Proceedings of the Volgograd State University International Scientific Conference "Competitive, Sustainable and Safe Development of the Regional Economy" (CSSDRE 2019)

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Tax regulation evaluation of the economy of territorial development

Natalia Gorshkova, Victoria Ksenda, Indira Arsaeva
Modern global transformations have determined the need to search for conditions and sources that ensure competitive, sustainable and safe economic development. Tax regulation is one of the guarantees of sustainable regional development. Tax regulation is an element of the system of public administration...
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The role of cadastral value in balancing local budgets

Vladislav Sutyagin, Yana Radyukova, Svetlana Zenchenko, Anna Sinitsyna
Modern tax federalism implies that federal budget relies on the major taxes. This results in the lack of regional and local taxes and dependency of the local authorities. Local taxes mainly include personal income tax, corporate property tax, personal property tax and land tax. Thus, the taxable base...
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The role of foreign direct investment in the Volgograd region’s economy

Inna Kudryashova
Attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) can act as a driving force for economic modernization of the recipient country and its regions. The paper focuses on the analysis of FDI role in the economy of the Volgograd region. Historical, comparative, tabular, diagram, relative and absolute indicators...
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Competitive development of the agricultural sector of the economy: institutional approach

Irina Vyacheslavovna Babayan, Mikhail Vladimirovich Eryshev, Alexander Nikolaevich Milovanov, Vladimir Vladimirovich Panchenko, Olga Anatolyevna Vasilyeva
The article discusses institutional changes taking place in the economy, their role in formation and development of innovative economy. The agricultural sector is more exposed to institutional transformations, restrictions, as it involves the revision of strategic role for market players - the state...
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Territorial development of the Republic of Karelia in the context of the theory of circular cumulative causation

Nikolai Levkin, Sergey Vereshko
It is impossible to imagine the development of modern spatial economy without taking into account the effect of circular cumulative causation, when individual territories have an impact on other territories and this relationship is nonlinear. The Republic of Karelia is a region composed of such heterogeneous...
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Medical tourism industry in the Russian economy development

Gukas Ter-Akopov, Natalia Kosinova, Sergey Knyazev
Medical tourism is a type of niche tourism, characterized by rapid growth and development at present. The term reflects the practice of moving people from their permanent place of residence within their own country or abroad in order to consume a wide range of medical services of varying degrees of complexity....
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Financial potential of regional population in the Volgograd region: nature and assessment

Leyla Mytareva, Lyubov Grigoryeva, Anton Arkannikov
A human is the goal, the tool the incentive and the resource of territorial development in socially oriented systems. The regional differentiation is quite strong, due to a large size of the country and an uneven distribution of population in agglomerations. As an indicator of the role and the contribution...
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Regional Social Insurance Funds: Specificities of Reserving Funds

Margarita Irizepova
To the present moment, the procedures for the reservation of funds in regional social security insurances haven’t been studied in depth, and they are rather rarely described in the scientific literature. Meanwhile, it is the availability of reserves that makes it possible to classify this field of activity...
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Methods of artificial intelligence in the indicative economy as a tool for managing socio-economic systems at the regional level

Valentina Smagina, Victoria Smagina, Nikolay Strekalov
This article has analyzed the principal applications of artificial intelligence in the indicative economy. The mathematical model of the target function of the socio-economic system development has been determined. The effectiveness of modern solutions in the field of application of public administration...
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Analysis of the possibilities of using renewable energy sources in budget organizations on the Volgograd region example

Irina Usacheva, Elena Gladkaya, Shamam Khurshudyan
This work is aimed at the analysis and justification of the possibility to use renewable energy sources (RES) for budget organizations on the Volgograd region example. Research is being conducted all over the world, its purpose is the search for the most effective non-traditional renewable energy sources,...
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Economic growth monitoring and the Russian regions typology in terms of quality of life in the digitalization of territories

Elena Petrova, Anna Trukhlyaeva, Elena Fokina
In this paper, the authors propose a comprehensive monitoring system for the quality of life of the population in the Russian regions, including methodological assessment tools and information-analytical system using Data Mining methods, allowing public authorities to justify and adjust programs aimed...
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Territorial cluster management digitalization

Marina Buyanova, Maria Shiro
The digitalization process covers all society spheres, in particular, it requires economic systems to restructure and revise traditional approaches to the economic process management. Cluster formations, as well as other systems, are focused on new technology penetration into the mechanism of management...
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“Qualified Customer” - Demand Management Model for Research and Development

Andrey Klypin, Irina Ilyina, Elena Zharova, Sergey Vyunov
The article is devoted to the problem of a “qualified customer” model development in Russia as a relatively new tool of state science and technology policy aiming to improve the efficiency of state and extrabudgetary R & D expenditures, as well as to increase the level of commercialization of intellectual...
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Standardization and certification in nanoindustry of the Russian Federation: economic and legal aspects in the context of neoindustrialization

Elena Inshakova, Agnessa Inshakova, Anatoly Ryzhenkov
The article argues the need, reviews the results and identifies the main objectives and directions of the development of the system of standardization and certification in the Russian nanoindustry under transition to a new technological mode. The system under consideration is seen as a regulatory and...
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Digitalization of regional economy in the conditions of industrial revolution 4.0

