Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Computer Science and Electronic Technology

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OCControl: A Novel Congestion Protocol for Oceanic Delay Tolerant Networks

Bingxin Li, Xudong Zhang
Because of oceanic surface's complex environments, such as varied weather conditions, and its easy reflection and refraction of wireless signals, Oceanic Wireless Communication Networks (OWCN) suffer low link quality and intermittent connectivity, which in turn disable the stability of end-to-end communication...
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Adaptive Iteration Stopping Criterion for AMSS Equations

Changle Li, Gangfeng Liu, Jie Zhao
When AMSS (Affine Morphological Scale Space) operator is applied in image filtering, the scale parameter has great impact on the filtering results. In order to determine the parameters more precisely, this paper analyzed affine invariance properties and classical invariance properties of AMSS operator...
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Superluminal Transmission of the Information and Its Applications in Communications and Computer

Zi-hua Zhang, Hua-an Zhang
We have proved the superluminal transmission of information is certainly possible in the theory and computer simulation, Meanwhile this paper discussed the contradiction between Special Relativity and superluminal phenomena from three aspects: 1, epistemology; 2, the defects of SR and 3, the special...
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Research on Internet Model and Distributed Routing Algorithm

Jie Feng, Feng Liu, Qi Su
The Internet model is built up and a distributed routing Algorithm is designed,whose time complexity is analyzed. The static network model (SNM) and dynamic network model (DNM) are established and path DB and its replace rules are put forward. The improved distributed routing Algorithm is designed and...
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Research on CAD Key Technology for Crystal Lamps with Body Shape Distribution

Yanxia Liang, Guangguang Dong
With colorful and changing light effect, crystal lamp has become the first choice for the indoor lighting facilities. Crystal lamps have many identical or similar elements in structure, so using CAD technology can assist the designers for the design and modeling of crystal lamps rapidly. In this paper,...
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Design and Development of Real-Time Interactive Big Data Visualization Application for Studio Use

Jinbao Song, Jinhong Song, Jianping Chai, Yachen Li
The change of user habits, the intelligentization of mobile devices, and the development of new media have pushed the TV industry into a multi-screen era. While the discussion over TV programs by the Internet users keeps heating up, feedbacks from the social media have made a great influence on the content...
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How to Test Location-based Mobile Apps

Jing Cheng, Yi-an Zhu, Tao Zhang, Jerry Gao, Tao Wang
Location-based services are growing in popularity due to the ubiquity of smartphone users. The availability and validity of location-based services are often effected by mobile user location contexts, which make mobile location-based services testing becomes one urgent and challenging issue. In this...
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Optimization of SU's Revenue Based on Price Compensation for Collision

Huan Huang, Xuxi Li, Xiuxiu Zhang, Jing Luo, Fengyang Zhang, Gang Xie
In the cognitive radio network, when the primary user doesn't use its licensed spectrum, the secondary user can access the spectrum hole opportunistically to share the spectrum. However, if the secondary user's behaviors cause collisions with the primary user in spectrum band, which may lead to a decline...
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Hybrid TDOA/AOA Localization Algorithm in Non-line-of-sight Environments

Rongpei Ni, Hui Xiong, Luning Xu, Yanchun Xie
In reality, Non-line-of-sight(NLOS) error is the major factor which influences the positioning accuracy. NLOS identification and correction are the major techniques of reducing the positioning error. In this paper, we investigate the NLOS propagation identification and correction for time difference...
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A Smoothing Multidimensional Filter Method for Nonlinear Complementarity Problems

Congwei Wu, Jiping Cao, Yahong Zhu
A smoothing multidimensional filter method for solving NCP is proposed, and the solution of the complementarity problems on the framework of the filter-trust-region method is obtained. The new algorithm does not depend on any extra restoration procedure and the results of numerical experiments show its...
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Towards Ontology-Based Battlefield Information Fusion Framework for Decision Support

Xiaoli Li, Weihua Li, Youmiao Qu
Thorough awareness of battlefield situation is vital for combat while battlefield information is constantly changing and distributed. The commanders are faced with more complicated and dynamic situations to make decisions than ever before. Ontology technology has received increasing interest in computer...
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A Large-scale and Global Car Dataset for Verification

