Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Computer Science and Intelligent Communication

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An Exploratory Study of Social Game by Flow Theory and Social Network Theory

Chun-Hsiung Huang, Mu-Chiun Hsu, Huan-Ming Chuang
Facebook triggered a popular trend in Taiwan because it changed users’ Internet social cognition. Before this, the Internet users interact with others only by search engines, online advertising, e-mails or blogs. Network users are fully immersed in Facebook social network as in a real interpersonal network...
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An Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Method Based on Gradientfaces and 2DLDA

Yongfeng Qi, Yuanlian Huo
Extracting illumination invariant features is an effective method to improve recognition rate of algorithm with varying illumination. In this paper, a novel illumination invariant method which combines Gradientface and 2DPDA is proposed. First, this approach transforms a face image into Gradientface,...
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An Efficient Approach to Do Multi-agent Planning

Lin Zeng, Lei Li
Multi-agent planning is a difficult, yet under investigated class of planning problems. In the cooperative assumption, agents plan to achieve their individual goals independently, communicate with each other by continually sending and receiving messages from other agents. However, finding a globally...
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Traffic Matrix-Based Routing Optimization

Ru Jia, Wei Su, Hongke Zhang
Smart Identifier NETwork (SINET) is a clean-slate future Internet architecture, which has the superiority of perceiving real-time traffic matrix. We use traffic matrix as the constraint, model on load balancing routing problem, and transform the primal problem into dual problem by using Lagrange function....
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Design Optimization of NDIR Automobile Exhaust Sensor Chamber Structure

Hongyan Chen, Zhibin Li, Bing Zhang, Jian Qu
An optimized gas chamber structure is determined based on orthogonal experiment and numerical simulation combination method.The optimization of NDIR automobile exhaust sensor chamber structure includes three factors:gas chamber diameter, gas chamber length and opening way.By the experiment,it is shown...
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The Conversion Method from SVG Graphics for Substation to CIM/G Graphics for Intelligent Dispatching

Hao Ren, Xiaoqing Ma
Based on the research of SVG and CIM/G vector graphics standards, through the analysis and comparison of the graphics files of SVG for substation and CIM/G for intelligent dispatching, the difference and correspondence relationship of basic and power graphics elements are found out. Adopting modular...
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An Algorithm to Realize the Real-time Interpolation of Bezier Curves Based on DSP

Yujie Zhang, Weijie Zhang, Bin Xu, Chang Liu
As the surface of parts to be shaped is complex, there is a high expectation on accuracy and smoothness during CNC machining. One way is proposed to realize the surface of complex parts based on bezier curves, which is with the advantages of realizing the surface of complex parts in an accurate way....
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Competitive Facility Location Problem with Foresight in Discrete Space based on Tabu Search

Mingyao Qi, Mingfei Xia, Lixin Miao, Ying Zhang
This paper presents the competitive facility location problem with foresight in the discrete space which considers probabilistic customer behavior. A practical bilevel nonlinear integer programming model is formulated to maximize the leader’s market share while predicting the follower’s response. For...
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Robust and Fast Tracking-Learning-Detection

Shuai Cheng, Guangwen Liu, Junxi Sun
To improve the robust and processing speed of the Tracking-Learning-Detection(TLD), the robust and fast TLD tracker is proposed. Replacing with the forward-backward error predictor, The two powerful failure predictors, including the neighbourhood consistency predictor and the markov predictor in the...
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The Micro Design of Micro-Lecture

Cuibai Li
This article on the introduction of the concept, significance and application of Micro-Lecture model, based on the proposed micro course design should stick to flip the classroom education connotation and the characteristics of micro class resources, fully grasp and use micro class design series micro...
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On the Implied Volatility Extraction and the Selection of Suitable Kernel

Kopa Miloš, Vitali Sebastiano, Tichý Tomáš
At the market, we can identify various kinds of options. Some of them are traded at organized exchanges and are quite liquid. Others are traded only between particular parties. The current market practice is to obtain implied volatility of liquid options as based on Black-Scholes type (BS hereafter)...
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Research of Self-Set for Cloud Security Immune System Based on Bloom Filter

Lin Huo, Jingxiong Zhou, Yuchuan Xiao
In order to improve the performance of Cloud Security Immune System(CSIS), the representation and storage of the feature data of self-set is studied. Firstly, it proposes a Bloom Filter Self-Set storage model (BFSS), which can reduce the storage space of self-set effectively and save query time. Secondly,...
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Leakage Prevention Method for Structured Data Based on Hierarchical Classification

Liangliang Tang, Zexin Lin, Ruizhong Chen, Hongxia Ma
As the phenomenon of users with low security classification to access to sensitive data of high-level is likely to occur during the access to sensitive information in structured data, resulting in leakage of corporate information assets, and causing serious losses to enterprises, in this paper, a new...
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Dynamic Random Network Coding with Variable Multicast Rate in DTN Environment

Yi Xia, Guanghong Deng
The traditional random network coding methods with fixed multicast capacity which is difficult to get with the DTN dynamical features of mobility, intermittent connectivity and dynamic topology. Direct at this problem, a Dynamic Random Network Coding (DRNC) method used in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN)...
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An Access Control Scheme For Limiting The Number Of Users Based on Cloud Computing

Guozhen Shi, Sishui Ye, Yafei Zhu, Meng Zhang, Shuaibing Wang
Attribute-based access control scheme ensures that users have legitimate attribute to access the shared data. With attributes unauthorized, users can’t access the data. But if we want a finer control to the data, some users, having attributes satisfied the access control structures within a certain number,...
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Performance of the CMMB–MIMO System with TH Precoding Technology

Huiqin Wang
The China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) standard is the major standard in China for mobile multimedia broadcasting. It has been proved that the MIMO technology can increase the channel capacity remarkably comparing to traditional CMMB systems. However this technique plays a small role on the...
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A Protocol Architecture for Trusted Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Zhengxian Wei, Min Song, Guisheng Yin, Yingqi Wang
Through adding the trusted protocol, trusted control and management mechanism on existing network architectures, a protocol architecture for trusted underwater acoustic sensor networks is presented, and the constitutes and functions of each part are described. The implementation model of trusted underwater...
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The Design and Development of Mathematics MicroLecture for Elementary School

Cuibai Li, Lifang Liu
With the advancement of technologies, Micro-Lecture and Micro Video become more and more popular in elementary school because it’s short and easy to learn. The article introduces the definition, type and related concept of Micro-Lecture. Then, the paper describes the strategies of instructional design...
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Building of Laser-assisted Micromachining Temperature Field

Jinkai Xu, Chuanpeng Chu, Zhilong Zhao, Xingxing Wang
Aims: Laser-assisted micromachining is a promising technique to improve the machinability of various difficult-to-machine materials, building temperature field mathematical models of laser-assisted micromachining system can significantly reduce human and material resources in actual processing and improve...
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Research on the Creative Tablet Folding Table

Ruihao Wang
This paper first gives an analysis of the static structure and dynamic process of folding table, gets corresponding folding process parameter equation by geometric relations, and quantifies parameters respectively for different design requirements of desktop. The desktop projection just falls within...
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High Efficiency Marine Propulsion Plant

Ruihao Wang
The device is based on the principle of gear transmission and the design is to improve traditional paddle wheel drive in which exist defects, by using the synchronous effect of the odd gears, making the ship with propulsion device of a water shifting plate in a vertical state, namely propeller thrust...