Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Computer Science and Intelligent Communication

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Implementation of a Mobile Application for Field Data Collection

Gang Qin, Can Chen, Haijing Fu
With the development of information technology, the working style and live style of people change a lot. Intelligent mobile terminals running Android system become popular in recent years. They are portable and powerful. Field data collection is an important job for researchers and personnel of nature...
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The Vehicle Speed Detection Algorithm of Virtual Bayonet System

Lixia Xue, Yanli Luo, Qingbin Guo
With the deepening of the "safe city" construction, to introduce a large number of high-definition cameras video data as the foundation, construction of the virtual bayonet system. The system uses image processing technology for real-time monitoring of the movement of vehicles, the use of moving vehicle...
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A Weighted APIT Localization Algorithm based on Vector Similarity

Li He, Zhiwei Kang
To reduce incorrect decisions of PIT test (Point-In-Triangulation Test) and localization error of APIT algorithm, a weighted APIT algorithm is proposed based on vector similarity. Firstly, for better distance precision, the estimated distances between nodes computed from RSSI attenuation model are corrected...
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An Optimal Algorithm based on the Solution to the Coarse-Grained Arc Consistency Algorithms of the Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Gang Yang, Huifeng Li, Can Cao, Siyuan Chen, Yubo Zhao
Constraint satisfaction problem are widely used in the artificial intelligence field. We study the coarse-grained arc consistency algorithms of the Constraint satisfaction Problems. We find that variables whose degrees or domains are 1 have invalid revises which can be removed in the process. We demonstrate...
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Research on Defense Technology of Relay Attacks in RFID Systems

Weiwei Shen, He Xu, Rui Sun, Ruchuan Wang
Relay attack is the most menacing attack that radio frequency identification technology (RFID) systems are facing currently. An attacker could use limited resources to build up this kind of attack with the encryption algorithm which is difficult to detect out. At present, the main methods to resist the...
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Research on the Application of Planning Theory in the Material Delivery of EMUs Maintenance

Pu Wang, Li Li
The paper focuses on various planning theories in Operations research. As the warehouses, workstation and marshalling yards are scattered across EMUs maintenance base with a long distance, and materials are not allowed to be stored in the workshops for a long time, under strict maintenance requirements...
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An Algorithm on Solving Car Sequencing Problem based on ACO

Yaoyao Bi, Chong Gao, Zhengyu Lu, Yonggang Zhang
Car sequencing problem is a auto-production-scheduling problem that meets certain conditions on the production line of cars.In this paper, we propose an algorithm, ACO-sequencing, on solving car sequencing problem based on ACO which introduces the two kinds of structure of pheromone. By comparing the...
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On a Multiple Hilbert’s Type Integral Inequality with Non-homogeneous Kernel

Baoju Sun
By introducing the norm ||x|| and two parameters a, b , a multiple Hilbert’s type integral inequality with a non-homogeneous kernel and a best possible constant factor is given.
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A Comparison of Implementations for Aspect-Oriented JavaScript

Wenhao Huang, Chengwan He, Zheng Li
JavaScript is widely used to build web applications. The increasing scale and complexity of JavaScript programs bring much difficulty to the subsequent development and maintenance because of the same functions scatter in the programs. We can use AOP to reduce the difficulty but there are few AOP frameworks...
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Design of Distance Education Business for Wireless Broadcasting Networks

Shimin Liu, Lingjun Yang, Sanxing Cao
With the rapid development of Internet,the system of Radio Film and Television has faced a grave challenge,Over The Top(OTT) TV emerges as the times required. So in this paper,a platform of distance education based on Browser/Server is designed.Apache +PHP + MySQL are used in this platform,and Ueditor...
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The Study on Dynamic Supply Chain Coordination under the Premise of Risk-neutral

Benhe Gao, Rongzhi Liu, Yanbei Zhao, Pingyuan Liu
In risk-neutral case, we obtain the coordination strategy of a two-stage supply chain in buy-back contract under the disruption of any two factors out of supplier’s production cost, retailer’s marginal cost and retail price. We analyze the relationship between the optimal order quantity after disruption...
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CP Decomposition and Its Application in Noise Reduction and Multiple Sources Identification

Xuefeng Liu, Yuping Feng, Ximei Liu, Biao Huang
The CANDECOMP/PARAFAC (Canonical Decomposition / Parallel Factor Analysis, ab. CP) decomposition of a higher-order tensor is a powerful multilinear algebra, thus denoising observed data and identification of multiple sources can both be accomplished by the CP decomposition. In this paper, images are...
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Research on Reconstruction Method for Illumination Field based on CMAC Neural Network

