Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Computer Engineering and Information Systems

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Fast Wavelet-based Pitch Period Detector for Speech Signals

Y.H. Goh, Y.H Ko, Y.K Lee, Y.L Goh
A fast algorithm which can extract pitch period information from speech is described. The solution is developed by processing speech signals using Haar wavelet function. We have shown mathematically that the pitch period of a speech signals can be computed using global minimum of the total energy level...
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An Application of Augmented Reality to Electrical Power Equipment Maintenance

Jiang Zhu, Tao Yan, Chong Xie
With the development of science and technology in the power industry, the maintenance staffs of all power companies are facing more and more electrical power equipment. The internal structure of equipment is more complex. So are the external physical and logical relations of it. The traditional maintenance...
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A Design and Development of Prototype Web Based Tourism Information System (WBTIS) for the Maharashtra and Goa States of India

K.B Mahajan, A.S Patil, R.R Attarde, R.H Gupta, B. V Pawar
Travelling for the purpose of recreation is termed as Tourism. It is an industry to move, house and entertain people.The tourism industry is dynamic and competitive and is amongst the world's largest service provider industries. It is also one of the fastest growing economic sectors in terms of generating...
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Study on Ant System for the 0-1 Multiple Knapsack Problem with Knapsack Dependent Values

Yue Zhang, Xing-Ye Dong, You-Fang Lin
The values of items of the classic knapsack problems are independent of knapsacks. Inspired from some practical problems, a 0-1 multiple knapsack problems with knapsack dependent item values are proposed. A Greedy heuristic is proposed to provide a feasible solution and a basis for further comparison,...
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Experimental Study and Application of Process Control on Hot Strip Mill's Laminar Cooling System

Wen-Hong Liu, Jun-Lin Wang
The performance of hot strip mill depends on the cooling process after hot rolling. One important point of improving the technology of controlled cooling after rolling is understanding the effect of process parameters. Heat transfer coefficient is a significant physical parameter during the cooling process....
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Functional Design of a Research Information Management Platform

Min-Hui Wang
Nowadays Software College is still a lack of unified management platform for research information, so that teachers have difficulty in obtaining scientific research data. To improve the level of scientific research in Software College, it is necessary toprovide a superior research information management...
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Research on Resource Push Technology of Projectile Multi-dimensional Design

Xiao-Bing Gao, Rong Dong, Jun-Qiang Liu
In order to improve the level of the intelligent of product design, this paper designs resource push method based on projectile multi-dimensional design knowledge which can be edited and updated according to the characteristics of the fixture and tool part because KBE is the key technology in the process...
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Research on Cooperative Scheduling Strategy for Twin-fab

Hao-Dan She, Li Li
This paper proposes a cooperative scheduling strategy for twin-fab model in semiconductor manufacturing, which consists of the strategy for job selecting equipment and the strategy for equipment selecting job. Dynamic bottleneck equipment, dynamic hurry-job and the workload balance between the two fabs...
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Study on a Single-axis Fabry-perot Fiber-optic Accelerometer and its Signal Demodulation Method

Yun-Feng Liu, Bin Li, Shu-Xin Liu
A Fabry-Perot fiber-optic accelerometer based on the principle that the acceleration can be sensed through changing the length of the Fabry-Perot cavity by an inertial mass is designed and the Fizeau interferometer based demodulation principle and system for the designed Fabry-Perot fiber-optic accelerometer...
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Probabilistic Power Flow Prediction of Microgrid Comprising Wind and Photovoltaic Generation

Song-Lin Zhou, Zeng-Liang Liu
The power flow of micro-grid containing wind-light complementary system shows greater uncertainty due to it is affected by wind speed and irradiance. Therefore the prediction of probabilistic power flow is of great significance for micro-grid energy management. In the paper, on the basis of wind power...
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Improve of Physical Layer Security Performance of Wireless Relay Communication System

Bao-Feng Yang, You-Fang Zhu, Yuan-Yuan Gao, Xiao-Bing Zhang, Xin-Ling Lu
Due to the broadcast nature of wireless communications, security performance of conventional wireless relay communication system is difficult to be guaranteed. In this paper, security performance of the wireless relay communication system based on physical layer network coding (PLNC) is studied. The...
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Analysis of Virus Propagations on Community-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Qiao Li, Jian-Gao Chen, Xiao-Feng Wang, Cheng-Wang Zhao, Bin Wu
Self-organizing dense sensor networks are expected to resolve the challenges of spectral efficiency, energy equilibrium, and device management. Because of cost and resource constraints, the sensor node is fragile to outside virus attacks. In this paper, we propose a community-based network model to depict...