Lingji Hu, Xingcheng Luo, Jianhua Deng, Fengjie Lai, Jian Hu, Yongbin Yu
Few researches focus on the larger-scale car model dataset compared with other objects in computer vision for verification, such as classification and face verification. In this paper, we present our on-going effort in collecting a large-scale and global dataset, Gcars, for improving related car model...
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Knowledge Structures Based Adaptive Testing Model

Xia Li, Hao Zhang, Huali Yang, Guixin Xing
How to know the students' overall cognitive situation quickly and accurately by testing has been a hot issue in teaching. Based on the relevant research at home and abroad over the adaptive testing, and in view of the current adaptive testing is not intelligent enough, this paper presents a personalized...
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Design and Implementation of Photo Printer System Based on Wechat Public Platform

Fan Li, Xiangdong You
This paper introduces the design and implementation of a self-service photo printing system based on wechat public platform. The users can upload photos through wechat public platform, edit photo and select size through the web, then print photo using the machine. Mobile client is developed based on...
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Attack and Improvement of a Proxy Multi-Signature Scheme

Hongru Wei, Jiayuan Hu
Proxy multi-signature system is based on digital signature scheme for a class of special signature scheme, which requires the signer to own certain powers were delegated to each proxy signer to make these proxy signer to use these powers on behalf of himself. In this paper, a class before the enhanced...
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Design and Implementation of Photo Printing System Using WeChat and Electronic Payment

Zhixin Zhang, Xiangdong You
A real-time photo printing system is an innovative "Internet Plus" project, which is different from the traditional photo film industry. Users only need to speed a short period of time to complete the photo printing. At the same time, with the help of electronic payment, such as WeChat payment, Beijing...
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A Trusted Recommendation Method Based on Social Circles

Chengjian Su, Genlang Chen, Guanghui Song
The crisis of confidence has become increasingly rigorous, especially in recommendation domain. Deception and malicious attacks are found among the traditional collaborative filtering recommendation systems. Taking into account the credibility, the behaviour-based trust relationship, and the social circle-based...
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The Design and Implementation of User Autonomous Encryption Cloud Storage System Based on Dokan

Jiawei Yin, Junxiang Yang, Yang Chen
To solve the problem of low security in cloud storage system under the background of rapid prevailing cloud technology, this paper studies the design and implementation of User Autonomous Encryption Cloud Storage System based on Dokan. With the help of Dokan's file development model, a specific file...
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Design and Research of Intelligent Greenhouse Monitoring System Based on Internet of Things

Fujuan Li, Shihua Li, Zhisong Wang, Zhongfei Chen, Xinyuan Zhao
Since the greenhouse has characters of temperature-humidity uneven distribution, strong coupling and traditional control strategy can't achieve the ideal control effect, the greenhouse monitoring system based on internet of things (IOT) is designed. The system uses a fuzzy neural network which has good...
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Research on Intelligent Detecting Technology Based on Extension Fuzzy Method

Minghui Wang, Yongquan Yu, Ge Wei, Xiang Ren, Dan Liu, Yujing Wei
This paper studies a new kind of intelligent detecting technology which includes key detectable matter-elements distilling, adaptive degree analyzes, focusing and reasoning mechanism construction, focusing processing. This paper researches on the focusing and reasoning mechanism construction, which is...
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Optimal Search on Navigation Equipment Troubleshooting Database

Minghai Li, Tianwei Li, Hairui Ma, Su Wang, Yili Liu, Dingding Guo
In order to diagnose and resolve issues occurred on navigation equipment quickly and accurately, an optimal search algorithm, Hash table and Hash function on a troubleshooting database of navigation equipment, are presented. The algorithm can directly find the issue reason and solution by searching Hash...
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A Quick Wideband Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Based On Analog Filter

Ningning Hou, Gang Xie
Wideband spectrum sensing is very essential in Cognitive Radio (CR) systems. In order to improve the opportunistic throughput for mobile devices, the CR must sense the signals in multiple bands or wideband quickly and efficiently. The relevant literature has discussed a lot about OFDM and compressed...
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NC-ODTN:Ocean DTN Network Coding Protocol

Xudong Zhang, Bingxin Li
In the oceanic environments, oceanic wireless communication networks suffer low link quality and intermittent connectivity, which in turn disable the stability of end-to-end communication path, which makes the oceanic wireless communication network a de facto Delay/Disruption Tolerant Network (DTN)....
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A New Algorithm for Mining Frequent Itemsets Based on Fp-Search Algorithm with K Road Pruning

