, temperature sensor, serial communication and VB knowledge is designed in the...
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A Method for Simulating DOR Signal

Yong-Biao Shi, Wei-Min Zheng, Li Tong, Yin Yu
The delta-differential one-way ranging (Delta-DOR) technology is proposed as the higher accuracy method used in the deep-space probes for VLBI observation. The accuracy of about 2 nrad in Ka band was achieved in the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), 2005. However, only a few researches have studied...
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Improving Performance in Hadoop Using Automatic and Predictive Configuration

Juan Fang, Hao Sun, Li-Fu Zhou, Xing-Tian Ren, Min Cai
MapReduce is an effective programming model for analyzing large-scale data. Hadoop-a distributed processing system is widely used nowadays. Improving the task parallelism can be a key point to improve the MapReduce performance in Hadoop. In this paper, we address the problem in two ways. On the one hand...
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Process Design of Standardization Data for China 4PL Capital Management and Calculation Algorithm

Yan Zhang, Zhong-Hu Yuan
As problems of both low level informatization and intensification exist in China's TPL industry, a key way to improve logistics level should be the TPL increased informatiztion level. The author proposes the building of a 4PL platform based on the real needs of most TPL enterprises, which will benefit...
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A New Interpolation-Based Super-Resolution Algorithm by the Cubic Spline Interpolation for Edge Pixels and Iterative Update Method

Chun-Jiang Duanmu, Di Zhao
Since the interpolation-based image super-resolution algorithms can be executed very fast, it is the research focus of this paper. However, in the traditional interpolation-based super-resolution algorithms, the image edges are usually blurred and the quality of the reconstructed image is not satisfied....
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Coverage-enhancing Algorithm Based on Priority in WMSN

Zhe-Yuan Xiong, Luo-Na Nie, Jiang-Shan Zhang, Xiao-Min Xiong
Coverage area and network lifetime are major problems in wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSN). In order to optimize the network coverage and maximize the network's lifetime, we propose a coverage-enhancing algorithm based on sensors' priority. To increase the lifetime of the network, the density...
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A Low Power Consumption Cryptography Algorithm Research for Wireless Sensor Networks

Lei Peng, Ying Xiao
For the LEACH protocol during the process of cluster formation, only consider node its own communication cost disadvantage and security issues, through the analysis of the optimization design issues of single nodes and the network whole level of WSNs, a kind of security technology put forward to the...
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Efficient Reading Method of a Single Binary Pulse Curve

Si-Yan Wang, Zhao-Xue Chen
This paper presents an efficient way to read a single binary pulse curve, which can be used to process paper pulse graphs to achieve the digitized form. For a single binary pulse curve, the single-valued pulse curve data can be obtained by the special designed reading algorithm for a multi-valued curve,...
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Short Term Load Forecasting Using Core Vector Regression Trained with Particle Swarm Optimization

Xin Sun, Xin Zhang
Short term load forecasting is very essential to the operation of electricity companies. In this paper, we propose a new method for short term load forecasting trained by PSO and Core Vector Regression (CVR). The CVR algorithm extend Core Vector Machine algorithm to the regression setting by generalizing...
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Research of Clustering Model of Network Public Sentiment based on Suffix Array

Liang Hu
According to the characteristics of the network public sentiment in Chinese colleges and universities, a clustering model of network public sentiment is proposed. This paper extracts the keywords from the network text based on suffix array algorithm, combines with the principle of locality and clustering...
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Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Thymol Release from PVA-based Antibacterial Film under Different Temperature

Xian-Tao Zhang, Meng-Ya Li, Xiu-Ling Huang
The release precess and mechanism of thymol from PVA/thymol system is studied based on molecular dynamic simulation under different temperature conditions. PVA/ thymol model of polymer was studied by Molecular dynamics simulation and PVA as the research matrix, then add some necessary antibacterial (thymol)....
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Fuzzy Bernstein Type Inequalities

Chun-Gou Zhang, Chun-Juan Yang
It is well known that Bernstein type inequalities play as an important role in analysis mathematics and some other areas, and which have been studied extensively and used widely. In this paper, we intend to extend these inequalities to fuzzy mathematics, namely establish fuzzy Bernstein type inequalities.
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Non-Fragile Filtering Control Based on Output Feedback for Uncertain Linear Systems with Pole Constraints

