Proceedings of the International Conference Communicative Strategies of Information Society (CSIS 2018)

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Linguistic Aspects of Communication Between Mothers and Daughters in Modern Hindi (Evidence from Krishna Sobti's Stories)

Anna Chelnokova, Ekaterina Kostina
In the modern world, the hierarchical social structures of a traditional society (including the extended family) are undergoing serious changes, which are reflected on the communicative level. The paper considers one of the aspects of communication between mothers and adult daughters: the second person...
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Role of International Educational Programmes in Regional Integration Processes: Focus on European Union and Post-Soviet Spac

Mario De Martino, Alfia Ibragimova
A regional integration process is a growing trend in many areas of the world. Economic and security cooperation activities are central points of the agenda of international regional organizations, but in the last few years, education also is playing a significant role. Some of the most prevalent trends...
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Economic Patriotism in Cities and Villages: Differentiating and Integrating Features

Nadezhda Gritskikh, Alisa Gildebrandt
In this article, the authors share some of the research data obtained by the Irkutsk State University laboratory of psychological, economic and cross-cultural studies workers. There is an analysis of the differentiating and integrating features of economic patriotism in villages and cities. A characteristic...
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Modern Trends in Geo-Economics and Geopolitics

Irina Ignatyeva, Boris Isaev
The article deals with modern trends in geo-economics and geopolitics. Geo-economics takes the leading role in the relation geopolitics - geo-economics. It has been shown that geo-politics increases its influence in the modern world. The areas of Land and Sea are supplemented by air, underwater, near-earth,...
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Research on Prosocial Behavior of Russian Youth: Statement of the problem in the context of security of the individual and society

P.A. Kislyakov, Е.A. Shmeleva, O.A. Silaeva, N.V. Belyakova, D.V Savchenko
The article actualizes the problem of the formation of prosocial behavior in the younger generation as an important factor of socialization. It is shown that in modern conditions there was a transformation of value orientations and self-concept with the establishment of individualism and egocentrism,...
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Partnership of Brands with 10 Famous Museums of Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Alexandra Osipova, Elena Osipova
This study highlights the main types of brand cooperation with 10 major museums in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, which are relevant in 2018. In the study, websites of 10 most visited museums were analyzed to reveal the types of collaborations offered by museums to their potential partners. The activities...
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Corporate Values in the Formation of the Identity of Russian Corporations

Elena Osipova, Alexandra Osipova
The paper presents the results of the analysis of the role of core values in corporate identity formation. The study was carried out based on the analysis of documents and information materials about 60 large Russian commercial companies and non-profit organizations placed on the Internet. The analysis...
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Family Self-Identification of Students: Search for Empirical Indicators

E.V. Popova, A.V. Ponomarev, A.P. Korobeinikova
The problem of constructing currently valid empirical indicators of family self-identification of the Russian university students is analyzed on the basis of the materials of sociological research.
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Person-Centered Approach as Method to Rehabilitate Children in Need of Social, Psychological and Pedagogical Suppor

Sergey Ryabtsov, Olga Kuzmenkova
This paper is dedicated to studies of methods of rehabilitation of children needing social, psychological and pedagogical support. Person-centered approach is used as a foundation. From the materials of research conducted in the secondary school no. 69 of the city of Orenburg, a special program has been...