Hao Jiang, Ruda Shen
Association rule mining is an important approach in data mining. Based on analyzing many previous algorithms such as Apriori, Fp-growth, Eclat and Fp-search, we propose a new algorithm named FPNMP-search to mine frequent itemsets. With no need to construct the MP-tree, FPNMP-Search algorithm can effectively...
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An Intelligent Visual Path-Planning Framework

Jingming Guo, Haoyu Ji, Tianchi Fu
Path-planning is a technology applied widely in many fields such as auto navigation, logistics management, robotics and so forth. In this paper, an intelligent visual path-planning framework (IVPF) is proposed for developing intelligent visual path-planning system, which consists of complex graphs drawing...
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Petri Net-based Modeling and VHDL Implementation of Digital Systems

Jun Wan
Petri net-based digital systems modeling and hardware implementation method is well-studied. However, the existing methods are mainly applied to synchronous circuits. In this paper, a new approach is proposed for the modeling and VHDL implementation of digital systems based on an extended class of Petri...
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Design of FH/TH Hybrid Spread Spectrum System Based on FPGA

Longjun Liu, Hongwei Ding, Qianlin Liu, Weifeng Zhang
According to the present situation of the application of frequency hopping system, the existence question and the characteristic of the frequency hopping,time hopping system, based on the thought of complementary advantages and disadvantages, this paper puts forward a hybrid spread spectrum. It is to...
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Mining Weighted Rare Association Rules Using Sliding Window over Data Streams

Weimin Ouyang
Rare association rules mining is an association rule which has low support and high confidence. In recent years, the problem of mining rare association rules has got quite a lot of attention, which has become a hot topic in data mining research. However, most of the research on mining rare association...
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Analysis and Design of a Novel Metamaterial-Based Microstrip Antenna

Shiquan Zhang
Two-layer lattice-type metamaterials unit is loaded above the coaxial feed microstrip antenna in order to gather electromagnetic wave by using the zero refraction index effect. The -type metamaterials unit is printed on the antenna substrate, and the band gap effect is used to suppress the backward wave...
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Research of Single Unit Fuzzy Event Cognitive Computing Based on Goal

Kang Feng, Xuemei Shi
To find the expressions of cognition, a single unit fuzzy event cognitive computing based on goal was designed. The cognitive data were single unit fuzzy events, cognition, inputting cognition, goals, works, methods and problems; the performance was measured in cognitive computation performance figure....
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A Novel Learning Algorithm on Probability Measure for Intrusion Detection

Xiang Fang, Ying Jia
Attacks cyber-based have already seriously threaten the security of network environment and network application with the rapid development and wide application of network services. Intrusion detection plays a vital role in the network security. The machine learning methods have been utilized in Intrusion...
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Design and Realization of Topic Search Engine for Chinese Internet Fraud Information

Liang Hu, Ai-chun Ding, Yu-chi Zhu
According to the China Internet fraud criminal and victim information asymmetry, this paper makes Internet fraud information resources as the research object, constructing a cross platform Internet fraud database by data collection and extraction technology, the realization of the network anti fraud...
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An Adaptive Algorithm of K-means on HSA Platform

Zhenshan Bao, Qi Luo, Wenbo Zhang
With the growing demand for high performance computing, heterogeneous system, based on CPU-GPU architecture, were widely applied because of its higher processing capacity. To reduce the communication latency between CPUs and GPUs or other agents, HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) Foundation proposed...
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A Circuit Fast Fault Diagnosis System Developed with PODEM Algorithm

Ke Liu, Weidong Lv, Qingyu Ou, Xueguang Zhou
This paper deeply studies the fault models of digital circuits and proposes a combined implementation of BIST test mode, on the basis of which a new implementation of PODEM is proposed. In addition, this paper also studies the generation of test vector algorithm and a fault diagnosis system for special...
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A Scribble-Based Interface for Mesh Segmentation

Fuyan Yang
This paper presents a method for three-dimensional mesh surface models segmentation that combines interactive part selection with region growth. First, some mesh vertices are selected as object and background seeds using scribble-based selection methods, and the others are unknown region. Then, the mesh...
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Improvement of Single-pulse Angle Measurement and Tracking Performance Based on Real-time Calibration System for Amplitude and Phase