Qiansheng Fang, Jun Huang, Zhenya Zhang
In intelligent building applications, the awareness of built environment illumination filed representatively applies in intelligent lighting systems for providing decision and support. In fact, the dynamic analysis of the built environment can assist in the illumination field of security systems at the...
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On the Leakage between Arithmetic Components of DES Algorithm

Yijie Ge, Zheng Guo, Zhigang Mao, Junrong Liu, Jiachao Chen
Security of cryptographic embedded devices has become a prevalent concern, especially since the introduction of Differential Power Analysis (DPA) by Paul Kocher et al. In the past years, many efforts have been made to improve the resistance against Side Channel Attack (SCA) of cryptographic devices....
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A Broadband Conducted Emission Behavior Modeling Method of Active Devices Based on Vector Fitting Theory

Xi Chen, Yao Chen
This paper present a methodology about building the active device broadband behavior model that can prediction of its conducted emission accurately. The architecture of the model is composed of two sub-models: the Passive Distribution Network (PDN) sub-model and the Internal Source (IS) sub-model. An...
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A Nearly Loss-less Compression Technology based on CTP and Partial Sample Points Calibration for OFDM Signal

Yan Li, Baoxian Yu, Dongri Su, Xianhua Dai
Traditional compression algorithms of OFDM signals with a low compression ratio and a low SNR come along with a high error rate, which fail to meet the requirements of OFDM systems. To achieve high compression ratio and low error rate, we propose a new algorithm based on a combination of clipping with...
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Text Mining and Its Applications

Shengyu Guo, Buyang Cao
As nowadays data centers are processing more jobs and collecting more data, the system status monitoring and analyzing functionality ensuring the availability, scalability and efficiency becomes more and more important. In order to build an automated status monitoring and alerting system we need to group...
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Research on Generation of Fractal Architecture Model Scheme via Iterated Function System (IFS)

Yongsop U, Ying Yu, Dong Han, Jizhou Sun
Able to directly study the internal rule by starting from the complicated phenomenon, fractal theory can describe complicated phenomenon in natural world. Nowadays, in-depth study and exploration are conducted for fractal in almost all domains of science; some architects have paid attention to it in...
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Error Correction and Wavelet Neural Network Based Short-term Traffic Flow Prediction

Yulin Pan, Dong Wang, Xiaohong Li, Zhu Xiao
Real-time and accurate short-term traffic flow prediction is an important part of intelligent transportation system research. Wavelet neural network is a preferable method for predicting traffic flow. However, its performance is not satisfactory since it’s easy to fall into local optimum. This paper...
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Learning to Recommend with Hidden Factor Models and Social Trust Ensemble

Dan Zhao, Junyi Wang, Andi Gao, Pengfei Yue
As one of the most successful approaches to building recommender systems, CollaborativeFiltering (CF) uses the known preferences of a group of users to make recomm-endations or predictions of the unknown preferences for other users. Themost successful approaches to CF are latent factor models, Latent...
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Research on the Influence Law and Suppression Methods of Seismic Wavelet Time-varying Nature on Seismic Data Processing

Peng Zhang, Yongshou Dai, Manman Zhang, Rongrong Wang
To adjust to the development of dynamic prediction of oil and gas reservoir, exploration of subtle reservoir, exploration and development of thin interbeds, processed seismic profiles are required to be of high signal to noise ratio, high resolution and high fidelity. While the time-varying wavelet in...
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An Augmented Reality Art Work for Museum

Fei Jiang
This paper surveys the field of augmented reality (AR), in which 3D virtual objects are integrated into a 3D real environment for Museum. It describes the interaction, visualization and entertainment applications that have been explored. This paper describes the characteristics of augmented reality art...
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An Optimizational Scheme of Dealing with Massive Small Files based on HDFS

Yongsheng Du
This paper delves the hadoop distributed file system-HDFS, and presents a new file combining, indexing and extracting scheme to alleviate the question that HDFS cannot perform well when facing with massive small files instead of the perfect efficiency of dealing with big files in order, which could reduce...
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Research on Differential Power Analysis of HMAC-SM3

Jun Xie, Wei Sun, Dawu Gu, Zheng Guo, Junrong Liu, Sigang Bao, Bo Ma
The HMAC algorithm is widely used to provide authentication and message integrity in digital communications. However, if the HMAC cryptographic algorithm is implemented in cryptographic circuit, it is vulnerable to side-channel attacks. A typical example is that in 2007, McEvoy proposed an attack strategy...
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Bayesian Network Structure Learning and Its Applications in Intrusion Detection

