Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Advances in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE 2013)

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Application of parallel-hierarchical transformations for rapid recognition of dynamic images based on GPU technology

Leonid Timchenko, Nataliya Kokriatskaia, Andriy Yarovyy, Igor Ivasyuk, Alyona Denysova
The paper presents a method of parallel-hierarchical transformations for rapid recognition of dynamic images using GPU technology. Direct parallel-hierarchical transformations based on cluster CPU-and GPU-oriented hardware platform. Mathematic models of training of the parallel hierarchical (PH) network...
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Online Handwriting Recognition Using an Accelerometer-Based Pen Device

Wang Jeen-Shing, Hsu Yu-Liang, Chu Cheng-Ling
This paper presents an accelerometer-based pen device for online handwriting recognition applications. The accelerometer-based pen device consists of a triaxial accelerometer, a microcontroller, and an RF wireless transmission module. Users can hold the pen device to write numerals in air without space...
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A Novel Causal Model Based Distributed Fault Detection Method For Locomotive Electric Traction System

Shu Cheng, Te-fang Chen, Wei Li, Rong-jun Ding
Aimed on the massive computation burden, lack of precise fault mathematic model and uncertainty of analysis method on subsystem parasitic parameters, a novel distributed fault diagnosis Method based on causal Model has been proposed. By the way of splitting entire system into several causal independent...
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Design of a Control System of Single-Head Pneumatic Hinging Machine Based on STC90C58

Yu Xie
The spectacle frame and earpiece of plate glasses frame are connected by a hinge. The hinge is welded into the plastic spectacle frame or temple tip by using microcomputer control, but the hinging equipment is very expensive. So STC90C58 is chosen as the control core. We have designed a low-cost control...
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Reducing Falsely Detected JPEG’s Fragmentation Point Using Unique Hex Patterns (UHP)

Abdullah Nurul Azma, Ibrahim Rosziati, Mohamad Kamaruddin Malik, Hamid Norhamreeza Abdul
To increase number of evidence obtained in an effort to fight cyber perpetrator, many studies have been conducted in addressing problem of fragmented JPEG images. However, thumbnail/s is/are always been mistaken as fragmentation point of fragmented JPEG images. This paper discusses on how thumbnail can...
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Research on LBS-based Optimizing Personal Recommendation System

Enhui Li, Xin Chen, Taiyan Hao, Xiangling Fu
In recent years, more and more internet companies trend to fuse their products with personal recommendation functions which based on a popular technology called LBS (location based service).Although the idea of this business model satisfies the characteristic of Internet industry felicitously, scientists...
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The Analysis and Test for the Steering Process of Tracked Vehicles on the Hard Road

Hong-yan Wang, Hao-zhan Li, Tao Wang, Qiang Rui, Guang-ming Zhou, Yi Yuan
Steering performances of tracked vehicle considering the skid of tracks-contact-ground has been studied. Models of traction force, brake force, turning resistance moment, turning radius and turning angular speed were established under the conditions of uniform pressure distribution and concentrated ground-contact-load...
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Automatic Panorama Recognition and Stitching Based on Graph Structure

Yi-Li Zhao, Yan Xia
An automatic panorama recognition and stitching method based on graph structure was proposed to solve the multiple images recognition and matching problem. With multiple unordered images of user input, the method can automatically finding overlapping portion between images, and stitch them. First, the...
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Using of Polar Codes in Steganography

Idy Diop, Birahime Diouf, Sidi Mohamed Farssi, K. Tall, P.A. Fall, A.K. Diop, K. Sylla
In this paper, we propose a new steganographic scheme based on the polar codes. The scheme works according to two steps. The first offers a stego vector from given cover vector and message. The stego vector provided by the first method can be the optimal; in this case, the insertion is successful with...
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A Chinese Word Clustering Method Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation and K-means

Lin Qiu, Jungang Xu
Word clustering is a popular research issue in the field of natural language processing. In this paper, Latent Dirichlet Allocation algorithm is used to extract the topics from nouns in the text, and the highest probability noun of each topic is selected as the centroids of the k-means algorithm. Experimental...
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Research of Web Information Quality Control Based on Informatics Theory Applied in Water Resource Search Engine

Yimin Gao, Feng Ye
With the fast growth of network information, it is urgent to control network information quality and to grasp the information efficiently. Webpage control research can be classified in to two stages: before-search quality control and in-search quality control. Before-search stage includes website quality...
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Design and Implementation of a High-Speed Data Transmission System Based on PCI-Express Protocol

Yang Xing, Qiong-zhi Wu, Xin-ran Yang, Fu-shun Su
In order to meet the demand of high-speed digital data processing and achieve high-speed communication between digital front-ends and computer, we design and implement a transmission system based on FMC and PCI-Express protocol. This paper describes the basic hardware structure of the interface system,...
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Digital Riemannian Geometry and Its Application

Guohua Chen
The key characteristic of Riemannian geometry is Riemannian metric. The most important work for the discretion of Riemannian geometry is to seek a discret representation of Riemannian metric, which forms the foundation of digital Riemannian geometry. This paper initiated the conception of Digital Riemannian...
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Generating Power-Efficient Query Execution Plan