Zhonghua Zhang, Huidong Qiao, Manxi Wang
The radar using Single-pulse system is widely used in the field of electronic reconnaissance system for its superiority in angle measurement and tracking. But the system's angle measurement and tracking performance are affected by the angle error which is resulted by the inconsistency of the characteristics...
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A Static Comprehensive Analytical Method for Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Detection

Bilin Shao, Jiafen Yan, Genqing Bian, Yu Zhao, Dan Song
Buffer overflow vulnerability is a widespread and dangerous security problem. Detecting buffer overflow vulnerability has great research value in information security area. This paper proposesa static comprehensive analyticalmethod for buffer overflow vulnerability detection. Firstly, this methodadoptsmany...
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Track Data Split Measure Based on Least Square Algorithm

Xingfu Zhang, Yanbo Li, Lei Liu, Feng Zhao, Jingfeng Song
This paper describes the split measure algorithm about tracks data. In accordance with the needs of the project, the algorithm can be used to measure the two parts, the three parts and the five parts of the data and then combine them together. The algorithm is based on the overlap area of each measurement....
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Mining Rare Sequential Patterns in Large Transaction Databases

Weimin Ouyang
Sequential pattern is an important research topic in data mining and knowledge discovery. During the discovery of sequential patterns, only the frequent sequences are considered while all the infrequent sequences are ignored. However, some infrequent patterns can provide very useful insight view into...
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Design and Analysis of a 2-DOFs Right-angle-shape Piezoelectric Energy Harvester

Zhangfang Hu, Ruilin Xu, Yuan Luo, Ruyi Gan
In this paper, a 2-DOFs (two-degree-of-freedoms) right-angle-shape piezoelectric energy harvester is designed and analyzed for widening the operation bandwidth (-3dB bandwidth) of piezoelectric energy harvester in low frequency vibration environment. The finite element simulation results show that, the...
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The Big Data Analysis of Two-degree Contacts on Hadoop

Hao Wu, Xiongfei Li
The social network has undergone a rapid development along of the popularity of the Internet. In face of the huge social data increasingly, the common processing methods or algorithm is difficult to deal with it. With its technology maturing gradually, Hadoop has been popularized and used to the different...
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Identification Methods for Bibliographic Reference Entries in Editable Scientific and Technical Documents

Yang Lei, Ying-ai Tian, Ning Li, Qi Liang, Wei Zhao
Based on the in-depth analysis on the characteristics and rules for bibliographic descriptions and the OOXML format recording method for Word documents, the reference extraction process, text description segmentation methods as well as the identification and determination methods for the editable scientific...
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Secure Information Assets with Data: An Information Security Governance Framework Using Orchestrated Data Analytics from a Holistic Perspective

Huaying Chen, Zhijun Song
Information Security (InfoSec) Governance Framework is applied to help in-house professionals, including top-level officers, as well as practitioners doing field work, in order to operate the organizational InfoSec business within a systematic approach. This paper proposes a framework from the perspective...
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A Novel Algorithm for Detecting Spatial-Temporal Trajectory Outlier

Shenglan Lv, Yifan Zhang, Genlin Ji, Bin Zhao
As an important area of spatial-temporal data mining, trajectory outlier detection has already attracted broad attention in recent years. In this paper, we present a novel distance measurement between spatial-temporal sub-trajectories and propose algorithm STOD for detecting outliers in both spatial...
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Research on RoboCup Passing Ball Based on Partial Least Square

Yuan Song, Zekai Cheng
Passing ball action runs through the RoboCup simulation games, both teams spare no effort to win the game, the paper is going to study the connection between passing ball action and the game deeply. It puts forward to adopt the idea of Data Mining, analyzes games' log files by C language program in order...
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Research of Electrical Equipment State Identification Based on K-means Clustering Algorithm

Liting Lei, Hui Xu, Rongrong Fan
For the current heavy manual monitoring work and frequent failure of electrical equipment, an online monitoring scheme for equipment state based on current sensor, WIFI communication module and embedded development board is designed. K-means clustering algorithm is used to analyze the current data set...
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Design and Implementation of an Improved Costas Loop Circuits by Using FPGA