Zuhong Feng, Chen Ye, Xiu-juan Gao
In this paper, an algorithm with attribute reduction based on rough set is introduced. The algorithm can effectively reduce the dimension of attributes and accurately determine the network structure using DBNI with the method of distribution in Bayesian network structure learning with incomplete data....
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Networking, Safety and Security of Underwater Sensor Networks

Yangze Dong, Gangqiang Zhang, Xudong He, Huakui Wang
In integrated systems for ocean observation, underwater sensing is one of the main tasks. Though there would be various methods to realize the information exchanges, acoustic networking is among the effective ones. Owing to the special application environment, especially the unique communication channel,...
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Saliency Region Detection via Local and Global Features

Dan Hu, Yan Wang, Shaohui Qian, Weiyu Yu
Saliency detection plays an important role in many applications such as image segmentation, retrieval, editor and object recognition. Salience detection methods mainly divide into two categories: local contrast method and global contrast method. AC method is one of the typically local contrast methods,...
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High Performance Approximate Sort Algorithm Using GPUs

Jun Xiao, Hao Chen, Jianhua Sun
Sorting is a fundamental problem in computer science, and the strict sorting usually means a strict order with ascending or descending. However, some applications in reality don’t require the strict ascending or descending order and the approximate ascending or descending order just meets the requirement....
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Research on 3D-Image Reconstruction Based on TEM Inversion Image

Faquan Zhang, Zongmin Li
TEM inversion image is a two-dimensional image, in which stratum structure does not reflect the image of the whole space, so that non-professionals can not accurately determine the exact location and shape of abnormal body. To solve this problem, two-dimensional inversion images are processed by the...
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Modeling and Simulation on Desynchronization of Neuronal Networks under Electrostatic Field

Ruiquan Wang, Huaiyang Wang
To explore therapeutic mechanism for Parkinson's disease and other shivering senile diseases, the effect of external electrostatic field on the spiking of single Izhikevich neuron model and synchronized firing of large scale Izhikevich neuronal network were studied with computer simulation. The simulation...
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A Novel Framework of Grid Cloud Operating and Comparison Analysis of Its Virtualization Realization

Liang Zhang, Xiaoliang Bi, Shudong Chen
In this paper, we propose a novel overall framework for Grid cloud operation based on cloud computing technologies. Considering the key role of virtualization software, we introduce three kinds of software which are popularly used in virtualization realization of the framework. From the point of view...
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A J2EE-based MIS design and implementation of light industry

Yong Pan
Based on J2EE architecture design of the three B/S mode of Light (beer) industry MIS system. Its functional modules include sales management, purchasing management, and quality management. Connect to the database using EJB components, to achieve a distributed concept, to bring high economic efficiency.
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A Fair (t,n) Threshold Secret Sharing Scheme

Minhong Xing, Wenmin Li
The cloud service provider offers various storage services for mass data. However, for safety and recovery concern, the provider distributes the components of the data file on different servers. Therefore it is important to design appropriate secret sharing scheme. In this paper, we hide the real secret...
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Design of Portable Color Blindness Aid System Based on Camera

Qihua Chen, Dashun Que
Combining with video acquisition, signal processing, single chip microcomputer, wireless communication and other multiple technologies, we design a portable color blindness aid system based on camera. We have completed the overall design of the system and the design of hardware and software. Using MSP430...
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Minimal Neuronal Model for the Transmission Path of Acupuncture Signal

Yingmei Qin, Chunxiao Han, Bei Liu, Yanqiu Che
Acupuncture has been proved to be effective for treatment of diseases, but the underlying mechanisms about acupuncture are still unknown. We design the animal experiment and process the data. We focus on the firing patterns evoked by acupuncture and developed Izhikevich neuronal model to characterize...
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Detrended Fluctuation Analysis of Acupuncture based on Neural Electrical Signals

Xiaobin Wang, Yanqiu Che, Chunxiao Han, Yingmei Qin
Manual acupuncture (MA) is a traditional Chinese Medicine clinical therapy. Although its effectiveness has been proved by clinical trials over thousands of years, the effect and mechanism of acupuncture on the nervous system is not yet clear.Brain is senior central nervous system, and acupuncture as...
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Face Description with Monogenic Ternary Pattern: Application to Face Recognition