Irina Averina, Marina Buyanova, Alla Kalinina
The article studies the theoretical aspects of the notion “digital economy” from the point of view of system, transformational, technology and innovation approaches. Also the factors and conditions ensuring or preventing the development of the digital economy are shown. The planned development of the...
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State Programs as a Tool for Government Regulation of Regional Development

Polina Tovpeko
The program-target approach is aimed to ensure the government regulation and support of the national economy, to solve the challenges arising in the course of the development of individual industries and regions. The state programs provide for integrated control within the entire scope of the regulated...
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Improving the mechanism for nanoindustry development as a factor in ensuring the competitiveness of Russian regions

Elena Khoruzhaya, Elena Inshakova, Stella Zemlyanskaya, Elena Zhemerikina
This article substantiates the need for correcting the blocks of an established economic mechanism for the development of national nanotechnology industry (nanoindustry) in the conditions of emerging new technological and corresponding to it social-economic mode, economic sanctions imposed on Russia,...
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Economic security of a city: conceptual role and diagnostics

Elena Mirogordskaya, Sergey Sukhinin
Economic security of a city is considered as a set of characteristics, indices and conditions providing its good functioning as a complex territorial and economic object. A relevant task is here the diagnostics of the level of the economic security of a city which can be carried out on the basis of the...
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Competitiveness estimation and development directions of Volgograd Oblast industries

Veronica Epinina, Viktor Moseiko, Sergey Korobov
The article provides a methodical approach to estimating competitiveness of regional industries that determines the competitiveness integral index including individual indexes of short-term and long-term competitiveness. The indexes are estimated basing on four indicators: functionality, systematicity,...
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Development of the mechanism of innovation project management at enterprises (Volgograd region practice)

Elena Marusinina, Sergey Korobov, Viktor Moseiko
The authors of the article have found that in order to transfer the development of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises to innovative rails, it is crucial to solve managerial problems caused by the lack of their own competencies and difficulties that distract the company's management resources...
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Features of economical development of agriculture in the regions of the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic

Natalya Gorshkova, Ekaterina Shkarupa, Valid Rasumov
The problem of differentiation of Russian regions in terms of socio-economic development becomes urgent and has an intense scope in present-day conditions. In this context, the internal growth factors of most regions become a disincentive for improving their situation. Therefore, it becomes important...
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Possibilities of the development of agricultural cooperation in the Volgograd region

Ekaterina Shkarupa, Pavel Perehodov
High debt overburden and insufficiency of own funds of small and medium businesses in agriculture is a disincentive condition for attracting new financial resources and implementing the necessary investment projects. Association in agricultural cooperatives gives additional opportunities for business...
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The impact of infrastructure projects on social-economic territorial development

Vladimir Ivanov
The conduct of social-economic policy and the country’s economic efficiency are pre-determined by regional asymmetry. Thus, the ability of certain regions to compete in the international market using modern approaches to social-economic development defines the vector of intensive promotion of the Russian...
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Analysis of integration groups’ trade globalization (the Russian Federation and Eurasian Economic Union countries as an example)

Ellada Tikhonovich, Nadezhda Chernovanova, Ekaterina Shemet, Elena Smotrova, Elena Yagupova
The post-Soviet space has already accumulated some experience of integration cooperation, which made the basis of the Eurasian Economic Union. The accession of Armenia and Kyrgyzstan led not only to the territorial expansion of the EEU, but also changed the system of economic relations, which could not...
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Cross border trade of a region as a factor of efficient integration interaction

Ellada Tikhonovich, Tatiana Chigareva, Irina Grigorenko, Iraida Isaeva, Victoria Batmanova
The goal of the research is the analysis of the cross border trade of the Volgograd region and the Republic of Kazakhstan during 2015-2017. The paper substantiates the importance of cross border trade relations as an important form of international economic relations, specific for the boundary regions...
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Issues of entrepreneurial development in the Russian regions

Elena Russkova, Larisa Ponomareva
The article studies the development of entrepreneurship in the regions of Russia. The analysis of the firm number dynamics in the Krasnodar krai, Astrakhan region, Volgograd and Rostov regions in comparison with the indicators in the Russian Federation and Southern Federal District showed the dynamics...
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Increasing business activity of Russian SMEs: problems and solutions illustrated with the example of Volgograd region

Lyudmila Bogachkova, Nadezhda Usachyova, Andrey Usachyov
Small and medium-sized businesses (SME) are among the drivers of territories’ economic development. In modern Russia, it has not yet been possible to ensure the sustainable development of this economical sector. The increase in SME activity in Russia is an actual scientific and practical problem, especially...
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Conceptual framework for the formation of consolidated financial statements in the agricultural holding

Daria Zabaznova
The reasons for the spread of holding structures in the Russian Federation are a reduction in the risk of property loss in a group of interconnected enterprises, the integration of successive stages of the technological process, the manifestation of scale effects and multiplicative effects of corporate...