Jian-Dong Yang, Wei Huang, Xin-Yu Meng, Ming Ni, Fei Tao
For a class of linear systems with parametric uncertainties, we studied the design of the systems' robust and non-fragile filtering systems with closed-loop regional pole constraints, and proposed a design method for non-fragile filtering systems based on output feedback. The resulting closed-loop system...
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Calibration of Iris Radius in Single Camera and Single Light Gaze Tracking System

Lin-Na Liu, Xiao-Cui Zhang, Jing-Yao Hu, Yong-Yue Xing, Jian-Nan Chi
In a single camera single source gaze tracking system, if we can accurately estimate the 3-D coordinates of the iris center and the center of corneal surface curvature, we can reconstruct 3-D gaze direction. A novel method is proposed in this paper, different from other gaze tracking systems, the user...
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New Approach of Abnormal Events Judgement and Early-warning Based on Combination of Audio Analysis and Video Analysis

Jun Hu, Xue-Ming Shu, Shi-Yang Tang, Shi-Fei Shen
The monitoring and early-warning of abnormal events in public places is an important part of the public security research. But nowadays, the monitoring way is basically video surveillance, and the judgement and analysis of abnormal events is based on the video content. This single way has low accuracy...
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Design and Implementation of Image Retrieval System Based on Block Color Moments and GLCM

Zhi-Hui Wang, Xiao-Li Ge, Wen-Bo Xu, Yue-Jiao Fan, Qi-La Sa, Jin-Lin Li
In this paper, aiming to overcome the shortcoming of global color histogram which lack of color spatial distribution information, block color moment is used to describe the color feature. In order to extract the texture feature, Canny operator for edge detection is applied firstly, and then the gray...
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Analysis of Gearbox Housing Dynamic Performance under Periodic Excitation

Xing-Yu Wang, Ze-Fei Wang, Long Cheng, Guan-Hua Huang
In order to analyze characteristics of gearbox housing under polygonal wheel excitation in high-speed train. The wheel circumference irregular was simulated by the method of multi-harmonic excitation at first, and the meshing force generated in the inner of gearbox has also been considered. A non-linear...
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A Release Control Policy Based on the Primary Bottleneck Workstation Utility of Multiple Semiconductor Manufacture Lines

Nan Xiang, Li Li
Release control plays an important role in the performance of semiconductor manufacturing lines. Considering their characteristics, a release control policy based on the primary bottleneck workstation utility of multiple semiconductor manufacture lines (abbreviated as Rel_M2) is proposed. Comparing to...
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Artifacts Reduced Interpolation Method for Single-Sensor Imaging System

Long-Fei Wang, Si-Chen Zhou, Xin-Yi Peng, Xiang-Dong Chen
In this paper, we present a novel color image Demosaicking algorithm. The algorithm consists of two steps: an interpolation step and a refinement step. The missing green color information is first interpolated by using the color channel difference. In the refinement step, a local weighted directional...
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Research on Laser Terminal Guidance Cannonballs Attack Characteristics at the End

Ming Jiang, Yun Li, Yu-Wen Liu, Yong Li
In the paper, we did some research on the terminal guidance cannonballs' capture field, attack area, the effective attack area, and the influence factors. The study was based on computer, through 6D ballistic model, Matlab program, and computer calculation. The boundary value of attack area along with...
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Speech Recognition for Finite Passwords in Smart Home

Jun Yang, Cui-Yun Gao, Ming Zhang
Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) is the most widely used algorithm for finite passwords or isolated words recognition system. However, the recognition rate using DTW is strongly influenced by the precision of voice activity detection(VAD), and the traditional DTW algorithm has more path to search when compared...
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Study and Application of Comprehensive Analysis System on Reservoir Engineering

Yao-Zhong Yang, Ye-Heng Sun, Guang-lai Yue, Tao Dai
The reservoir engineering is a highly comprehensive discipline used in the oilfield development, which is dependent on the petroleum geology, reservoir description, reservoir physics, well testing and well production, so as to plan and program the oilfield development, and direct the scientific and rational...
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Design and Implementation of PM2.5 Monitoring Application Based on Android and Remote Sensing Data

Luo Zhang, Feng-Bin Zheng, Shu Xu, Qiang Ge
The traditional ground-based monitoring network have been too coarse to meet people's right to know the air pollution over current location and sounding areas, based on multi-satellite data and Android platform, an air-pollution monitoring system is designed to provide high-resolution PM2.5 concentrations...
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Road Extraction Using an Improved Snake Model and CART

Yi-Nan Lu, Zhe Zhang, Xiao-Ni Liu, Yun-Fan Du
Road Extraction from remote sensing images has been an important research topic. It is difficult to extract the road quickly and reliably due to the complexity of the road features. In this paper, an improved GVF-Snake algorithm as a segmentation method automatically labels training samples to reduce...
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Synchronization of Underwater Glider with Uncertainties Using Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control