He Yan, Pu Wang
This paper presents a new face description operator called monogenic ternary pattern (MTP) based on the theory of monogenic signal analysis and local ternary pattern ,then the histogram of MTP (HMTP) is subsequently and applied to the robust face recognition. HMTP consists of two parts:the first part...
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Software Risk Assessment Method based on Fuzzy Neural Network

Hua Wang, Ben Wang, Longyong You, Wentong Zhang
With the development and improvement of technology and the progress of the theory of project management, software risk management plays a more and more important role in modern project management. In order to enhance the accuracy and objectivity of the software risk assessment, we propose a software...
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License Plate Location Based on Simplified Pulse Coupled Neural Network and Comprehensive Feature

Guangjun Xie, Xiaoxi Ren
License plate location is the key of the license plate recognition system. In order to accurately to locate the license plate region in the complex environment, this paper puts forward a license plate locating method based on simplified pulse coupled neural network and comprehensive feature. Firstly,...
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An incremental evolutionary algorithm suitable for industrial platform for analog circuit design

Yuehan Gao, Jingsong He
The design of analog circuits by evolutionary algorithm is an approach to automatic design of analog circuits. Applying the method of automatic analog circuit evolutionary design in engineering application has practical values. However, it also results in a lot of time-consuming. The purpose of this...
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A High-Performance Key-Value Query Solution Based on Hash Dictionary and Trie Tree

Zhijia Yan, Zhonghan Sun, Yidong Zheng, Jiajun Bu, Wei Wang
With the development of Internet, tens of billions query were submitted every day. However, the old response mechanism of query which client submits query to server then server fetches data from database and sends data to client can't meet the requirements any more. We know the time of client to server...
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Intelligent Product Design for Baby Weighing Scale

Leijing Zhou, Wei Chen
The weight of infant is quite important for doctors, which is obtained initially to assess infant growth and to determine if the infant is well-nourished. For the parents, they are eager to know how heavy their babies are. In this paper, we propose an intelligent design of baby weighing scale for the...
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Improving Electoral Districting through Geographic Information Systems

Mawkae Hor, Yifan Peng
In this paper, we present an approach that can solve the electoral districting problems by integrating the technologies of dynamics programming, computational geometry as well as the geographic information systems. A quantitative measurement to evaluate the shape of the districting results is also presented....
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A Sandbox Designed on User-level Virtualization Platform

Jin Xie
Network has been widely applied in all aspects of life with time. Spread of malicious programs and harm thereof are also gradually increased with network. Sandbox provides high isolation environment for operation of suspicious program, thereby detecting malicious code effectively. However, there are...
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Multi-Relay Selection Algorithm for Optimizing Symbol Error Rate and Network Lifetime

Zhenchao Wang, Yan Li, Xiaolei Yuan
In order to jointly optimize the performance of symbol error rate (SER) and network lifetime (NL) in cooperative communications, an efficient multi-relay selection algorithm (JOMRS) based on statistics channel gain (SCG) and node residual energy (NRE) is put forward. Firstly, this algorithm obtains the...
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Application of Factor Analysis Method in Establishing Exam Result Analysis Model

Hongmei Nie
In order to overcome shortcomings that the other analysis methods are not easy to reduce dimensions, difficult to establish a model, or not easy to analyze underlying factors, the paper presents to use factor analysis method to establish an exam result analysis model. Furthermore, the model can meet...
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A Novel Efficient SDN Based Broadcast Scheme

Yanwei Xu, Xiaoyuan Lu, Tairan Zhang
Data centers with millions of physical and virtual end hosts are now the basis for many Internet and cloud computing services. Hence, it is no longer practical to employ the traditional flooding method for the broadcast tasks in such large networks. In order to improve the efficiency of broadcasting...
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Evaluation of Investment Risk in Thermal Power Project Based on Risk Matrix

Jianna Zhao, Chunchen Wang
Under the complicated variable international economic environment, investment of thermal power project faces many risks. In order to reduce the risk loss which due to thermal power project investment, the paper uses risk matrix to evaluate factors of investment risk in thermal power project. First, the...
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Support Vector Machine Based on Incremental Learning for Malware Detection

Weiwei Zhuang, Lei Xiao, Jianfeng Cui, WeiChuan Zhuang
The training of traditional SVM method requires the solution of quadratic programming, and consumes high memory and has low speed for large data training. Incremental learning is one of the meaningful methods to continuously update the data for learning, which keeps the previous learning results, re...
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Environmental Audio Classification Based on Active Learning with SVM