Fangcheng Xing, Suzhen Wang, Weihua Zong, Shujian Zhang
With the advantages of high integration, high reliability, fast processing speed and online programming, the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) has become a hotspot of the studies on digital communication systems. In a suppressed carrier digital communication system, the quality of carrier extraction...
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Research on Phishing AP Attack Detection Technology Based on RSSI

Jie Ling, Shuangqi Jin
Wi-Fi wireless technology obtained rapid development because of its flexibility, mobility and easy scalability characteristics. But the network identifier (SSID,BSSID) is easy to be forged, the attacker is easy to forge AP that a common user can't identify it, and conduct other attacks, then get the...
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Design of High Efficiency X - ray Detector

Bo Yang
This paper presents a fast time response, high efficiency miniaturized X ray detector design. Mainly includes the front readout circuit and signal processing circuit, is composed of plastic scintillator, photomultiplier tubes, high-performance pre-charge amplifier circuit..For x-ray detector at the field...
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Neural Network Front-ends Based Speech Recognition in Reverberant Environments

Zhen Zhang, Peng Li
This paper presents an investigation of reverberant speech recognition using frond-ends based methods. A 2-channel dereverberation method is adopted to achieve robust derever-beration under different reverberant conditions. Also a 2-channel spectral enhancement method is used where the gain of each frequency...
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Walk Alone and Be Fast: Trajectory Privacy-preserving in Complicated Environment

Zheng Huo, Ping He, Ruoyan Wei
Trajectories are location samples ordered by sampling time, which is useful to multiple mobility-related applications. However, publication of these trajectories may cause serious personal privacy leakage. In this paper, we propose an approach called Walk Alone and Be Fast (WABF) to protect trajectory...
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Analysis and Study of 3D Printing Speed and Molding Room Temperature on Mechanical Properties of PCB Epoxy Resin Substrate

Wei Song, Dejian Zhou
Based on the technological characteristics of the 3D printing, powder material through solid melt state - solid two phase transition, so printing process parameters will of molding stress distribution has a significant impact, thereby affecting the mechanical properties of the products. In particular,...
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An Outline of Big Data Emerging from Food Supply Chain and Potential Value in Food Management

Shuangyang Li, Feng Tan, Jiaqi Liu, Shaoyuan Cheng, Haoming Liu, Wally Keith, Xiang Dong
Big data is a data group with a huge amount of data that cannot be easily captured, managed and processed in a certain time. The paper concerns the development of big data in food industry, introduces overview of big data, discusses three big data mining technologies, and outlines its potential value...
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Evaluation Method of Access Capacity Based on TSC in Distribution Network

Fengchuan Nie, Minfang Peng, Yong Xu, Haiyan Zhang, Liang Zhu, Hongwei Che, Zhengyi Liu
In order to select suitable lines and reduce approval process effectively, the article presents a method to evaluate access capacity based on total supply capability. Firstly, after making a brief introduction to total supply capability, we define access capacity and give two access capacity indexes,...
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Research on the Efficiency of Minesweeping Operation for Multi-Magnetic Minesweeping Gear

Xinqin Chen, Wei Zhang, Longteng Li, Yu Ge, Chang Shu, Xianyu Meng, Chengwen Zhu
The multi-magnet minesweeping gear can eliminate new smart mines because the magnetic field of it can simulate the characteristic of target ship more closely. But at the same time, the magnetic field of different regions will strengthen or weaken due to the superposition of the magnetic field in the...
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Diffusion Performance of Moisture in Conductive Adhesive Interconnection Structure

Yang Lu, Dejian Zhou
This paper studied on the environment temperature and humidity setting of conductive adhesive in microelectronic packaging, and established DGEBA /MPD linear homo-polymer model which simplified the conductive adhesive based on material Studio software , to access to diffusion mean square displacement...
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Research on the Innovation Closed-loop Internet Financial Service Model of Traditional Industry

Maoguang Wang, Leilei Ge, Jiangping Zhao
Recently, the focuses on Chinese development are the optimization and upgrading of Chinese traditional industries. It is also a main link during the realization of various corporations' sustainable development. However, many problems like capital, labor and thought rise during the processing of upgrading....
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Two Schemes Of Finger Vein Cryptosystem

Gesi Meng, Peiyu Fang
Biometric Authentication Technology is an important means to guarantee information security. As one of the most important technology of authentication, finger vein recognition attracts our attention because of its high security, reliable accuracy and excellent performance. However, in the current system,...
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Some Inequalities for the Generalized Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions

Baoju Sun
Some classical inequalities for trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, such as Shafer-Fink inequality, Shafer-Fink type inequality, and Wilker-type inequality, are generalized to the case of generalized functions. A conjecture posed by Klen, Vuorinen and Zhang [Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications,...
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Reliability Research of Vehicle Electric Window Control System Based on CAN-bus

Wansong Liu, Wenjun Xiao, Linhu Hui, Yi Wang
In recent years, the vehicle electric window control system based on CAN-Bus has been widely used, but its reliability research is insufficient. In this paper, factors that influence the reliability of the electric window control system had been qualitatively analyzed, and the failure rate of window...
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Micro Channel and Heat Transfer Column Structure Effect on Heat Dissipation Performance of LTCC Microwave Component by Numerical Simulation Analysis

Zhiping Liao, Zhaohua Wu
Micro channel and heat transfer column of low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) microwave component, its structural parameters will affect the heat transfer performance of high heat flux microwave module. To obtain the better thermal performance of micro channel and heat transfer column structure,...
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Technical and Economic Analysis on the Large-scale Application of Renewable Energy in Buildings

Di Li, Suiqi Han, Jie Li
This paper mainly introduces the technical & economic analysis and evaluation on the monitoring data of two buildings in the Shandong Academy of Building Research by the application of data monitoring and evaluation system for renewable energy building application so as to provide a scientific and technical...
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Design and Implementation of Fresh Food Micro Marketing Model -- A Case Study of WeChat Toon

Ruonan Sun, Xinlei Jin, Na Zhang, Juanjuan Shan, Jian Xu
With the development of mobile Internet and the increase of the Wechat users, using Wechat and other new media technology in the marketing of agricultural products has become an important form of marketing. However, fresh food with a short shelf life, difficult logistics and other characteristics, the...
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Thermal Simulation for Continuous-flow PCR System

Shenglan Zeng, Bingyu Chen, Lingfeng Cai, Quanjun Liu
A continuous-flow PCR system is presented, which based on the microfluidic platform briefly consists of a PMMA chip with a PCR liquid channel, three heating units. Each of them contained a heat conducting block on a commercially available thin PI substrate. In order to ensure temperature uniformity across...
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Load Forecasting Method based on Rough Set and Information Fusion Theory

Lifeng Chen, Yuechun Jiang, Fei He, Jie Zhang, Xuqiong Yang
With the requirements of the power load predicting accuracy becoming higher and higher, and the actual power load is also a complex nonlinear system limited by various uncertain factors. Given only considering the influence of a single model on the load forecasting, the predicting accuracy is absolutely...
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The Designing of Junior High School Online English Listening Test in ITS

Wan Liu, Jia Ruan
In the context of the development of education informationization, online test system is a teaching method to adapt to the education informationization development trend under the intelligent tutoringsystem (ITS), but at present, traditional listening test exists the issues of untimely feedback and lack...
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An Improved Method for Moving Target Detection Based on Spatial-temporal Fusion Filtering

Zhongmin Li, Haochen Wu, Guowei Zou
Infrared weak small target detection is one of the key technologies in the infrared early warning system, infrared imaging guidance system and wide-field view surveillance system etc. In the complex and low signal-to-noise ratio background environment, the target has only a few pixels. There is no shape...
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Simulation Analysis on Mass Concrete Temperature Field of Navigation Lock in Changsha Integrated Hub

Ke Jin, Hui Peng, Chen Wen, Fan Wu, Shaofei Yin
Based on the development of Changsha Integrated Hub navigation lock structure engineering, on the finite element program ANSYS platform, using Parametric Design language(APDL) commands to simulate the temperature field analysis during layered pouring of concrete for the upper lock head structure, we...
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Experiment and Evaluation of Acute Rheumatic Fever Diagnosis Application

Sanjib Raj Pandey, Chio-Hong Lai, Xiaoming Yao, Jixin Ma
This paper describes an Acute Rheumatic Fever (ARF) Diagnosis Application that is designed and developed based on the proposed Hybrid Approach. It is an integrated framework in terms of a combination of Knowledge-based System, Temporal Theory and Fuzzy Logic. The developed ARF Diagnosis Application was...
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The Application of Sparse Partial Least Squares Regression in Electricity Consumption of Yunnan Province