Xiaowei Liu, Jinbao Wang, Haijie Wang, Hong Gao
As more and more power is consumed in servers, growing attention has been paid to power management. However, little work has been dated on the power-efficiency of query execution plans generated by the DBMS. Traditional optimal query execution plan does not take power-efficiency into account. This paper...
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Analysis of the Difficulties of the Earth Integrated Information Network

Ying Ding, Hai-yang Yu, Hui-lin Jiang, Yuan Hu, Yi-feng Zhu, Li-gang Cong
Due to the progress of the satellite communication system, the demands of earth integrated information network become rapid development. In this paper, we researched on the developing history and trend of the space network, and enumerated some important characteristics and difference between the space...
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A Novel GPS/DR Integrated Navigation System for Electronic Road Pricing

Zhenhua Yu, Guangwen Yan
A novel vehicle navigation system is designed for electronic road pricing(ERP),which can charge by the distance of the route according to the traffic status. The method of elimination of outliers of the Global Positioning System(GPS) signal is presented. The combination of GPS and Dead Reckoning(DR)...
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Grey and Fuzzy Evaluation of Information System Disaster Recovery Capability

Chunyang Yuan, Jiaxin Li, Ru Zhang, Jianyi Liu
Disaster recovery is the key approach to ensure the security of information system and business continuity. Nowadays, it's very urgent to explore a way to evaluate the disaster recovery ability objectively, comprehensively and scientifically before disaster occurs. Initially, our proposal constructs...
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Low Complexity Frequency Offset Estimation for FMCW Radar

Jinyong Lee, Jingu Lee, Youngseh Kim, Kanghoon Kim, Younglok Kim
The FMCW radar estimates the relative speed and the distance of moving targets from the frequency spectrum of received beat signal. The radar systems based on the Doppler processing measure the appropriate information from discrete frequency spectrum, and hence the accuracy depends on the sampling rate...
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Rough Terrain Perception Through Geometric Entities for Robot Navigation

Roberto Valencia-Murillo, Nancy Arana-Daniel, Carlos López-Franco, Alma Y. Alanís
This paper presents the implementation of a non-linear geometric cost function to be used with a learning to search algorithm (LEARCH) to robot navigation in rough terrains. The non-linear function introduced is a neural network trained with geometric entities as inputs (points, lines, spheres, planes)....
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Improving Performance of Classifiers using Rotational Feature Selection Scheme

Shib Sankar Bhowmick, Indrajit Saha, Luis Rato, Debotosh Bhattacharjee
The crucial points in machine learning research are that how to develop new classification methods with strong mathematic background and/or to improve the performance of existing methods. Over the past few decades, researches have been working on these issues. Here, we emphasis the second point by improving...
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Does 4G Technology Trigger the S-commerce Era Coming Evidence from Taiwanese ICT Market

Ming-Yuan Hsieh, Chih-Cheng Huang, Kuang-Yu Huang, Hsiu-Wei Hsu
In reviewing of the generalization of wireless technology in the variously relative information and communication technology (ICT) industries, this research systematically explore the potential determinants of the fourth generation (4G) technology to cross-analyze the drivers of the smart-commerce (S-commerce)...
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Gossip-Pull System-based Dissemination Protocol Satisfying Message Causality Condition

Jinho Ahn, Cha-Young Kim
This paper introduces a group communication protocol ensuring message causality condition based on gossippull systems. The message causality condition can be satisfied by making all multicast messages transferred to group recipients through redundant message sending by sensor brokers, especially based...
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An Examination of the Concept of Smart School: An Innovation to Address Sustainability

Siavash Omidinia, Maslin Masrom, Harihodin Selamat
The smart school is a technology-based teaching-learning institution for preparing children for the Information Age. To achieve smarts schools educational objectives, these teaching and learning concepts should be covered: curricular, pedagogy, assessment and teaching-learning materials. Information...
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Relationship between Capital Structure and Performance Evidence based on Information Technology Industry

Chunhua Wang, Meiyan Song
In recent years, capital structure and business performance is researched by many domestic and foreign scholars in-depth. Information technology industry is as a pillar industry and a highly growing industry with a huge potential market supported by our government; research of capital and performance...
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A New Call Admission Control Strategyfor LTE Femtocell Networks

Jie Wang, Yangfan Qiu
This paper introduces a call admission control (CAC) strategy for LTE femtocell networks supporting multimedia services with different classes of traffic and diverse bandwidth requirements. In this work, the multi-service CAC strategy composes of two parts: subscriber authentication and queuing admission...
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The Research on NSC Key Service Mechanism in Mobile Network

Chenhe Zhu, Zhiyi Fang, Ying Wang, Qian Xu, Borui Jin
Mobile Network Security Center (NSC) and its key service mechanism is an important part of the mobile network security management. In this paper, based on the analysis of the security requirements of the mobile network, put forward a key service mechanism for mobile networks (NSC), including the management...
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Study on Information Service Push Strategy based on Networked Manufacture

Xiu-zhen Feng, Chao Su
Based on exploring the characteristics of networked manufacture, we first analyzed the relationships on the networked manufacture. Then, we constructed architecture of information push service for networked manufacture, which is based on the detailed discussion with the related data structure. Furthermore,...
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Research on the Application of Information Technology in School Sports

Yunyun Du
The paper analyses the role of information technology in the P.E, training and management and analyzes the theoretical and practical basis for the application of information technology in the school sports.It also proposes measures to fully exert the function of information technology in the school sports.