Yan Zhang, Danjv Lv, Ying Lin
In order to solve the classification of environmental audio data under the fewer number of the training examples, this paper combined Support Vector Machines SVM) and Entropy Priority Sampling (EPS), and proposed the SVM_EPS method as the selecting sampling strategies in active learning. And the method...
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Design and Application of Marine Information Retrieval System

Dongning Jia, Yi Chen, Yanping Cong
Marine information resource is very important in the development of Marine science field. However, in our country, the marine information resource is lack of effective organization and management. It leads resource disorderly dispersed and makes the marine information using and sharing with low efficiency....
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Partition Method of Infrared Image Using Otsu Algorithm and Morphology

Mingkai Yue, Jiahao Deng
Infrared image segmentation is the basis of the infrared target detection identification. The key point of image threshold segmentation algorithm to realize the effective segmentation of the target and background is choosing appropriate and accurate threshold. This paper studies the current commonly...
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Modified Algorithm Research of Target Tracking of Mean Shift Infrared Imagery

Mingkai Yue, Jiahao Deng
The moving target tracking of infrared imagery has been usually applied in the field of imaging and guidance military reconnaissance of weapon, and intelligent transportation system, video surveillance, etc. for civil use. The application of mean shift in the tracking of infrared target was investigated...
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The Design of Main Transmission System of the CK1440A Series Numerically-Controlled Machine Tool

Jiajun Ding, Zhiying Zhang
In order to improve the performance of the CK1440 type and TND360 type numerically-controlled machine tools, based on the CK1440 type numerically-controlled machine tool, the CK1440A type numerically-controlled machine tool was designed. In order to extend the range of the application of the CK1440A...
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Workflow System Performance Improving and Analyzing by Using Memory Cache

Yusheng Xu, Hongxin An, Qunce Xu
Workflow techniques may be broadly used in business processing and scientific computing and thus focused research interest over the last decade. The performance of workflow applications mainly depend upon task scheduling strategies in workflow engine. In this paper, a novel active workflow instance memory...
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Research of High Voltage Intelligent Capacitor

Minxiang Yang, Wei Song, Xuesong Zhao, Yang Liu, Guoliang Zhang, Yanping Diao, Ting Mao
In order to develop intelligent capacitor for improving intelligent level of the capacitor, intelligent capacitor’s structure and sensors are studied in this paper. By designing external sensors and monitor scheme, intelligent capacitor with external sensor is developed. By designing built-in sensor...
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Research on Classification of the Cities in Shandong Province based on the Population

Silian Shen, Chunwei Wang
Shandong is one of the populous provinces in china. Although it has advantage in population amount, its demographic structure is clearly imbalanced among the cities, which seriously affects the development of economy and society. Based on the data which is from the statistical yearbook of Shandong province,...
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A Novel Direction Finding Algorithm Using ICA with Uniform Circular Array

Wanchun Li, Yingxiang Li
In this paper, a novel algorithm for two-dimensional angle estimation with uniform circular array (UCA) based on independent component analysis (ICA) is proposed. First the linear mixed signals are separated by ICA. Then, separated signals are used to waveform matching filter with the original mixed-signal....
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A SDN Based Scalable Layer 2 Network for Next Generation Internet Testbed

Yanwei Xu, Xiaoyuan Lu, Tairan Zhang
The demands for the next generation internet testbeds are becoming more and more intense recently. However, there are three problems need to solve, i.e., the ever-increasing number of actual or virtual machines demands, effectively manage these different machines and maintain the effectiveness. A scalable...
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Research on the Post Evaluation for Thermal Power Construction Project Based on Entropy Weight Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Jianna Zhao, Yuanyuan Zhao
In order to improve decision-making and investment returns on a construction project, in this paper, entropy weight fuzzy model is employed to make post evaluation for thermal power construction project in combining with success evaluation theory. After fully consider the features of thermal power construction...
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A Novel Low Power CMOS VGA

Yongqian Du, Shibin Liu, Guifang Li
A low-power Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA) is demonstrated in a commercial 0.18µm CMOS technology, with a chip size of 0.019mm2. To compensate the threshold voltage process variation, a control voltage level shift (CVLS) methodology is proposed. The VGA was measured with a dynamic range of 29dB with a...
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Design of Phone Anti-obsessed System Based on the User Behavior

Xiafu Pan
Traditional anti-obsessed system is only use for identity management, but it cannot be used for entertainment conduct analysis, and cannot be able to accurately identify entertainment software. This paper design a new mobile phone Anti-obsessed system based on the user behavior. The system can dynamic...
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Efficiency Analysis of Genetic Algorithm and Ant Colony Optimization Techniques for Travelling Salesman Problem