Shuting Peng, Lin Dai, Tingting Guo
It's extremely important to screen key variables from high-dimesional electricity data that contains many predic- tors and presents multi-collinearity. In this paper, sparse partial least-squares regression(SPLS) is employed to investigate the electricity consumption from Yunnan province of China. SPLS...
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A Method of Subject Extension Pitch Extraction for Humming and Singing Signals

Jinghui Zhang, Shen Yang, Huahua Wu
Pitch extraction is a key task of ahumming query system.The purpose of this paper isto find a method to extract pitch accuratelyfortwo input modes, humming and singing.According to the characteristics of Chinese pronunciation, this paper presentsa new method, namely the Pitch Extraction of Subject Extension.According...
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Electron Mobility Degradation Due to Remote Coulomb Scattering in Ge MOSFET

Haoyu Xu, Jing Zhang, Shuhua Wei, Xiaolei Wang, Wenwu Wang
Remote Coulomb scatterings (RCS) on electron mobility degradation are experimentally investigated in Ge based metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistor (MOSFETs) with GeOx/Al2O3 gate stacks. The mobility is found increased with thicker GeOx (7.8-20.8 ). The physical origin of this mobility dependence...
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Investigation on the Dominant Key to Achieve Superior Ge Surface Passivation by GeOx Based on the Ozone Oxidation

Jie Zhang, Shuhua Wei, Jing Zhang, Xiaolei Wang, Wenwu Wang
The dominant key to achieve superior Ge surface passivation by GeOx interfacial layer is investigated based on ozone oxidation. The interface state density (Dit) measured from low temperature conduction method is found to decrease with increasing the GeOx thickness (0.26-1.06 nm). The X-ray photoelectron...
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Comparative Study on Economic Performance of Tianjin under Multi-Indicator System

Xuelin Zheng, Zhanxin Ma
The Performance and quality of economic developme- nt is a hot spot issue in the field of economics research. Especially, as China's economy into the 'new normal' and facing downward pressure, how to carry on the comprehensive evaluation of the economic performance in all aspects and multi-angles is...
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Status and Prospects of Agricultural Information Technology

Jifang Liu, Jianzhai Wu, Jianhua Zhang, Jiajia Liu
This paper thoroughly analyzes the development levels and problems of agricultural information technology, puts forward the practical needs of modern agricultural development and the prospects of information technology. It describes the development trends of agricultural information technology and concludes...
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Research on the Severity Assessment of Unexpected Events Based on the Web Information

Huali Cai, Fang Wu, Yawei Jiang, Qi Duan, Jian Kang
A method of assessing the severity of unexpected events was proposed. The assessment indexes included five aspects, such as media coverage, degree of public concern, influence sphere, influenced groups and consequence of event. And then the assessment method and representation for the assessment was...
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Research on Brand Value Evaluation Methods of Bank Enterprises

Huali Cai, Fang Wu, Jian Kang, Qi Duan, Yawei Jiang
Brand value evaluation is a very important work in every country such as BrandZ. There are three perspectives, namely financial affairs, brand based market power and consumers. We make a comparison of the three perspectives. We put forward the Multi-cycle Excess Earnings Method and make a clear description....
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FDLDA: An Fast Direct LDA Algorithm For Face Recognition

Zhibo Guo, Kejun Lin, Yunyang Yan
Feature extraction is one of the hot topics in face recognition. However, many face extraction methods will suffer from the "small sample size" problem, such as Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA). Direct Linear Discriminant Analysis (DLDA) is an effective method to address this problem. But conventional...
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The Idea of Effectively Building the Next Generation of Information Security Protection System

Ying Wu
Under the condition of the global situation of network security is becoming increasingly serious, the Chinese enterprise security defense level there is still a large gap compared with abroad. We put too much focus on the external attacks and threats, but ignored the enterprise information security have...
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TRIZ-based Patent Design Around for Enterprises: A Pencil Extender Device Innovative Redesign

Haiyan Zhang, Siyuan Cheng, Xuerong Yang, Jingping Zhou, Rui Wang
Patent design around is crucial to the enterprise's product design and technology innovation. The patent-around innovative design method based on TRIZ is proposed, using function analysis to analyze the existed patent, providing the process and method for the enterprise's in-depth analysis of patent...