Li-Ming Wang
In this paper we study the synchronization of an underwater glider by means of the adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control technology. The sufficient conditions for the synchronization are obtained even though the slave underwater glider is unknown. Based on the Lyapunov stability theorem, the stability...
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Research on Identity Authentication Scheme in WiFi Environment

Yun-Feng Lian, Zeng-Guang Wang, Yan Jie
A secure two-way identity authentication scheme of WiFi environment is raised from the perspective of security and the load capacity mobile terminal according the increasing serious of wireless network security. The scheme is based on one-time password authentication technology and the digital signature...
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One Management Scheme For Software Testing Based On Testcenter

Yue-Hua Ding, Ri-Hua Xiang
Software quality is very important for software, and software test is an important method of software quality assurance. This paper provided one scheme for software testing management based on TestCenter. This research applied TestCenter to manage the tests process. The software testing process focused...
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Design of Urban Safety Management Information System Based on GIS

Jian-Jun Gao, You-Liang Wang
With analysis of the development of domestic and foreign city safety management information system, the need of the database of city safety management information system were analyzed, which was combined with the characteristics of China's safety management system. This paper tried to design the emergency...
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Complex NSST in Text Localization

Jiu-Wen Zhang, Lu Zhang, Chun-Hui Liu, Min Dong
Text localization is a crucial course for image processing. In this paper, an algorithm for text localization based on Complex Nonsubsampled Shearlet transform (NSST) is proposed. Complex NSST is implemented by a projection followed NSST. The Projection operation converts the input image into its analytic...
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The Design of Simulation System for Magnetic Resonance Signal

Ying Liu, Xiao-Mei An
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and has been widely used in various fields, such as medicine, physics, chemistry and biology. The principles of MRI involve electromagnetism, nuclear physics, quantum mechanics and many other disciplines. In addition,...
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Effects Of Measuring Instrument And Measuring Points On Circular Coordinate Measurement Precision

Jun Wu, Li-Chang Zhu, Ming Li, Zhu-Lei Feng, Yang Yang, Qing-Yue Wei
There are many uncertainties influencing the precision of coordinate measurement, most of which can be detected and compensated according to ISO 10360. However the effects of measuring instrument accuracy and information of measuring points including number and distribution are not duly researched. There's...
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The Method of Tolerance Design and Verification of Parts Based on Comprehensive Geometry Precision of Five-Axis Machine Tool

Li-Chang Zhu, Ming Li, Yang Yang, Jun Wu, Qing-Yue Wei, Li-Jia Ren
According to the comprehensive geometric accuracy of machine tool in the given machine, calculated along the axial direction, the accuracy of parameters, and then optimize the distribution become more cutting edge precision machine tool design. However, comprehensive geometric accuracy of machine tools...
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Research on Mobility Model of the VANET Base on the Environment of Avoidance

Yuan-Yuan Deng, Xiao-Qiang Xiao, Peng Zhou, Wei-Xun Ning
Due to the factors such as the high velocity of vehicles, the limited communication range of vehicles, the data transmission reliability and stability of the VANET (Vehicular Ad Hoc Network) is susceptible to traffic conditions and the influence of driving environment. So the mobility model of vehicles...
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Concept Drift Based on Subspace Learning for Intrusion Detection

Bin Wu, Hai-Zhuo Lin, Lin Feng
In recent years, Intrusion Detection System(IDS) thrives and becomes the main approach for detecting and defending internet attack. And network streams are the best data sources for studying network attack. In order to detect intrusions, concept drifting method is applied. What is more, the subspace...
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A Study of Customer Relationship Management Application in Electronic Commerce Environment

Ya-Qin Wang, Yu-Ming Song
In addition to the convenience and low cost, more important advantages of electronic commerce are to capture plenty of raw data of customers' buying behaviors, discover the hidden regularity in the complex behaviors based on the classification, processing, statistics and mining of these data, and provide...
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Research on Multi Frequency Vibration Test Method of Transport Package Based on Displacement Synthesis

Li-Ming Shen, Zhen-Wei Hu, Chao Wang
By analyzing the existing vibration test method, include, sinusoidal frequency test method, sinusoidal frequency conversion test method and random vibration test method, we propose multi frequency vibration test method based on displacement synthesis. The new multi frequency vibration test table contain...
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Online Prognosis of Stochastic Discrete Event Systems