Binod Bajracharya
In this paper, we present a genetic algorithm and discuss its methodologies to solve complex problem in combinatorial optimization problems e.g. travelling salesman problem. We analyze a real problem with the help of valid demonstrations and also compare this novel algorithm with very famous ant colony...
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Study on the Index System of Taxi Operation Monitoring Based on Multi-source Data

Zhihong Chen, Jiancheng Weng, Liying Sui, Yuan Zhong
All kinds of taxi data structure were introduced, and based on multi-source data, proposes taxi operation monitoring index system in charge of the different needs faced on traveler, industry managers and government departments. Finally, taking the multi-source data of taxi in Beijing as an example, some...
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Mining Weighted Association Rules in Data Streams with a Sliding Window

Weimin Ouyang, Qinhua Huang
Association rule mining is one of the most important data mining techniques. Typical association rules consider each item in transactions with the same significance.In order to represent significances of items, every item has be assigned with a weight, and the mining weighted association rules have been...
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Analysis on the Connotation of Probability in the Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Economic Decision Making

Long Wang, Zhe Wang
This paper analyzes the inner relations between Classical sub-scheme probability and statistic probability, subjective probability and objective probability, prior probability and posterior probability, Transition probability and probability of utility, and further analysis the goal, method, and its...
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ECM algorithm of Parametric Estimation in Constant Stress Accelerated Life for Mixture Weibull Distribution with Type II Censoring

Hui Jiang
Mixed Weibull distributions play an important role in life time data analysis. In this paper, we employ the ECM algorithm to obtain the ML estimation for the mixed Weibull model in the constant stress accelerated life time test with type II censoring. The iteration formulas are given in the paper. Simulations...
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The Research on Personalized Tourism Demand Model based on User Roles

Wenlong Feng, Yucong Duan, Menxing Huang
According to the characteristic that individual user data is less in tourism service, a personalized demand modeling mechanism is proposed based on user roles. The mechanism researches the existing historical data, defines demand hierarchy and category and establishes the requirement set. It also analyzes...
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Test Data Automatic Generation Based on Modified Condition/Decision Coverage Criteria

Xin Fan, Wei Zheng, Fengyu Yang, Qijun Liang
Software testing is one of the most important means that guarantee software quality and reliability. Meanwhile, improving the automation level of testing is also very important to ensure software development quality and decrease software development cost. DO-178B provides the different criteria of structure...
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The Research on Service Composition Trust based on Cloud Computing

Wenlong Feng, Menxing Huang
According to the characteristics of services at multiple levels under cloud computing environment, a modeling mechanism of service composition trust is proposed. Analyzing QoS of sub service, matching it with trust evaluation standard, so the static trust evaluation of sub service is obtained. Processing...
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Multiple Power Allocation for Energy Efficiency Improvement in Cognitive Radio

Bing Ning, Shouyi Yang, Wanming Hao, Dawei Zang
This paper investigates the energy efficiency of sensing based spectrum sharing in cognitive radio network, where a secondary network can utilizes the primary network based the results of spectrum sensing. In the conventional sensing model, primary user is considered to remain active or inactive during...
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Accurate, Non-integer Bit Estimation for H.265/HEVC and H.264/AVC Rate-Distortion Optimization

Kei Im Sio, Mahdi Ghandi Mohammad, Hou Chan Ka
Lagrangian Rate Distortion Optimization (RDO) is widely employed in modern video encoders such as H.264/AVC and H.264/AVC for mode decision. During the RDO process the distortion and bit rate of each mode has to be estimated and more an accurate estimation leads to better optimized decisions. This paper...
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A Role-based Adjacent Workflow Recommendation Technique

Guangzhi Chen, Lei Li
Recently recommendation techniques and systems have gained more and more attention and are researched in a variety of fields. In this paper we put the recommendation technique into the problem of workflow or Web browsing so that can facilitate the workflow participants to find their next most desired...
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Cryptanalysis of Attribute-Based Data Sharing Scheme for Data Access Security in Cloud Computing

Aoting Hu, Rui Jiang, Songyang Wu
With the development and the implementation of the data outsourcing technology in cloud computing, there are increasing demands and concerns for the data access security. Recently, Hur proposed a scheme and claimed the following achievements: 1) the key escrow problem. 2) realizing fine-grained user...
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Local Descriptors in Temporal Video Segmentation: A Performance Evaluation

Kei Im Sio, Martins Pedro
Local image descriptors are widely used and play an important role in temporal video segmentation tasks. However, the study of descriptors performance under a temporal video segmentation context has been overlooked. In this paper, we present a qualitative and quantitative performance evaluation of state-of-the-art...
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Literature Review of XBRL Semantic Research

Hongqin Li, Jun Zhai
Development of business intelligence cannot leave XBRL. In order to exert the potential of XBRL, semantics must be added to realize the combination of XBRL and semantic web. It’s important to understand the research status of domestic XBRL semantic research. So the article takes XBRL as inscription and...
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Study of Electric Power Steering System

Shaoyun Zhang, Yi Wang
Electric power steering system (EPS) has been used to replace traditional hydraulic power steering system (HPS) in automobiles. In an EPS system, the assisting steering power is from an electric motor. In principle, the control of the EPS system mainly involves magnitude and direction’s adjustment of...
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Iterative Algorithms for a System of Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problems

Yali Zhao, Dianjiao Zhao
The purpose of this paper is to present an iterative algorithm for a system of generalized mixed equilibrium problems(for short, denoted by SGMEP) in Banach space. We prove strong convergence theorems of the iterative algorithm for finding a common element of the fixed point set of relatively nonexpansive...
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A Comparison of Approaches Toward Reusable Aspects

Shun Yi, Chengwan He
Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) is designed to reduce maintenance and improve reuse of software components by separating crosscutting concerns from core concerns. In current most mature and widely used AOP approach, such as AspectJ, crosscutting concerns are modularized in aspects and connected to...
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Study on Access Control for Cloud Storage Security

Xinqiang Ma, Yi Huang, Mingsheng Zhang, Youyuan Liu
Cloud Computing has been envisioned as the next-generation architecture of IT Enterprise. It moves the application software and databases to the centralized large data centers, where the management of the data and services may not be fully trustworthy. At present, most of the researches on cloud storage...
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A Development Strategy of O2O Business in China

Tiansheng Xu, Jiong Zhang
This paper analyzes the concept, current development of O2O business models in china. The characteristic of these models including advantages and existing problems are also discussed extensively. Through the analysis of successful cases of these business models, a new development strategy is proposed...
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Wavelet Thresholding Method based on Hypotheses Testing and Noise Estimation for Multipath Mitigation in GPS Receivers

Alipour Maralani Vahid, Chenxi Huangfu, Yun Zhao
Urban navigation applications of the global positioning system (GPS) suffer from the problem of multipath propagation caused by complex signal reflections in local environments. The resulting errors of ranging can finally lead to an unacceptable degradation of positioning accuracy for many GPS applications....
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A Review of Output Hypothesis in College English Teaching and Learning

Zhenxiao Li, Zhihong Lu
In current English language learning environment, most Chinese EFL (English as a foreign language) learner’s English speaking ability has far fallen behind their writing ability. Many scholars tried to employ Output Hypothesis in college English language courses to improve the effects on students’ language...
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A Method Constructing Orthogonal Latin Squares Based on Complete Y-Matrixes

Yongbin Qin, Jie Li, Daoyun Xu
The complete classes of orthogonal Latin squares can be constructed from Galois fields. The complete Y-matrix in [1] presents a new representation of finite group. A complete Y-matrix decides a finite group, and a finite group induces a completeY-matrix. Based on this idea, we can construct Galois fields...
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Constructions of Finite Groups

Yongbin Qin, Haiyue Zhang, Daoyun Xu
Y-group (as a matrix) in [1] presents a new representation of finite algebra systems. A complete Y-group decides a finite group, and the computation table of a finite group is a complete Y-group. Ones can comprehend deeply constructions of finite groups based on geometric properties of matrixes. In this...
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VeriNP: A FPGA-Based Verification Platform for General-Purpose Many-Core Network Processors

Jinfeng Huang, Hongbin Wu, Tao Li, Hui Yang, Zhigang Sun
General-purpose many-core network processors have been widely used in network packet processing due to its high programmabilityandparallel processing ability.The design of general-purpose many-core network processorsinvolvesa lotof key technologies, including packet scheduling, inter-core communication,...
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Computer Simulation Principles of Combined-cycle Power Plants Start-ups Assignment Schedules

Yuri Radin, Tatiana Kontorovich
Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP) operation in power systems is characterized by the necessity of having a lot of shutdowns with subsequent start-ups from various thermal states. CCPP start-up assignment schedules from various thermal states are developed on the base of the start-ups modes cycling analysis....
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The Study of Smokers' Attitude and Behavior in China Based on Data Mining Methods