Feng-Jiao Lian, Shao-Long Shu
In this paper, we investigate how to calculate the probability of fault occurrence in the future based on the observations online. In a stochastic discrete event system framework, we first calculate the probability of fault occurrence for pre-fault event sequences which do not include fault events. Our...
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Research on Reappearance Technique of Body Acceleration with The Frontal Crashworthiness based on Modular Design

Jun-Cheng Lv, Yong Wei, Yun-Jun Tang, Feng Wang, Yi-Min Mo
Based on modular design, the micro-automobile body acceleration waveform reproduction technology has been studied. The design of equivalent structures trolley was to replace the mule cart during the development process of platform derivative models, and frontal crash test results showed that test methods...
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Models Having Tunable Parameters in Scale-free Networks

Fei Ma, Jing Su, Bing Yao, Ming Yao
Based on typical scale-free network models (BA-model), we set up the partial differential equation satisfied more general dynamic networks. Starting from a more general situation, we establish two network models and show their topological properties that obey power laws.
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Decision Support System in Software Development: Safety Hazards Early Warning and Treatments in Mine Main Ventilator

Xiao-Yan Gong, Shao-Ni Qin, Wan-Ying Jiao, Min-Xian Zhao, Xin Gao, He Xue
In view of the current situation that mine main ventilator can only monitor parameters, can not identify types and causes of the fault, the expert decision support system for safety hidden danger of main ventilation was researched and developed. On the basis of investigating safe operation condition,...
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Design and Implementation about E-Mail Client Software Based on C #

Rui-Mei Lian
By e-mail, people can easily transfer text, images, video, audio, data files, etc. . The e-mail system client (Mailbox) is a similar to Microsoft Outlook Express and domestic Fox Mail e-mail client software, which follows the design and implementation of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and Post...
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Design of Modem Technology Base on /4D-QPSK

Cong-Jiu Zhong
The /4-DQPSK modulation mode is being widely attention because of its high spectrum efficiency, resistance to decline outstanding characteristic such as being strong of performance. This paper briefly introduced the working principle of the ?/4-DQPSKand baseband difference of demodulation. It makes program...
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Research on a Certain Type of Rocket Virtual Training System Based on Unity 3D

Chao Li, Wen-Su Ji, Hong-An Cao, Zhi-Zhi Yan
For the problems that the current virtual reality engine platform versatility is not strong, and the virtual training system is too complex, virtual operation training system is set up based on the concept of 3D games in the article. The key technology of system implementation was studied, including...
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Introduction to the Main Technical Points of the 66 kv Overhead Steel Tube

Qiang Ma, Zheng Gu, Tian-Qi Lu
This paper introduces the 66 kv overhead multi steel tube pole in some of the problems existing in the engineering application, And combined with the design and operation experience, in the steel tube pole selection of design parameters and the steel tube pole design pay attention to two aspects of the...
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Immersion Natural Circulation Evaporative Cooling Server Cluster

Jun Yan, Zhen-Guo Li
The foundation and running of Supercomputers and huge date centers consume a large amount of energy, and the cooling system takes up a large proportion. The application of advanced and efficient cooling technology has become the bottleneck problem in the electronic equipment field, which has significant...
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Reformation on the Control Mechanism on Safety in China

Yu-Hui Li, You-Fen Zhang, Bo Li, Kai-Xiong Liu
At present, there are many problems in the regulation mode of food safety supervision. This paper deep analyze on the current food safety supervision, create a new food safety regulatory system model. Therefore it can provide reference model on the research on the supervision of food safety in our country...
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The Traceability System Design Based on The HACCP

Yu-Hui Li, Shuai Yang, Bo Li, You-Fen Zhang
With the rapid development of food safety business, people on food production visualization traceability requirements are getting higher and higher. This thesis aims at analyzing on livestock traceability management and livestock supply chain processes. Based on HACCP principles and methods, we analyze...
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An Extensible Anti-Virus Framework Design Scheme

Ya-Juan Yuan, Ling Ding
Anti-Virus engine depends too much upon the signature database and each detection module couples tightly. To solve this problem, an extensible framework is presented. The function module and data module are decoupled by using the intelligent signature and decomposing composite modules. Inversion control...
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Design and Implementation of the University Information Disclosure System Based on WeChat

Li-Zheng Jiang, Li-Yuan Han
Information disclosure WeChat public platform is aim to provide convenient conditions for schools open information . The platform is based on the information public network of North China Electric Power University. It provides real-time understanding of campus activities for school's teachers and students,...