Yu Fei, Xiaojing Fu
Using data mining methods, this paper studies the smokers' attitude and behavior in China. The sample data are from 12 provinces including Yunnan, Shandong, Guangxi, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan and Sichuan. Based on the research and Frame Work Convention on...
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A Component Recognition-based Chinese Character Segmentation and Structure Discrimination Method

Yongtang Bao, Yue Qi, Bowen Yu
In this digital age, using the technology of computer graphics and image processing to analyzing Chinese character segmentation and structure discrimination, has a very important significance for the inheritance and development of traditional culture. In this paper, we present a Chinese character segmentation...
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Component-stroke Corresponding System for Chinese Characters of Different Styles

YunLong Che, XiaoHui Liang, Pengfei Yue
Stroke and shape of the Chinese character with different script has changed hugely among different style. To present the correspondence between Chinese characters component-strokes, this paper designs a component-stroke corresponding system for Chinese characters based on sematic knowledge. Firstly,...
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Multi-Object Tracking Algorithm Based on Spatial Constraints

Yuanhang Cheng, Jing Wang
For multi-object tracking in complex environments, this paper presents an improved tracking algorithm based on spatial constraints. With basic framework of Dalal-Triggs detector (which uses HOG features to describe the image blocks and an SVM to predict the existence of objects), we use a graph structure...
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A Method of Audio Digital Watermark Based on DWT

Yuanhang Cheng, Jing Wang
When a digital watermark is directly embedded into low frequency part of audio, sensitive noises maybe occur. In the paper, a method of audio digital watermark based on quantization index modulation is proposed to solve the problem. At first, audio signal is divided to frequency band subsections by audio...
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Research and Application of Hadoop Monitoring based on JMX

Rui Gu
In order to use Hadooop monitoring in specific J2EE project, we design and implement a monitor solution that can be used in specific project based on JMX technology standards. At first, this paper analyzed the JMX specification, simply introduced the Hadoop distributed processing technology, and further...
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An Effective New Algorithm for Face Recognition

Rui Kong, Bing Zhang
To address the influence of the image pre-processing and feature extraction on the recognition rate in face recognition, we propose a algorithm with high recognition rate and fast face recognition under varying illumination environment. The new algorithm deals with complicated illumination conditions...
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A Test Point Selection Method Based on Circuit Topology Graph

Xiusheng Duan, Yi Huang, Yunfeng Zhou
To the question of test point selection in test or diagnosis for complex electronic equipments and large scale circuit, a test point selection method based on circuit topology and correlation modeling is proposed. This method, firstly, established the topology model based on circuit function structure,...
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An Efficiency Management Terminal Considering Demand Response

Yin Liu, Yingxin Xie, Fengyu Wang, Chen Fang, Ting Lei
To support the development of smart grid and demand-side management, this paper designs and implements an efficiency management terminal based on demand response, which can be used to assist users to actively participate in the "Grid - Load" Interaction. First, this paper elaborates the hardware composition...
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Design of Personnel Management Information System Based on Cloud Computing

Yuanyuan Yang, Minglei Shu, Nuo Wei
Personnel data information is an important part of personnel management digital process, personnel data as the underlying data source, provide the basic data for the other subsystems. With combination of ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server 2005, personnel management system was developed, which can improve...
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Oil Spill Image Segmentation Based on Fuzzy C-means Algorithm

Guangmin Sun, Haocong Ma, Dequn Zhao, Fan Zhang, Linan Jia, Junling Sun
Oil spill may cause serious pollution of the marine environment. Unmanned aerial vehicles remote sensing system can be used to monitor oil spill conditions. In order to identify the oil spill area on aerial image accurately, the first step is oil spill region segmentation. The paper presents an image...
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ARP Deception and Its Prevention

Weiwei Lang
ARP spoofing is a local area network (LAN) the most common and most dangerous viruses, this paper mainly from the principle of ARP protocol, ARP protocol existing vulnerabilities and security risks of analysis of ARP Spoofing principle and attack the phenomenon, and put forward effective solutions and...
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Logic Value Fuzzy Subgroup Of a Group

Xiaoshen Li, Xuehai Yuan, Letao Wu
The aims of this article are to establish the relationship between the fuzzy algebra and the classical logic and to study fuzzy algebra by the use of classical logic methods. We firstly introduces the concept of the logic value fuzzy subgroup, and studies the relationship between the fuzzy subgroup and...